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He got out of the mermaid breeding base.

Jun Qingyu surfaced to take a deep breath.

He held the edge of the box and looked out.

It was only a few days but he felt that he had not breathed the air outside for a long time.

Although the imitation of the seawater pond in the mermaid breeding base was very large, it was far less comfortable than the outside.

Moreover, the sun was just right.

He felt that it was not dazzling at all.

Not dazzling……

Jun Qingyu was stunned and raised his head but he discovered that Fu Yuanchuan’s hand covered the top of his head at some point.

When Fu Yuanchuan came out moments ago, he had been fiddling with his light brain and replying to his messages.

Jun Qingyu thought Fu Yuanchuan did not pay attention to him but now it seems that……

The corner of Jun Qingyu’s mouth raised slightly.

He softly rubbed against Fu Yuanchuan’s palm and turned to nestle inside the box.

He could sense Fu Yuanchuan paused for a while but he quickly covered it up as if nothing had happened in the suspension car.

Jun Qingyu’s smile deepened.

Fu Yuanchuan’s house was not far from the mermaid breeding base.

According to what Jun Qingyu knows, the Fu Yuanchuan in the original work had no less than five properties on the main star.

After he fell ill, he had been living in the one closest to the mermaid breeding base.

Apparently, it was to make it convenient for him to come over there to choose a mermaid.

Although it was not far away, Jun Qingyu was already sleepy when the suspension car had stopped.

However, he was carried off the suspension car by Fu Yuanchuan.

Jun Qingyu shook his head and rallied some of his spirits.

He couldn’t be sleepy.

He needed to give treatment to Fu Yuanchuan.

The matter of treating his illness should be done sooner than later.

Fu Yuanchuan’s problem was much more serious than he thought.

It could not be delayed any longer.


Fu Yuanchuan’s voice came from the top of his head and Jun Qingyu hurriedly put down his hand, “Eeeeeeee!”

I’m not sleepy.

Let’s go back to treating your illness.

Fu Yuanchuan did not know why the little mermaid, who had just been so sleepy that he yawned, suddenly became spirited.

He moved his fingertips and gently poked the little mermaid’s head.

Jun Qingyu was caught off guard when he was poked.

He tilted his head to the side and met Fu Yuanchuan’s extremely serious gaze.

Jun Qingyu clung to his finger and didn’t let him move, “Hmm”

Fu Yuanchuan put the box on the coffee table.

When he got up and wanted to leave, he paused for a moment and used the pad of his finger to rub the little mermaid’s head in an unfamiliar movement, “Wait for me.”

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu waved his hand at him.

Fu Yuanchuan left and Jun Qingyu had time to look at the living room.

It was a small, orderly and detached bungalow with three bedrooms.

There was no breath of life in the apartment at all.

The light gray dust cover on the sofa was not removed.

Judging from the places in the house that are not covered with a dust cover, he could basically infer the range of Fu Yuanchuan’s actions here.

It was not so much of a home but it would be better to call it a temporary place to stay.

Fu Yuanchuan was holding a tray when he came out of the kitchen.

There were a few books next to the box containing the mermaid so he placed the plate on those books.

It just happened to be at the right height that the little mermaid could reach.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Eat something first.”

Jun Qingyu was not hungry at all as he ate a lot of dried fish.

He subconsciously looked at the plate before his eyes, there were some cut vegetables and some dried meat.

He didn’t make mermaid food to feed him so Jun Qingyu was slightly relieved.

Compared to his combination of meat and vegetables over here, what Fu Yuanchuan ate was a lot simpler.

There was only one bottle of nutrient solution.

The taste of the nutrient solution was distinguished based on the colour.

Jun Qingyu took a glance at the bottle in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, it should be the original flavour.

Jun Qingyu picked up a small tomato that was a bit wilted, “Eeeeeeee.”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Eat.”

“Eeeeeeee!” Jun Qingyu supported it with one hand to offer it to him.

Fu Yuanchuan froze, “You’re giving it to me”

Little mermaids have always protected their food because there would be competition between their own kind.

They will fight to the death over food, sharing of food is simply impossible.

But looking at the little mermaid struggling to stretch out his arm, it looked like he wanted to share it with him.

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu placed the small tomato in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and then withdrew back into the box.

He looked at him as he leaned on the edge of the box.

Fu Yuanchuan softly said, “Thank you.”

Fu Yuanchuan did not eat the small tomato but finished the nutrient solution in his hand instead.

He turned around and went into the kitchen.

When he came out again, he had a knife and fork in his hand.

