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Fu Yuanchuan intuitively raised his hands to hug the little mermaid who ran into his arms and said, “The matter hasnt been finished yet, I heard sounds coming from outside and came out to take a look.”


With that said, Fu Yuanchuan looked at Shi Kaixin, “Whats going on”


“Ah, I…” Shi Kaixin parted his mouth.

By right, he should tell Fu Yuanchuan everything that just happened without any reservation.


But, Shi Kaixin didnt know why once his mouth parted, he hesitated instead.


What should he say


To say: Marshal, the weak Jun Qingyu you asked me to protect overturned that violent robot And even withheld the robot from self-detonation


Could this be said


He secretly gave Jun Qingyu a signal with his eyes. 


What should I say


Jun Qingyu gave a light cough and decisively changed the subject by saying, “Yuanchuan, I think there is something wrong with that robot waiter.”


“Though it looks a lot like a robot, I also felt that hes a bit like a normal human.”


“Just now he wanted to send something into the study and I noticed there was a problem with the food so I stopped it.”


Specifically how he stopped it, Jun Qingyu selectively overlooked it.


Marshal Tordis listened to Jun Qingyus words and his face was somewhat gloomy.


Anyone who heard that something might be mixed into their food would feel uncomfortable.


Not to mention, Tordis did discover that his body was not as good as before during this period of time.


He was even cautious enough to send his trusted aide-de-camp to cook, but he did not expect that something would go wrong.


Duan Hengjin had tied up the robot and the robot without a conscious was like a pile of scrap metal being placed at a corner.


Marshal Tordis walked over, looked at the robots miserable appearance and said, “The gains do not cover the losses.

How can it be interrogated when youre heavy-handed and it has come to this”


Duan Hengjin, who was admonished, lowered his head in shame, “Marshal, it wasnt me.”


Before I had the time to act, the robot was already solved.


Marshal Tordis said, “What do you mean its not you Then is it Shi Kaixin who beat it Shi Kaixin is very measured.

What do you think Marshal Fu is doing He was talking to me in the room moments ago.”


Marshal Tordis followed Duan Hengjins line of sight, laughed and said, “You cant say its Jun…”


“That——!” Jun Qingyu suddenly opened his mouth, interrupting Tordis words.


When Fu Yuanchuan looked over, Jun Qingyu pointed to the scrap metal on the floor and said, “Lets not talk about anything else and get the robot under control first.”


Marshal Tordis looked at him with a solemn face, smiled and eased the atmosphere as he said, “Theres no need to.

The program should have just been invaded and rewritten, itll be fine after it has been changed back.

If the program cannot be changed back, then it will be sent back to the manufacturers for repair.”


Jun Qingyu shook his head and said, “No, its not only the program, this robots arm will regenerate.”




As soon as this word came out, everyone present was stunned.


“Thats right!” Duan Hengjin hurriedly agreed, “When I grabbed this robot not long ago, he relied on discarding his arm to run away, but now theres an arm on his body.”


Even though it was rolled up into a lump and it could not be made out, Duan Hengjin clearly remembered that after the robot started its self-detonation, it waved both its arms as it charged towards Jun Qingyu.


Duan Hengjin quickly crouched down to unfold the lump of metal and four limbs were spread out on the floor; then he took the discarded arm of the robot and put them together, this way it was even clear at a glance.


Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand to cover the little mermaids eyes.

He only took a glance at the robot on the floor and then frowned in disgust, “Its from M Star.”


Shi Kaixin was astonished after he heard it, “That experimental planet”




Marshal Tordis also frowned, “Its actually from there.”


When M Star was mentioned, all of them seemed to know where it was.


Only Jun Qingyu blinked his eyes at a loss. 


What laboratory What M Star


The little mermaids eyelashes were very long and it brushed past his palm once in a while, giving him a subtle soft feeling.


Fu Yuanchuan knew he was curious and said, “Be good, Ill tell you when we go back.”


