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Jun Qingyu asked, “Since Im injured, shouldnt I ask for compensation from the interstellar pirates”


Wen Chengyao couldnt believe that this robber could say something like this, “You beat me like this and you still ask for compensation from me”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “You should.”


Wen Chengyao: “……”


Youre all birds of the same feather who set me up! I wont pay! Making me pay In your dreams!


Fu Yuanchuan naturally sided with Jun Qingyu, “There are so many interstellar pirates.

I want compensation from all of them.

No one will be allowed to leave until the compensation is paid.”


“So many” Jun Qingyu looked at the two on the ground.

Where did theso many that he mentioned before come from


When Wen Chengyao heard those words, his face suddenly sank.

He clearly didnt say anything, but his expression was extremely ghastly.


Fu Yuanchuan pointed to the back and said, “I just caught a few thieves stealing fruits and vegetables and theyre tied up at the back.”


He came in late because he was dealing with those thieves outside.


Stealing fruits and vegetables


Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows. 


Youre good, Wen Chengyao.


No wonder you didnt run when the medicine was ineffective at first, but you wasted time by speaking so much nonsense to me, so you were stalling for time for those people at the back


I knew you wouldnt talk honestly about cooperation, but it took a lot of thought to arrange for someone to steal them.


He was overcautious.


Jun Qingyu thought about how well Wen Chengyao had acted before, he sighed and said, “I thought you really wanted to take me there.”


Wen Chengyao glared at Fu Yuanchuan and his inner feelings were unravelled straight away, he hesitated before he said, “Of course I have to take you with me before determining whether the effect of the medicine comes from the fruits and vegetables, or from you.”


Originally, they worked on two tasks at the same time, so he could take away both the store owner and the fruits and vegetables.


Even if the store owner was angry and refused to treat his sister, he could use the seeds or roots of those fruits and vegetables to grow some of his own.


If the store owner was willing to cooperate, then it would be great and he would also give the store owner a good living environment.


Despite the fact that they were interstellar pirates, their spaceship had everything in it.

If he really had to compare, it might be more comfortable than some peoples living quarters in the empire.


But it became like this now, they didnt take the store owner away, nor did they take the seeds and roots of the fruits and vegetables.


A lot of people had been arrested.


Wen Chengyao sighed.

This time, things got messed up and it went entirely beyond his expectations for everything, this development was completely beyond his expectations.

After a pause, he said, “Store owner, if I said that I truly didnt want to hurt you and I only want to take you back, would you believe me”


Jun Qingyu said, “I believe you.”


There was no reason to not believe him.

There was no conflict between him and Wen Chengyao, the only interrelation between them was that Wen Chengyao wanted to save his sister and he wanted to use Wen Chengyaos identity.


Wen Chengyao nodded.

He didnt misunderstand that he wanted to hurt him.


Jun Qingyu said, “The fruits and vegetables at the back are not the same as what I gave your sister to consume.

Its useless even if you steal them.”


The ones at the back were all interstellar fruits and vegetables, which could be considered as camouflage.

It saved him from being too inconspicuous when he took the fruits and vegetables out from his space.

The fruits and vegetables he made were always within easy reach as he feared a mishap would happen.


Wen Chengyao didnt have any expression on his face when he heard this.

After all, they didnt steal it either.

It didnt matter whether it was real or fake.

He used all his willpower to sit up and leaned against the wall, “All right.

Since things have come to this, I wont say anything more.”


Wen Chengyao said, “What do you need me to do Ill do my best to get it done.”


“Im not in a hurry, Ill find you if need be.” Jun Qingyu did not want to talk about this matter in front of Fu Yuanchuan, so he said casually, “Take your interstellar pirates away.

Remember to transfer the money for the maintenance costs to me and bring your sister here on time tomorrow.”


Wen Chengyao was taken aback, but he didnt expect Jun Qingyu to be so magnanimous, “Youre still willing to treat my sister”




Wen Chengyao opened and shut his mouth.

He wanted to say something, but it implicated the wound at the corner of his mouth.

It hurt so much that he grimaced in pain, the original words that came out of his mouth turned into a sentence, “Arent you afraid that I will come back to capture you tomorrow”


Jun Qingyu shrugged his shoulders, “You cant beat me.”


Youre still capturing me again, where did you get that confidence from


Wen Chengyao: “……”


Although it was a crazy thing to say, Wen Chengyao had to admit that this seemed to be the truth.


Wen Chengyao kicked Xiao Meng and Xiao Meng, who was unconscious, woke up.

As soon as he opened his eyes, he shouted, “Nobody is going to hurt Brother Wen!”


“I…” Wen Chengyao was so angry that he almost knocked him out with another punch.


“Come and help me!”


