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Fu Yuanchuan used the pad of his finger to touch the little mermaid’s tail gently and then asked him, “Would you like a bite”

Jun Qingyu looked at those small pieces of tomatoes in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and decisively rolled over to lay on his palm.

He really couldn’t get used to the interstellar fruits and vegetables, the taste was too strange.

There was no need for him to shake or nod his head, his rejection was already very obvious.

Fu Yuanchuan could only put the tomatoes back onto the plate.

Everything was more or less, already prepared.

He wrapped the plate properly and placed it into the refrigerator.

Finally, after he tidied the things in the kitchen, Fu Yuanchuan carried the little mermaid back to the study.

Jun Qingyu was placed into the fish tank.

Fu Yuanchuan did not take a break but sat at the desk to deal with official business.

Looking at Fu Yuanchuan, who was working, Jun Qingyu tilted his head.

Wasn’t he going out first thing tomorrow in the morning

It was dark outside by the time the conference ended and he was busy in the kitchen for a long time.

It was definitely getting late.

Why did he continue to deal with the documents and not go to sleep

If he didn’t get enough sleep, his body’s immunity would decline and it would be more dangerous when he went out to face the Zerg tomorrow.

Jun Qingyu tapped the wall of the fish tank and let out a sound, “Eeeeeeee!”

Fu Yuanchuan heard the sound, put his documents down and walked over.

He looked at the little mermaid who was anxious and his heart constricted.

He thought something had happened, “What’s wrong”

Jun Qingyu pointed to the bed not far away, “Eeeeeeee.”

Fu Yuanchuan thought that the little mermaid wanted to go over there but he caught on after taking two steps whilst carrying the fish tank.

He asked, “Do you want me to go to sleep”

Jun Qingyu nodded and then pointed to the window.

It’s already dark outside.

Why aren’t you going to sleep

Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaid’s head, thinking about the new piles of documents sent.

He coaxed, “I’ll go to sleep once I take care of the remaining documents, ok”

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, pressing his cheek against it, rubbing his cheek against his finger.

He raised his head to look at Fu Yuanchuan.

He didn’t speak a word nor call him.

It was quiet, there was no movement at all.

Just a pair of beautiful watery eyes staring at him grievously.


He ought to refuse sternly and return to sitting at his desk, dealing with official business.

But when he met those pair of eyes, his words of refusal were looping in a circle in his mouth; he simply couldn’t make up his mind to say it.

Marshal Fu, who had made countless numbers of enemies retreat, could hardly resist it.

The little mermaid just watched.

There was no need to say anything and he made it impossible for Fu Yuanchuan to refuse any of his requests.

Fu Yuanchuan sighed and compromised, “I’ll go to sleep now.”

“Eeeeeeee.” Having accomplished his goal, Jun Qingyu let go of his hand.

He sank down into the fish tank and spun around in a circle.

The translucent fishtail sharply curved a water streak, it was extremely beautiful.

The little mermaid underwater spat out a string of small bubbles.

He turned around to open the shell bed and went in to lay on it.

He waved his hand.

Good night.

Fu Yuanchuan saw that the little mermaid seemed to be going to sleep and said, “Good night.”

After he saw the shell close, Fu Yuanchuan went to his desk to separate the documents that were dealt with and those that weren’t dealt with.

He washed up first before he rested.

He planned to get up early to deal with them.

Jun Qingyu looked through the gaps of the shell, he had been waiting for Fu Yuanchuan to lay down and switch off the lights before he lay back down on his soft cushion.

After a while, there was only shallow and steady breathing in the room.

Early in the morning, the next day.

Fu Yuanchuan was still asleep, Jun Qingyu had already awoken.

He remembered that Fu Yuanchuan was going out in the morning today, so he kept reminding himself not to sleep deeply.

When he opened his eyes, the time was just right.

Fu Yuanchuan hadn’t left yet and dawn was just breaking outside.

Fu Yuanchuan moved the fish tank to the bedside table before going to sleep last night.

The height of the table and the bed were on the same level.

Jun Qingyu supported himself with the edge of the fish tank but on the contrary, it was higher than the bed by a bit.

Jun Qingyu lowered his chin, supporting it with a single hand.

He looked at Fu Yuanchuan with his head tilted, wondering when he would wake up.

Fu Yuanchuan did not say a specific time yesterday.

He should wake up in a while.

However, Fu Yuanchuan did not have any intention to wake up when the doorbell outside rang.

Jun Qingyu raised his brows, he felt that it should have something to do with his spiritual energy.

Yesterday, Fu Yuanchuan slept very little and on top of that, he replenished some spiritual energy before he slept.

It should be the effect of his spiritual energy; it soothed the restless mental energy.

When his tense nerves relaxed, he naturally would sleep more deeply.


If Fu Yuanchuan didn’t wake up, who would open the door

Jun Qingyu lowered his head to look at his own tail and then took a look at the closed door of the study.

Not to mention going out to open the door, he can’t even get out of this study room.

Now, he could only think of a way to wake Fu Yuanchuan up.

The knocking of the door outside did not wake Fu Yuanchuan up, so Jun Qingyu could only do it himself, “Eeeeeeee!”



It was still silent.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

He couldn’t wake him up.

Jun Qingyu could only jump out of the fish tank.

Fortunately, the fish tank was placed on the edge of the table, which was also closer to the bed.

Jun Qingyu jumped downwards.

With a ‘plop’, he landed directly on the side of the soft pillow.

The water brought out wetted the bed sheets and pillows in an instant.

Jun Qingyu lay on the pillow and the side of Fu Yuanchuan’s face was close within his reach.

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu stretched out his hand and pushed him.

Someone is here, wake up.

