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Fu Yuanchuan accepted the fruit juice the little mermaid had handed to him and raised his hand to pick off the fallen leaves that had fallen on the end of his locks, “What are you doing here”


“I came to pick you up from work.” Jun Qingyu said with a smile.


Fu Yuanchuan unscrewed the lid of the bottle of fruit juice.

He thought about how this seemed to be the first time he was picked up by someone.


His whole life, no matter what he did, he would always be on his own path.


It didnt matter if he got used to something like this.


Nevertheless, the little mermaid came today and it made Fu Yuanchuans heart slightly warm.

He touched the little mermaids mildly cold cheek and asked, “How long have you been waiting”


Jun Qingyu didnt keep track of the time, so he said casually, “It wasnt that long, you came right after I got out of the car.”


“Lets go home first.”




However, after walking a few steps, Marshal Tordis voice came from behind.


“Marshal Fu, regarding the proposal to go to war with the Zergs today, do you have time to discuss about it carefully”


Jun Qingyu keenly picked out important information from this sentence.


Just as he had expected, the imperial leader would find a matter that seemed reasonable to send people away.


A robot was exposed and it was only a matter of time before the rest was discovered.

A long delay meant trouble and the longer it dragged on, the more unfavourable the situation would be for the imperial leader.


To believe that…he inexplicably proposed to start a war with the Zergs.

I suppose that he was out of his mind, looking for trouble when there was none.

Ill even suspect that he had a collaboration with the Zergs.


There have been several incidents involving the Zergs and to believe that Zergs could appear in the middle of a bustling street for a planet like this and in the heart of the empire.


There was certainly something wrong with this.


Marshal Tordis walked up and glanced at Jun Qingyu beside Fu Yuanchuan.

He had seen him before.

He nodded to him, then he turned to Fu Yuanchuan and said, “The Zergs have been rather quiet recently, and nothing major has happened and suddenly they want to go to war.

Isnt that just like asking for trouble”


If the Zergs had done something, or they had developed a new weapon that could wipe out the entire Zerg race in one fell swoop, then there was nothing wrong with going to war.


Yet nothing was done and he opened his mouth to demand that they fight.

Not to mention him, even the rest of the marshals were baffled.


Marshal Tordis had a direct conjecture, “Say, do you think it has something to do with the…”


There was a multitude of people at the entrance, and when Marshal Tordis spoke of that matter, he spontaneously silenced himself.

Fu Yuanchuan also believed it had something to do with seeing that robot and he could guess without him having to say it.


Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “Its hard to say.

Lets not get involved in this matter first and see what his next move will be.”


The best method to settle it was cold treatment.


The imperial leader was still only proposing at the moment and after the proposal had been made and it became mandatory, only then would they need to think about what to do.


Until then, it was a matter of waiting and seeing what happens.


Marshal Tordis knitted his brows, “There will be no further discussion” 


He felt that they had to think of countermeasures for this matter.


Fu Yuanchuan was familiar with the imperial leaders character and there was no need to analyse this matter any further, but since Marshal Tordis had asked, Fu Yuanchuan decided to say, “I have something to do today, lets talk about it tomorrow.”


With the imperial leaders temperament, this matter would not be discussed for a while, so it didnt matter even if it was delayed for a while.


“Youre busy” Marshal Tordis understood when he heard that, “I see.

Then Ill leave you to it.

Do you need my help”


Even though he didnt know what it was, if it could be deemed assomething by Fu Yuanchuan, it would definitely not be a small matter.


Perhaps he had something planned in secret.


When Fu Yuanchuan heard that, he knew Marshal Tordis had gotten the wrong idea.

He said after thinking about it for a moment, “Its nothing serious.

Someone in my family is waiting for me to return to have a meal.”


Marshal Tordis: “”


Marshal Todis, who was ready to analyse the situation, felt that he had been hit in the head.


His head was ringing.


What did I, a bachelor, do wrong


Fu Yuanchuan didnt realise that there was something wrong with his words.

He was merely stating a fact.


With that said, he was met with Marshal Tordis silence, so he took the little mermaid and prodded, “Lets go.”



Shi Kaixin delivered the cake to the villa.

He placed it on the table and left, not daring to stay any longer.


It was clear that the two of them wanted some quality time together, so what was the point in him staying here


When Jun Qingyu and Fu Yuanchuan returned home, Shi Kaixin was long gone.


The cake was placed quietly on the table and the packaging had not even been opened.


Jun Qingyu went over, removed the packaging and threw it away.


“You bought a cake”


“I made it myself,” Jun Qingyu said, “I made box cakes, do you want to try it”


He had to light the candles and make a wish with the cake later, but they could eat the box cakes first.


There were three boxes in total, and the first box was filled with a lot of fruit, which he specially reserved for Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan was not interested in sweet food, but he would not refuse a cake made by the little mermaid, so he took a bite.

He found that the cream of the cake was not very distinct.

On the contrary, the serving of fruits was adequate and was very much to his taste.


“Its delicious.”


Jun Qingyu said, “After youre done eating, go upstairs and change into your pyjamas.

Ill make something else and then we can eat it in a while.”


Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little fish was going to cook; the little mermaid had always been interested in cooking and he also didnt see anything wrong with it.


He helped him take off his mask and told him, “Use a small knife to cut, not a big one and remember to put on your apron.”


“Got it.” Jun Qingyu was always quick to agree.


After he told him that, Fu Yuanchuan was still not at ease, “What do you want to cut I will cut them for you before I go.”


“You dont have to, Im not touching a knife.” Jun Qingyu wanted to cook a table of dishes on his own, how could he let Fu Yuanchuan help him


He pushed Fu Yuanchuan towards the lift, “Go on.

Go upstairs and stay there for a while.”


