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When Fu Yuanchuan was met with Shi Kaixins silence, he said indifferently, “Speak.”


Shi Kaixin trembled all over.

Although his voice was very soft, this sole ordinary word was obviously scarier than any stern shout.


The main problem is…Marshal interrogate me, dont grab the back of my neck.


Shi Kaixin smiled sheepishly and dared not to say anything.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Explain it clearly within three minutes.”


Shi Kaixin responded straight away without raising any objection, “All right! Dont worry Boss, itll be done in a minute!”


Fu Yuanchuan let go of him and turned around to look for the little mermaid.


Shi Kaixin quickly took out his light brain and launched the virtual keyboard to teach his group of bad friends a lesson!


I gave you first-hand gossip news and you dug a pit for me behind my back!


Jun Qingyu didnt know what they were discussing about but he could probably tell that something major had happened after Shi Kaixin heard what was said from the way he typed frantically on his keyboard.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Lets go in first.”


Shi Kaixin stood there to clarify the matter before he went in.


Jun Qingyu thought for a while and said, “Im not going in anymore.”


The discussion between the two marshals should be very important.


Fu Yuanchuan wouldnt mind his presence but it was difficult to guarantee that Marshal Tordis would not doubt his identity.


Just to be on the safe side, he waited at the door.


There was also a row of soft chairs at the door.

Jun Qingyu walked over with Fu Yuanchuan and sat down; then he looked up at him and said, “Ill sit here and wait for you.”


Fu Yuanchuan pondered over it, stroked the little mermaids hair gently and said, “Ill be out soon.”




Fu Yuanchuan walked to the door and looked at Shi Kaixin who was still fiddling with his light brain, he said, “Protect him well.”


Shi Kaixin put away his light brain and replied, “Yes!”


Shi Kaixin watched Fu Yuanchuan walk into the study and didnt bother to clarify to those group of foolish colleagues.

He planned to carry out the task at hand first — to protect Jun Qingyu.


While Fu Yuanchuan was away, Jun Qingyu was bored sitting by himself, so he simply closed his eyes to rest.


However, just as he closed his eyes, he noticed someone was approaching.

He knitted his brows and said, “Im not used to someone getting too close to me.”


Shi Kaixin, who initially wanted to sit next to Jun Qingyu, paused and silently moved an extra seat to the side.


Its not time for you to sit on the marshals lap anymore!


Shi Kaixin said, “Do you know that the marshal has a little mermaid”


Jun Qingyu closed his eyes again and said faintly, “Mhm.”


“I feel that you are particularly similar to that little mermaid.”


When the marshal was there, he was incomparably cute but when the marshal wasnt there, he went underwater coldly and ignored people.


Speaking of the little mermaid, Shi Kaixin smiled again, “Hey, both of you have pale golden hair.”


The little mermaid himself, Jun Qingyu: “……Its a coincidence.”


Jun Qingyu shifted his mask and tried to cover his face more securely.


Shi Kaixin had seen the face of the little mermaid.


Looking at the person close to him, Shi Kaixin couldnt keep that bit of gossip to himself.


He was curious and wanted to ask him how he met with the marshal, there was no need to talk about the process, it was fine to just tell him when.


In the end, before he could start asking questions sneakily, the door on the left opened.


Shi Kaixin was stupefied, “Duan Hengjin”


Jun Qingyu glanced at the other partys epaulette — major — it looked like he was a person on Marshal Tordis side.


Shi Kaixin gave an introduction to Jun Qingyu, “Duan Hengjin, the rank of Major, Marshal Tordis aide-de-camp.”


“What about that aide-de-camp just now” When they were at the food area downstairs, Marshal Tordis was not followed by this aide-de-camp.


Shi Kaixin shrugged his shoulders, “Because Marshal Tordis doesnt like dealing with official business, he hired five aides-de-camp to share all of his work.”


Jun Qingyu: “……”


The other marshals only had one aide-de-camp while Marshal Tordis was an outlier.


Duan Hengjin came over and said, “What are you orchestrating for me again I can hear you calling my name from afar.”


Shi Kaixin smiled and didnt say anything, he turned around to ask, “What brings you here”


“Marshal Tordis asked me to come up and deliver some refreshments.” Duan Hengjin raised his hand and the waiter behind him pushed a cart in.


Duan Hengjin picked up the tray, handed it to Shi Kaixin and said, “This is what Marshal Tordis specifically asked me to deliver to you and Mr Jun.”


