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Wen Chengyao was so speechless that he couldnt open his mouth when he heard Jun Qingyus words.


Jun Qingyu said, “Before you create a disturbance, anyone can actually do this thing, but after youve made a disturbance, its truly only you who can do it.”


Before Wen Chengyao understood what was going on, Jun Qingyu urged, “Remember.

When the time comes, the greater the disturbance, the better.”


“Pretend to land by accident and just do your old job as an interstellar pirate.”


“My job The usual Dont worry, Im a thief.” 


Thats what we do and thats what we were born to do.


Jun Qingyu nodded his head, “Thatll be all for now.

Go back to keep your sister company.”


“All right.”


Jun Qingyu sat on a chair and recorded the amount of spring water used this time with his light brain.

He didnt particularly record the amount the last time, but the amount was definitely higher than this time.


The feedback from her mental energy was quite obvious too.

He would note down the feedback later.


After repeating the experiments several times, he could come up with an optimal amount.


Before he could save the recorded data, Jun Qingyu received a message from Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan: [Where are you]


Jun Qingyu knew that he would be discovered when he ran out, but he didnt expect to be discovered so soon.


Didnt you go to a meeting How come youre looking at your light brain during your meeting and youre still able to send messages


Jun Qingyu: [In the store.

How did you know that Im not at home]


Fu Yuanchuan: [I didnt know, but now I know.]


Jun Qingyu: “……”


Not waiting for Jun Qingyu to send anything else, Fu Yuanchuan continued to state: [The surveillance in the store is switched on.

Pay attention to your safety.]


Jun Qingyu complied.


The surveillance was connected to Fu Yuanchuans light brain and if something happened here, he would be able to see what happened here from his end.


Jun Qingyu: [Have a good meeting.

Im going to cook something delicious and you can eat them once you come back after your meeting has ended.]


After sending this message, Jun Qingyu turned off his light brain.


He really planned to make some desserts to take them home.


Although there was also an oven and there were ingredients for making desserts at home, it was not as complete as the store.


While beating the eggs, Jun Qingyu suddenly remembered.

Didnt he make a cake yesterday


But after the fight, he was too busy to care about the cake.

The smell of that medicine wafted all over the store and the smell of the cake was covered.


Now that he realised it, he promptly opened the oven.


After letting it stand for a night, the cake was soft and soggy and had already caved in the box.


Jun Qingyu: “……”


What a waste.


Anyways, it was the first time he made it.

Jun Qingyu cut a small piece out with a spoon to try it.


Though the outward appearance wasnt good, the taste was still good.


Jun Qingyu took it out and worked on it for a bit, he cut the whole cake into small pieces and then he put them in a box.


With the addition of cream and fruits, it would be a fruit box cake.1He made three boxes, this way, the outward appearance would be much better than before.


Wen Chengyao waited for his sister to finish the desserts and helped to put away the dishes, “Store owner, do you know the store owner next door I want to buy the store or rent it.”


When they came, the stores in this area were all closed, this must have something to do with Jun Qingyu.


There was no for-rent or for-sale sign on the door, so Wen Chengyao could only ask Jun Qingyu.


Jun Qingyu pondered over it.

The stores nearby wouldnt even open, so there was no need to sell them, but it was fine to rent them out.


“It can be rented, do you want to open a store too”


Wen Chengyao shook his head, “I plan to let my sister live next door.

Its not very convenient for me to bring her along if I go out for work.”


Robbing a planet was not as simple as just talking about it.

It required careful preparation and a specific analysis of the defence of the planet.


When the time came, he might not be able to accompany his sister over.


Jun Qingyu said, “All right.

Prepare the items for your accommodation yourself and just move in directly.”


“Thank you.” Since his worries were gone, it would be convenient for him to do his job.


Wen Chengyao went out immediately and took his sister next door.

He found a few people to protect his sister and settled everything.


Wen Chengyao planned to take action as soon as he got back.


Jun Qingyu packed the cake into the boxes properly and made a slightly larger cream cake.


