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Fu Yuanchuan just leaned against him like this, he didnt even say anything, let alone make any other movements.


Jun Qingyu slightly lowered his eyes and his eyelashes trembled as he whispered, “I just smeared a little…a little bit.”




“Its not much.”


Looking at the pitiful little mermaid, Fu Yuanchuan felt that he was thinking in the wrong direction.

Was cream and what not the main point


What should he do if he slipped and fell while running so quickly on the tiles


Dont your legs hurt anymore


He curled his finger against the little mermaids jaw and lifted it up gently.

Fu Yuanchuan asked in a deep voice, “Did you do something wrong”


“I was wrong.”


“Do you dare to do it again”


“I dare not.”


One of them asked while the other answered, without the least bit of hesitation.


Fu Yuanchuan: “……”


The little fish was well-behaved when it was time to be well-behaved.


Fu Yuanchuan sighed and rubbed the little mermaids head, “Dont run so fast next time, the ground is so slippery, what should I do if you fall”


Jun Qingyu was stunned and he later realised what Fu Yuanchuan had just said.

He immediately smiled, “I know.”


“Do your legs hurt”


Jun Qingyu sensed his legs for a moment and didnt feel any pain.


Probably when he had plenty of spiritual energy, he would not feel any pain even if he didnt touch water for a long period of time.


“It doesnt hurt.” Jun Qingyu answered honestly, then he wiped the cream off of Fu Yuanchuans face with his hand.


He used that same hand that was covered in cream.


At first, Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head to let the little mermaid wipe it away, but as the little mermaid did it, he realised that something was wrong, as if…there was even more cream.


Then he looked at the little mermaid who was having a hard time holding back his laughter.


Fu Yuanchuan raised his eyebrows, “Little fish”


“Hmm Whats wrong” Jun Qingyu raised his head and looked at him innocently.


However, when he saw the cream on half of Fu Yuanchuans face, Jun Qingyu couldnt hold back his laughter.

He suppressed his voice promptly and covered it up with a few coughs.


Fu Yuanchuan narrowed his eyes.


Jun Qingyu realised that he might have exposed himself, so he slid down the elevator wall carefully, but the next moment, Fu Yuanchuans hand came after him.


There was nowhere to run.


He pursed his lips, trying to say something, “Just…Hmm!”


Before he could finish his sentence, Fu Yuanchuan wrapped his arms around his waist and picked him up.


And then Jun Qingyu felt his cheeks heating up.


Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head and rubbed the creamy half of his face against his face.


Jun Qingyu: “!!”


Jun Qingyus eyes widened in astonishment as he was pressed into Fu Yuanchuans embrace, without any resistance.


Weak, pitiful and helpless.


The cream was cold, but it felt inexplicably warm when it was smeared on his face.


By the time Fu Yuanchuan had let go of him, half of Jun Qingyus face was covered in cream.


Fu Yuanchuans was more or less the same.


Jun Qingyu looked at both of their miserable appearances and pursed his lips, but the corner of his raised lips could not be suppressed no matter what, “Haha…Look, your hair is full of cream.”


Jun Qingyu was laughing so hard that he couldnt stand up.

He was in Fu Yuanchuans arms and conveniently rubbed the cream on his face onto Fu Yuanchuans clothes.


Perceiving the little mermaids little trick, Fu Yuanchuan didnt say anything but let him play around for a while.


“Lets go and wash our faces.”


There was still cream on Jun Qingyus face that hadnt been rubbed off.





Jun Qingyu washed off the cream on his face.

When he bent over, his hair inevitably slid down.

He was about to gather up his hair when Fu Yuanchuan reached his hand out from the side.


“Lower your head.”


“Hmm Whats the matter” Although he asked in doubt, Jun Qingyu still lowered his head.


Fu Yuanchuan dipped his hand in water and wiped off the cream from his hair.

He said, “Its on your hair too.”


A bit of whiteness on his long pale golden hair was very conspicuous and dried cream was difficult to wash out of his hair, so he rubbed it twice with shampoo before it dispersed.


