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Jun Qingyu’s rest had been particularly deep.

Perhaps it was because the consumption of his spiritual energy was too much or possibly because the thing he longed for had been achieved.

So even though it was a cramped box, he slept just fine.

It’s only when Jun Qingyu opened his eyes in a daze, he found that he was surrounded by darkness.

Was it not dawn yet

As Jun Qingyu sat up, there was a soft ‘thump’, he seemed to have knocked against something.

After he felt the touch, that thing opened automatically.

The light streamed through the slowly unfolding gap, Jun Qingyu raised his head to take a look.

Its shape was like a shell.

Did he sleep in a shell

That can’t be right.

Didn’t he sleep in a box last night

After he swam out of the shell, he could see the full view of it.

The edges seemed to have undergone polishing so it was very smooth and round.

The glistening gold appeared to match the colour of his tail.

A seaweed sponge was placed under the shell.

Even though it was soaked in water, it was also soft when touched.

Apart from the shell, there are many other small ornaments in the whole fish tank.

Jun Qingyu sat by the seashell bed in a daze.

Before long, Jun Qingyu heard the door opening and came to his senses in an instant.

He swam upwards, swaying his tail and hung on the edge of the fish tank.

Fu Yuanchuan walked in, “You’re awake”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “You were already asleep when the fish tank arrived yesterday.

I saw that you were sound asleep so I didn’t wake you up.”

“Ee~yah.” Jun Qingyu could probably guess what was going on.

Fu Yuanchuan picked up the cut up food and handed it to him, “Eat something.”

Jun Qingyu looked at the fruits and vegetables on the plate, which still looked wilted and not very fresh.

Did they skimp on Fu Yuanchuan’s food

That’s not possible.

Moreover, in the original text, Fu Yuanchuan was on the battlefield all year round and he didn’t spend the money awarded from his various military achievements.


Even if Fu Yuanchuan used his own money to buy, he wouldn’t go as far as to buy fruits and vegetables that were not fresh.

Unless……these are already the best

Jun Qingyu took a bite of the apple, it was very crispy but was not sweet at all and there was a slightly bitter aftertaste.

It was like yesterday’s small tomatoes, it was not delicious.

Jun Qingyu was now certain that there was a problem with the fruits and vegetables in the Interstellar Age.

Regardless of whether it was the colour or the taste, there was something wrong.

Jun Qingyu’s fingertips unconsciously went across his wrist.

If only his space was still there, it would be great as it can not only appease his appetite for food.

Fruits and vegetables grown in his space contain spiritual energy so Fu Yuanchuan would recover faster if he ate them.

But after he transmigrated, his space seemed to have disappeared out of thin air and it couldn’t be opened.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid was not in high spirits and asked, “Don’t you like it”

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu took a bite of the dried fish, it was still more delicious.

The tastes of the little mermaids varied but most of them liked to eat some fruits and vegetables, dried fish and meat could only be considered as snacks for grinding their teeth.

However, his family’s little mermaid did not like fruits and vegetables but preferred dried fish instead

Fu Yuanchuan noted the little mermaid’s preference but he had to eat fruits and vegetables.

Fu Yuanchuan tried to discuss it with the little mermaid, “These are good for your body, at least eat some”

Jun Qingyu looked at the mango slice that handed to the side of his mouth and took a bite and then concentrated on eating dried fish.

It was like getting entangled in helplessness, he took a bite to fool you but he ate what he liked.

Fu Yuanchuan, who was fooled, didn’t mean to be angry at all but felt that the little mermaid was very dynamic and lively.

Seeing that the little mermaid did not want to eat, he did not feed him again.

Fu Yuanchuan helped him tidy up his hair and ate the rest of the mango slices himself.

He said, “After eating, I’ll take you out to play.”

Go out to play

Jun Qingyu held the dried fish in his arms and tilted his hand.

He was so small now, where could he go to play

Without waiting for him to ask, Fu Yuanchuan turned to tidy up the documents on the table.

