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Fu Yuanchuan was stunned for a moment.

He looked at the self-righteous little mermaid—he felt that he was a little cute.


The rabbit was just an extra prize for winning the ring hoop, it didn’t matter if he wanted them or not.


Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaid’s head and said, “Then we don’t want it, we only want the rabbit doll.”


“All right.”


In response, the stall owner put the rabbit back and took the doll instead.

Live small animals were given if one got it in one try and the other dolls could be regarded as consolation prizes in the later period.


Some people just wanted the consolation prize.


The stall owner handed the doll to Jun Qingyu, “Here you go, your doll.”


Jun Qingyu was about to take it, but Fu Yuanchuan was one step ahead and reached out to take it first.


“I’ll hold it for you, you can play first.”


He just used one of the hoops that he bought, but there were many more.


“Okay.” Although the doll he wanted had already been obtained, the remaining hoops could not be wasted.


Fu Yuanchuan wiped the outer packaging of the dolls with a napkin.

They were all placed outside and the dolls are clean, but the outer packaging would inevitably be dusty.


With a bunch of loops, he made them land on a number of dolls, but Jun Qingyu didn’t want them and just took that rabbit Fu Yuanchuan won for him.


Seeing that he didn’t want any of them, the stall owner couldn’t help saying, “You really don’t want any of these small animals You have won so many.

I’ll give you an opportunity to choose which one and you can take which one you fancy.

How about it”


“No, thank you.” Seeing that the stall owner was about to stuff a small animal into his hands, Jun Qingyu quickly pulled Fu Yuanchuan out of the stall.


As soon as he walked out, a soft rabbit was stuffed into his arms.


Jun Qingyu subconsciously raised his hand to hug it, “Let’s head to the carousel.

The brief introduction said that the cold drinks over there are very tasty.”


Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “You can’t consume any more cold things today.”


“Then I can get a hot drink.” Jun Qingyu replied decisively.


Fu Yuanchuan didn’t think that there was any problem with his words for a moment but after thinking about it carefully, the little fish was a little fish, “…Can you drink hot drinks”


Jun Qingyu was stunned.

It should be…fine for him to do so


He was now a human, not a mermaid, and he could eat hot dishes.


However, the concept of dishes and hot water were different and the dishes weren’t eaten when it was boiling hot.


Hot water and hot drinks were mostly tens of degrees.


Jun Qingyu contemplated.


Forget it.


Based on what he currently knew, the only mermaid who could transform into a human was only himself and naturally, he had no other mermaid to use as a reference.


If something went wrong after drinking, he would be in trouble if he found a doctor and that doctor couldn’t even solve it.


Hot drinks were not allowed and cold drinks were also not allowed.


Jun Qingyu hugged the rabbit and thought for a while before he said, “Then you can only buy a cold drink and I’ll watch you drink it.”


He was obviously not being whiny, but Fu Yuanchuan indescribably felt he sounded pitiful when he heard it.


Fu Yuanchuan gave a light cough and pressed down the rabbit’s packaging to prevent the little fish from being uncomfortable, “I will ask them if they can make it at room temperature later.”


“Okay!” Jun Qingyu curved his eyes and he rushed over to hug Fu Yuanchuan and gently kissed his side face, “You’re the best!”


The soft tactile feedback was quite distinct.

Fu Yuanchuan froze.

He looked at the little fish in his arms, struggling with what to say.


There were some things that the little fish didn’t understand and he should make it clear to him.


Fu Yuanchuan thought about it and said, “You can’t kiss others casually.”



“I didn’t kiss anyone casually.” Jun Qingyu picked up the rabbit that had fallen between them and said with a smile, “You’re not anyone else.”


Fu Yuanchuan helped the little fish to stand firm, “You don’t understand what I’m talking about.”


“Who says that I don’t understand.” Jun Qingyu single-handedly took the rabbit away and put it aside on a flower bed.

Without the obstruction of the doll, Jun Qingyu wrapped his neck around him and came closer with his eyes curved, “Do you mind this”


Fu Yuanchuan ran his hand down the little mermaid’s hair without speaking.