“Okay.” Jun Qingyu was dutiful, he didnt even have any intention to pull Fu Yuanchuans hand off to take a closer look at the robot on the floor.


Shi Kaixins teeth were sour from watching1, turned his head and looked at the robot on the floor.


When M Star was mentioned, Marshal Tordis face unconsciously became solemn, “Inform the people from the technical team to extract the data from this robot and make it a string of virtual data to give it back to the people behind it.”


“Dont let them send the information about the exposure of the robot back.”


Duan Hengjin answered, “Yes!”


The robot caught by Marshal Tordis would naturally be handled by Marshal Tordis himself.


Fu Yuanchuan did not intervene but said, “Its getting late, I will give you an answer to the matter moments ago as soon as possible.”


Marshal Tordis said, “All right, take your time.”


Fu Yuanchuan nodded his head and was about to leave.

He happened to notice the surveillance camera suspended at the corner, “Remember to clean up the surveillance from a short while ago.”


When Marshal Tordis heard that, he promptly linked to it with his light brain and used the highest authority to clean up the surveillance from a short while ago.


Jun Qingyu was stunned when he heard those words and subconsciously looked at Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuans index finger tapped on his eyebrows through the mask, the demeanour of his movements had somewhat of a spoiled overtone.


Jun Qingyu immediately understood everything, he thought about what had happened a short time ago.

He was inexplicably guilty and simply buried himself into Fu Yuanchuans embrace to escape.


Fu Yuanchuan was too familiar with this action.


He touched the little mermaids hair, carried the little mermaid up and said, “Were leaving.”


“Mhm, be careful on the road.”


Shi Kaixin hurriedly bid farewell to Duan Hengjin and then followed Fu Yuanchuan out.


Everyone was gone and the empty hallway was quiet for a while.


Marshal Tordis heaved a sigh and said, “Check all parts of the kitchen and clean what needs to be cleaned.”


Duan Hengjin lowered his head and replied in affirmation.



When they went back, Shi Kaixin did not go together with them, he slipped away under the pretext of going back to write a report.


Jun Qingyu asked the moment they got on the car, “What is M Star Why is it an experimental planet”


The feeling that the lone wordexperimental gave to people was very subtle.


Fu Yuanchuan turned on the shield in the car and explained, “The imperial leader is doing some……small experiments on M Star.”


“The scope of the experiment is very wide and there are many types.

According to what I know, people and robots are universal.

Its one of their research projects.”


People and robots…


Jun Qingyu thought about it before he said, “So then that robot just now was actually a human It went through experimental modification and became a robot”


Fu Yuanchuan nodded, “The previous experiment was on a remote planet.

After the war, I brought my corps and stayed on that planet for the time being.

I discovered what was wrong and disposed of the laboratory while I was at it.”


“The one at M Star was built not long ago.”


Jun Qingyu was abruptly taken aback, he seemed to understand why the imperial leader was targeting Fu Yuanchuan so much.


It was reasonable to say that Fu Yuanchuan was influential and dedicated to the empire.

He had no intention to fight for power and seize the throne at all, such a person should be placed in an important position.


Yet, the imperial leader was bent on solving Fu Yuanchuan.


So it was because Fu Yuanchuan discovered his secret, that was why he had no choice but to get rid of Fu Yuanchuan


Furthermore, with the ability of that robot to regenerate its arm, then it could be a great military strength if they could cultivate a lot of them.


No wonder the imperial leader had nothing to fear, as it turns out, they were prepared for it a long time ago.


Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

The integration between human beings and robots sounded very strange to him.

He said, “Cant we expose the matter about the laboratory”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “I have sent people to check M Stars laboratory, but many of the items put out on the surface are regular experimental projects that have nothing to do with people.”


“Before I had the time to investigate further, my condition suddenly worsened and I also had no time to care about anything else.

