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Wen Chengyao didnt even have time to react and just felt a sharp pain on his face.

He saw bits and pieces of golden stars before him and he couldnt see anyone for a second.

Jun Qingyu held him by the neck and hauled Wen Chengyao, pressing him to the wall.

He raised his hand to turn off the surveillance.

He didnt know when Fu Yuanchuan would be back, but after leaving for such a long time, he shouldnt be back so soon.

Rather than putting up with Wen Chengyao showing off his power before him, it would be better to beat him up before Fu Yuanchuan came back.

Wen Chengyao was pressed firmly with his face to the wall, and his nose almost got deformed from being squeezed.

He took two deep breaths and said through his clenched teeth, “How could this medicine not have an effect on you”

Wen Chengyao was confused.

Whoever it was, as long as he used this medicine, he could get twice the result with half the effort.

If it wasnt an important occasion, he wouldnt even take this medicine out.

Yet, what was going on right now!

Why did this medicine not have an effect at all There wasnt even the slightest change that should be there.

If it werent for the smell, Wen Chengyao even wondered if he had taken the wrong medicine.

“Cough…Are you still human”

Jun Qingyu pondered, “Fifty-fifty.”

Wen Chengyao: “!”

What are you talking about!

Wen Chengyao was so angry that he was about to raise his elbow to hit Jun Qingyus wrist.

Jun Qingyu immediately let go of him without any hesitation and backed away.

Wen Chengyao was uncertain and did not dare to continue to make a move, “Like I said, I dont want to hurt you.

As long as you leave with me obediently, I can treat you like an honoured guest.”

“Ill send you back in one piece when my sister has completely recovered from her illness.

I always keep my word.”

“Ill consider this as you hitting me because of my bad attitude before, which made you angry, and I wont pursue it.”

He stood up and stroked his wrists lightly, he then unconsciously glanced back, “I dont bully the weak, but youve merely learnt a bit of self-defence, this little trick wont work on me.”

“So long as you apologise and agree to board the spaceship with me, I can let bygones be bygones, and I will even help you accomplish what you want me to do, otherwise…”

Wen Chengyao warned as he was met with Jun Qingyus silence, “Im not a good person either, youd better think carefully before you answer me.”

Jun Qingyus expression turned cold, “I do have something I need your help for, but for this favour, its not impossible to find someone else.

Youre not that essential exception.”

“But now…I dont want to find anyone else.” Jun Qingyu rolled up his cuffs.

His clothes were all custom-made and could not be washed with water-washed.

It would be very troublesome if he got them dirty.

He said lightly, “I think beating you until you beg for me to find you for help…would make things easier.”

“You——” Wen Chengyao opened his mouth and wanted to swear.

He was extremely angered by Jun Qingyus words, his wrist shook and he held the gun hidden in his cuffs in his hands.

Seeing that, Jun Qingyu raised his hand and snapped his fingers, and universal life energy spread throughout the room in an instant.

With a snap, Wen Chengyao froze immediately.

He could not feel universal life energy, but he could feel a feeling of suffocation, and his fingers began to become numb.

It seemed that something was spreading along his hand.

The next moment, he saw the gun in his hand—visible to the naked eye—start to distort, starting from the muzzle, like a rag that had been wrung out.

There was a heavy creaking sound until half of the guns body fell to the ground because of excessive twisting.

With a thud, Wen Chengyao looked at the remaining half of the gun that was left in his hands, “What did you do”

Jun Qingyu said, “Its too weak.

Remember to change to a better one next time.”

Wen Chengyaos heart sank, and he realised that something was not right with the person before him, he was not as harmless as he appeared to be.

When the two of them were at a standstill, the alarm behind him quickly vibrated; the sound was very soft.

They got it!

Wen Chengyao didnt hesitate, his thumb jabbed against his index finger.

Before he left, he shouted, “Count this as me underestimating an enemy this time, you wont be so lucky next time.

You just wait.”

Jun Qingyu looked at the blatherskite1 in front of him indifferently.

One second, two seconds, three seconds…Nothing happened at all.

After a minute, Wen Chengyao, who was still there, was completely dumbfounded.

His thumb squeezed his index finger desperately, but there was no reaction at all!

This…What was going on here!

This isnt real!