“Jun” Shi Kaixin raised his eyebrows. 


Wasnt his last name Fu


Duan Hengjin said, “Yes.

Both of you should eat first, Ill send the refreshments in.”


Shi Kaixin said, “All right, just go.

Lets get together sometime when youre free.”


“Im busy lately, lets talk about it in the future.”


Shi Kaixin happily sat back down with the tray and squinted his eyes at Jun Qingyu, “I understand everything!”


Jun Qingyu: “……”


What do you understand


Shi Kaixin did not give any explanation and took a piece of strawberry cake to give to Jun Qingyu, “Come on, eat something, it will take a while before the marshal and the rest come out.”


Jun Qingyu refused the strawberry cake and said, “I just ate it.”


Shi Kaixin took a bite of the steak and said vaguely, “These are not the same as the ones downstairs but they are all specially provided by the marshal.”


The quality was higher and the taste was definitely better.


Jun Qingyu didnt want to eat but Shi Kaixin stuffed the cake over, he could only take it in fear of getting his clothes dirty.


Yet, at a distance from the plate, he strangely felt that there was something wrong with this cake.


Jun Qingyu thought about it for a while, he placed the cake back onto the tray and took a plate of something else.


All of them had it.


That kind of thing that could cause mental energy to be chaotic seemed to be in the food.


“Stop eating.”


“Eh” Shi Kaixin halted in chewing the steak, “What”


“Throw it up.”


Shi Kaixin did not swallow it yet.

He subconsciously chewed the food in his mouth twice.

When he saw Jun Qingyus grave expression, he turned his head and threw up in the rubbish bin without thinking twice about it.


Shi Kaixin wiped his mouth and asked quickly, “Whats wrong”


Jun Qingyu frowned, “Dont you think there is a problem with this meat”


“No, isnt this quite good Is there poison


Jun Qingyu shook his head.

He thought of that time previously when Shi Kaixin and the others had problems with their mental energy, it seemed like they didnt feel it themselves.


He didnt know what the thing placed in the food was, he could only notice it after he had touched the food.


Duan Hengjin was still opening the door and saw that there was a lot going on here, he asked hastily, “Is the meat not tasty”


Jun Qingyu walked to the cart and picked up a drink, “These things have never been delivered before.

Did you prepare them specially for today”


Duan Hengjin looked at Shi Kaixin questioningly.


Shi Kaixin nodded.


Duan Hengjin said, “No, these are about the same as what Marshal Tordis eats every day.”


“He eats these every day”




Jun Qingyu put down the drink and then substitute it for another plate.

If this was not specially prepared, then it was not aimed at Fu Yuanchuan.


If he could only perceive a problem by touch with his spiritual energy at the moment, then others might not even feel anything wrong after touching it or even eating it.


Duan Hengjin seemed to understand why Jun Qingyu was asking this, he said, “These things are all personally made by me, there is definitely no problem with them.”


“They have never gone through someone elses hands”


“No, other than me, theres only the waiter who helped me to serve the dishes.

Thats a robot, the program is absolutely safe and I also eat these myself.

You dont have to suspect that there is a problem.”


The feeling of being suspected was not very good, Duan Hengjin repeatedly stressed that there was no problem.


Jun Qingyu raised his hand and reached for Duan Hengjins wrist.


Duan Hengjin quickly flipped the back of his hand and was about to fight back.

Jun Qingyus fingertip touched Duan Hengjins wrist lightly and he withdrew his own hand.


Duan Hengjins hand was still raised in the air and he looked a little discomfited, “What are you doing!”


Jun Qingyu ignored his exasperation and said faintly, “There is a problem with your mental energy.”


“Its you who has a problem!”


Jun Qingyu ignored him and the food on the cart was checked once over, it basically had all sorts of food on it.


Duan Hengjin had problems with his mental energy, it was unlikely that he was the person who caused this matter, then that only leaves…


“Be careful!” Shi Kaixin swung his hand and a plate flew over.


The waiter, who was standing quietly in place, pulled a dagger out of nowhere; then waved their hand to knock the plate away, he raised his hand and stabbed at Jun Qingyu.


Duan Hengjins pupils shrank sharply, he hurriedly raised his hand to block it.


Jun Qingyu retreated half a step, dodged the waiters dagger and soon after, he swiftly chopped his hand at the waiters wrist.


The waiter opened his mouth to cry in pain but he didnt make a sound.


