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Chapter 60

Jun Qingyu’s eyes widened suddenly and he raised his hand instinctively but was caught by the wrist.

Fu Yuanchuan tasted the cream unhurriedly until he kissed the last little bit of it off his cheek, “Is there any more”

“No, no more.”

“Wash up and change your clothes.”

Jun Qingyu nodded woodenly but before he could leave, he was carried by Fu Yuanchuan by the waist.

At that instant, Jun Qingyu consciously looked around the living room.

There was no one in the living room and no one would come down on patrol until a shift change.

Jun Qingyu breathed a sigh of relief.

He turned back, leaned on Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder and rubbed all the cream on his hair onto Fu Yuanchuan’s clothes.

Aware of the little fish’s childish little act, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t say anything.

He carried the little fish up the stairs, settled him in the bathroom and adjusted the thermostat in the bathroom while he was at it.

Though there was no more cream on him, there was still a lot of cream on his clothes.

Jun Qingyu unbuttoned his jacket, planning to take it off first.

He then heard the sound of the bathroom door closing.

He didn’t care too much about it and just assumed that Fu Yuanchuan had helped him to close the door as he went out.

But then there was a ‘click’. 

It seemed to be the sound of the bathroom door getting locked.

He turned his head in astonishment. 

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t go out.


Fu Yuanchuan placed his coat on the shelf and said in a baritone, “We’ll do it together.”

The dinner prepared by Jun Qingyu was still left on the table.

When Fu Yuanchuan went downstairs, the dishes on the table were already cold.

There were a lot of dishes, but it was not easy to digest when one ate too much at this hour before going to bed.

Thus he picked some dishes that the little fish liked, reheated them and brought them upstairs.

In the bedroom, Jun Qingyu buried himself in the quilt.

It wasn’t known if it was because the quilt was not airtight or the warmth retention was too good, he didn’t hide for long before his face felt a little warm.

Fu Yuanchuan put down the dishes and patted the little fish who was under the blanket, “Get up and have something to eat”

 The little fish’s muffled voice came from inside, “I was sleeping.”

Fu Yuanchuan smiled and said, “If you don’t come out, I’ll lift your quilt.”

Jun Qingyu snorted softly and sat up at a snail’s pace.

He didn’t remove the quilt hanging on his head and it was like he was wearing a thin cloak.

That movement implicated his legs and there was inevitably a stinging sensation.

Jun Qingyu knitted his brows.

He glanced down but he didn’t see any traces, he could only see that some ointment had been applied.

There was also a faint scent of medicine.

Even though it wasn’t done till the end earlier in the bathroom, Jun Qingyu still had a bit of a backache and pain in his legs, which might have something to do with him standing for too long.

Plus, he didn’t get any sleep yesterday night, now he felt somewhat sleepy when he sat up.

Fu Yuanchuan sat on the edge of the bed and set up a wooden table in position, “Eat less.

You should rest once you’re done eating.”

Time went by so quickly and before you knew it, it was early in the morning once more.

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

He drank lesser porridge and didn’t eat anymore.

Once Fu Yuanchuan was done eating, he helped to clear the table.

The robot that delivered the dishes waited at the bedroom door and once one placed any plates on it, the robot would automatically carry the dishes and put them into the dishwater.

Just as Fu Yuanchuan placed the plates down, he turned around and saw the little fish lying on his side on the bed.

The little fish smiled as he patted the vacant space next to him.

Thinking about the way the little fish was telling him to stop with his red-rimmed eyes before, Fu Yuanchuan couldn’t help shaking his head.

Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan was motionless, Jun Qingyu urged, “Come here, quick.

It’s time to sleep.”

“I’m coming over.”

After a busy day and night, Jun Qingyu came over and pillowed Fu Yuanchuan’s arm as soon as he laid down.

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved like a crescent moon as he said, “Good night.”

The sensor light in the room went out at that moment.

Fu Yuanchuan drew his arms together to hug the little fish in a tight embrace and said softly, “Good night.”

The imperial leader called all of the marshals in for a meeting and the meeting hours weren’t short, but it was of little practical use.

Or rather, he had a notion but the marshals didn’t buy it.

Jun Qingyu leaned against the headboard, surfing the Internet and swiping a few times but nothing new came out.

He looked at Fu Yuanchuan, who was busy at his desk and he thought for a while before he walked over.

“What’s wrong” Fu Yuanchuan saw him coming over and instantly carried the little fish onto his lap, “Your legs don’t hurt anymore”

The little fish went to bed late yesterday and it was already afternoon when he got up.

He kept stating that his legs hurt and so, Fu Yuanchuan helped him to apply some ointment and made him rest in bed.

Jun Qingyu shook his head and asked, “What’s the purpose of the old man for holding this meeting Does he really want you to suppress it by force”

“More or less, but he didn’t state it explicitly.” It was just that there was an insinuation in his words, which was inseparable from this matter, but those who could reach the position of a marshal were not stupid and no one answered him at all.

Jun Qingyu mulled over it.

