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Jun Qingyu took away the price list and said, “Cut the bull** if you don’t have money.”

“I don’t have money!” Wen Chengyao thought this was the funniest joke he had ever heard!

Fu Yuanchuan glanced at him when he heard those words but he didn’t say anything, he lowered his head and quietly ate mixed fruits to the side—as if he didn’t exist—he didn’t ask Jun Qingyu what to do.

He was only here to provide support to the little fish and protect him.

As for other matters, he believed that the little fish could handle them very well.

Wen Chengyao had run out of patience, he said in a low voice, “You should know who I am.”

“Are you threatening me” Jun Qingyu hardly cared about it.

When Wen Chengyao took the initiative to expose his identity at first, it wasn’t merely to show his wealth.

The first reaction of ordinary people, who encountered an interstellar pirate, would be fear and Wen Chengyao was thinking about using his identity at that time.

That was to say, Jun Qingyu wanted to talk to him about cooperation and if it was someone else, they would have called the police a long time ago.

Wen Chengyao sneered and lightly stroked his wrist, where a silver-white muzzle of a gun was faintly revealed with a chill.

Fu Yuanchuan slightly narrowed his eyes, his face under his disguise was filled with coldness.

He raised his hand and pressed a red button on the table.

Beep! Beep!

After two ear-piercing sound alerts, robotic arms came out from all directions: the ceiling, walls and even from under the floor tiles in the small store; every robotic arm was armed with many different types of guns.

Wen Chengyao: “……”

“How can that be said to be a threat.” Wen Chengyao shook his cuffs, slowly smoothing out the wrinkles on his cuffs, “I’m just saying, you don’t have to take it to heart.”

Upon seeing this, Fu Yuanchuan then pressed the red button again, the robotic arms quickly retracted and the store looked tranquil once more.

Jun Qingyu knew what was installed in the entire store, he had even seen the complete blueprint before.

Jun Qingyu was not the least bit surprised with these things that would come out.

He looked at Wen Chengyao, who had a smile on his face, and he said flatly, “Get it straight, you’re the one who begged me to sell them.”

Anyways, he did not rely on this to make money, even if he used this to make money, he wouldn’t be unable to sell them.

Fu Yuanchuan’s corps was enough to digest the excess fruits and vegetables.

Jun Qingyu said, “You had better rectify your attitude.”

Even though Wen Chengyao’s identity was very convenient for him to do things, he could also find someone else to replace him if he refused to cooperate.

It was nothing more than wasting more time.

Wen Chengyao didn’t get angry but smiled after hearing this, “Since I’m here, then that speaks volumes about my attitude.”

He did not employ a body double and did not let his subordinates impersonate him, but his true self was standing right here.

Jun Qingyu said, “Let your sister come over.”

It was impossible to take them away.

Wen Chengyao thought about the fruit and vegetable juice before and then he looked at the store owner’s impatient look, he said, “Alright, but you have to let me see what they are first.”

“Here.” Jun Qingyu handed him the price list.

Wen Chengyao thought he would give himself something to save his life, but he didn’t expect it to be just a piece of card, “What do you mean by this”

Jun Qingyu said, “Order something, look at what you want to buy and after paying for it, wait.”

Wen Chengyao opened his mouth and was somewhat frustrated with Jun Qingyu’s systematic attitude.

Wen Chengyao also did not have any inkling and pushed the price list back, “One serving of everything on it.”

Jun Qingyu nodded, “Find a place to sit down and wait.”

“No, I’ll stay here and watch you do it.”

“Afraid I’ll poison you If I want to poison you, even with you staring, I can still put the poison in.”

Wen Chengyao said with a smile, “How can that happen If you want to poison me, I won’t be able to drink the second batch of fruit and vegetable juice I’ve bought.

You do your thing and I’ll learn from you.”

Jun Qingyu didn’t hide it.

The only thing he needed to do was to cut the fruits and vegetables, no skills were needed.

What could Wen Chengyao learn just by watching Learning to cut fruits

He could not save his sister without the spring water from his space.

Jun Qingyu took out the few servings he had prepared beforehand, as for those that were not prepared, he would prepare them then and there afterwards.

Wen Chengyao looked at the plates in front of him, their outward appearance was actually no different from the salads and mixed fruits sold outside.

Before giving them to his sister to eat, he must taste them first.

