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“All right, got it, Boss.” Shi Kaixin said, “Then I will head out to find him now.”

As a bodyguard, he must always be by the side of the protected person.

Hearing that, Jun Qingyu hurriedly hugged Fu Yuanchuan and shook his head.

He didnt need a bodyguard, nor did he need someones protection.

In contrast, it would be more convenient for him to do anything he did alone.

Fu Yuanchuan could see that the little mermaid obviously rejected it, but he was not at ease when the little mermaid went outside on his own with no one by his side.

In the event that his spiritual energy dissipated and he recovered his little mermaid form, he wouldnt be able to return home even if he returned to his space to hide and there was no way to contact him.

Moreover, what would he do if he was seen by others

Fu Yuanchuan contemplated and said, “Come back again this afternoon.”

Shi Kaixin had not left yet and he hurriedly responded, “All right.”

“Lets adjourn the meeting.”


After he switched off the video conference, Jun Qingyu said, “I dont want a bodyguard…”

“Ill accompany you to the store in a little while.

Lets go for a walk after the desserts are sold out.”

Jun Qingyu was taken aback, “Arent you busy with work today”

The meeting had just ended and there should be quite a lot of things that he needed to deal with.

“They wont come to me before they submit the task application for approval.

They should not be able to come today.”

It was a very troublesome thing to go through a sequence of procedures but if this matter did not go through those sequence of procedures, it would become more cumbersome if they got caught.

No one could get away with getting labelled for deliberately creating panic.

The sequence of procedures would not be announced to the public, but it was a piece of compelling evidence after someone met with a mishap.

Jun Qingyu nodded with a vague idea, then lay on Fu Yuanchuans hand once more, “Lets go back to our bedroom first.”

His clothes were all in their bedroom and was not a good idea for him to become a human here.


There was no one at the dessert store when they arrived there.

Wen Chengyao rented a store next door so that his sister didnt have to wait at the door all the time and she could just come out whenever he came to the dessert store.

Jun Qingyu opened the door and the sound of footsteps also came from next door.

However, Jun Qingyu didnt prepare any desserts for Wen Chengyaos sister but planned to make some other foods that could sate ones appetite.

Fu Yuanchuan had not eaten in the morning.

After feeding him, Fu Yuanchuan did not eat and directly came here with him.

It wasnt good to eat sweet and unctuous cakes early in the morning, coupled with the cake they ate yesterday.

It was fine for those who loved eating desserts but for Fu Yuanchuan, it might not be to his liking.

Fortunately, there were also salty flavoured desserts.

For those that were too difficult, Jun Qingyu did not try them.

When he ate them, if he failed, it would be a waste of time.

If he did something simpler, those were things that simply could not go wrong.

He used the ingredients in the fridge to make two sandwiches and as for drinks, drinking fruit juice would do — extracted with spring water from his space, which would nourish the stomach.

Once he was done, Jun Qingyu served the dish on the small table, “Try it.”

“It looks good.”

Jun Qingyu said with a smile, “Then you must finish it even if it is not delicious after youve tasted it.”

“It wont taste bad.”

As they were talking, Yaoyao came in from outside.

She was alone and she did not bring any interstellar pirates with her.

Yaoyao nodded towards Jun Qingyu and then sat quietly to the side.

Jun Qingyu sensed that the other partys mental energy did not dissipate anymore.

If that was the case, then todays quantity would have to be a bit more than what he had analysed before.

“Eat first, Ill be done in a moment.”

Fu Yuanchuan sat down to eat his meal and when he looked up, he saw the little fish picking up a kitchen knife larger than his hand.

He hurriedly ate his sandwiches in a few bites, got up and said, “Ill cut the fruits.”

Jun Qingyu subconsciously said, “No, eat yo…ur” His voice came to an abrupt stop.

Werent there sandwiches there a moment ago

Fu Yuanchuan took a sip of the fruit juice and said, “Come one, hand me the knife.”