With a series of item failures, Wen Chengyao lost his mind.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head, “Thats it Im going to make a move.”

Wen Chengyao raised his hand quickly, but he inexplicably felt a bit sluggish, like a robot that lacked lubrication; tremendous frictional resistance was generated between each part, making it difficult for him to move.

Something was wrong.

Wen Chengyao thought silently.

Perhaps the store owner used something similar to his medicine.

Could it be that there was a problem with what he ate earlier

But the duration for the drug to kick in was too long.

There were drugs known on the market with a similar effect, but they didnt take so long to take effect.

Jun Qingyu enclosed the entire store with his spiritual energy, that way, regardless of how much of a commotion there was, no one outside would come in.

Fu Yuanchuans subordinates were in the stores next door, and it would be bad if they heard the noise and rushed over.

Jun Qingyu rubbed his wrist and decided to resolve it in the shortest time possible.

He charged straight at him.

Wen Chengyao was helpless, he clenched his teeth and met him.

With the attachment and suppression of his universal life energy, Wen Chengyao was not Jun Qingyus opponent at all.

In the Interstellar, where mental energy prevailed in strength, universal life energy was unconditionally suppressed.

Wen Chengyao had no power to resist, so he simply went off course and started to lift a table.

Jun Qingyu was taken aback, “You have to pay for it if you break it.”

Wen Chengyao ignored him, he ran while lifting the table2, and made a beeline to the back door.

Jun Qingyu swiftly glanced back and confirmed that Fu Yuanchuan hadnt come back yet, only then did he take a shortcut by stepping on crooked tables; he reached Wen Chengyaos side after running a few steps.

He pressed on his shoulder and hauled the man back.

In the small and messy store, the sound of Wen Chengyaos scream was everlasting.




Every now and then, there were muffled sounds of collision.

That was when, the door of the dessert store suddenly opened and the man with a smaller stature appeared at the door, “Brother Wen, I…”

The man froze the moment he saw the scene inside the store, “Release him!”

Wen Chengyao was lying on the ground and he was overjoyed when he saw the man coming in.

He wiped off the blood from his mouth at once and said, “Xiao Meng! Grab him.”

After being beaten, he didnt forget to tell him, “Dont kill him, just teach him a lesson.”

Jun Qingyu glanced at the man known as Xiao Meng.

At that time, the other party had already rushed in front of him.

There was not much spiritual energy left.

In order to save it, Jun Qingyu didnt use it, but positioned himself and avoided Xiao Mengs lunge; then he karate chopped him on the back of his neck.

Xiao Meng didnt even have a chance to scream and fell straight to the ground.

Jun Qingyu clapped his hands and asked Wen Chengyao, “What did you…just say”

Wen Chengyao: “……”

He was too hasty.

Wen Chengyao lay on his back on the ground, with his left arm by his side in a twisted and awkward position.

He closed his eyes and said impatiently, “Why do you have so many questions Kill me if you have the ability to.”

“You dawdle at fighting, cant you be more straightforward”

Wen Chengyao was so irritated that he said a lot of provocative words.

Jun Qingyu looked at him on the ground with indifference the whole time.

It seemed that he didnt care the least about those words.

Jun Qingyu took out the wet wipes and wiped his fingers meticulously.

They had already fought, and all that was left was to talk about the deal with Wen Chengyao.

However, Wen Chengyao refused to let the matter drop and sneered at Jun Qingyu, “Why dont you hit me!”

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, he had never heard of such a request.

He simply moved his hand behind and picked up a bottle of red wine nearby.

He held the neck—slender part of the bottle of red wine— and swung it directly at him without saying a word.

“Holy **!” Wen Chengyao was stunned, but he quickly tilted his head to the side to get out of the way.

He only said a provocative sentence in the heat of the moment.

Unexpectedly, this person really dared to do it!

The bottle of red wine shattered the moment it collided with the tiled floor, shards of glass were mixed with the strong fragrance of red wine that spilt all over the floor and permeated the whole place.

Half of Wen Chengyaos face was covered in red wine and his eyes were wide open, it seemed that he had not yet recovered from Jun Qingyus actions a few moments ago.

He thought that Jun Qingyu would not dare to take action, but he didnt expect——!