Previously, fruit and vegetable juice was bought, so Wen Chengyao did not drink that bottle.

He ate the salad first.

He had assumed that the effect the other party had stated was only on the basis of the fruit and vegetable juice, but Wen Chengyao was stunned the moment it entered his mouth.

This felt completely different from the fruit and vegetable juice!

Wen Chengyao pursed his lips as he looked at Jun Qingyu, who was stirring with his head lowered, then he ate another chunk of mixed fruits.

Jun Qingyu knew when he saw his expression, Wen Chengyao could tell the difference between this food and the fruit and vegetable juice sold on his online store.

Jun Qingyu gave him time to react and continued to do his own things.

After eating half a plate, Wen Chengyao put down his spoon and said, “I’ll bring my sister over.”

“Be quick, I won’t wait for too long.” Jun Qingyu didn’t like waiting for people.

“Ok.” Wen Chengyao left hurriedly and the man with a small stature, who had been following him looked around and also followed him out in a hurry.

The store became quiet again.

Jun Qingyu put the fruit in his hand down and bit into an apple, “How long do you think it will take for him to come back”

“It won’t take long.”

Jun Qingyu laughed and said, “You just used the mechanism to scare him, it is also possible that they will directly run away as we speak and not come back.”

As soon as his voice fell, Wen Chengyao walked in carrying a little girl.

That man with a smaller stature didn’t follow him this time.

Wen Chengyao put the little girl on the seat, then he walked over and said, “Ten servings of what was on the menu.”

“You can’t finish that much,” Jun Qingyu didn’t make it for him, “Besides, your sister can’t eat that much.”

There was a limit to treatment with spiritual energy, it was impossible to state that spiritual energy was injected instantly and then one would get well.

That was so unrealistic.

Before, he treated Fu Yuanchuan progressively.

If he injected too much spiritual energy at once, the person might not recover quickly, but he would most likely aggravate their condition—so much that their body would burst and they would die.

Eating might not be the same as injecting spiritual energy directly, but it was always bad to eat too much.

Seeing that Wen Chengyao was going to say something else, Jun Qingyu interrupted him first, “My rules.”

Wen Chengyao’s lips moved slightly.

This food was really useful—it was the only cure he had found over the years for his sister.

With this, Wen Chengyao could not be unyielding.

“Ok, I get it.” Wen Chengyao took the food on the table over and placed it in front of his sister.

My sister was seriously ill and could not lift her hand, so Wen Chengyao fed her spoonful after spoonful.

Jun Qingyu whispered to Fu Yuanchuan, “Putting everything else aside, he’s a good brother.”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “His life was relatively tough.

The reason why his sister became like this was to save him, in addition to storge, there should be guilt too.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head with some understanding.

There was enough food on the table for both of them to eat and Jun Qingyu didn’t prepare anything else to boot, he wiped the table with a dried fish in his mouth.

Other than receiving only a table of customers, they would leave immediately after he closed the store.

As he was cleaning up, Wen Chengyao asked, “Store owner, what time do you open every day Can you come at six o’clock in the morning from now on”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

Doesn’t that mean he had to get up early every day

He easily roped people in, but he didn’t want to make it a full-time job.

Fu Yuanchuan said faintly, “It doesn’t have to be at six o’clock, the tourist site here won’t be open, the information you got was false.”

It could not be said to be false, but the tourist site was previously scheduled to close from six to nine for disinfection and it would start to admit tourists after nine o’clock; now the tourist site was closed down.

Wen Chengyao chose a time when it was just after dawn to avoid the crowds, probably with the intention of buying things and leaving afterwards.

But Jun Qingyu didn’t let him get what he wanted.

After they had eaten, they were sure to stay, it didn’t matter even if Fu Yuanchuan told him the timing of the tourist site was false.

Wen Chengyao drank a sip and made a gesture of understanding and did not hold Fu Yuanchuan accountable for him getting deceived.

People who could take out those machines were certainly not ordinary people.

The situation now seemed to be in his favour, so he played dumb and did not mention it.

His younger sister was tortured by illness and ate very little every day.

Sometimes she couldn’t eat a bite for a day.

Fruits and vegetables were her daily nutritional intake.

Since that store they frequently ate at got caught smuggling fruits and vegetables, and now the store owner was nowhere to be seen; he changed to another store, but he was afraid that his sister would not be used to them, so he bought from all the stores selling fruits and vegetables online.