While he was busy, Shi Kaixin pushed the door and came in.


“Its really you,” Shi Kaixin said with a smile, “I guessed it was you even though the marshal didnt tell me who it was.”


After all, apart from Jun Qingyu, the only person who could make the marshal warn him repeatedly to protect was the little mermaid.


Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, “Arent you a general Why didnt you go for the meeting”


His military rank had been promoted, so how could he come here when he had such an important meeting2


“Regardless of whether Im a general or not, if he tells me to go to the meeting, Ill go.

No, I have to listen to the marshal in everything I do.” Shi Kaixin shrugged his shoulders.

In fact, it didnt really matter what his military rank was.


Moreover, Shi Kaixin knew that he stood on the marshals side from the start to the end and the imperial leader had no choice but to promote his rank.

He didnt even take his own military rank too seriously.


He obviously would not listen to the imperial leader but also, he didnt like such political spectacle.

Rather than sitting there, it was much better to go back to being a bodyguard.


Jun Qingyu cut him a plate of fruits, but he didnt add any yoghurt.


Shi Kaixin smiled and said, “It just so happens that Im hungry and I havent had the time to eat since this morning.”


After looking around the store, he didnt see anyone but Jun Qingyu, so he asked, “Oh, right.

Where is Wen Chengyao How come youre here by yourself”


Jun Qingyu said, “Hes next door, I gave him the key to next door.”


Shi Kaixin ate two mouthful of strawberries, but he felt that the taste was amiss, the taste was abnormal, “Mmm…I feel that the fruits you cut are similar to those cut by that mermaid.”


Jun Qingyus hand paused.

He only remembered that Shi Kaixin had eaten some fruits and vegetables, so he didnt add anything else to suppress the taste.


But he forgot that in Shi Kaixins memory, the reason why the fruits have become so delicious was because Fu Yuanchuan previously said that the mermaid injected spiritual energy when he cut the fruits and vegetables.


After thinking about it, Jun Qingyu said nonchalantly, “These were all brought over after the mermaid had purified them.”


“Tell me, is the fruit and vegetable juice in the corps also made by that mermaid”


The marshal had recently sent some fruit and vegetable juice and was much more generous than the imperial leader.


It was only for their corps and when the news got out, others were incomparably envious.


The imperial leader heard of the rumours and even traced the source of the fruit and vegetable juice, but all the information was led and cut off at an online store located in the Zerg territory.


He was so angry but couldnt find out what was going on.

Later on, he realised that Fu Yuanchuan might have done something, but there was nothing he could do, so he was dying of frustration.


Jun Qingyu didnt give all the credit to his mermaid self.

If the other mermaids could do it, then it didnt matter if he stated it or not.


However, if he was the only mermaid who could do it, it was better for him to be as vague as possible, “The mermaid is too young, there should be another way.”


Shi Kaixin contemplated, “Makes sense.

The taste of the fruit and vegetable juice is not very pure either.”


After eating a few mouthfuls of the fruits on the plate, Shi Kaixin was then attracted to the cake box on the table, “What is this Does it contain a cake or cream Can I eat it”


Jun Qingyu originally intended to keep it for himself to eat.

After all, they were leftovers, but since Shi Kaixin asked, he then said, “Its leftovers from the cake from yesterday.

It tastes all right.

You can eat it if you dont mind.”


“No, I dont mind.

Whats there to mind Not to mention leftovers from yesterday, I have eaten rotten food before.”


Shi Kaixin opened the box and took a bite.

He realised that Jun Qingyu was being too modest when he said that it tasted all right.


The sourness and sweetness of the fruits were neutralised by the cream, and the sweetness and unctuousness of the cream was suppressed by the sourness and sweetness of the fruits; coupled with the creamy texture of the cake sandwiched in the middle.

The layered taste from the cake was particularly rich when it entered his mouth.


Shi Kaixin couldnt help but nod and took another bite, “This doesnt taste all right.