After Jun Qingyu finished eating the dried fish, he didn’t want to eat anymore but he saw that Fu Yuanchuan was still at his desk and did not come back.

Jun Qingyu gauged the distance between the two of them.


He started thinking about the possibility of him getting out of the fish tank and falling on the floor and then flopping to Fu Yuanchuan’s side.

But before he could act, Fu Yuanchuan came over.

“You want to jump out again”

Jun Qingyu smiled and stretched his arms out, “Eeeeeeee!”

Fu Yuanchuan held him in his hand and turned to walk out.

Jun Qingyu quietly checked Fu Yuanchuan’s physical condition.


Spiritual energy revolved in his body and he could feel that his condition was improving.

It was great that it was effective.

He would release spiritual energy again in a few days, he should be able to keep the restless mental energy under control.

Jun Qingyu was just a mermaid that was given a job midway so his degree of sensitivity to mental energy was lower compared to the other mermaids.

He could only feel it when he was close.

Moreover, the restless mental energy was like provoking a formidable enemy to the mermaids.

The combat strength of little mermaids was weak so when they feel that their life was in danger, they would flee.

But Jun Qingyu knew in his heart that Fu Yuanchuan would not hurt him so the restlessness of Fu Yuanchuan’s mental energy had little effect on him.

At the thought that Fu Yuanchuan’s illness was beginning to improve, Jun Qingyu felt that everything was worth it.

Jun Qingyu stretched and shook his tail as he lay on his back on Fu Yuanchuan’s palm.

Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the little mermaid, saw a clear smile lifting the corner of his mouth so he asked, “What are you thinking about that makes you so happy”


Fu Yuanchuan did not understand what the little mermaid was saying but seeing that the little mermaid was so happy, his mood was also influenced and lightened up.

After bypassing a few doors, Jun Qingyu heard the sound of flowing water.

When Jun Qingyu raised his head in suspicion, Fu Yuanchuan happened to open the last door.

What came into his sight was a shimmering water surface.

Jun Qingyu: “”

How did the swimming pool in the backyard become like this

When he looked through the window yesterday, it was still a deserted swimming pool but it looked different today.


Although it was a bungalow, it shouldn’t be easy to do this.


“Do you like it”

Jun Qingyu blinked.

Fu Yuanchuan crouched by the shore and put the little mermaid in.

He softly said, “Look below.”

Jun Qingyu heard what was said and dived down to take a look.

Initially, he thought that it was just an ordinary swimming pool but he didn’t expect there would be something else hidden underwater.

The bottom of the water was surrounded by a special protective film but only a pool of water could be seen from outside.

Only when he got to the bottom of the pool could he see a large area decorated with ornaments.

Jun Qingyu felt that it looked a bit familiar, it was almost the same as the mermaid base.

All kinds of small toys were submerged underwater.

There were seaweed and kelp as well as some Jun Qingyu couldn’t name but it looked like things that a mermaid could eat.

He was probably afraid that he would be lonely playing down here.

There were also a few small mechanical fishes, slowly shaking to swim around in the water.

Jun Qingyu peeked out of the water.

Fu Yuanchuan was standing by the shore, waiting for him.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Everything is new.

If you have anything you don’t like, you can throw it out.”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

Everything was good.

Looking at the wisps of inconspicuous cyan in the depths of Fu Yuanchuan’s eyes, Jun Qinyu slightly pursed the corners of his mouth.

The things today were likely delivered along with the fish tank yesterday.

If it was from when the things had arrived and then Fu Yuanchuan started to sort it out here.


Then he probably didn’t sleep for long at night.

Jun Qingyu swam to the shore and softly said, “Eeeeeeee.”

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid close to him.

He gently touched the little mermaid’s hair with the pad of his finger and said, “I don’t know what you like so I bought everything.

If you feel that the position of the ornaments underwater is no good, you can also break it off and change its position.”

“It is not stuck too tightly and your strength is sufficient to do so.” After a pause, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “You know how to do it, right”


The little mermaid did not shake his head and that meant affirmation.