Xiao Meng was slapped on the back of his neck and he didnt have any injuries elsewhere.

He quickly stepped forward and stood up with Wen Chengyao.


When they walked out of the door, they ran into an inspector.


Wen Chengyao knew that the person was checking whether the things in the dessert store had been brought out.

He even didnt resist and allowed him to check.


When nothing problematic was found, only then was he released.


Back in the car.


Xiao Meng came up from behind before he pulled the door shut and said, “Brother Wen, whats the deal Youve gotten yourself into such a mess in such a short time.”


Wen Chengyao didnt reply but asked, “Wheres the box”


Xiao Meng promptly fumbled in his pocket and took out a small box, handing it over to him.


Wen Chengyao cut his arm with a knife and squeezed a few seeds out of it.


The bloodied seeds were placed in the box and Wen Chengyao handed them to Xiao Meng.

He wrapped the wound with a grim expression and said, “Go back and get a Simulated Ecological Greenhouse1 to accelerate its growth.

I want to see the fruits before twelve oclock tonight.”





Jun Qingyu stayed in the store and cleaned up the mess with Fu Yuanchuan.


If you want to fight then fight, why did you lift a table


And he even had to clean this mess up.


“Youre overlooking Wen Chengyaos attitude” Fu Yuanchuan set the table and said, “I thought you wouldnt treat his sister anymore.”


Jun Qingyu originally planned to no longer care, but his sisters illness was indeed a bit interesting, “When his sister came today, I noticed that his sisters mental energy is very similar to the robot that I met on that day.”


“The robot”


“Yes, the one that came from M Planet.

Its vital energy was very weird, quite different from ordinary peoples mental energy,” Jun Qingyu said, “I want to test if spring water can treat his sister and if it does, then is it possible to use the spring water to solve those robots from M Planet.”


At present, those robots had not come out on a large scale, but once they had a complete fall out and fought, robots and ordinary troops would fight.

Robots could cause a mental energy disorder to ordinary people and when they fought, regardless of whether they lost or won, ordinary people would be at a disadvantage.


But if his premise for spring water was established, then they could prepare in advance and see if they could or not could use spring water to make some protective items.

This way, they would have a better chance of winning in the future after they had started fighting.


At least it was simpler than using spring water to save them after the emergence of a mental energy disorder.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Your hypothesis is valid.”


“I plan to try a few more times to find out for sure.”


“Mhm, you can make the decision yourself.” Fu Yuanchuan swept the ground with a broom and the shards from the red wine bottle were swept aside with the red wine.

In that pile of things, he stumbled across a silver-white…


Fu Yuanchuan picked up half of a gun, he raised his eyebrows and asked, “Did you twist it”


“Mhm.” After he replied, Jun Qingyu then shook his head, “No, I didnt twist it.”


Fu Yuanchuan threw away the wrung out gun and said, “Then it should have become like this on its own.”


“Its really not me!” Jun Qingyu wanted to laugh and weep all at once, “Im just a weak little mermaid, how could it be possible for me to twist this with my bare hands”


You dont even need to take it over to touch it with your hand and you would definitely know that it was not something that can be broken casually.


Fu Yuanchuan, “Mhm, you didnt twist it.”


Jun Qingyu: “……”




“This was twisted by Wen Chengyao.” Jun Qingyu said, “To be precise, I guided my spiritual energy through his hand to the gun and then the gun became like this.”


Fu Yuanchuan asked in a deep voice, “You can use spiritual energy to manipulate others”


Universal life energy was scarce in the Interstellar Era and everyone knows that universal life energy plays a vital role, but if he could manipulate people to move at his will, then it was not just a matter of function.


“No, I cant.

That fool buried the seeds of my fruits in his wrist and if I use my spiritual energy, it will resonate with things that carry spiritual energy in my space.”


Jun Qingyu didnt even know it could be done like this, but such a thing as cutting through the skin and putting the seeds in; it could resonate.

If it was eaten normally, it wouldnt work.


There were a few fools like this.


Before Jun Qingyu transmigrated, he had never met one before.


Fu Yuanchuan said sceptically, “Since he took your seeds away, arent you afraid that hed plant the fruits and he wont bring his sister over tomorrow”


“The seeds arent the same as the ones that I planted.” Jun Qingyu was not worried at all.


Once Wen Chengyao found out that something was wrong tomorrow, he would take the initiative to bring his sister over.


And the money he owed.


Not a bit less than what should be paid!


Jun Qingyu would not do a non-profitable business.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “Its best not to get too involved with the interstellar pirates.”


Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuans arm, “I know! Its only this time, well have nothing to do with each other afterwards.”


“Mhm, lets go home.”





In the morning, Fu Yuanchuan received a last minute notice to go to the military headquarters for a meeting.