He took a few steps forward along with the strength of the little fish and entered the lift and as he closed the lift door, he couldnt resist saying, “Call me if something happens.”


“All right.”


There wasnt much and there were some intermediate goods prepared in advance.


It was just the two of them, so Jun Qingyu didnt make a lot.

It would be wasted if they couldnt finish them and eating food left from the previous day was not good for their health.


The cake was placed in the middle and it was surrounded by dishes on both sides.

The combination of meat and vegetables looked good.


After he was done, Jun Qingyu took his light brain out and sent a message to Fu Yuanchuan.


As a result, he saw the message pinned at the top once he opened it.1


Fu Yuanchuan: [Can I go down now]


It was sent two minutes ago.


Probably because he received no reply, Fu Yuanchuan did not come down.


Jun Qingyu hurriedly replied: [Yes, come on down.]


Fu Yuanchuan must have known what he wanted to do in the depths of his mind and it was the reason why he didnt come down on purpose; otherwise, it wouldnt have taken him so long to change his clothes.


Sure enough, not long after the message was sent, there was movement at the lift.


Jun Qingyu hurriedly closed all the curtains in the kitchen; the electric curtains could be controlled by speech.


When the darkness set in, there was a good vibe when he looked at the candles again.


The soft orange-yellow light was very warm to look at.


After closing the curtains, he ran to the lift door to wait for him.


After Fu Yuanchuan changed into his pyjamas, Fu Yuanchuan no longer had that imposing aura but had a domesticated softness.


Jun Qingyu went up and hugged his arm with a smile as he said, “Lets go and have dinner.”


It was actually a bit awkward at this hour.

It was a bit late for lunch and it was a bit early for dinner.


But who made him complete it at this time


“All right.”


When he walked into the kitchen, it was dark and only the candles on the cake were shining brightly.


Fu Yuanchuan was startled, “A birthday cake”


The cake didnt say anything likeHappy Birthday and it was piled up with fruits.


It was no different from a normal fruit cake.


“Thats right, todays your birthday.” Jun Qingyu sat across from Fu Yuanchuan, “Although it doesnt look like a birthday cake—with candles—it looks like one.”


When Jun Qingyu was making it, he had seen what the birthday cakes of the Interstellar Era looked like.

Most of them had three to five layers to keep up their appearance.


Since the two of them couldnt finish it, Jun Qingyu reduced the number of layers.


“My birthday” Fu Yuanchuan didnt even remember when his birthday was.


He seemed to have never had a birthday.


Jun Qingyu nodded his head and said, “Make a wish and blow out the candles before they melt and flow onto the cake.”


Though they were edible candles, it didnt mean that they tasted good, candles were still candles.


Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaids bright eyes reflected by the candles light and his heartbeat sped up.

He closed his eyes and said softly, “Okay.”


He didnt ask the little mermaid how he knew his birthday, just like how he wouldnt ask the little mermaid about his other secrets.


After making a wish, he blew out the candles.


Jun Qingyu switched on the lights, “Lets eat.

Save the cake for last.”


They could not eat dessert while eating their meal.




Jun Qingyu ate a lot of fruits at the dessert store and ate a box cake too.

He wasnt very hungry at the moment, but he still accompanied Fu Yuanchuan and ate a little.


Fu Yuanchuan hasnt eaten his lunch yet.


After they were done with their meal, Jun Qingyu vacated the table and placed the cake back on it.


Looking at the cake, Jun Qingyu took a deep breath, “Now its time for the most ceremonial part.”


“Cutting the cake”


“More or less.” Jun Qingyu handed him a knife specially used for cutting a cake, “Our birthday guy will cut it.”


The first piece cut by Fu Yuanchuan was given to the little mermaid.


The piece he cut for him was not that big, it was just a small piece.


Jun Qingyu took his fork and was not in a rush to eat his piece of cake, but he kept looking at Fu Yuanchuan instead, “Is it delicious”


“Its delicious.”


Jun Qingyu nodded, “So long as you like it.”


For a small piece of cake, Fu Yuanchuan ate it rather slowly, probably because he was full.


He saw that Fu Yuanchuan had finished his piece of cake and put down his fork, Jun Qingyu hastily said, “Look at you, your face is full of cream.”


“My face” Fu Yuanchuan subconsciously touched it with his hand, but he didnt feel any cream.


Jun Qingyu shook his head, “Hmm.

No, over there.”




Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan couldnt find the right spot several times, Jun Qingyu got up and went over.


Fu Yuanchuan thought he was going to wipe the cream away and was about to say something when he noticed something amiss with the little mermaids hand.


Jun Qingyu approached carefully and he waited until he was close enough to extend his hand out from behind his back.


There was very little cream on the cake and Jun Qingyu didnt want to ruin the cake too, so he prepared some cream in advance.


He took advantage of when Fu Yuanchuan wasnt looking to reach his hand out and wipe it on Fu Yuanchuans face.

He didnt get too much on it, just an amount of about two fingers.


Fu Yuanchuan froze.

That feeling of cream being wiped on his face was quite obvious.


Jun Qingyu blinked at him innocently.


The two of them locked their gazes for a split second.


Jun Qingyu turned around and ran away.


There was a screeching sound from behind him, like the sound of chair legs dragging against the floor.


Jun Qingyu ran towards the lift at once.

He sensed someone approaching and the lift door opened automatically.

He was just about to step in when he felt a great momentum behind him pushing him in.


“Um——!” Jun Qingyu gave a short and sharp cry of surprise, and when he came to his senses, his back was already against the innermost side of the lift.


And Fu Yuanchuan was standing in front of him, blocking his way.


Jun Qingyu looked up and saw a hand to the side of his cheek.


Jun Qingyu, who was confined between Fu Yuanchuan and the lift, was weak and innocent.

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