After washing his hair clean, Fu Yuanchuan wrapped his hair in a face towel, “Lets blow dry it before we go out.”


“I dont want to blow dry my hair, itll dry on its own in a while.” Jun Qingyu didnt like it because it took too long to blow dry his hair.


Jun Qingyu rubbed his hair casually, “Ill go change my clothes first.”


Not only was there cream on his face, but there was cream on his shirt collar too.

Fortunately, it didnt get on his neck; otherwise, he would have to take a shower.




Jun Qingyu put all of his dirty clothes in the hamper and a robot would send them in for dry cleaning.


The kitchen downstairs hadnt been cleaned up yet.

There were just some empty plates and the cream hadnt gotten everywhere, only on their faces.


The household robot would automatically go in to clean up after it detects that the kitchen had been empty for a while.


Even though it was not very intelligent in terms of intelligence and was somewhat retarded, but the robot was still good at the aspect of cleaning up.


Jun Qingyu, who had cleaned up, changed into his pyjamas and plopped down on his bed before he switched on his light brain.


Wen Chengyao had left in the morning, so he should be approaching the vicinity of Planet M by now.


Jun Qingyu thought he would send some messages, but there was not a single unread message on his light brain.


Hadnt he arrived yet


It shouldnt be.


Suddenly, Jun Qingyu froze.

He didnt seem to have added Wen Chengyaos contact.


He was focused on fighting during the previous meeting and he had forgotten to add his contact today too and for that reason, they could still only rely on the online store to contact each other.


When he opened the online store software, a photo sent from Wen Chengyao really popped up.


When other contact details were mentioned in the online store, they would automatically be blocked and Jun Qingyu didnt mention adding his light brain number too.

He planned to do so when he returned so that he could easily contact him.


Several pictures were of the surface of Planet M and some shots of Planet M were taken in the interstellar universe.


It was quite beautiful too.


Just that compared to other planets, this one was a bit too ordinary.


Wen Chengyao: [Did Planet M provoke you Why do you want me to fight Planet M It feels like a pretty shabby place.]


Planet M was a very inconspicuous small planet in the Empire.


Interstellar pirates wouldnt talk about it unless someone was paying them.

Planet M was not considered a rich planet, much less a planet with the most ore.


It was not even regarded as a profitable planet.


The interstellar pirates could care less about this planet so in their past robberies, they have never learnt about Planet M.


When he arrived there, Wen Chengyao thought he had come to the wrong place when he saw the planets rundown appearance.


He thought that Jun Qingyu had asked him to come here to look for something special, but it turned out that this was it…


Jun Qingyu didnt explain that much.

In fact, there was some kind of probing in it.


Since the mental energy of Wen Chengyaos sister was the same as the artificial robot, he wanted to know if Wen Chengyao knew about the artificial robot.


But now, it seemed that Wen Chengyao didnt know.


Then the problem lies with his sister.


He would ask about it in the future when he had the chance.


Now, Jun Qingyu replied: [Youll be done after you fight.]


No matter what was on the surface, things that should be there would always not be any less.


Wen Chengyao: [All right.]


Jun Qingyu saved a few photos to keep for later use.


He closed the chat box with Wen Chengyao and opened all the chats as usual.

Previously, some people had purchased fruit and vegetable juice, so Jun Qingyu arranged refunds for all of them.


He checked if he had missed any and if he did, he would refund them altogether.


It was better to circulate the fruit and vegetable juice on a small scale for now.


There were initially only a few messages but now, there were 99 .


So many people were looking for him


Many of them were anonymous and they did not divulge their identities in their messages, but Jun Qingyu somehow felt that they had something to do with the imperial leader.


Jun Qingyu pondered over it, then tapped a few keys on the keyboard with his fingertips but when he looked at the words that popped up, he stopped.

He didnt send them after a while and deleted them all.


Fu Yuanchuan poured a cup of warm water and put it on the bedside table.

Jun Qingyu quickly sat up and handed him his light brain, “Yuanchuan, some people sent me some messages to buy fruit and vegetable juice and theyre all anonymous.”


