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After the medicine was applied, Jun Qingyu rested on the sofa.

He was afraid of getting his trousers stained by the medicine, so he didnt put down his pants.

Fu Yuanchuan was cooking in the kitchen.

Jun Qingyu happened to lay down on his side, placed his hand on the armrest and pillowed his arm as he looked at Fu Yuanchuan.

It took time to cook and he would not be done in a short while.

Fu Yuanchuan cut a plate of fruits and brought it out, “If youre hungry, eat some fruits to fill your stomach.”


After placing down the plate of fruits, Fu Yuanchuan then returned to the kitchen.

Jun Qingyu thought for a while, took out his light brain, planning to take a photo.

However, just after he opened his light brain, he was flooded by a series of messages.

Jun Qingyu ignored them, and he took a few pictures of Fu Yuanchuan instead.

People with a tall stature looked good however he took a picture.

He chose one in which he could see Fu Yuanchuans side profile and set that photo as his lock screen.

After he was done, he tapped on those messages.

It was the anonymous customer who previously ordered fruit and vegetable juice from his store.

Anonymous customer: [Store owner, are you there Is fruit and vegetable juice still in stock I can buy them now.]

Anonymous customer: [You can increase the price as much as you want.]


Included with these messages, several red envelope transactions were mixed in it.

Anonymous customer: [Store owner, please reply to me once youre online, thank you so much.]

Then there was another large red envelope.

With so many messages flooding his light brain, Jun Qingyus light brain almost crashed.

He didnt accept those red envelopes and opened the chatbox, wanting to reply.

However, before he could type, the other party texted once more.

Anonymous customer: [Store owner, youre finally online! Is there any fruit and vegetable juice I can pay ten times the price for all the fruit and vegetable juice in your possession.]

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Dont tell me that the store owner should not do such a thing as increasing the price

You make me rather passive by doing this.

Jun Qingyu could guess the reason why he would repurchase after he bought the fruit and vegetable juice from him.

After all, the information on the details page was not exaggerated.

The buyer bought them with the mentality of giving them a try; but after he really tasted them, the spiritual energy contained in them and the taste were absolutely not available in the whole interstellar.

It was just that Jun Qingyu didnt expect that this customer would come up and give him money.

Although he was very generous, Jun Qingyu still replied: [Fruit and vegetable juice is out of stock.]

The fruits and vegetables in his space took precedence for their daily consumption and the extras would be handed over to Fu Yuanchuan to be sent to his corps.

Now that Marshal Tordis side was also being watched, he also had to prepare some fruits and vegetables for a rainy day.

The fruit and vegetable juice sold to this customer before was regarded as saving a life in an emergency; he did not intend to sell fruit and vegetable juice long-term in this way.

Anonymous customer: [My sister is seriously ill, and she has improved after drinking your fruit and vegetable juice, so I thought if she keeps drinking it, wouldnt she recover completely Thats why I barged in on you without careful consideration.

Do you think you can transfer some more goods from anywhere]

Anonymous customer: [My name is Wen Chengyao, as long as you can sell me some fruit and vegetable juice, I can do anything for you within my ability.]

Wen Chengyao……


Even though he didnt know him, he felt that the kind who introduced themselves would generally be a great deal.

Then Jun Qingyu copied this name and searched it up online.

There was no such person.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Those who dare to do this were only those with a lot of money and fame, they thought everyone would know them; that was why they dared speak like that.

But, there was nothing online.

Jun Qingyu got up and entered the kitchen.

He raised his head, then placed his chin on Fu Yuanchuans shoulder.

He tilted his head and asked, “Yuanchuan, do you know Wen Chengyao”

“Wen Chengyao An interstellar pirate, whats wrong” Fu Yuanchuan picked up a small piece of chicken finger, and he delivered it to Jun Qingyus mouth after he blew it to cool it down.