Jun Qingyu smiled, and did not continue to delve into the issue and said, “Let’s go get some cold drinks.”


“Ok.” After answering subconsciously, Fu Yuanchuan then said, “You are not allowed to consume anything else cold today.”


Jun Qingyu: “……”



Even though Jun Qingyu didn’t drink the cold drink next to the carousel, he drank a drink at room temperature.


He didn’t know what ingredients were used, but the taste was very good.


The carousel was at the edge of the amusement park and most of the people who came here were children.

At this hour, the children were brought away by their parents to have lunch.

Other than the staff, there was not even a single visitor there.


Jun Qingyu took a sip of his drink, “Do you want to go on the ride I can take pictures of you from below.”


He had no interest in the carousel at all, but he was very interested in Fu Yuanchuan riding on the carousel.


He could also take pictures as a souvenir.


After saying those words, Jun Qingyu, who was concentrating on drinking his beverage, indistinctly felt that something was amiss.

When he looked up, he saw Fu Yuanchuan looking down at him.


“What’s the matter” Jun Qingyu blinked innocently.


Didn’t you say you were going to ride the carousel


Fu Yuanchuan reached out directly and picked up Jun Qingyu with one hand.


Jun Qingyu hurriedly protected the fruit juice in his hand and freed a hand to support himself on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder, “What are you doing”


“Accompanying you to go on the carousel.”


Jun Qingyu: “”


Jun Qingyu, who originally wanted to be a photographer, sat on a carousel and was photographed a lot.


Fu Yuanchuan followed by the side of a pony the whole time but he did not sit on it.


Looking at the photos stored in his light brain, Fu Yuanchuan was very satisfied.

The pixel resolution of his light brain was good and the pictures he took of the little fish came out quite nicely.


They just came down and when they looked at the queue, there was already a queue and many of them were children.


Fu Yuanchuan took the little fish out of the carousel zone.


The duration they came out to play was not short.

Although there were a few attractions, the duration of time for each attraction was not short, coupled with the time spent walking in the amusement park; it was getting late.


Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Do your legs feel any discomfort”


Jun Qingyu shook his head.

His legs did not feel much discomfort, only that he was short of universal life energy, “Let’s go home.”


It would be bad if he recovered his fishtail outside.


“Ok.” With that said, Fu Yuanchuan carried the little fish in his arms.


He feared that the little fish’s legs felt some discomfort and he couldn’t bear to say anything.

Since they wanted to get out of here, he might as well carry him throughout this short walk.


Fu Yuanchuan carried the little fish and walked to the gravel road to the side, “We’ll go out from this small road.

It’s relatively closer this way and the scenery is great too.”


The greenery of the amusement park was well done and it felt like a garden landscape.


“Okay.” Jun Qingyu agreed delightfully, but he leaned into Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace and only focused on looking at him.

How would he have the time to enjoy the scenery


After playing outside for the entire afternoon, he was quite tired after eating and drinking.



He had enough fun and it was also a long way back home by car.


Jun Qingyu’s consumption of his spiritual energy was a bit high, so when he got into the car, he slept as he leaned against Fu Yuanchuan.


When they got back home, the little fish had not woken up yet.


Fu Yuanchuan didn’t wake him up either but carried him back to their bedroom.


Once he settled the little fish in, Fu Yuanchuan planned to go downstairs to cook him something to eat.

He didn’t have a proper meal for the whole day and he would definitely be hungry when he woke up.


However, as soon as he got up, the hem of his clothes was caught by the little fish.


Jun Qingyu opened his eyes in a daze, “Mmm…where are you going”


“I’m going downstairs, I’ll make you something to eat.” Fu Yuanchuan covered him with the blanket, “Go to sleep, I’ll be back soon.”


After sleeping for a while on the road, Jun Qingyu woke up at the moment and didn’t want to sleep anymore, but the consumption of his spiritual energy made him exhausted.


Jun Qingyu let go of the hem of his shirt and grabbed his hand to nuzzle it instead.

He said, “I don’t want to eat anything, lie down with me for a while.”


