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The little mermaid was so sleepy that he couldnt open his eyes.


Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand to support the little mermaid on his shoulder to prevent him from falling off when he fell asleep in a daze.


He was nimble with his hands, he saved the unprocessed documents and then shut down his computer.


Jun Qingyu opened his eyes and glanced over when he heard the sound of the computer turning off.

He sat up and wanted to say something, but abruptly slipped and his body fell unsteadily to the side.


He subconsciously reached out to grab something to maintain his balance, but before he could hold onto anything firmly, Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand to hold him.


Jun Qingyu froze, he turned his head as he lay on Fu Yuanchuans palm and shook his tail feebly, “Eeeeeeee.”


“Go to sleep.”





He stayed up too late and even on the next morning, the sound coming from his light brain failed to wake the little mermaid up.


Jun Qingyu was curled up on Fu Yuanchuans neck and slept soundly.


Fu Yuanchuan turned off the sound coming from his light brain and checked the message on it, it was pertaining to the scope of locations that would make ones mental energy stir restlessly.


Fu Yuanchuan frowned as he looked at some of the places that were differentiated on the map.


Most of the places were ordinary commercial streets or residential areas.

If this kind of thing that could cause mental restlessness continued to exist in the local area, then the locals would definitely have this sort of illness.


Such a concentrated outbreak would attract attention, but there was no news of it.


Therefore, the reason for this should be because it was post-man-made.


After much contemplation, Fu Yuanchuan tapped the little mermaids cheek gently with his fingertips, “Little fish Little fish”


Jun Qingyu had his eyes closed peacefully and he breathed steadily.


The little mermaid, who was lively and lovable when he was awake, was more peaceful and cute when he was asleep.


Fu Yuanchuan was somewhat reluctant to wake him up.


The information must be dealt with as soon as possible and Fu Yuanchuan planned to go out to start a video conference.


Even though it was just another room in the villa, the little mermaid must be unhappy when he woke up and didnt see him.


“Little fish, I have some matters I have to go out for.”


“Ill come back to you when Im done, okay”


Fu Yuanchuan coaxed softly.


“Eeeeeeee~” The little mermaid kept his eyes closed and his voice was extremely low as if he was murmuring to himself.


When Fu Yuanchuan was met with this situation, he said, “Then Ill go first”




The little mermaid didnt wake up and Fu Yuanchuan simply considered it as him agreeing, he was about to get up, but he found that the little mermaid was holding onto his pyjamas tightly with both his hands.


Fu Yuanchuan: “……”


He was obviously in such a deep sleep, so how was he still gripping onto his pyjamas so tightly


It wasnt like he couldnt tug his clothes out but by doing so, but he might wake the little mermaid up.


Before Fu Yuanchuan could come up with a good way, the little mermaid nudged against him again.

Just holding the clothes was still not enough, he lay on his neck immediately after.


And this time, he didnt forget to grab his collar.


Fu Yuanchuan looked at the fish tank.

If the little fish wet his hair, he would become a human soon after waking up and he didnt like to blow dry his hair.


While Fu Yuanchuan was still at a loss on what to do, he felt a dip in weight on his clothes and he looked down.

The little mermaid was in a daze with his eyes closed had grabbed a hold on the pocket of his pyjamas and flipped in.



“Isnt this going too far In order to set us up, even ordinary people are not spared.”


“Is it possible to deduce from the time of the outbreak of the disease for when the other party arranged these problematic things”


“If we make a move without careful consideration, would it alarm the person who placed those things”




While Jun Qingyu was half-asleep, he seemed to hear the sound of someone talking.

At first, he thought it was an illusion, but as he listened carefully…


It seemed that someone was really talking.


Jun Qingyu knitted his brows and squinted his eyes with great difficulty to see what was going on.


Yet, when he opened my eyes, he realised that this was not in his bedroom.


Jun Qingyu sat up in confusion.


Just as he was thinking about it, a hand came in from the opening above.


