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Fu Yuanchuan saw his reflection in the little mermaid’s eyes.

He chuckled, rubbed the little mermaid’s head and said, “Let’s go and cook the squids first.”

It took time for the grilled squids to be cooked.


Many kebabs could be made on the iron plate.

Because he wasn’t sure which type the little mermaid preferred, he bought some of everything else apart from fruits and vegetables.

Jun Qingyu had never made grilled squids on an iron plate before, but he had seen others doing it.

It was nothing more than putting squids on an iron plate and pressing it down with a spatula until it was cooked.

It was rather simple. 

The iron plate was very large, probably around three to four people could stand side by side.


There were only the two of them right now, so it was not a problem at all.

Initially, Fu Yuanchuan thought he would do it, and it was fine for the little mermaid to stand at the sidelines to eat, but he saw the little mermaid’s extreme interest in wanting to try it out for himself. 

If he was interested, it was fine for him to have fun with it himself.

Thinking about it from a safety point of view, Fu Yuanchuan took an apron to guard against splatters of oil and water.

Jun Qingyu held a squid skewer in his hand.

Fu Yuanchuan helped him to put on his apron and take off his mask.

He lifted the oil baffle shield to protect him completely.

The iron plate was cleaned in advance, preheated, brushed with oil and a squid was placed.

As soon as the hydrated squid was placed on it, sizzling was heard, and the small droplets of water on the iron plate began to pop with crackles.


Smoke also floated upwards—it looked quite scary.

Jun Qingyu turned the squid over, and after he brushed the sauce over, the aroma of a grilled squid came out.


It looked good and the colour was very appetising.

Jun Qingyu cut square patterns on the squid with a spatula, then brushed the sauce over once more.

He blew on it to cool it down, raised his hand and handed it to Fu Yuanchuan, “Try it.”

Fu Yuanchuan took a bite and said, “It’s delicious, your cooking skills have improved.”

Jun Qingyu was amused by him.

The squid was picked up and skewered, the sauce was also well mixed.


He merely mixed these two together, and Fu Yuanchuan complimented him with those words.

The ones in Fu Yuanchuan’s hands were also done, he placed them on a plate and handed it to Jun Qingyu, “Eat this first.”

Grilled squid was delicious when eaten hot but it would always have a fishy taste when eaten cold.

Jun Qingyu stood to the side with the plate and took off the oil baffle shield on his face while watching Fu Yuanchuan make grilled squids.

From time to time, he fed Fu Yuanchuan a mouthful and then ate it himself.

The temperature of the iron plate was very high, and he would feel hot when he was close to it; but also, the temperature was still rising.

Jun Qingyu helped to wipe the sweat on Fu Yuanchuan with a piece of tissue and said, “Let’s finish these first.

If you make too much, we won’t be able to finish them.”

There was no one else in the villa, not even a servant.

If he made too much, they would only waste it if they couldn’t finish them.

At least the raw ones could still be frozen, the cooked ones would not be well preserved.

“Alright.” Fu Yuanchuan cooked the skewers in his hands, and he placed them on the little mermaid’s plate.

Jun Qingyu was almost full.


He put the plate on the table and opened a bottle of red wine with his bare hands.


He didn’t know what brand it was, but it didn’t smell very good.


Perhaps red wine pretty much had this smell.

He ate grilled squids with red wine, not to mention how the red wine smelled, the squids tasted rather good. 

Jun Qingyu drank a sip of red wine and his brows immediately wrinkled.

This…What was this weird taste

It was very astringent and there was no grape flavour.

He watched others drinking it like it was very pleasant to drink, but he didn’t expect it would have this sort of taste.

It smelled strange, but when he drank it, it tasted even stranger.

There was no rubbish bin nearby.

Jun Qingyu bore with it and ultimately swallowed that sip of red wine while holding his breath; then he quickly picked up fruit and vegetable juice to keep it down.

The taste of the red wine was gone, but…he felt some indescribable discomfort.

He couldn’t tell where he felt discomfort—in any case—he was in considerable discomfort.

Fu Yuanchuan roasted some vegetables that the little mermaid had kept in the refrigerator and when he brought them over, he felt something wasn’t quite right with the little mermaid’s complexion, “What’s wrong”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

His eyes were watery, and he leaned sideways against Fu Yuanchuan.

He clutching the hem of his shirt aggrievedly, “Why did you leave”

Fu Yuanchuan: “…”

He looked down at the little mermaid’s tearful eyes, and he placed the fruits and vegetables down.

