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Fu Yuanchuan moved his finger slightly, touching the little mermaids cheek in the passing and asked, “How long can you maintain this form”


“I dont know.” Jun Qingyu had only regained his legs twice, once when he was in Fu Yuanchuans pocket, which happened in a flash and there was also now.


Jun Qingyu said, “But I can regain my fishtail at any time.”


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan lifted the little mermaids hair and placed it behind his back, “Pay attention to your safety, dont run out of the room like that.”


Even if the servants didnt speak much, it would inevitably be safer when fewer people know about it.


“Okay.” Jun Qingyu answered without hesitation.


Fu Yuanchuan parted the rest of the orange, removed the orange pith from it and fed a segment to the little mermaid.


When it was sent to his mouth for him to eat, Jun Qingyu subconsciously opened his mouth to take a bite.


Jun Qingyu was supported by Fu Yuanchuans finger as he practised walking.

He was said to be walking but in fact, he took one step to the left, then turned around to take another step.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Walk slowly, dont rush.”


This was in his hands.

If he walked quickly or was about to fall, he could support him.


But if he walked on his own, he would be hurt if walked in a hurry and fell down.


Fu Yuanchuan looked at the bedroom floor and knitted his brows.


He would get hurt.


The little mermaid differentiated into his legs and lost the protection of his fish scales — he would get hurt if he fell down.


“Eeeeeeee” Jun Qingyu walked slowly for two rounds and saw Fu Yuanchuan frowning the entire time, he asked in curiosity, “Whats wrong”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Its nothing.

Im thinking about something.”


Jun Qingyu saw that he seemed lost in his thoughts and said, “Hold me a little higher.”


“Hmm” Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand and asked, “Like this”


“Yes, come closer.”


Although Fu Yuanchuan didnt know what the little mermaid was trying to do, he acted as per his instructions.


Jun Qingyu raised his hand and pressed it against Fu Yuanchuans eyebrow.

He rubbed and smoothed his knitted eyebrows.


Fu Yuanchuan froze.


Jun Qingyu sat on Fu Yuanchuans palm and said, “Dont frown all the time, be happy.”


Fu Yuanchuan said softly, “Okay.”


Jun Qingyu concentrated on walking, he ate whatever Fu Yuanchuan fed him and then he ate everything at some point.


Fu Yuanchuan didnt eat a bite of the orange.


Jun Qingyu took some other fruits again.

The fruit was eaten in vain and the vegetables were left to be juiced.


Fu Yuanchuan peeled the oranges like before and fed them to the little mermaid first as usual.


Jun Qingyu turned away and said, “Im full, you can eat it.”


After saying that, Jun Qingyu concentrated on walking with the support of Fu Yuanchuans finger.


Just by standing for a long time, there was some tingle of pain in his legs.


He didnt know why but Jun Qingyu still decided to practise walking by incrementally making progress.

After walking for a while, he sat down and took a break.


He stood up again after a while when it didnt hurt.


At the moment, he practised diligently, so that when he could differentiate into a normal human form, he could save himself the trouble.


After practising until midnight, Jun Qingyu barely managed to walk a few steady steps.


He looked at the little mermaid working hard, Fu Yuanchuan prepared some snacks, “Its late, take a rest and you can practise again tomorrow.”


Jun Qingyu took a bite of the dried meat and said, “Okay.”


Because he wasnt used to his legs, Jun Qingyu still restored his fishtail when he slept in the fish tank.


The cold water enveloped his fishtail and the feeling of it flowing seemed to dispel his fatigue.

It was very light but it could be felt.


He didnt lay down in the shell bed but found a corner outside to curl up so that he felt closer to the water.


The flow of water could not be felt in the shell bed.


Jun Qingyu drifted off to sleep while hugging some water plants.


The next day.


When he opened his eyes, he saw a stretch of dark grey.


Jun Qingyu, who was leaning on the edge of the fish tank, was stunned.

He felt like he was hallucinating.


Looking at the dark grey fluffy floor in front of him, he subconsciously looked at Fu Yuanchuan on the bed.


Did someone come in last night while they werent paying attention


But Fu Yuanchuan never lets anyone into his room.


However, he saw that the room was empty at a glance, Fu Yuanchuan wasnt in bed.


Jun Qingyu shook his fishtail, quickly floating up to the surface, “Eeeeeeee!”


“Whats wrong” Fu Yuanchuan heard his voice and stood up from the other side of the bed.


Jun Qingyu was a little puzzled, “What were you doing there”


“Carpet cutting.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “So you dont have to worry about getting hurt when you trip and fall.”


The floor was covered with a thick fluffy carpet.

It was soft and comfortable.

He could even sit down and take a rest when he was tired.


Fu Yuanchuan came over and took the little mermaid out.

He placed him on the platform of the fish tank and helped him wipe the water off his body; he was going to change his clothes later.


Jun Qingyu sat high above and could see more areas in the room.


He found that it wasnt just the area he could see that was carpeted.


The whole bedroom, including the area over at the desk, was covered with thick fluffy carpets.


Jun Qingyu asked, “How long have you been doing this”


The things here didnt look like they could be done in a short time.