Jun Qingyu snatched the dagger, grabbed his hand and clamped it behind him, pushing the waiter straight against the wall.


The waiter struggled twice but he couldnt budge an inch from the confinement.


“This……” Duan Hengjin was stunned.

Just right after he said that the robot had no problems, then he took action.

Wasnt this a slap to his face!


“Take this back for an investigation, this is not a human being.” 


After a pause, Jun Qingyu took off the wig on the waiters head, “But…its not a robot either.”


Jun Qingyu snorted softly, “Such a thing can get in.”


Duan Hengjin opened his mouth, wanting to refute it but he had nothing more to say.

This was indeed due to their negligence.


“I will definitely get to the bottom of it.” Without Jun Qingyu even telling him, Duan Hengjin would still figure out what was going on.


Jun Qingyu looked at the robot that struggled continuously.

Just the thought that the food sent in might have been eaten by Fu Yuanchuan made him inexplicably irritated.


Youre still struggling


Jun Qingyu grabbed the robots head and pressed it firmly against the wall, then he raised the dagger.


He fiercely stabbed it on the wall before him.


The sharp dagger sank halfway into the wall and the robot widened its eyes in horror.

Both of its hands werent bound but it did not dare to move at the moment.


Duan Hengjin came forth and said, “Leave it to me.”


It wasnt Fu Yuanchuan that the robot was targeting.

Now that it was caught, Jun Qingyu couldnt be bothered to meddle and simply let go of the robot.


Duan Hengjin took over.

He held the dagger embedded in the wall and pulled it but it didnt budge.


Duan Hengjins face flashed a hint of embarrassment, then he pulled it once more but it still…didnt budge.


“Ahem, Ill find someone to take this dagger away later.”


Jun Qingyu saw the situation, shook his head and pulled the dagger out in the presence of Duan Hengjin, “Here.”


Duan Hengjin: “Th-thank you very much.”


While he took the dagger, the robot escaped from Duan Hengjins confinement and ran outside without even looking back.


Although it ran away, it left an arm and escaped with a cunning getaway.


Jun Qingyu looked at half of that arm and raised his eyebrows in interest, he couldnt help but take a little interest in this strange thing.


Duan Hengjin held the arm and he didnt feel that good.


What the hell was this thing!


What made him feel more uneasy was that this kind of thing had been by his side for such a long time!


He felt his scalp tingle when he thought of that point.


Shi Kaixin helped to block the robots path.


Seeing that it could not run, the robot simply turned its head and charged at Jun Qingyu with a sinister look, as if it wanted to take him down with it.


Jun Qingyu was just about to step forward when Duan Hengjin blocked its way.


Duan Hengjin said, “Dont be afraid.

Step back.

I will protect you!”


Jun Qingyu was silent for a moment.

He grabbed Duan Hengjins arm and pushed the man away.

He faced the charging robot and did not retreat.


When the robot charged over, he grasped its neck and his spiritual energy efficiently spread to the robots body from along his fingertips.


The flashing red light above the robots head showing self-detonation went out in a flash.


The whole robot seemed to have run out of electricity and both its waving hands wet set down.


Jun Qingyu let go and the robot immediately collapsed to the ground, powerless.


Both Shi Kaixin and Duan Hengjin looked stunned.


Jun Qingyu took out a piece of wet tissue and wiped his hands calmly.


When Jun Qingyu saw both of them staring at him, he frowned, “What are you looking at me for Youre still not taking it away for an investigation”


Duan Hengjin quickly snapped out of it, “Oh, all……”


At this time, the door to the study suddenly opened.


Fu Yuanchuan looked at the mess outside, “Little fish1 What are you doing”


When he heard Fu Yuanchuans voice, Jun Qingyus indifferent look became startled and a smile suddenly appeared on his face.


He turned around and stepped forward a few steps to pounce into Fu Yuanchuans arms, his eyes curved as he asked, “Are you finished”


Shi Kaixin was momentarily stunned when he saw Jun Qingyu, who was in Fu Yuanchuans embrace with a well-behaved expression.


Jun Qingyu was practically a completely different person compared with the way he fought moments ago.


Shi Kaixin: “……”


This is f**king fake, right!


The author has something to say: Jun Qingyu, Little Fish, Xiao Yu

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Badass Boss Jun Qingyu in action! ┌༼ ˵ ° ᗜ ° ˵ ༽┐

Footnotes小魚 (Little fish) and 小予 (Xiao Yu) have the same pronunciation.

So our little fishs cover isnt blown.


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