He said, “I was making some roasted vegetables.”

After listening to his explanation, Jun Qingyu suddenly felt more aggrieved, “What vegetables You obviously disappeared moments ago.”

Fu Yuanchuan was stunned.

He raised his head to glance at the distance from the iron plate stall over there to the table over here.

At this distance, the little mermaid could see him when he looked up.

What’s wrong with the little fish

“So I’m back now.” Fu Yuanchuan touched his head and coaxed, “Be good.”

Jun Qingyu said something in a low voice, and Fu Yuanchuan didn’t quite catch that.


He sat down and took the little mermaid into his arms.


Jun Qingyu advanced forward to nuzzle him and leaned on his shoulder, extremely aggrieved.

As he got closer, Fu Yuanchuan smelled the faint smell of alcohol on the little mermaid.


There was red wine on the table.

He thought it was the smell on the table, but he didn’t expect the little mermaid to drink alcohol.

So now he was…drunk

Two glasses of red wine were filled, the little mermaid might have finished a glass of red wine and then refilled it.

Jun Qingyu lay down for a while then he raised his head and asked pitifully, “Why are you ignoring me”

“I’m not ignoring you.” Fu Yuanchuan was a little overwhelmed by him.

He thought for a while, carried the little mermaid onto his lap and supported his back with his right hand.

He patted his back gently and coaxed, “Do you feel any discomfort anywhere”

Looking at the amount of red wine in the bottle, the little mermaid should not have drunk much.


Red wine generally had a strong after-effect, and you won’t feel anything at the time you drink it.

How could he hold the little mermaid accountable for it The after-effect came so fast, looking at the little mermaid being like this, he should have been so drunk that he was not thinking straight.

He looked at the little mermaid’s aggrieved look, and he didn’t know how to coax the little mermaid.

He thought about it and said, “Let’s go to sleep, okay”

He should be fine after sleeping.

Jun Qingyu refused, “No.”

“Then eat something” 

Eating something could also suppress alcohol.

Jun Qingyu still refused, “No.”

Fu Yuanchuan looked helplessly at the little drunken fish.

If someone else was so drunk in front of him, he would just kick them out, but what could he do to his little fish

Jun Qingyu tilted his head, “Why aren’t you saying anything”

“What should I say” Fu Yuanchuan really had no idea what to do.

Jun Qingyu pondered over this question for a while, and then he was also quiet.

He…couldn’t figure it out.

What should he say 

Well…What should he say

His mind was a complete blank.

Jun Qingyu was lost in thought, but he was silent on his end, so Fu Yuanchuan panicked.


He was still a chatty little fish earlier, but now he suddenly became so quiet—there was something very wrong.

Jun Qingyu leaned on Fu Yuanchuan’s arm docilely, blinking his eyes from time to time, looking somewhat dazed. 

Fu Yuanchuan thought about it, picked up the little mermaid and brought him back to the room first.


He’d cook some hangover tea in a moment, so as to spare him from a headache when he woke up.


However, as soon as he got up, Jun Qingyu stopped doing anything and started to struggle.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t dare to exert any force in fear of hurting him, but if he was left alone, the little fish might jump down on his own.


But, before he could make a move, the little mermaid calmed down.

Jun Qingyu said, “I want to drink fruit juice.”

He paused and then he said, “I want it freshly squeezed.”


“Let’s go into the house, okay The juicer is in the house.”


Fu Yuanchuan attempted to ask, “Then I’ll carry you there”

“Mhm!” Jun Qingyu wrapped his arms around Fu Yuanchuan’s neck.

A drunk person would have a change in thought once in a while.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t dare to force it, he could only take advantage of when the little mermaid was still calm to take him back first.

The distance from the garden back to the villa was quite a distance, and Fu Yuanchuan did not arrange a car; he originally intended to take the little fish for a stroll back after their meal.

As a result, it went awry halfway through and they could not take a stroll.

On the contrary, he reaped a little drunken fish.

Jun Qingyu looked around and leaned on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder when he got bored.

After thinking about it, he lightly blew out a breath.

Fu Yuanchuan was startled at once and his hand holding the little mermaid also stiffened up, “Little fish…”

Jun Qingyu hid part of his face with Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder, curving his eyes.

He asked, “Am I heavy”

“You’re not heavy.”

“Eeeeeeee~” The drunk little mermaid hugged and nuzzled him happily.