If no one opens the door, it wouldn’t be good if they thought that the person inside was in danger and broke the door down to enter.

Sensing his movements, Fu Yuanchuan turned over to face Jun Qingyu directly by lying on his side.

He reached out with a hand to rub the little mermaid’s head and coaxed in a slur, “Be good.”

A hand directly held him down.

Jun Qingyu pushed his hand, “Eeeeeeee”

Fu Yuanchuan, who was muddle-headed, froze when he realized that something was wrong.

After he opened his eyes, he saw a few strands of pale golden hair exposed from the gap between his hand and the pillow.

Slowly raising his hand, the little mermaid underneath smiled at him.

Jun Qingyu: “Eeeeeeee!” You’re awake.

It was early in the morning.

This smile seemed to be able to affect the vitality of his whole body.

Fu Yuanchuan held the little mermaid and asked, “How did you get down”

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu pointed to the door.

Someone was knocking at the door.

When Fu Yuanchuan opened his eyes, his eyes were full of the little mermaid.

He realised, there was the sound of knocking from outside.

He got up, slipped on a piece of clothing and went out as he held the little mermaid in his hand.

When he got to the door, the knocking on the door stopped but unexpectedly, it was replaced with the rustling……sound of the door being forced open.

Fu Yuanchuan opened the door.

He saw his subordinate crouching at his doorstep, prying the door open.

“Boss, you’re all right.” Shi Kaixin saw the door open and was immediately relieved, “You didn’t open the door for so long and when I called your light brain, it was switched off.

I thought something had happened to you.”

“Come on in.”

Jun Qingyu recognised this person with a glance, the one who suddenly appeared in the crystal ball, frightening him yesterday.

He caused him to break things.

Jun Qingyu lay on Fu Yuanchuan’s palm and turned around.

He didn’t want to see him.

Although the crystal ball could still be used, the interior was already completely broken.

Fu Yuanchuan threw it away in order to avoid a sudden explosion and injuring people when it was used later on.

The crystal ball communicator appeared to be very expensive.

But also, there was a newly bought fish tank.

He broke the fish tank and Shi Kaixin had to shoulder part of the responsibility.

Shi Kaixin’s fingers itched as he looked at the pale golden little mermaid in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, “Boss, you want me to protect the little mermaid, are you giving him to me first to let me cultivate feelings with him”

Jun Qingyu raised his head and glared at him.

Dream on!

Shi Kaixin had never seen a mermaid with such a rich expression so he was curious, “Hey Boss, your family’s mermaid is glaring at me.

Is he holding a grudge”

“Don’t bother him.” Fu Yuanchuan touched the little mermaid’s head to comfort him.

Shi Kaixin was the one with the strongest ability amongst everyone, he was more at ease with leaving him behind to protect the little mermaid.

“This is his food for today, remember to give it to him on time.” He paused, thinking about the little mermaid’s hostility towards Shi Kaixin and he said, “Just put it on the preinstalled platform of the fish tank, he will eat it himself.”

Shi Kaixin said, “Ok, don’t worry.

I will definitely not touch the little mermaid in secret when I feed him.”

Jun Qingyu shook his tail.

If he dared to secretly touch him, he would break his hand.

Fu Yuanchuan also explained some other precautions to take note of and then said at last, “The safety of the mermaid is the most important thing, understood”

Shi Kaixin was taken aback, this represented that……

Shi Kaixin nodded his head with a concentrated look, “Yes!”

After explaining these trivial matters, it was just about time.

Jun Qingyu lay on Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and had an inexplicable urge to go with him.

But they couldn’t go together……

He was now too small and couldn’t help.

He might even cause Fu Yuanchuan to spare his mental energy to protect him.

It would be really troublesome.


However, it should be fine once he grows up.

The interstellar mermaids can grow up and as they grow, the scales on their fishtails would become harder and their strength would also become stronger.

It is said that an adult mermaid’s tail can smash the hardest of steel.

Thinking of the fighting strength he might have in the future, Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s finger.

He straightened his back and held his head high to say, “Eeeeeeee!”

When I grow up, I will protect you!

“Be good.” Fu Yuanchuan gently helped the little mermaid to tidy his hair up and said, “Wait for me to come back home.”


Jun Qingyu changed his posture, sat in Fu Yuanchuan’s palm and raised his hands towards him.

In the past, this action meant a hug but now, they’ve already hugged, then……

Fu Yuanchuan raised his hand in doubt, was there anything to that

He was still deliberating on the meaning of the action of the little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu had taken advantage of the high altitude to spread his hands like he wanted to hug and leaned against Fu Yuanchuan’s face.

He gently kissed him.


Take care of your safety and protect yourself.

Fu Yuanchuan was completely unresponsive.

Apart from that kiss against his fingertip at the mermaid breeding base, the little mermaid never kissed him again.

But this time……it wasn’t a kiss to his fingertip but……

Fu Yuanchuan felt a warmth in his heart.

The little mermaid sat in his hand, the tip of his tail wrapped around his wrist and gently rubbed against it.

He was as well-behaved and cute as always.


Fu Yuanchuan spoke softly, “I’ll bring you delicious food when I come back.”

With that said, he was somewhat reluctant to put the little mermaid into the fish tank in the living room.

This way, he could see the little mermaid at first sight when he returned.

After settling the little mermaid, Fu Yuanchuan got up and said “If there is anything wrong with the mermaid, contact me immediately.”

Shi Kaixin patted his chest and promised, “Don’t worry Boss, I will definitely take good care of him.”

Jun Qingyu also waved from the fish tank, “Ee~ya!”

Come back earlier!

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid with a particularly gentle look, with a slight smile on his face.

He said, “See you tonight.”


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