Fu Yuanchuan nodded and said, “Go and play.”

Jun Qingyu did not go to play but on the contrary, tilted his head to look at him, “Eeeeeeee” If I go and play, then what about you

Although there was a language barrier, what he meant was quite obvious.

Fu Yuanchuan pointed to the document in his hand and said, “I’ll accompany you here.”

Jun Qingyu heard what he said and nodded.

He swung his tail to dive underwater.

The little mermaid needed a sufficient amount of exercise and swimming could strengthen his physique.

A mermaid trapped in a cramped space for a long time might develop a condition like loss of scales or a tail failure.

Fu Yuanchuan was afraid that something would go wrong if he slept in the little box and changed the box for him overnight.

As a result, he wasn’t tired even after staring at the sleeping little mermaid for a long time.

He might as well turn the abandoned swimming pool into a little mermaid amusement park.

Now, he sat by the shore and watched the little mermaid swim around in the water.

From time to time, he surfaced to look at him, as if confirming whether he was there or not.

After seeing him, he submerged underwater once again for a swim.


Fu Yuanchuan played with the little mermaid for a while.

The light brain on his wrist constantly prompted messages.

He turned off the first few notifications in the passing and he frowned as he browsed through the last text message.

Jun Qingyu heard the sound and swam to shore.

The water was so high that he could reach the shore without jumping and he could even drift along the water for a distance.

Jun Qingyu looked up at Fu Yuanchuan, “Eeeeeeee”

“I have something to do.” Fu Yuanchuan picked up the little mermaid and asked, “Do you want to continue playing for a while or come with me……”

“Eeeeeeee!”Jun Qingyu decisively clung to Fu Yuanchuan’s wrist at once.

He wasn’t reluctant at all to leave such a big amusement park.

Fu Yuanchuan re-adjusted the height of the water in the pool.

He turned around and carried the little mermaid to the study.

When they returned to the study, he found out that he had forgotten to bring his documents with him when he was solely preoccupied with the little mermaid.

Fu Yuanchuan put the little mermaid in the fish tank and said, “Wait for me.”


Someone contacted Fu Yuanchuan to deal with matters this time.

He only feared that duration would be quite long, Jun Qingyu shook his tail, planning to swim into the shell to sleep for a while first.

The fish tank was placed on the desk.

When Jun Qingyu swam down, he saw a……sphere on the table

It was a bit like a transparent crystal ball.

He didn’t see it yesterday.

Jun Qingyu swam over to study it closely.

It was nice to look at.

The next moment, a human face abruptly appeared on the transparent ball.

A pair of eyes were crammed by the shape of the ball into a suspended triangle.

“Hehe, a little mermaid”

Jun Qingyu: “!”

Jun Qingyu subconsciously flung his tail over.

However, he was in a fish tank so when his tail inevitably went down, it would……

With a ‘crack’ sound, the fish tank was immediately broken into half and the ball was also sent flying at once by his tail.

“WTF!” The person in the ball also exclaimed.

The water in the fish tank spilt all over the table, Jun Qingyu couldn’t even save it.

Seeing the door of the study open, Jun Qingyu pitifully sat in the middle of a piece of broken glass and softly said, “Eeeeeeee.”

Fu Yuanchuan rushed over and held the little mermaid in his palm, “Are you hurt”

Jun Qingyu shook his head and lay aggrieved on Fu Yuanchuan’s hand.

He pointed to the broken ball, with a lot of cracks, that was hit by him to the floor.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t even look at it.

He held the little mermaid and carefully examined him.

When he saw that there was no injury, he was relieved.

At this time, a mournful cry came from the ball on the ground, “Boss! Your family’s mermaid hit me!”

Fu Yuanchuan wrinkled his brows, “Mermaids are very fragile.

Keep your voice down and don’t scare him.”

His subordinate on the other end: “”

If I was in front of him, with the tail of your family’s mermaid, my teeth would fly out.

This was called fragile


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