Although the little mermaid didn’t struggle anymore, his fidgeting never stopped.

When they were close to the entrance of the villa, he settled down instead and didn’t even squirm.


Fu Yuanchuan thought the little mermaid had enough, but when he glanced down, the little mermaid had fallen asleep.

Jun Qingyu soaked in the fish tank and spat bubbles absently.

Wasn’t he eating grilled squid yesterday How come when he woke up, not only did he restore his appearance as a little mermaid, he was even sleeping in his shell bed

What was going on His memories had blanked out.

Why could a lot of things not be linked

Hmm…He seemed to have drunk red wine.

Did he get drunk

Would a drunk person’s memory disappear Not only that, he even had a slight headache, but it was nothing serious, probably because he drank relatively little.

Jun Qingyu breathed a long sigh of relief, he wouldn’t try it carelessly the next time.


He thought that red wine was made from grapes, and it would be delicious.


He didn’t expect it to be like this.

As he thought about it, Jun Qingyu heard the sound of the door opening, he rose up to the surface at once and propped himself on the edge of the fish tank, “Eeeeeeee!”

“You’re awake” Fu Yuanchuan came over.

He bent his fingers and nudged the little mermaid’s cheek.

He said, “Drink this.”

Jun Qingyu subconsciously bit the straw that was delivered to his mouth and only remembered to inquire after he drank it, “What is this”

“Hangover tea.

Drink a little more to relieve your headache.” Yesterday, Fu Yuanchuan fed the little mermaid some when the little mermaid was in a daze, but the taste was probably not so good.


Jun Qingyu changed back into a little mermaid in the end and hid in the fish tank.

No matter how much he called him, he wouldn’t come out.

Jun Qingyu said vaguely while drinking the hangover tea, “I seem to have passed out drunk yesterday.”

Fu Yuanchuan handed the little mermaid a piece of candy, “It’s normal.”

“So did I do anything weird” Jun Qingyu was quite curious how he was like when he got drunk.

Fu Yuanchuan pursed his lips and said, “You didn’t, you were quite well-behaved and went to sleep after you got drunk.”

Jun Qingyu was fairly pleased with this answer.

He just knew that some people would be obstreperous1 and fight when they get drunk—look at how well-behaved he was.

After the little mermaid drank the hangover tea, Fu Yuanchuan went back to deal with official business.

He was preoccupied with the store these few days, so a lot of his official business got piled up but compared with the previous volume of work, it was a little lesser.

Previously, the imperial leader would hand over important documents to him to deal with because he was considered a dying person in the eyes of the other party.

Besides, a lot of matters that required him to appear personally with his identity, to put it bluntly, he was pushed to do things that offended people.


But, now that his illness was healed, coupled with the recent several roundabout probings, the imperial leader would naturally no longer be the same as before.


Upon seeing this, Jun Qingyu took his clothes into his space, Fu Yuanchuan got to work, and he should get to work too.


Not every plant in his space would survive when he raised them.


There was also a probability of them not surviving, but their survival rate was much higher than the average land.


Jun Qingyu plucked those plants that died halfway through their growth and became dead branches.

He’d still waste universal life energy if they could not be raised.


Every once in a while, he had to pluck them out.


After he was done, he harvested the ripe fruits and vegetables.


He got busy working around and the space looked much neater.



It took a few days in succession to clean up all these things.


Jun Qingyu clapped his hands after he threw the last bit of dead branches out.


Fu Yuanchuan sat in front of his computer, and he saw the little mermaid coming out of his space.

He said, “The store has been renovated, I’ll send you the interior photos, see if there’s anything that you would like to change.”


“Okay.” Jun Qingyu sat on the bed, he didn’t change into a human—merely the size of a little mermaid—and differentiated into his legs.


If he could save some universal life energy at home, he had better save a little for his usage.


The store was renovated a little faster than he had anticipated.


It didn’t take seven days.

He looked at the photos; the hard furnishings had been done, and the decorative furnishings, tables and chairs had also been prepared.


The pictures sent back from the renovation site would have marginal differences with the view on-site; it was fine viewing it like this too.


Jun Qingyu didn’t plan to go on-site to look at it; Fu Yuanchuan would definitely be worried about him going out alone, but if he and Fu Yuanchuan went together, he feared he would delay his business, so a simple look at the pictures would have to do.


The store was not set, Jun Qingyu lay in bed holding his light brain and sent a message to Wen Chengyao. 