“Not for long.”


After changing his clothes, Jun Qingyu was placed on the carpet by Fu Yuanchuan.


The carpet was really soft, not only the fluff on the surface but also the mysterious material that was hidden inside.

It was very stable when stepped on and it would spring back to its original shape after a while.


Fu Yuanchuan stayed with the little mermaid and wasnt in a hurry to leave, he watched as the little mermaid walked.


Although he was very slow, he was very cute.


Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Is the thickness of the carpet okay There is also a thicker version but I was afraid that it would be unstable when you walk on it, so I chose this one.”


“Its quite good.” Jun Qingyu thought this thickness was the best.

He saw Fu Yuanchuan staring at him.


Afterwards, he realised that his walking posture should be quite strange.


He thought about it and said, “Arent you going to work”


“Im not in a hurry.” Fu Yuanchuan felt that everything could be discussed later in the presence of the little mermaid, who was learning to walk.


After watching the little mermaid walk for a while, Fu Yuanchuan took out the food he had prepared.


The fruits and vegetables in it were those that the little fish took out yesterday and didnt finish.


The little mermaid didnt like interstellar fruit and vegetables, so he didnt put them in.


With a bite, Jun Qingyu could tell from the taste that the fruits and vegetables were from his space.

He felt that they were delicious when he ate them but despite that, Fu Yuanchuan genuinely needed to eat them.


However, he still had some in his space, so he didnt have to eat them sparingly.


Jun Qingyu then used a toothpick to feed Fu Yuanchuan.

If he let Fu Yuanchuan eat it himself, he might refuse.


Though, he wouldnt refuse when he was fed by the little mermaid.


Both of them took a bite each in succession and the food on the plate was quickly finished.


Jun Qingyu said, “Go ahead and take care of your work.

Ill walk for a few more rounds before I go over to keep you company.”


Now, the momentum was just right.

He had to find a way to follow up with a victory, it was best to make the imperial leader suffer another loss so that he would be well-behaved for a longer duration of time.


Fu Yuanchuan heard the first half of his sentence and was about to refuse, then he chuckled lightly when heard his latter part of the sentence, “Okay.”


The bedroom was so large that it might take half an hour for a little mermaid to walk a round.


Moreover, Jun Qingyu walked very slowly.

Basically, he took one step and stopped for a while.

He had to pay attention to adjusting his movements while he walked.


He started to practise after he got up and ate his breakfast in the morning.

Jun Qingyu kept walking until noon and then stopped.


His lower leg ached so much that he almost couldnt stand, so he sat on the floor and rested for a while.


Jun Qingyu looked over at the desk, “Fu……”


His voice froze.

Jun Qingyu didnt see Fu Yuanchuan present.


Jun Qingyu propped himself up and stood up, only to see that Fu Yuanchuan was lying on the desk at some point in time.

He seemed to be asleep.


The whole room was carpeted, it was cut to fit the shape of the furniture and even the furniture with protruding corners was upholstered.


Fu Yuanchuan should have been afraid that he would get hurt if he fell and knocked against them, so he did all this.


Fu Yuanchuan didnt rest at night on more than one occasion to get this thing done.


Jun Qingyu didnt wake him up.

With Fu Yuanchuans character, he would deal with official business once he woke up, or perhaps he would play with him and wouldnt go to sleep.


He thought for a while, stood by the bed and pulled the thin quilt off from the bed.


Instead of picking it up directly, he grabbed a portion of it and dragged it along.


This way, he could move it but he would inevitably be slower.


In any case, he wasnt in a hurry.

Jun Qingyu just walked slowly, stumbling with difficulty but at least he was moving.


He dragged it all the way over to the work desk.


Jun Qingyu let out a long sigh of relief, piled up the thin quilt and climbed onto the chair.

He reached for a corner of the pile and it just so happened that he was able to reach it.


After stepping on Fu Yuanchuans shoulder, he sat on the back of the office chair and covered Fu Yuanchuan with the thin quilt.


The quilt hung down and was just enough to drape over Fu Yuanchuans shoulders and fall onto the desk.


Jun Qingyu came down from the back of the chair.

He stood on the table, lifted the quilt and went in.


At this time, Fu Yuanchuan opened his eyes and looked at the little mermaid, who was leaning on his arm and went under the quilt.

The depth of his eyes had a hint of a smile.


After Jun Qingyu went in, he fell back.

As soon as his head was extended out, he was caught by Fu Yuanchuan.




Jun Qingyu was startled and his universal life energy suddenly erupted in an instant.


Fu Yuanchuan quickly reached out to support the little mermaid but what approached him was not a little guy who could be cupped with two hands.


There was a weight on his legs and pale golden waist-length hair ran across his eyes, the look of astonishment in the depths of his eyes was profound.


Fu Yuanchuans pupils abruptly shrunk.

He pulled the thin quilt from behind him and completely covered the person in front of him with it.

The author has something to say:  

The little mermaid is as big as a palm and is about 180 or so when he turns into a human.

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JQY: Dont frown all the time! Be happy!(^ω^)


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