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The matter of distribution was temporarily not mentioned and Fu Yuanchuan actually asked, “Are you interested in opening an online store Or perhaps a physical store”

Fu Yuanchuan had no intention to monopolise these fruits and vegetables; these were the little mermaids things.

If the little mermaid wanted to take these fruits and vegetables out, it was better to sell them for profit than to give them away.

Jun Qingyu clearly did not keep up with Fu Yuanchuans thoughts, he said sceptically, “What do I open a store for”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Ill place an order for vegetables and fruits from you in the name of the corps.

Then Ill regard those vegetables and fruits as military supplies and distribute them out.

What do you think”

In this way, Jun Qingyu could also rely on vegetables and fruits to make money.

The price hed give to purchase the vegetables and fruits would naturally not be low.

Without waiting for Jun Qingyus reply, Fu Yuanchuan added, “Whether you open an online store or physical store, theres no need for you to head over to keep an eye on it every day.

You can do what you want to do and just collect money.”

Jun Qingyu thought for a while and felt that this was a good idea.

By purchasing military supplies, the imperial leader would reimburse a portion of it, which was equivalent to earning the imperial leaders money and raising Fu Yuanchuans corps.

The idea was good but it was cumbersome to implement.

Jun Qingyu said, “Ill give you the vegetables and fruits, you can make your own arrangements.”

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid did not want to be troubled with it.

He said, “I will open an additional account for you and all the money earned from selling vegetables and fruits will be credited to that account.”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

He used very little money but on the contrary, Fu Yuanchuan raised several corps and had to pay a huge sum of expenses.

The empire would only reimburse part of it and the rest would be paid by Fu Yuanchuan.

Jun Qingyu said, “You can keep the money for yourself.

You bought so many things for me and also spent quite a large sum of money.”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Those are what I bought for you, you cant lump them together.”

Jun Qingyu smiled, he reached his hand out and poked him on the cheek, “Stubborn.”

Fu Yuanchuan obviously spent a lot of money on him, things such as the little mermaids toys and food were not cheap and even more expensive than what humans used.

Even so, Fu Yuanchuan did not mention anything about the money spent as if he didnt take it to heart.

Instead, he was here, afraid that he would suffer losses.

Jun Qingyu said, “Well then, Ill listen to you.”

Fu Yuanchuan sat back at his computer desk, he minimised the file window and opened a website.

The little mermaid didnt have a proof of identity, so he had to get one for him first.

“You need an ID to register for an online account, what name do you want to use for the application”

If it was his name……it didnt seem appropriate to be called little fish.

Jun Qingyu said, “Jun Qingyu.”

Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu was inexplicably guilty for no reason when he was looked at, he froze for a moment and said, “Whats wrong Im not allowed to be called this name”

“Yes, you can.” He was a little fish with a lot of secrets, so of course, he could.

Fu Yuanchuan entered Jun Qingyus name and asked, “Jun Qingyu……Are these the letters”

Jun Qingyu looked at it, nodded his head and said, “Yes.”

“Jun Qingyu.” Fu Yuanchuan said it softly a few times, it was a nice name.

His identity information was submitted and needed to be reviewed but Fu Yuanchuan directly used his authority to give the green light all the way.

In less than five minutes, Jun Qingyu had an imperial ID.

In order to protect the information of the little mermaid, Fu Yuanchuan promptly added top-secret and sealed his information.

It was enough to have an ID to prove his identity.

Jun Qingyu leaned on the arm of the chair, watching Fu Yuanchuan operating the computer — he made a decent online store in no time.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Done.”

Selling things on the online store was just a pretence.

He still had to carry out follow-up actions on exactly how to send these items to the corps in a reasonable way.

After he was done settling it, Fu Yuanchuan got up and easily picked up the little fish next to him.

Jun Qingyu didnt know why he did that, so he hugged him and asked, “Where are we going”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Underground, to soak in the water.

It should be able to relieve the pain in your legs.”

Furthermore, practising walking underwater would be simpler and take less effort; it would be easier for a mermaid.