When Jun Qingyu handed the knife over, he had an inexplicable feeling that he would not have a chance to touch a larger knife when Fu Yuanchuan was by his side in the future.

“Is that all”

“Mhm, Ill make the fruit and vegetable juice.”

All the desserts prepared by Jun Qingyu were the same, he minimised the disparities as much as possible and simply increased or decreased the amount of spring water to resolve the particular situation.

The fruit and vegetable juice was made relatively quickly and Jun Qingyu sent it to her first.

Yaoyao said softly, “Thank you.”

Jun Qingyu was somewhat surprised.

He thought Wen Chengyaos sister was mute, but it turned out that she was able to speak.

“Dont mention it.” Jun Qingyu did not accept this thanks.

If the other party did not have the same mental energy as the robot, he wouldnt even continue to treat the other party.

Yaoyao shook her head, “I know.

I know everything.”

Jun Qingyu put down the fruit and vegetable juice and did not speak to her.

He didnt ask nor did he reply to her.

The more he spoke about it, the worse it would get.

Jun Qingyu just took it as he had never heard of those words.

Yaoyao did not have much of a change in her mood when she saw him leave and said lightly, “If you want to know, I can tell you everything.

Consider it as an apology from me on behalf of my brother.”

Jun Qingyu did not look back and walked to the checkout counter.

Yaoyao lowered her head and drank the fruit and vegetable juice silently.

Fu Yuanchuan handed him a small bowl of strawberry sorbet and asked, “Arent you curious”

The store was only so big, even if Yaoyao spoke very softly a moment ago, it still could not escape from Fu Yuanchuans ears.

“Im curious, but she might not tell me the truth.” She looked weak, but she was the sister of the boss of the interstellar pirates.

Some things couldnt be judged from the surface.

Rather than getting his train of thoughts led by the other side after listening to her, it was better to figure it out on his own.

Fu Yuanchuan nodded his head.

That was right.

If the little mermaid wanted to ask, he would have asked from the very beginning and would not wait until now, waiting for the other party to take the initiative to say it.

After sending the food out, Fu Yuanchuan turned on his light brain to search for tickets.

Many places had to be booked one week in advance, but Fu Yuanchuans status did not allow him to book tickets that long in advance.

Fu Yuanchuan thought for a moment before he said, “How about we go to the aquarium later”

Tickets could be purchased at any time at the aquarium and not only that, there would not be many people.

“The aquarium What are we going there for” Jun Qingyu ate a mouthful of his sorbet and gave this place a serious consideration but after he pondered over it, he didnt know what was there to see.

Fu Yuanchuan opened the introduction page, “We can see fishes there and other sea creatures.”

“Isnt it enough to look at me” Jun Qingyu tilted his head and murmured, “Im a fish.”


Looking at the little mermaid who blinked at him with his head tilted, Fu Yuanchuan gave a light cough.

The little mermaid didnt seem to have realised what he had said but his heart throbbed ineffably faster.

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand, flexed his fingers and stopped at the side of his cheek.

In the end, he just raised his hand and tousled the little mermaids hair.

If he didnt want to go to the aquarium, it would be the same even if he chose to go somewhere else.

Fu Yuanchuan changed the direction of his light brain and held it for Jun Qingyu to see, “You can buy tickets on this.

Where do you want to go to play”

Jun Qingyu didnt have the faintest idea of going out to play and he didnt particularly like the pictures on it.

After much thought, he simply picked a random one, “Well…here.”

It was an amusement park.

“Okay.” Fu Yuanchuan opened the software to buy their tickets.

Yaoyao ate in silence by the side and didnt even snoop on what the two of them were talking about.

She cleaned up the table after she finished and left silently.

Before she left, Yaoyao said, “Store owner, do you mind if I go to your house to eat”

Jun Qingyu knitted his brows, “What”

Yaoyao said, “The stores nearby arent open and the store owner does not live here.