Just when Jun Qingyu was curious about what Fu Yuanchuan wanted to do, he only saw the man sitting in the chair in front of him.

He cut the fruits and vegetables in the plate into smaller pieces and used the fork to feed him.

“Come on.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Could it be that he thought he didn’t want to eat these because the pieces were too big

Even though he was not hungry but to prevent Fu Yuanchuan from thinking much about it, he still opened his mouth to eat the small piece of tomato at the top.

If he gave him anymore, he wouldn’t eat it.

 “Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu took all kinds of fruits and vegetables on the plate and placed them all onto Fu Yuanchuan’s hand.

Then, plopped back underwater, spitting froth with a gurgle.

“You don’t like it”

Jun Qing Yu shook his head, caught the dried fish that was soaked until it was a little soft and shook it twice.

Fu Yuanchuan remembered that the little mermaid had eaten snacks before.

He presumed he shouldn’t be hungry.

He watched as Fu Yuanchuan cleaned up the food.

Jun Qingyu used his tail to prop himself up and stretched his arms out, “Eeeeeeee!”

Carry me!

Fu Yuanchuan was afraid the little mermaid would dry up if he directly carried him out so he reached out with his hand, wanting to link the boxes together.

The mermaid supplies from the mermaid breeding base have not arrived yet, the little mermaid could only be wronged for a while first and stay in the box.

Jun Qingyu saw Fu Yuanchuan reach out his hand and thought he wanted to carry him but he carried the box instead in the end.

He quickly reached out his hand and hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s wrist.


Why are you carrying the box, carry me instead!

It’s not easy to release his spiritual power through the box and not good for treating his illness.

When an ice-cold sensation spread on his hand with a moist feeling, Fu Yuanchuan hand trembled and almost knocked the box over.

Seeing the little mermaid staring at him, it seemed that he would not give up if he was not carried.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “You can’t come out, you’ll dry out.”

“Ee!” Jun Qingyu refuted.

As if he would dry out.

“You will.”


“……You really will.”

Jun Qing released his hand.

Fu Yuanchuan breathed a sigh of relief.

Jun Qingyu propped himself with the edge of the box and jumped out.

Fu Yuanchuan: “!”

Fu Yuanchuan wanted to push the little mermaid back in but he was afraid that he was not good at controlling the strength of his hand, causing harm to the little mermaid.

He could only cover the box with a hand.

Jun Qing pushed his hand but it wouldn’t budge.

However, he could feel Fu Yuanchuan’s walking pace was a little faster.

The hand above his head was not removed until the box was placed on the table.

Jun Qing looked around.

This place seemed to be the study.

Other than there being a lot of documents on the table, there was still a bed.

It should be used to take a break when he got tired from handling official duties.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid no longer jumped out, he could not keep up with the pace and heaved a sigh of relief.

But the next moment, Jun Qingyu stretched his arms out toward Fu Yuanchuan once again, “Eeeeeeee!”

Carry me for a while.

It’s for treating your illness.

Fu Yuanchuan was silent.

The box was small.

If he stretched his hand in, the little mermaid staying inside might be squeezed.

So he could only take the little mermaid out.

Fu Yuanchuan reached out his hand and said, “I can only hold you for a while.”

Jun Qingyu paid no attention to his words.

He laid on Fu Yuanchuan’s palm, finding a comfortable position and began to release his spiritual power.


This unhurried transfer of spiritual power in small and steady streams, Fu Yuanchuan could not feel it at all.

Holding the little mermaid in his left hand, Fu Yuanchuan sat at his desk, approving documents with his right hand.

Originally, he wanted to send the mermaid into the bedroom but the little mermaid was too clingy to him.

He feared that when he was not there, the little mermaid would jump out to search for him so he could only bring him to the study.

Fu Yuanchuan never thought there would be a day he would be troubled because a little mermaid was too clingy.

He was very clingy and well-behaved.

His pale golden fishtail was very beautiful and his long hair that covered his waist and his tail would shake gently from time to time.

Jun Qingyu concentrated on releasing spiritual power so he didn’t notice Fu Yuanchuan’s gaze.

When a mermaid is treating an illness, it will fall into an ethereal state, simply closing its eyes and concentrating on the treatment.

His eyes were closed as if he were asleep.

Fu Yuanchuan was afraid he would disturb the little mermaid so the hand he held him with was motionless.

His movement of flipping through his papers was also very light.

After a long time.

Jun Qingyu gradually opened his eyes.

The discharge of spiritual power was actually quite exhausting and coupled with the severity of Fu Yuanchuan’s injury, Jun Qingyu had to throw in a lot of spiritual power at once.