Jun Qingyu bit on the chicken finger and said vaguely, “The person who bought fruit and vegetable juice before was Wen Chengyao.”

“He came to find me again, sent me a lot of red envelopes and even said he could buy them at ten times the price.”

“Ask him to pay a hundredfold.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “He has a lot of money.”

The interstellar pirate robbed money from everywhere, even the empire didnt fare well in his hands, how could he have the nerve to mention only an increase in ten times the amount

Jun Qingyu almost choked on the chicken finger.

The price of fruit and vegetable juice itself was not low, ten times the price was already very high and now it went so far as a hundredfold.

But, he was an interstellar pirate.

When Wen Chengyao was mentioned, Fu Yuanchuan frowned, “Doesnt he have a mermaid What is he still buying fruit and vegetable juice for”

Jun Qingyu did not know if he had a mermaid but, he did not seem to have bought it for himself to drink either, “His sister is seriously ill, he bought the fruit and vegetable juice for his sister to drink.”

Fu Yuanchuan nodded.

Jun Qingyu asked, “Then, should I still sell them to him”

At first, he did not intend to sell them, but after listening to Fu Yuanchuans opinion, he seemed to be in favour of him selling them

If by any chance it got found out that he was selling things to an interstellar pirate, would it have any effect on Fu Yuanchuan

“Up to you.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “As long as you are happy and there are enough fruits and vegetables for you to use.”

“Dont worry about me, he doesnt implicate me much, mainly because he has a deep conflict with the leader of the empire.”

A deep conflict with the imperial leader


Jun Qingyu took his light brain and put his fruit and vegetable juice up for sale.

“I searched the internet for Wen Chengyaos name just now, but there is no information about him.”

“The information about interstellar pirates are confidential, you can go to the most wanted list to take a look, he should be the first.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

No wonder he didnt find him, it turned out that he was searching in the wrong place.

“Go wash your hands and get ready to eat.”


After the fruit and vegetable juice was up for sale, Wen Chengyao could buy it on his own and then the order would be handed over to Fu Yuanchuan to settle; Jun Qingyu also didnt care about it anymore.

Three days later, the examination results of the laboratory robot which was captured came out.

Fu Yuanchuan extracted part of the data.

Jun Qingyu sat on the armrest and got a headache from looking at those strings of garbled data.

But seeing that Fu Yuanchuan was looking at it seriously, Jun Qingyu accompanied him quietly until Fu Yuanchuan completed the entire data extraction.

Then he asked, “Whats the purpose of bringing these things up”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Although it is an experimental robot, its essence is also integrated with data.

If an electronic virus can be produced in a targeted manner, then we can prevent the mass production of such experimental robots.”

“Ive always wanted to try to make it before, but I didnt have the data for the experimental robot before.

It just so happened that I can use this robot to make one and try it out.”

Jun Qingyu asked, “Have you not caught any other robots before this robot”

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “No.”

“This kind of robot will choose to explode after realising that it has been exposed, and the program will be destroyed directly.

In addition, the person captured will be affected by the robot, and a mental outbreak will be caused.”

“This is the first time weve caught a robot that has failed to explode.”

Jun Qingyu smiled as he said, “Am I awesome or what”

He used his spiritual energy to suppress the robot, the robot could not disrupt his mental energy; on the contrary, it was even invaded by his spiritual energy and he segregated the data from getting caught up in the crash.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Youre awesome.”

This was not meant to coax him but rather to state a fact.

The little fish could do things that none of them could do.

The little fishs universal life energy was the only one in the interstellar, it wouldnt do even if he was replaced by another little mermaid.

Fu Yuanchuan turned off his virtual computer and asked, “Are your legs better”

“Its better already.” Jun Qingyus injury was originally not serious, he just accidentally knocked into something, coupled with the condition of his skin.

That bit of bruising looked terrible, but it began to subside the next day, and there was only a little colouration left today.