In the end, none of the fruits and vegetables was eaten, but the fruit and vegetable juice he happened to have bought was well-liked by his sister.

Wen Chengyao asked, “Do you feel better”

Yaoyao nodded her head.

“Then that’s good.”

Wen Chengyao saw that his sister’s complexion was ruddier than before, he didn’t know if it was a psychological effect, but it was good that they were effective.

Jun Qingyu ate the last of his dried fish and looked at the desserts occupying the greater part of Wen Chengyao’s table.

She probably would not be able to finish them in a short time, but it was normal for a patient to eat slowly.

Jun Qingyu pressed a cup of strawberry sorbet, he leaned against the edge of the table as he ate and he asked, “Shall we go straight home later”

“Do you want to go out and play” Fu Yuanchuan’s arrangements today all revolved around Jun Qingyu’s.

If Jun Qingyu had a place he wanted to go, then they would go.

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “I feel that there’s nothing fun outside.”

Strawberry was frozen and then blended with ice to make strawberry sorbet; it was ice-cold when eaten with shaved ice.

It wouldn’t be too sweet when it was eaten like so and the sourness was also reduced—it was very tasty.

Jun Qingyu fed Fu Yuanchuan a mouthful and asked him with a smile, “Does it taste good”

Fu Yuanchuan helped him to wipe the strawberry juice on his hands and said, “It’s tastes good.

It’s a bit cold, eat less of it.”

Wen Chengyao looked back when he heard their voices, and he saw the both of them sharing a sorbet with the same spoon.

They indistinctly said something but he couldn’t hear what they were talking about.

Yet just by watching, they seemed to be close, not like a normal friend or a relationship between a boss and employee, but actually more like…


“It’s nothing,” Wen Chengyao returned to his senses and said, “Carry on eating.”

Jun Qingyu ate a small portion of the sorbet, then it was confiscated and he wasn’t allowed to eat it.1

Before he could act like a spoiled child, Fu Yuanchuan’s light brain rang.

Jun Qingyu saw Marshal Tordis’ name, he said, “Go in here to answer his call.”

Fu Yuanchuan glanced at Wen Chengyao, he reached to press on the red button with the tip of his fingers.

Jun Qingyu said, “I understand.”

Although he felt that he wouldn’t use it, he still had to have a guarantee.

The confiscated strawberry sorbet was returned to his hands.

Jun Qingyu thought about it, he didn’t eat it; he put it aside instead and picked up fresh strawberries to eat.

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows when he looked at Wen Chengyao who came over, “Anything the matter”

Wen Chengyao said, “It’s nothing big, I just want to ask something.

Can the matter about takeout still be discussed”


“Don’t be in a hurry to refuse.

I know.

Since you told me to come, there must be something I can do for you.

How about we make a deal”

Wen Chengyao looked at Jun Qingyu with confidence as if waiting for his reply.

Jun Qingyu saw his seriousness.

Among other things, Wen Chengyao had to mention this.

He only wanted to beat him up first, but Fu Yuanchuan was at the back.

If he heard anything, he would come out and it was not good to see him beat someone up.

It was one thing to know that he fought, it was another when he saw him do it with his own eyes.

Jun Qingyu said, “Takeout is not possible.

Regarding this issue, I will close the shop and leave if you mention another word about it.”

Wen Chengyao opened and shut his mouth.

Immediately, he dared not to mention it again.

He always felt that the store owner would really do what he said.

If he really pissed him off, the empire was so large and it would be difficult to find him again.

Wen Chengyao shook his head and was about to go back but he had an unexpected discovery that something was amiss.

The man, who was at the checkout counter just now, had disappeared.

When did he leave He was sitting not far from the entrance of the store, if someone went out, he definitely would have known.

Wen Chengyao took a glance at the operating room at the back, he asked in wonder, “Where’s your boyfriend”

Jun Qingyu peeled off an orange and said lightly, “What do you want from him”

After a pause, Jun Qingyu reacted in shock, “What nonsense are you talking about!”


Footnotes草莓冰沙 Is that strawberry smoothie or sorbet! This translator’s mind was in confusion until the word bowl (碗) came out here in this sentence.

The author still knows mercy.

( ᐛ )و


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