He saw that Jun Qingyu was lifting the wine bottle, which was half-broken, once again.

That half of the wine bottle became razor-sharp and piercing.

Wen Chengyao shouted, “Wait!”

Meanwhile, Jun Qingyus hand, which was highly raised halfway, abruptly stopped.

Wen Chengyao was overjoyed when he saw that.

Sure enough, he was intimidating him…If that was the case, Wen Chengyao quietly breathed a sigh of relief.

He didnt really want to have a fall out with the store owner, so he had better give him a little leeway.

In the meantime, the door curtain hanging behind shifted slightly, and Fu Yuanchuan lifted the curtain and came in.

Seeing the messy room, he immediately frowned.

Jun Qingyu still held half of a wine bottle in his hand and was pressing Wen Chengyao to the ground.

He paused and looked up at Fu Yuanchuan blankly.3

The situation was a little awkward for a while.

Just as Fu Yuanchuan was about to return4, Jun Qingyu was a step ahead and stuffed the wine bottle to Wen Chengyao.

Wen Chengyao subconsciously held the red wine bottle, “”

What are you doing

Jun Qingyu stood up without saying a word, stepped on Wen Chengyao and ran over to Fu Yuanchuan.


Ignoring Wen Chengyaos blood-curdling screech, Jun Qingyu plunged headfirst into Fu Yuanchuans arms and whispered aggrievedly, “Yuanchuan.”

Fu Yuanchuan hugged the little mermaid and patted his back to console him, “Whats wrong”

Jun Qingyu lifted his head and looked at Fu Yuanchuan pitifully.

He reached his hand out and pointed at Wen Chengyao, then he complained, “He hit me! The two of them bullied me and even broke the tables and chairs in the store.

Hes too strong.

I fought against him, only then did I win by a narrow margin.”

He made Wen Chengyao so mad that he almost spurted out a mouthful of blood, “Cough, cough, cough…Arent you being unreasonable Whos bullying who Where did you get hurt!”

Wen Chengyao was the one who broke the tables and chairs, so it didnt matter if he lost money, but what did his aforementioned sentence mean

Win by a narrow margin Do I have the capability to be deemed as strong by you

The corners of Jun Qingyus mouth were pursed, he lowered his head against Fu Yuanchuans shoulder and glanced down at Wen Chengyao.

Wen Chengyao was startled by that look in his eyes, but he still couldnt help but refute, “Say, say it, where did you get hurt”

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

He talked too much.

At this time, he was patted by the hand on the waist twice.

He froze and raised his head, Fu Yuanchuan was looking down at him.

“Are you hurt”

Jun Qingyu thought for a while.

He was torn between nodding or shaking his head, so he simply opened his right hand to show Fu Yuanchuan, “Im hurt.

My hand hurts.”

Wen Chengyao sneered. 

Your hand 

He didnt even lay a finger on Jun Qingyu during the entire process!

If your hand hurts, then you deserve it.

You beat me and with so much force, you deserve the hand pain.

Fu Yuanchuan took a look.


His hands were already red from hitting.

If he came out any later, this redness would disappear.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the bruises on the face of the interstellar pirate, he looked miserable and couldnt get up from the ground, then he looked at the aggrieved little fish in his arms.

Fu Yuanchuan held Jun Qingyus hand and blew on it lightly, “Interstellar pirates are really something, they only know how to bully the weak.”

Wen Chengyao: “”

I have never been so speechless in my life.

The author has something to say: 

The interstellar pirates character design did not collapse.

He dared to do as such because he has hidden cards.

Youll understand in the next chapter.

The character design of the little fish before he transmigrated is also extremely strong, it will approximately be revealed after quite a number of chapters.

Hello! If you enjoyed my work, please consider supporting this sleep-deprived translator a Ko-fi.

To get beaten by our little fish and framed, RIP Wen Chengyao.

FootnotesA person who talks at great length without making much sense.I can imagine WCY being like this (ノꐦ ⊙曲ఠ)ノ彡┻━┻FYC is at the back area, the area behind the checkout counter, probably a blind spot where he cant see JQY.

FYC saw the mess from the back area but not JQY yet.

Though, JQY did see FYC coming in through the door curtain at the back.Return to JQYs side.(‐^▽^‐)


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