Jun Qingyu lay on the bed, holding the quilt and watched Fu Yuanchuan change his clothes.


Fu Yuanchuan rarely wore a military uniform when he was at home.

The military uniform of the Interstellar Era was dark blue, which was particularly suitable for Fu Yuanchuan.

Perhaps decent people would always look good in such formal clothes.


Fu Yuanchuan was about 1.9 metres tall and with a belt around his waist, his legs were straight and slender.


Jun Qingyu lowered his head and nudged against the quilt.

Fu Yuanchuan was simply the most perfect person in the world.


“What are you laughing at” Fu Yuanchuan changed his clothes and looked back, the little fish almost gathered the entire quilt into a ball.


“Im laughing at you.” Jun Qingyu sat up and piled the quilt aside.


Fu Yuanchuan was taken aback when he looked at the little fish with gleaming eyes, “Youre laughing at me”


Jun Qingyu beckoned to Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan didnt know why, but he thought he wanted to whisper to him, so he leaned over.


The moment he got closer, Jun Qingyu raised his head and quickly kissed him on the cheek, “You look good in a military uniform.”


Fu Yuanchuan rubbed the little mermaids head, “Do you like it”




“Ill have someone prepare a set for you.”




Fu Yuanchuan saw that it was getting late and he said, “Wait for me, Ill accompany you to that street when I come back.”


Jun Qingyu nodded and said, “Okay.”


Then, the moment Fu Yuanchuan left, he changed his clothes the next moment and went out.


He had something he wanted to say to Wen Chengyao alone and it was best not to let Fu Yuanchuan know.


There was a car in the courtyard and Jun Qingyu could basically move to the other side of the villa with his authority.


When Jun Qingyu got in the car, he didnt have to do anything as there was automatic positioning and autonomous driving.


Because his first meeting with the interstellar pirates was quite brutal and even though Fu Yuanchuans identity was not exposed, he also felt like there wasnt much left to hide.


Thus, Jun Qingyu asked the stores next door to close up.


He didnt plan the time, nor did he come very early.

When he walked in, he could see an empty street with only someone in front of his dessert store.


He didnt bring his subordinates over.


Jun Qingyu did not specifically ask him not to bring his subordinates, but he took the initiative not to, to prove himself.

Wen Chengyaos attitude had changed.


The seeds were Wen Chengyaos last hidden card.


Jun Qingyu walked over and opened the door and said, “Come in.”


Before Jun Qingyu had said anything, Wen Chengyao took the initiative to pay up.

Jun Qingyu didnt even count how much he had paid in specific.


Just that there were many zeros on it.


Jun Qingyu adjusted the amount of spring water and made a few desserts, “Take these to your sister.”


“Thank you.” Wen Chengyao took the tray and bowed to Jun Qingyu very politely.


His change in his attitude was very obvious.


After treatment in the medical quarters, Wen Chengyao was pretty much able to recover from his injuries from yesterday in a few hours.


Though Wen Chengyao didnt use a voice changer today, he did disguise himself, but it was different from the one he used yesterday.

The voice changer probably got damaged.


Wen Chengyao was well-behaved, so Jun Qingyu could take it easy; otherwise, it would be exhausting to beat him up every day.


After he gave something to his sister to eat, Wen Chengyao went back to the counter, “Can you tell me what you want me to do now”


Having offended Jun Qingyu before, Wen Chengyao urgently needed something to narrow the rift between him and Jun Qingyu.


The planting failed.

Although fresh fruits grew, there was no effect after his sister ate them.


After going around in a big circle, he came back to square one.


Jun Qingyu said, “All those with the rank of Lieutenant General and above were called to the military headquarters this morning.

Do you know about this”


“I do.” As an interstellar pirate, Wen Chengyao had a wide information network and naturally, such a big event could not escape from his eyes.


Jun Qingyu nodded.

It was good that he knew, it would save him from more explanation.


The imperial leaders side had started to act and it should be because the captured robot got exposed.


It was no surprise that they would do everything they could to get rid of an army that was not subservient to them.


Jun Qingyu said, “I want you to rob M Planet as an interstellar pirate, be high-profile and destroy the planet if need be.”


“Thats it” Wen Chengyao said, “Youre making me step in for such a trivial matter”


Jun Qingyus calculations were apparently more than that, “This is just the beginning.

There are still things you must do afterwards, I will tell you when the time comes.”


Wen Chengyao said, “You can make your boyfriends bodyguard go and do this sort of thing.

Do a disguise and no one would know who it is.”


Jun Qingyu immediately said, “How could that work He conducts himself honourably and is righteous.

How could he do such a thing”


Wen Chengyao: “……”


Who are you hurling insinuations at

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FootnotesThe original text says模擬生態倉, Im not sure if I got this right but please correct me if Im wrong.



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