Only then did Jun Qingyu realise where he was.


In the morning, Fu Yuanchuan seemed to have said something to him but because he slept late yesterday and he called him very early today, he was so sleepy that he went unconscious and he even forgot how he answered him at that time.

He just remembered that he grasped Fu Yuanchuans clothes and did not let him go.


Perhaps Fu Yuanchuan realised that he was awake and as a result, he reached his hand in.


Jun Qingyu sat up to hug his hand and nuzzled it, giving him some feedback.


He couldnt see the specific situation outside, but considering what was said outside seemed to be like in a meeting, Jun Qingyu kept silent to not disturb them.


Fu Yuanchuan glanced down and happened to see the little mermaid, who raised his head adorably through the gaps between his suspended wrist.


He asked softly, “Are you coming out”


Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

He came out and lay down on the table.

How could it be comfortable in his pocket


Before the meeting, Fu Yuanchuan prepared some food.


Pieces of fruits and vegetables that had been cut and also small snacks, were all in very small pieces, the kind that the little mermaid could hold and eat.


Now that the little mermaid was awake, Fu Yuanchuan took out snacks from another pocket and fed them to the little mermaid.


His pocket wasnt that large and if a lot of food was put in at once, it might get so crowded that there would be no room for the little mermaid.

Fu Yuanchuan gave him a piece first and then gave him another piece after the little mermaid had finished it.


The form of his pocket was not suitable for him to lay down and the fabric was soft, making him unable to lean on it.


Jun Qingyu moved back and sat on Fu Yuanchuans hand.

It was more stable this way and also more convenient for him to eat.


The voice of disputes in the meeting persisted.


Everyone had different opinions and they were about to quarrel over them.


Jun Qingyu listened to them.

He lowered his head and took a bite into an apple slice.


Fu Yuanchuan listened quietly from the beginning to end and he seemed to have no intention of getting involved.


Jun Qingyu still really wanted to see what Fu Yuanchuan would do when he encountered someone who disagreed with him.

Would they start quarrelling


He had not seen Fu Yuanchuan quarrelling yet.


Although the original story stated that Fu Yuanchuan had a violent temperament, Jun Qingyu really did not exactly know how he looked like when he was violent.


Fu Yuanchuan was a very gentle person.


While thinking about it, he ate the last bit of the piece of apple, then a dried fish that had been cut in half was stuffed into his hand.


The head and tail of the dried fish had been cut off and only the middle part was left, the part that had the best taste.


Jun Qingyu took a bite and the finger behind him touched his forehead.

If Fu Yuanchuan spoke, Jun Qingyu felt that he would hear: Be good.


Jun Qingyu heard their discussion and also understood the content they were discussing.

Did they get a result from the regions that were previously differentiated out


“Boss, what do you think should be done”


“Yes, say something Boss.

We cant come up with a good solution right now.”


“We cant expose it and have to come up with a way to solve it.

Its too difficult.”




They couldnt come up with a conclusion from their discussion, thus they turned their gazes to Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan said lightly, “Think of a reason and figure out how to get local residents to go to the hospital to check their mental energy and determine whether they have been affected first.”


Shi Kaixin nodded his head, “Ill make the arrangements later, but…whats the best way to do it”


It wouldnt do to get the word out for this sort of official arrangement, but it also wouldnt do if the officials stepped in to enforce it.


They couldnt be discovered and had to be able to guarantee that everyone would go for an examination.


It was cumbersome.


Fu Yuanchuan lowered his eyes in contemplation, moving his fingertips from time to time, brushing past the little mermaids tail and his finger pad carefully traced on the patterns of his scales.


HIs cold scales would not become warm after being in contact with his hand for a long time.


No matter how he warmed it up, it was still ice-cold.


Jun Qingyu blinked, helping him by figuring out how to solve this matter.

Suddenly, a thought struck Jun Qingyus mind.


He tugged on Fu Yuanchuans cuffs and made a few small gestures when Fu Yuanchuan looked down.