Jun Qingyu stood up and was about to lift his trouser legs to show him but suddenly found that he was tired from raising his hand; it felt like his universal life energy was about to dissipate.

Jun Qingyu quickly sat on Fu Yuanchuans lap and said, “Im about to change back.”

Fu Yuanchuan hugged the little mermaid and said, “Okay.”

He persisted for almost four days this time he became a human.

The duration was a lot longer than the previous time he changed.

The little mermaid — with his spiritual energy completely dispersed — was laying on his palm.

He said weakly, “Ill accumulate more spiritual energy the next time, I should be able to persist for a week.”

“Mhm, do your best.”

On matters relating to spiritual energy, Fu Yuanchuan couldnt help him.

He could only rely on food supplements and prepare more delicious food for him.

He put away the set of clothes the little mermaid wore before he became small.

Fu Yuanchuan held the little mermaid and headed downstairs, intending to go underground to soak in water.

Just as he walked to the door, he heard the doorbell ring.

Jun Qingyu sat up with the support of Fu Yuanchuans fingers, “Do you have guests”

“Lets go and take a look.”

Fu Yuanchuan saw the person outside through the doorbell display screen.


He opened the door and Marshal Tordis walked in carrying a box, “Did you get the report on the robot”

“Ive received it, you need me for something”

Marshal Tordis nodded, “Im glad youve got it.”

However, when it came to if he needed anything……

Marshal Tordis walked in, put the box in his hands on the table and said, “Ive been in a bad condition lately and my little mermaid has been helping me with the treatment.

I dont know if hes tired or whats going on, I sense that he is a little low-spirited and very unhappy.”

“Ive asked the caretaker before, the caretaker said my little mermaid might have been on his own for too long, coupled with when he has extreme fatigue, he would feel aggrieved and miss his kind.”

“Ive heard that youve also bought a little mermaid, so I wanted to bring him over and let the two little mermaids play together.”

“You also know my recent situation, I cant trust any mermaids from elsewhere, thats why I came to find you.”

Fu Yuanchuan curled up his fingers subconsciously, obstructing the little mermaid in his hand.

Initially, Jun Qingyu was looking at that little mermaid in curiosity but once he heard that they came to find him, he immediately got down.

Im not familiar with him, I wont play with him.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “When little fish is unhappy he doesnt necessarily need his kind, its the same if you coax him more.”

His little fish has never looked for his kind and was fine playing together with him.

Marshal Tordis was a man, and he didnt know how to set about doing it after he heard this, “Coax him How do I coax him”

“Pick him up and put him in your hand to coax.”

Marshal Tordis was sluggish in an instant, with an expression ofIm afraid youre kidding me., “……A mermaid can be placed in my hand”

Fu Yuanchuan was also taken aback and asked in doubt, “A mermaid cant be placed in ones hand”

Marshal Tordis said, “Of course not.

The mermaid wont let you touch him, not to mention, allow you to hold it in your hand.”

Fu Yuanchuan was used to holding his little mermaid in his hand, and the little mermaid would also take the initiative to find a comfortable position in his hands to lay down.

However, when Marshal Tordis said that, it seemed to be different from his understanding of getting along with his little mermaid.

His little mermaid was so well-behaved that he seemed to have no temper at all.

Fu Yuanchuan vaguely realised what was wrong, “Will a mermaid wrap their tail around ones wrist”

It was the first time he raised a little mermaid, and he thought it was normal.

Tordis scratched his head in bewilderment, “Although little mermaids are cute, they are also aggressive.

Their tail is used to hit people, why would they wrap it around your wrist”

“If you put your hand into the fish tank, you might get smacked by the little mermaid with its tail.”

Fu Yuanchuan was silent.

This did not conform to his daily life with his little mermaid, he looked down at his little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu, who was lying on Fu Yuanchuans hand and nuzzling his fingers, blinked innocently. 

Dont look at me.

Its also my first time as a fish.

I dont know how other mermaids get along with people.

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