Jun Qingyu: [Everything has been prepared, remember to state the time in advance when you come over.]


He wouldn’t be waiting inside the store all the time and neither would the others arranged by Fu Yuanchuan.


Anonymous customer: [Understood.]



A spaceship with the interstellar pirate logo passed through the space tunnel and travelled into the air route.


Inside the spaceship, a man sitting on the sofa took off his mask.

He looked at the message on his light brain and raised his head wearily.


The man next to him saw that and came forward to ask, “Brother Wen What’s wrong with you”


He raised an eyebrow when he saw the chat on the light brain in his peripheral vision, “Have you set a time yet I will notify our brothers to get ready.”


“Not yet, don’t go,” Wen Chengyao said, “When we get to the main star, I’ll drive a spare spaceship there alone.”


The man said, “You’ll go there by yourself The main star is so dangerous, and you still revealed your identity to the store owner beforehand, how can you go Aren’t you walking right into a trap I don’t agree!”


Wen Chengyao sat up, “He can save Yaoyao, we can’t just give up saving someone because it’s dangerous.”


The man paused as if he could not say anything more on this matter.


Wen Chengyao waved his hand and said, “Relax, I’ve got everything I should prepare ready.

I’ll be fine.”


“Besides, you have also seen the effect of the fruit and vegetable juice, that store owner is really something.

Since he says that he can save Yaoyao, he definitely can be trusted to some extent.

A person like this, if they can be used by us, we don’t have to look around for mermaids to save our lives in the future.”


“If there’s a person with such ability, why would they come with us”


The man would not believe it.

A normal person would not choose to cooperate with an interstellar pirate and would more likely choose the empire.


Who made them interstellar pirates, who were not good people in the eyes of ordinary people


Wen Chengyao glanced at him, “You’re saying all that nonsense, didn’t you think about what we do”


“We’re interstellar pirates! What”


Wen Chengyao said faintly, “If he doesn’t leave with us, can’t we just seize him”


The man was taken aback.


Wen Chengyao lowered his head and texted back.


Anonymous customer: [I will arrive at the main star soon.

How about six o’clock in the morning in two days]


After a while, his light brain vibrated twice.


Store owner: [All right.]



After confirming the good news, Jun Qingyu put down his light brain and stretched; he stood up and went down the small slide along the bedside.


Fu Yuanchuan was afraid that when he became small, he would hurt his legs when he got out of bed, so he specially arranged it.


Jun Qingyu ran all the way to Fu Yuanchuan and said, “I just made an appointment with Wen Chengyao to meet at the store at six o’clock in two days.”


Fu Yuanchuan bent over and picked him up, “I’ll inform them to go there ahead of time to prepare.”


Jun Qingyu nodded and asked, “Do you want to go with me on that day”


Fu Yuanchuan said with certainty, “Of course.”


Thus, Jun Qingyu was rather hesitant.


Fu Yuanchuan and Wen Chengyao should have met before, although there were no terrible contradictions between the two of them, it was impossible for them to not cross paths.


The question now was whether Wen Chengyao would recognise Fu Yuanchuan in disguise.


Jun Qingyu said, “What if Wen Chengyao recognises you”


The imperial marshal tricked the interstellar pirates into coming over—that was a huge problem.


He just didn’t want them to start fighting when their deal did not work out.


They might not necessarily lose, but matters would get out of hand.


This was not the outcome he wanted.


Fu Yuanchuan didn’t think there was any problem, “If he recognised me, he would only be more cautious and not rise up to pick a fight.”


Jun Qingyu paused.

This…also makes sense.


After all, it was in the empire, and Wen Chengyao might suffer losses from fighting an away game.1


Fu Yuanchuan was met with silence from Jun Qingyu, raised his hand to let the person on his palm be at eye level and he stressed, “I am definitely going.

If I don’t go, you’re not allowed to go.”


After a pause, Fu Yuanchuan continued, “You don’t have to go, but I need to go.”


Jun Qingyu was just thinking about the store and when he heard Fu Yuanchuan saying that, he was instantly happy, “He’s doing business with me, there’s no such thing as not allowing me to go.”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “There is.”


Jun Qingyu touched Fu Yuanchuan’s face, “I definitely have to go.

At that time, you have to disguise yourself properly and you can’t be found out.

It’s best that you don’t get found out.”




Two days later.


People had been arranged on the entire street of stores ahead of time.