“Dont trouble yourself with them,” Fu Yuanchuan cleared all the messages in the passing, “I will transfer all the messages on the online store to my side later.”


He would save the little mermaid from seeing these messages and getting bothered by them.


The imperial leader had asked him about the source of his fruit and vegetable juice and his answer was simply: I bought them online.


Nevertheless, he didnt know who the owner of the online store was, or where the online store was opened.

He had no idea how he had found it, only that it was just a coincidence.


The imperial leader was angry, but there was nothing he could do about it.


With Fu Yuanchuan obstructing in the middle, the other side could not find any information about the store, and for that reason, he had to find someone to chat with the owner.


The messages in the chat box had been there for a long time, so they must have asked him before, but the little mermaid hadnt been online and didnt know about these messages.


Those coercions and threats, coupled with some words to disparage him to improve the empire, it was better to not let the little fish see them.


When Jun Qingyu heard this, he didnt have an intention to care about it and said, “Okay.”


“Do you still have enough fruits and vegetables to use on your side”


“Theres enough.” While squeezing the fruit and vegetable juice, lots of interstellar fruits and vegetables were added.

Interstellar fruits and vegetables still accounted for the majority.

This way, the little mermaid could cut down on the quantity of fruits and vegetables given.


The quantity of normal fruits and vegetables used was so large that even if the fruit and vegetable juice was disseminated, the imperial leader would not be able to find anything wrong.


Fu Yuanchuan found someone to build a planting shed, intending to grow normal fruits and vegetables on his own.


He could plant them in the past, only that he ate less and there was no need to spend money on that, but now it was different.

The quantity used was huge and for that reason, he could only grow them himself.


Jun Qingyu nodded.

So long as there was enough for their usage.


Fu Yuanchuan sat on the edge of the bed and combed the little mermaids wet hair so that it wouldnt get tangled up when it dried later.


After he was done, he rubbed the little mermaids cheek and said, “Play on your own, Im going to go and handle some things.”





Jun Qingyu thought that Fu Yuanchuan would be back soon, but he didnt expect that Fu Yuanchuan was still working when he was nearly asleep from lying down.


He hugged the quilt sleepily whilst sneezing, then raised his head in a daze, “Yuanchuan, its late, youre still not going to sleep”


In front of the computer desk, Fu Yuanchuan didnt even switch on any lights and busied himself with only the light from the computer, “Go to sleep first, I will come later.”


Jun Qingyu merely took a glance, then he squinted his eyes and fumbled around the pillow.

He grabbed his light brain and checked the time—it was almost the wee hours in the morning.


Jun Qingyu sat up and stretched, then he walked over to Fu Yuanchuan.


When he noticed the little mermaid approaching him, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Whats wrong”


“Mmm…” Jun Qingyu sat on the armrest beside him and fed him a strawberry as he said, “Arent you tired”


Jun Qingyu was so sleepy that he couldnt open his eyes, “Im so sleepy, lets go to bed.”


Fu Yuanchuan deleted a few files, transferred the rest and he said vaguely, “Ill go to bed after reading these.”


Jun Qingyu glanced at the titles of those documents, none of which were important matters.


It was just Fu Yuanchuans work habits, he would deal with the documents as soon as he got them and he wouldnt backlog them for too long.


It was the same even if he got up the next day to deal with them again.

There was no need to stay up late, but if Fu Yuanchuan wanted to finish these before going to bed…


Jun Qingyu rubbed his eyes and restored his little mermaid form to lay on his shoulder.

Then he would stay up with him.


The little mermaid, who said he was sleepy and wanted to sleep, did not go back to sleep.

Fu Yuanchuan rubbed the little mermaids tail with his fingers and asked, “Whats wrong You should go to sleep first.”


Jun Qingyu shook his head.

The tip of his tail consciously wrapped around Fu Yuanchuans finger and he sneezed.

He said, “Mmm…I dont want to.

Ill wait for you so that we can sleep together.”

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