Get someone to disguise themselves as a Zerg, or get someone to bring something dangerous over, thence they would catch them and then they would notify the residents there to go to the hospital for an examination.


Bringing a dangerous item was just a pretext, they could just bring anything, no one would come to check it anyway.


Fu Yuanchuan watched the little mermaid seriously.

Initially, he had a straight face but when the little mermaid made those small gestures, the corners of his mouth couldnt resist from raising.


Jun Qingyu blinked.

Do you understand


He whispered, “Ya”


Fu Yuanchuan gave a light cough, he raised his hand to cover his mouth and nodded slowly.


Shi Kaixin had been in a full swing discussion with them for quite a while and had been speaking so much that his voice was hoarse.

When he lowered his head to take a sip of water, he saw Fu Yuanchuan quietly sitting on the sidelines, looking down at something.

His expression was soft and he had a slight smile on his face.


Shi Kaixin: “”


What was going on


Shi Kaixin was dumbfounded.

How could he stay there alone and be so happy


After bearing with it, Shi Kaixin didnt hold back and asked in a low voice, “Marshal, whats wrong with you Do you feel unwell”


He felt that the marshal hadnt fallen ill for a long time.

Why did he get ill so suddenly this time And it wasnt the same as before.


The table wasnt even lifted.


Fu Yuanchuan, who was playing with the little mermaid, slowly raised his head and looked at him expressionlessly.


Shi Kaixin: “!!”


Ill be darned.


“Its, its nothing.

Forget I asked.” Shi Kaixin quickly turned his head away and he was crying internally.


When he looked up, why did it feel like his aura had changed It was so scary.


Jun Qingyu felt the hand beneath him lift up a little and even he was carried upwards.

He held onto Fu Yuanchuans hand at once and raised his head in doubt and let out a small exhalation of air, “Ya”


Fu Yuanchuan moved his hand back and rubbed the little mermaids hair with his thumb to appease him, then he handed him a small piece of a strawberry.


Jun Qingyu was already full.

Although the amount of each piece of those fruits and vegetables were not large, there was a variety.


It went without saying that he couldnt eat much, coupled with the ones he ate in Fu Yuanchuans pocket, he unconsciously ate too much.


In response to that, Fu Yuanchuan didnt give him anymore.

The little mermaid ate different quantities for his meals for each of his builds.


He didnt specifically fix a certain amount of food for his meals before.

Usually, he prepared his food and then the little mermaid would eat as much as he wanted.


He wiped the little mermaids mouth with a small napkin.


Fu Yuanchuan casually threw the paper towel into the rubbish bin next to him and said, “I will send you the specific operation details later.

After you have done as instructed, send back the information without delay if there are any issues.

Is there anything else”


The people opposite him said in unison, “No.”


“Well then, meeting adjourned.” Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head and took the little mermaid out and put him on his lap.

He dipped his finger into water and wiped his tail with it.


Though the little mermaid wouldnt feel too uncomfortable leaving the water now, but he was already used to taking care of him like this.


Shi Kaixin subconsciously blurted out and once he was done, it dawned on him belatedly.

How could it be that there was no such thing There has to be.


“Yes, yes, yes, Marshal, dont turn off the meeting video yet.”


Shi Kaixin hurriedly asked, “In regards to the protection of Jun Qingyu, if I go to investigate, I wont be able to protect him but to protect him, I cant be separated from him.

Then I cant do the investigation.

Which of these two tasks should I do first”


“Marshal Marshal” Shi Kaixin, who didnt get a response, glanced at him.

Shi Kaixin saw that the marshal had been keeping his head down, he asked sceptically, “Marshal, what are you doing”


Fu Yuanchuan let go of the little mermaids tail, “…Its nothing.

Protect Jun Qingyu and leave the investigation to Yu Zhi.”

The author has something to say: What are you doing

Fu Yuanchuan: Im touching a fish.

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