“Are you very tired” Fu Yuanchuan looked at the visible exhaustion of the little fish.

He sat down and touched the little fish’s forehead, “How about changing back into a little mermaid Would it be better”


Jun Qingyu shook his head.

If he maintained the form of a little mermaid, it would be difficult for him to think about any other development.

He could not give Fu Yuanchuan a solidified impression.



Jun Qingyu said, “I’ll be fine after lying down for a while.”


When Fu Yuanchuan heard that, he lay down beside the little fish.


Jun Qingyu got closer and hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s arm, “Won’t you feel bored like this”


He just laid down like so, doing nothing, not even turning his light brain on to play.


Fu Yuanchuan laid flat, pulled the quilt up and covered them up to under the little mermaid’s jaw.

He answered with another question, “Why would I be bored when I’m with you”


Jun Qingyu smiled and hugged him even tighter.


In fact, restoring his spiritual energy by lying down in this way was very slow.

It was like a swimming pool that was filled with water and draining water at the same time.

When he became a human, he would use up spiritual energy and replenish it slowly to fill it up again.


It would be slower if he consumed it while he filled it up.


When it was almost dark outside, only did Jun Qingyu feel that he had somewhat recovered.


While sitting up, Jun Qingyu noticed something was wrong with Fu Yuanchuan’s arm.

When he was holding it just now, Fu Yuanchuan remained motionless.


Now it seemed that…


“Is your arm numb”


Fu Yuanchuan squeezed his hand twice, “It’s fine.

Are you hungry I’ll prepare something.”


Just as Jun Qingyu wanted to speak, his light brain rang and he thought it was news from the interstellar pirates, but when he looked down to take a look, it wasn’t his light brain.


“Your light brain is ringing.”


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan opened his inbox, “Let’s go down first, downstairs…”


As his voice fell, Fu Yuanchuan’s brows gradually creased up.


“What’s going on” Jun Qingyu sensed that he was in a bad mood and sent some spiritual energy with the hand he was holding to comfort him, “Did something happen”


“It’s a bit of a problem.” Fu Yuanchuan turned off his light brain, “I might have to make a trip to the corps headquarters.”


“Then go.” Fu Yuanchuan already said it was a bit of a problem, then it should not be something trivial.


Jun Qingyu didn’t want to go with him either.

Right now, his spiritual power was unstable and there would be trouble if he recovered the appearance of a mermaid directly in front of so many people at the corps headquarters.


“I’ll be at home, waiting for you to come back.”


Fu Yuanchuan stroked the little mermaid’s head and urged him, “Do not touch a knife, I’ll get you something delicious when I come back.”


“Don’t worry.” Jun Qingyu brought Fu Yuanchuan his jacket, “Be careful on your way.”





Jun Qingyu didn’t ask any questions about what specifically happened.

It wasn’t like he was afraid that Fu Yuanchuan wouldn’t tell him, there was no point in doing that.

He could not go out right now and it was much better to wait for Fu Yuanchuan to come back and talk to him in detail about it.


When Fu Yuanchuan left, the villa appeared a little empty.


Seeing the tail lights of the suspension car disappear around the corner, Jun Qingyu turned around and went back inside.


He didn’t know when Fu Yuanchuan would return, but there was nothing wrong with preparing early for supper.


He processed some ingredients and made them into semi-finished products.

When Fu Yuanchuan returned, they could eat it after stir-frying it for a while.


It was almost one o’clock in the morning when he got them done.


There was no movement outside.


Jun Qingyu removed the quilt in the bedroom, sat on the living room sofa and wrapped it around himself and waited for Fu Yuanchuan.


He hadn’t waited for him yet before his light brain rung non-stop.


It was a video call sent by Shi Kaixin.


Shi Kaixin was dispatched to be his bodyguard and a video call was only added in order to facilitate contact, but he had never actively contacted him before.


He didn’t know what happened this time.


Jun Qingyu pressed the accept button sceptically.

He didn’t see anyone and only heard a shout, “Mr Jun…Madame! Help!”


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