Its delicious, really delicious.”


It was better than all the desserts he had ever eaten combined.


“Mmm.” Other than the cake base, he had poor workmanship for the cream and the fruits that had been cut into small pieces.

Mainly, the ingredients used were good.


After baking a large cake, Jun Qingyu intended to make it into a fruit cake too.


There was less cream since Fu Yuanchuan didnt like to eat sweet things.


“Did anyone order a cake” Shi Kaixin saw Jun Qingyu taking such a large cake from the oven and it was so obvious that it wasnt the type for him to eat on his own.


“No.” No one would come here except for Wen Chengyao, so how could anyone order a cake


Shi Kaixin guessed, “Is it your birthday”


Jun Qingyu put the cake base into a box that rapidly cooled it and said, “Its Fu Yuanchuans birthday.”


Shi Kaixin: “”


“Are you for real How come I didnt know” Shi Kaixin had been Fu Yuanchuans aide-de-camp for such a long time and he had never seen the marshal celebrating his birthday.


It was natural that he didnt know when the marshals birthday was.


The identity of the marshal was kept confidential.

If the marshal didnt say it, they would never know.




Shi Kaixin was at a loss, “How did you know”


As a person who has read the original story, Jun Qingyu would certainly know Fu Yuanchuans birthday, but he couldnt explain that to Shi Kaixin.


After thinking for a while, Jun Qingyu just said directly, “He told me.”


Anyways, Shi Kaixin would not go to Fu Yuanchuan to ask him.


Shi Kaixin nodded his head.

It made sense.

The marshal had such a good relationship with him and it was normal for him to say trivial things that he didnt tell anyone else.


Shi Kaixin couldnt help saying, “Both of you have a good relationship.”


The marshal and he had a relationship between a superior and subordinate, even though they had experienced countless battles, but they were far from talking about these personal matters.

Most of the time, they were dealing with work-related matters.


Jun Qingyu responded, “Mhm.”


Thats for sure.


He added cream on the cake base that had cooled down, put fruits in the middle and finally, he decorated the top with some fruits and chocolate chips.

He was almost done.


Jun Qingyu looked around and took a relatively simple cake packaging.


Seeing that, Shi Kaixin asked, “Youre not waiting for the marshal to come here to eat it Youre still packing it”


“Im taking it home, so its more convenient to pack it,” Jun Qingyu saw that it was almost time, so he handed the packed cake to Shi Kaixin, “Send it to the villa.”


Shi Kaixin carried the cake and said, “I cant leave.

I have to stay here to protect you.”


He didnt mind running errands, but that was under the premise of ensuring Jun Qingyus safety.


Jun Qingyu refused, “Theres no need to, I have got something to do.”


“Where are you going” Shi Kaixin had to confirm whether there was any danger.


Jun Qingyu walked away and waved his hand without looking back, “Im going to pick Yuanchuan up from work.”


Shi Kaixin paused in his steps to follow him.


He thought to himself: Id better deliver the cake.



At two oclock in the afternoon, the military meeting ended on time.


Officers with epaulettes walked out of the military building and some stopped on the spot to discuss something with others.


Fu Yuanchuan did not participate in their discussion and walked out of the crowd indifferently.


While walking, he turned on his light brain on his hand and was about to send a message to the little fish.


However, as he walked down the steps, he found that the little mermaid was standing under the big tree by the entrance, leaning against the big tree and playing with a fallen leaf in his hand.


He seemed to have sensed something.


Jun Qingyu raised his head and caught sight of Fu Yuanchuan not far from him.

He walked up to him and curved his eyes, “Thank you for your hard work!”

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Pfft-! Jun Qingyu got caught going out.

At least his overnight cake tasted fine and he fixed his cakes appearance into something great with his creativity.

Its going to be a nice surprise for the ML.

The little fish made him a birthday cake and even went to pick him up.

Footnotes Remember the time Shi Kaixin got rid of the Zergs and destroyed the Imperial leaders residence


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