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Jun Qingyu was caught off guard with a hug but still subconsciously hugged Fu Yuanchuans shoulder.


He was placed on the sofa in the living room by Fu Yuanchuan and he slipped him a bowl of fruit mix.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Ill be done soon, play by yourself first.”




The door in the kitchen was a sliding door.

Fu Yuanchuan stood at the doorway and pondered for a moment.

He pushed the sliding door from one side to the other and then rolled up his cuff to clean things up.


No one would set foot in here before the little mermaid returned to the size of a palm.


So he had to clean up these things himself.


Jun Qingyu tilted his head.

By sitting sideways, he just so happened to see Fu Yuanchuan busying himself inside through the open door.


There werent a lot of things.

The dirty chopsticks and plates were placed into the dishwasher.

The rest was nothing much.


Jun Qingyu finished the fruit mix and planned to get up for a walk.


He would feel sleepy if he sat the entire time when he was full.

He couldnt sleep all the time once he was done eating.


Jun Qingyu got up and stretched, he intended to exercise for a while.


Once Fu Yuanchuan was done brewing fruit tea, he saw that the little mermaid wasnt sitting on the sofa.

He hurriedly put the fruit tea down and stepped forward to support him, “Why did you get up”


Jun Qingyu said, “I want to walk for a few rounds to practice walking.”


At present, he could only move forwards very slowly, he couldnt always move about slowly like this.


Fu Yuanchuan feared that he would fall, so he supported his waist and said, “There are no carpets downstairs.

Lets return to the bedroom.”


This wasnt a laughing matter if he fell.


Jun Qingyu didnt care about this, “Its fine, Ill walk a little slower.”


Besides, it didnt matter anyway, it only hurts for a moment even if he really fell.


Fu Yuanchuan was still worried.

He simply followed Jun Qingyu as he walked, lightly supporting his waist with his hand.


Jun Qingyu glanced at Fu Yuanchuan.

Why did he feel that Fu Yuanchuan was more nervous than him when he practised walking


As Fu Yuanchuan protected him as such when he walked for a few rounds, he would lean against Fu Yuanchuan to rest for a short time when he got tired from walking, then he would continue walking.


He didnt stop walking until his lower leg was sore.


It was really tiring for a mermaid, who hadnt walked for a long time, to practise walking.


After the exercise, Jun Qingyu didnt want to move at all.


He turned around and put his arms around Fu Yuanchuans neck, he murmured, “I dont want to climb the stairs.”




Although there was a lift in the villa, Fu Yuanchuan didnt even look at the lift and personally took the little mermaid — who had worked hard for the afternoon — up the stairs and back to their room.1


Once they were back in their room, Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while before he carried the little mermaid into the bathroom and said, “Go take a bath.”


It was called a bath but it was really just a soak in the water.


After leaving the water for a day, the water that should be supplemented could not be less even though he had differentiated into his legs.


“Okay.” Jun Qingyu also thought that he would feel discomfort from being away from the water for too long but it only had a small impact on him; he could bear with it.


But since he had nothing to do at the moment, then having a bubble bath was fine.


Fu Yuanchuan filled the bathtub with cold water.

It would be safer to use cold water before he was certain that the little mermaid could take a hot bath.


A bath bomb was thrown into the bathtub full of water and a fragrance dispersed at once.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Ill be right outside.

Call me if you need me.”




Fu Yuanchuan closed the bathroom door as he went out.


Jun Qingyu folded his clothes and put them aside, then he soaked in the bathtub.


This temperature was somewhat low for humans but it was just right for mermaids.


Jun Qingyu slightly leaned on the soft pillow, he raised his head and relaxed with his eyes closed.

Ultimately, it wasnt long before he felt a little sleepy.


He hurriedly got up and did not intend to continue soaking.


Jun Qingyu didnt dare to sleep in water like so because he didnt know if he would catch a cold after he — a mermaid — transformed into a human.


This seemed to be a relatively contradictory question.


Jun Qingyu didnt know the answer, so he simply soaked for a while.

He could put his clothes on once he rinsed off the foam on his body from the bath ball.


Jun Qingyus hands froze while he was getting dressed — he didnt take a change of clothes, “Fu Yuanchuan……”


Fu Yuanchuans voice came from outside the door, “Are you done with your bath”


“Yes, I didnt take……”


“Here.” Fu Yuanchuan opened the door and passed a bath towel and a set of pyjamas to him through the crack of the door.


Jun Qingyu wiped off the water on his body.

During the time he was changing into his pyjamas, he found that there was a piece of undergarment folded inside.


It didnt look like it was placed inside by the clothes seller.


After he dressed, Jun Qingyu came out with his wet hair and he sneezed.


Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan said, “Why didnt you blow-dry your hair”


“I didnt want to blow-dry it.” It seemed like he would get tired after taking a soak.

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan and said in a low voice, “Im very tired.”


Fu Yuanchuan originally wanted to be more adamant and make the little mermaid go and blow-dry his hair in order for him to avoid catching a cold.


But after hearing those words, how could he still be adamant


Fu Yuanchuan used a towel to help him wipe his hair and carried the weary little mermaid back onto the bed.

He allowed Jun Qingyu to sit on the bed and lean against him.


Jun Qingyu was in a daze and felt a warm breeze blowing over.

He tilted his head, wanting to evade this warm breeze but he couldnt avoid it.

He murmured, “Eeeeeeee……”


“Be good, itll be over soon.”


Listening to Fu Yuanchuans voice in his ears, Jun Qingyu buried his head in Fu Yuanchuans chest to hide himself, so that he would not be blown on.


By the time the little mermaids hair was dry, he had fallen asleep in Fu Yuanchuans arms.



The next day, Jun Qingyu woke up on the large bed alone — Fu Yuanchuan wasnt by his side.


Jun Qingyu had always slept on the pillow and he could touch Fu Yuanchuan when reached out with his hand but this time, he didnt touch anything.


There was only an empty pillow.


Jun Qingyu closed his eyes, grabbed the pillow and hugged it.

He composed himself and sat up.


Where was Fu Yuanchuan


Didnt they sleep in this room last night


Although Jun Qingyu was so sleepy that he couldnt open his eyes last night, he didnt lose his memory.

He was sure Fu Yuanchuan was here last night.


There was also a hot breakfast placed by the bed — it was Bulgogi Bibimbap.2


The beef fillet made the previous time had already been eaten, so this should be newly stir-fried.


Jun Qingyu just woke up and didnt have an appetite to eat at all.


He sat up and thought about it before he lifted the quilt and decided to find Fu Yuanchuan.


As soon as his feet made contact with the floor, there was some dull pain before he stood up, which was probably due to the long hours of walking practice yesterday.


But fortunately, it could still be tolerated.


Jun Qingyu put on his slippers and walked out leisurely.


In the end, Fu Yuanchuan came back before he could get out of the bedroom.


When Jun Qingyu saw him coming back, he sat back on the bed once more and rubbed his sleepy eyes.

He murmured, “Where have you been”


Fu Yuanchuan walked over and said, “I made a cup of nutritional powder for you.”


Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuans waist; he buried his head, rubbing against him, “Um……Tired, I dont want to drink it.”


“Drink this before you go to sleep.” The effect would be good only if the nutritional powder was drunk on time and according to the quantity.


Jun Qingyu was half asleep and all his reactions were very slow when he was sleepy.


Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan did not take the nutritional powder away, he felt aggrieved as opened his mouth, “Ah……”


Fu Yuanchuan was amused by his pitiful appearance.

This nutritional powder was different from the one Jun Qingyu had drunk the last time.


The taste was a little bitter.

After drinking it once, the little mermaid would not be willing to drink it again.


In the past, when he was clear-headed, he would always be determined not to drink it or hide in the fish tank.


But now, he didnt run away and bury himself into the quilt.


Fu Yuanchuan couldnt help but think that the little mermaid, who had just woken up, was too gullible.


After being fed a mouthful of bitter nutritional powder, Jun Qingyu blinked and his brows furrowed at once.


That little bit of drowsiness from being sleepy disappeared completely in an instant.


Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan was about to feed him a second mouthful, Jun Qingyu hurriedly pointed to the door in a panic, “Theres someone!”


“Hmm” Fu Yuanchuan knew that it was impossible for anyone to come in but still took a look, “Theres no one there.”


He turned his head over and was about to continue feeding the nutritional powder to him but saw that the little mermaid sitting in front of him was missing.


Instead, there was a bulge in the quilt.


Fu Yuanchuan: “Little fish”


“Huff huff……”


Fu Yuanchuan: “……”


He still had to drink the nutritional powder even if he was pretending to sleep.

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Their current lifestyle is no different from a married couples, plus their low-key food broadcast on how to cook.


We can only look as they scattered more of their dog food to the singles.

So envious! ヾ(・ω・`。);

FootnotesI believe that there was a typo error by the author so I changed the aforementioned stairs by the author to lift.

It doesnt make sense that he doesnt use the lift and didnt even look at the stairs.

How did he get up if he didnt use either of these two Fly ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)This is a Korean dish,Bibimbap means mixed rice with meat and assorted vegetables.

‘Bulgogi literally translates tofire meat, marinated slices of pork or beef are grilled or are often stir-fried in a pan at home.

How to make Bulgogi Bibimbap: https://youtu.be/stOvKCnI-dM


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