So, I gave all the information to Tordis and asked him to help me to keep an eye on it.”


It was just that at present……he still wasnt able to get any favourable evidence.


Instead, there was even a person from the laboratory lurking around Tordiss side.


Jun Qingyu knitted his brows.

If that was the case, then the imperial leader was responsible for Fu Yuanchuans illness


Almost immediately after the laboratory was destroyed, he became ill soon afterwards.

On the account that he had just returned from the battlefield, it was reasonable to attribute this problem to the war.


The imperial leader seemed to have done nothing, but in fact, they did everything.


Now it seemed that Marshal Tordis and Fu Yuanchuan were people on the same rope.2


Jun Qingyu asked, “Is there a mermaid by Marshal Tordis side”



He bought it a long time ago.”


Jun Qingyu nodded.

If he had a mermaid, then it should be able to help him clear the problems in his body.


Previously, he had always been ingesting new ones, for that reason, his treatment would be very slow.

Now that the source was removed, it was only a matter of time before he recovered completely from his illness.


Jun Qingyu tilted his head to lean on Fu Yuanchuans shoulder, he comforted him softly, “Dont worry, I will help you.”


Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaids head and said, “Now that were done talking about M Star, shouldnt we talk about you fighting back there”


Jun Qingyu: “……”


By lucky coincidence, the suspension car stopped at that moment.

Jun Qingyu opened the car door and jumped out without saying a word.


He didnt care whether his legs hurt or not and just started running.


Fu Yuanchuan caught up from behind, picked up the little mermaid and carried the little mermaid runaway he caught over his shoulder.


Jun Qingyu suddenly saw the scene in front of him, “Ah…”


Before he could struggle, Jun Qingyu was taken into the villa and placed on the sofa.


He sat up in a hurry and was about to speak, but he saw Fu Yuanchuan suddenly kneeling on one knee in front of him.


Jun Qingyu was stunned for a moment and then felt warmth on his ankle.

He stammered, “Yuan, Yuanchuan…”


Fu Yuanchuan took off his shoes, rolled up the left trouser leg and pulled it up a little to Jun Qingyus knee.


His lower left leg was covered in small bruises.


Jun Qingyu was slightly startled, he felt a bit of an ache in his left leg, but he just thought he had gone too long without any water that it was unbearably dry.


Yet, he didnt expect there would be so many bruises like he had been beaten by someone.


Jun Qingyus skin was very pale so much that these bruises looked very frightening on him.


He might have run into something while he was fighting then.

Jun Qingyu didnt even notice it himself.


Fu Yuanchuan dipped a cotton swab in medicated oil and gently dabbed it on his bruise, “Does it hurt”


Jun Qingyu shook his head, “It doesnt hurt.” 


The cold medicated oil was rather comfortable.


Looking at thebadly injured little mermaid, Fu Yuanchuan earnestly admonished, “You can fight but dont let yourself get hurt.”


Listening to those words, Jun Qingyu was helpless to justify.

He fought effortlessly and didnt allow himself to get injured, but the bruises on his legs didnt seem to be very convincing.


After thinking about it, Jun Qingyu said, “Then what if I cant beat him I can only suffer from injuries.”


After all, he was only a pathetically weak little mermaid.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “If you cant beat him, run.”


Jun Qingyu complained, “Thats not very imposing.”


“Come running to me and Ill beat him up for you.”


Jun Qingyu was stunned when heard those words, the corners of his mouth couldnt help but rise upwards.


He leaned over and wrapped his arms around Fu Yuanchuans neck.

He nuzzled him affectionately and smiled as he responded, “Okay!”

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Our precious little fish is always so cute!!!

I really want to pinch his cheeks.


My heart hurts so much when he ran out with his legs, disregarding his state and those bruises… щ(゜ロ゜щ)

FootnotesToo much vinegar (jealousy).

Too much dog food for singles.Both of them are subjected to the same situation.


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