It is also troublesome to travel back and forth every day.

If you dont mind, I can go over to your house to eat and come back here afterwards.”


The store had already been bought and it must be of some use.

And the most important thing was…Jun Qingyu didnt want too many outsiders to show up at his home.

Even if it was just sitting still and eating and then leaving afterwards.

Moreover, Fu Yuanchuan had not revealed his identity yet and it was not convenient to bring her to their house.

After being rejected, Yaoyao did not lose her temper or anything but just said, “Alright, then Ill be going now.”

She gave Jun Qingyu a feeling like she had no emotions.

As for manufactured robots, it seemed normal for them to have no emotional ups and downs.

Jun Qingyu also recorded this in his experimental record.

Fu Yuanchuan bought the tickets and briefly cleaned the table, “Lets go.”


The dessert store was too far from the city centre and the journey there took almost a few hours.

Sitting in the car, Jun Qingyu discussed with Fu Yuanchuan the attractions he wanted to play later.

Fu Yuanchuan bought member tickets, so there wasnt a need to queue up and they could go straight to playing once they arrived.

They had planned their walkthrough and they could just pick the ones they would like to play after they went in.

Jun Qingyu chose many attractions with interesting names.

Fu Yuanchuan watched from the sidelines and didnt give any suggestions for which ones to choose, but he saw that many were fairly dangerous high-altitude attractions and even bungee jumping was included amongst them.

He asked, “Wont you be afraid”

Mermaids are creatures of the sea, could they withstand the altitude

“No.” Jun Qingyu teased, “Are you afraid If you are afraid, I will accompany you to play on the carousel.”

“Little fish.”


“The car is only so big, you have nowhere to run.”


“Mmm…” Jun Qingyu vaguely felt that he was being threatened, “Youre a grown-up, youre surely not going to bicker with a little mermaid…!”

Before he was done speaking, Jun Qingyu tensed his waist and unconsciously turned towards Fu Yuanchuans direction.

Without waiting for him to sit tight, Jun Qingyu suddenly smiled and his eyes curved up, “Dont…Dont tickle me…”

“Haha, Fu, Fu Yuanchuan!”

“Let go…Dont, haha…”

Jun Qingyu leaned back and fell into Fu Yuanchuans arms, he laughed so much that he couldnt breathe and his eyes were already tearing up.

Fu Yuanchuan supported him and tidied up his clothes while he was at it, “Add the carousel in.”

Jun Qingyu smiled.

He didnt say anything and noted the carousel down.

After a while, he connected all the places he wanted to go in a line and which entrance he could enter through so that he could visit all the places via a single pathway.

It was very time-consuming to make a walkthrough and just as he got the walkthrough done, the suspension car stopped before he had the time to check it over a few times.

It was time to get out of the car.

Jun Qingyu repeated the walkthrough he had made and said, “Lets go in through the door to the left first and we can just go in after we get our tickets checked.”


Jun Qingyu held Fu Yuanchuans hand and walked to the ticketing gate.

There werent a lot of people there.

At this time, very few people came to the amusement park.

The majority of them came in the morning so that they could play more attractions, but Jun Qingyu wasnt interested in all the attractions; that was why it didnt matter if they came early or late.

While they were queuing1, the sweet scent in the ice cream store wafted out.

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

He approached Fu Yuanchuan quietly, tilted his head and leaned on his shoulder, “I want to eat ice cream.”

“But you ate some sorbet not long ago.”

“I want to eat ice cream.”

“If you eat too much cold food, you will get a stomachache.”

Jun Qingyu raised his head grievously and hugged his neck, “Um…Ice cream.”

“…Which flavour”

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FootnotesFYC bought member tickets and it was stated before that they didnt have to queue.

I dont get why the author states排隊的時候, which meanswhile they were queuing.

Think of it as theres a queue at the ticketing gate but no queues for attractions That would be awesome.


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