For him to open his eyes, it was obvious that he was exhausted.

Jun Qingyu blinked his eyes.

It was getting dark outside and it seemed that his treatment this time took a long time.

The headlight in the study was not switched on but a heat lamp was switched on instead.

It wasn’t too bright, kind of like a light for sleeping.

Jun Qingyu turned his head to look at Fu Yuanchuan.

The man was concentrating on approving the documents.

Although Fu Yuanchuan’s illness was very severe, he still has real power.

Currently, he was considered to be in a stage of confrontation with the leader of the empire.

Even if Fu Yuanchuan had no other intention, the current leader of the empire obviously could not tolerate him.

The leader of the empire feared Fu Yuanchuan and never hesitated in the thought of trying to squeeze the last ounce of use out of him.

Jun Qingyu pursed the corner of his mouth, he remained silent as he evaluated the leader of this empire, even scolding him as a blockhead was a compliment.

“You’re awake”

Jun Qingyu responded softly, “Eeeeeeee.”

“Are you hungry”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

I’m not hungry, just a little sleepy.

Jun Qingyu sat up with the support of Fu Yuanchuan’s finger.

Even though he had stayed outside for such a long time, his tail did not feel dry at all.

Didn’t he say he wouldn’t dry out

The documents were arranged in a pile moments ago but now, there were only three books left.

As well as, the one that Fu Yuanchuan was looking at in his hand.

Jun Qing shot a glance and his attention was captured by a few words.

‘Libis Avenue, Zerg was found, as soon as possible……’

Jun Qingyu slowly lifted one side of his eyebrows.

This was to make Fu Yuanchuan go to Libis Avenue to kill the bug

He looked at the name below the seal.

It was the seal of the leader of the empire.

No one knows Fu Yuanchuan’s illness better than he does and to actually make Fu Yuanchuan go out to face a zerg at this period of time.

It’s so obvious that he wants to harm him!

However, the original text did not mention this battle, Fu Yuanchuan should have solved the zerg without a hitch.

Although nothing will happen, Jun Qingyu did not want Fu Yuanchuan to go and help the dog leader of the empire at all.

But this couldn’t be done.

They could not have an acrimonious fall out for the time being.

Otherwise, the underlying schemes would surface and Fu Yuanchuan’s odds of winning would be very small.

But once he cured Fu Yuanchuan, with the army under Fu Yuanchuan’s control, it was not impossible for the empire to change hands.

At the thought of the future, Jun Qingyu’s mood had also become better.

His tail swayed lightly.

From time to time, he used the tip of his tail rubbed against Fu Yuanchuan’s wrist, checking the movement of his spiritual power.

When Fu Yuanchuan looked over, he quickly retracted it and looked to the side, pretending to know nothing about it.

When Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head, continuing to deal with the documents, he began his petty game of poking here and rubbing there.

Jun Qing was having fun when he felt a sudden coolness on his tail.

He cast a look out of curiosity and only saw Fu Yuanchuan holding a cotton swab soaked in water to help him smear it on his scales.

He daubed his tail bit by bit.

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

No wonder he didn’t feel dry at all when he opened his eyes.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that his tail stopped swaying so he put down the cotton swab and asked, “Is it uncomfortable”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

Suddenly, he thought about how long he had released his spiritual power and how long Fu Yuanchuan’s hand maintained this action.

His hand must have been uncomfortable so he pointed to the side and said softly, “Eeeeeeee.”

“You want to go back”


“All right.” Fu Yuanchuan moved slowly and gently placed the small mermaid back into the box.

Jun Qingyu didn’t bother him anymore, but rather, he quietly leaned on the edge of the box to look at him.

From this angle, he could see the side of Fu Yuanchuan’s face and the way he lowered his head to deal with the documents was refined.

Looking at him like this, Jun Qingyu couldn’t help but wonder what Fu Yuanchuan would look like on the battlefield.

A man who had risen to a high position, walking out of the ashes of a devastating battlefield.

He could visualise the grand occasion during that time by solely fantasising.

His fishtail was soaked in the water and the exhaustion from a deficit of his spiritual power slowly swept through his whole body.

Jun Qingyu could not help yawning, went into the box and it wasn’t long before he fell asleep.

Fu Yuanchuan finished his official duties and discovered that the little mermaid was already asleep.

Under the dim light, a warm atmosphere appeared around the pale golden little mermaid.

The cold and lonely nights of the past were no longer unbearable because of the presence of the little mermaid.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little guy who was sleeping peacefully and said softly, “Good night.”


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