There were also people who were busy making food at the eateries, staring earnestly at their pots.


Before it was time for the appointment with Wen Chengyao, Jun Qingyu came to the store early in the morning.


He planned to prepare some food containing the spring water in his space in advance, so as to save some time from having to make food on the spot when Wen Chengyao came.


Fu Yuanchuan was by his side to help him out and things like cutting fruits were all done by him.


Jun Qingyu made a plate of mixed fruits topped with yoghurt that had been diluted by spring water—it looked delicious.


In addition to that, he even prepared fruit and vegetable juice and vegetable salad in addition.

He was not stingy with spring water nor did he not mix any interstellar fruits in.


Everything he used was from his space.


It had not been eaten yet, but spiritual energy could be found inside after a feel.


After he was done, Jun Qingyu prepared an additional portion for Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan was almost in good health, he had been eating fruits from the space for consolidation, there was no need to eat these.


Jun Qingyu prepared these, he just wanted Fu Yuanchuan to fill his stomach.

They came early and hadn’t eaten breakfast yet.


“Try it, I added extra honey too.” Jun Qingyu preferred sweets.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “It’s delicious.”


Although they came out in a hurry, Fu Yuanchuan brought a lot of little mermaid snacks as well.

Even after the little mermaid became a human, his tastes were not much different from that of a little mermaid.


It was nothing more than being able to eat some of the food that people could eat.


Dried fish had always been what the little mermaid liked.


Fu Yuanchuan ate two mouthfuls of fruits and then he didn’t eat them anymore, he took dried fish and fed it to the little mermaid.


Nowadays, Jun Qingyu ate dried fish like eating potato chips, one bite at a time.


As he was eating, the wind chime hung at the door rang.


A man with a mask walked in, followed by a man with a smaller physique behind him, who locked the door without a hitch.


The man walked straight to the ordering counter and looked at the two people at the counter.

He asked, “Who is the owner of the online store”


“I am,” Jun Qingyu said, “Wen Chengyao”


“Mhm, hello.”


Wen Chengyao’s voice sounded quite strange, it was a bit like an electronic sound of poor quality carrying an electric current.


He probably used a voice changer on purpose to make his voice indistinguishable.


Jun Qingyu saw that behind him—except for that man with a smaller physique—he didn’t bring his sister who was seriously ill.


He knitted his brows and asked, “I’ve prepared the things you want, where is your sister”


Wen Chengyao said, “My sister is not in good health and can’t walk too far.

You can give me things and it will be the same if I go back in a while to feed her.”


Upon hearing this, Jun Qingyu immediately put the prepared food back into the freezer, and he said flatly, “I’ve said before that the food in the store can only be eaten in the store and takeout is not allowed.”


They must abide by his rules at his place.

With Wen Chengyao’s character, if he really took these things away, he would give them to his sister to eat, but he would definitely take them for testing.


Jun Qingyu couldn’t say for the time being if they could detect anything.

He was quite disgusted with people like Wen Chengyao, he promised nicely on the surface but in reality, he did something different.


Wen Chengyao was uneasy and didn’t dare to bring his sister directly here.

Wasn’t this the same as sending someone that could be used against him to their doorstep


Wen Chengyao said, “I can give you money—ten times the price, hundred times the price—as long as you ask, I can give it to you.”


When it came to money, even though it was a tone of discussion, it inexplicably carried a warning undertone.


Jun Qingyu knew what he meant, it was nothing more than showing the strength of the interstellar pirates so that he would dutifully send the things up.


He felt that the face-to-face meeting with Wen Chengyao was not as good as his interaction with him on his online store.


He didn’t look like a person who would normally give money.


Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrow, he disliked the despotic2 arrogance of the other party.


He said with a cold snort, “Actually there’s no need for ten times or a hundred times the price, takeout is fine too.

Pay per drop for fruit and vegetable juice, pay per milligram for the vegetable salad and mixed fruits.

After paying per unit, weigh them as a whole and pay based on this value.”


With that said, Jun Qingyu pointed to the price tags on the table.


“Shouldn’t you have said that takeout is allowed earlier…”


Wen Chengyao’s words immediately came to a halt after he looked at the series of numbers on the price tags.


Then he calculated the amount of money spent before they were weighed as a whole.

Wen Chengyao gradually frowned, “How about you become the head of the interstellar pirates instead”




Wen Chengyao gnashed his teeth, “How can you be better at robbing money than me”


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