Jun Qingyu looked over at the computer that had not been turned off and said, “Are you finished with work”

“I can leave the rest to others to handle.” Fu Yuanchuan wanted to take the little fish down to play more, compared to sitting at his desk and being busy with work.

Once he was done changing his clothes, Fu Yuanchuan went down into the water first, then turned around and reached out to the little mermaid, “Come here.”

Considering that the little mermaid was now a human, he was used to having a fishtail underwater; he might be scared and anxious without his fishtail.

Therefore, Fu Yuanchuan decided to accompany him through the whole process.

Jun Qingyu held Fu Yuanchuans hand and slowly followed along to go down the steps.

It was really a bit uncomfortable to be underwater without a fishtail.

But fortunately, Fu Yuanchuan supported him with his hand.

Yet, Jun Qingyu slipped after two steps.

Fu Yuanchuan hastily wrapped his arms around Jun Qingyus waist to hold him, “Be careful, take your time.”

Jun Qingyu supported himself by holding onto Fu Yuanchuans shoulder and didnt know if it was a repercussion from being a mermaid, he subconsciously wanted to raise his tail the moment he got into the water.

After a pause, Jun Qingyu suddenly said, “I, I can……”


Fu Yuanchuan didnt know the reason why.

After that, the little mermaids ears transformed from normal human ears to mermaid fins and his universal life energy gradually spread out.

When Jun Qingyu opened his eyes, his fishtail shook, throwing the swimming trunks hanging on his fishtail to the shore.

“Look!” Jun Qingyu initially wanted to try it out but he didnt expect that it would really succeed.

He was pleasantly surprised as he swam out from Fu Yuanchuans embrace and swam around Fu Yuanchuan.

Despite the fact that his fishtail became as big as his stature, it was far easier to control than a pair of legs.

Jun Qingyu lay on Fu Yuanchuans back, with the tip of his fishtail wrapped around Fu Yuanchuans lower leg.

He tilted his head and smiled as he asked him, “Who do you think is better-looking, a grownup mermaid or a little mermaid”

Although both had tails, the visual effect was not the same.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “They all look good.”

Jun Qingyu muttered, “Perfunctory.”

“Im not being perfunctory.” Fu Yuanchuan said earnestly, “No matter what size, its still you and youre good-looking.”

Jun Qingyu smiled until his eyes bent into crescents, he hugged and nuzzled Fu Yuanchuan.

Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Will your leg hurt if you soak like this”


When Jun Qingyu went into the water moments ago, he didnt pay attention to whether it hurt or not but it appeared that there wasnt a tingling sensation after he went into the water.

The pain was also dulled yesterday when he took a bath.

“It doesnt hurt.” Jun Qingyu said, “It doesnt hurt at all.”

“Then it should be because mermaids like water and they would also be more inclined to how a mermaid feels after becoming a human.” Fu Yuanchuan checked through a lot of resources but they were very much not in line with the characteristics of his little mermaid.

Finally, he asked the doctor and the caretaker on the basis of the symptoms and then came to this possibility.

Jun Qingyu nodded his head, he finally became a human.

He was a little anxious about learning how to walk, it looked like he still had to take his time for everything.

His fishtail didnt last for long and Jun Qingyus tail differentiated into legs again.

Fu Yuanchuan sensed the change and said, “Ill go get your swimming trunks.”


Fu Yuanchuans figure froze.

Jun Qingyus tone was laborious, “I think that I wont be needing it anymore.”

Fu Yuanchuan stood silently like so.

Even if he was conscious of what transformation was happening behind him, he didnt look back.

As the little mermaids voice disappeared, the basement fell into silence.

Except for the sound of water flowing, there was no other sound at all.

After a while, Fu Yuanchuan felt a weight on his shoulder.

He turned his head sideways to look over and the little mermaid — the size of a palm — was currently sitting on his shoulder.

Jun Qingyu snorted lightly and said with a pitiful sigh, “Eeeeeeee~”

He changed back.

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