Since the imperial leader called for all the marshals, needless to say, they would not involve themselves in that matter, “What about Marshal Tordis’ robot Did he not ask for it back”

“He didn’t dare to ask for it openly.”

If he asked for the robot at this juncture, wouldn’t it mean that he had something to do with the Planet M experiment

Fu Yuanchuan said, “He has hinted it a few times but he was silenced by Tordis with ‘This was what he should do to share the worries of the empire’.”

Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows.

He could even think of how awkward of a scene it was then.

Even if you knew that the other party was pretending to be stupid, you couldn’t do anything about it in that situation.

“He deserves it.” Jun Qingyu was naturally happy to see their opponent cornered.

Yet if he thought more about it, the follow-up development might not be as good as one wished.

Jun Qingyu was a little concerned as he said, “But if there are no results on this end, he should be making a move on the other end with the mermaid breeding base soon.”

He hoped that the person in charge of the mermaid breeding base had some brains and did not really implicate the mermaid breeding base.

But with what they did before, it was unlikely that they were not involved.

Fu Yuanchuan opened the website he had browsed before and said, “There’s something.”

“Huh” Jun Qingyu was stunned. 

Was he for real That was quick.

After looking at the time stamp, the news was already out while they were sleeping.

However, it had nothing to do with the mermaid breeding base.

It was about the outbreak of mental energy illness in the residential areas and it was not suggested that the outbreak of illness this time was deliberately done by someone who brought an item which caused the illness in the residential area; it was briefly summarised with a sentence of interstellar radiation.

If that happened, those who saw that news would definitely start to get anxious.

There was no way around interstellar radiation for everyone.

Wouldn’t they get sick if they got exposed to too much radiation

After a shift in their line of sight, the short-lived enthusiasm almost overwhelmed the news about Planet M’s laboratory.

Jun Qingyu’s expression was slightly cold, “They caused this issue themselves and wanted to use it to frame you but in the end, it became their lifeline.”

Fu Yuanchuan patted the little fish lightly on his back and coaxed, “Don’t be angry.”

“Send me your login credentials.” Jun Qingyu didn’t bother to get angry with them.

At this point in time, their follow-up actions should basically not be much different from what he had guessed.


Fu Yuanchuan’s account was not often used or rather, he had hardly been on it for a few times.

The most recent message on it was a few years ago.

He couldn’t care less about it.

If the little fish wanted it, he would just give it to him.

Jun Qingyu logged on to Fu Yuanchuan’s account and he wasn’t in a rush to use this account to post any news.

With Fu Yuanchuan’s private account, the act of account number theft did not exist for a specially bound account like this.

Thus anything he posted was equivalent to what Fu Yuanchuan said himself and he had to be prudent with his words.

After he was done with his account, Jun Qingyu thought for a while and said, “I want to open up that dessert store.”

“Wouldn’t it be too tiring” Fu Yuanchuan obviously would not object to what the little fish wanted to do, but the idea of opening up was making it available to the general public and there would definitely be more people coming.

Due to the peculiarity of spring water, it was best not to let anyone get their hands on it.

If there were too many customers coming, it would inevitably be a lot of work.

“No, we’ll attach the utmost importance to the patients in the residential areas when the time comes.”

Mermaids were not sold to civilians.

As long as there were no triggering factors, there was a high chance that they would not fall ill.

They had been fine all these years.

It was just that something happened this time and some might come to purchase them because they were afraid.

When opening the store, things must be made clear in advance and one should also be able to control the flow of customers.

Fu Yuanchuan nodded and said, “Mhm, just take care of the dessert store.

I’ll take care of the rest.”

“Alright!” Jun Qingyu raised his head and kissed him, “Thank you for your hard work.”

Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Do your legs still hurt”

“Mmm…It doesn’t hurt anymore.” Honestly, there was still a bit of a stinging sensation.

After all, his skin was scrapped, but mermaids had a strong recovery ability.

Besides, it was not such a big issue in itself, so Jun Qingyu didn’t say that it hurt.

Seeing the little fish’s hesitant look, Fu Yuanchuan nodded, turned off his computer and said, “Let’s go.”

“Huh Are we going out” Jun Qingyu followed after in doubt.

He remembered that he didn’t seem to have any plans to go out today.

“Let’s go underground.” Fu Yuanchuan had just checked the information on the Internet and said, “For mermaids, they’ll recover faster after soaking in water.”

“Let’s go and soak for a while.” Jun Qingyu had been a human for a long time and he only remembered that wounds should not get wet.

If soaking in water could make his wounds recover faster, it would be good to go down for a dip.

Jun Qingyu felt that he hadn’t gone underground for a long time and if he didn’t go, such a big pool would be abandoned; it was a pity.

The underground pool was equipped with a water filtration system so that the water would always be clear.

Fu Yuanchuan went to change his clothes and Jun Qingyu went directly into the water to differentiate into his fishtail.

The wounded area originally had a stinging sensation.

After getting into the water, there was indeed no pain at all, but a fishtail was more convenient underwater.

With Jun Qingyu’s current control over his universal life energy, no matter what kind of bodily transformation, it could be controlled easily.

To prevent Fu Yuanchuan’s inherent impression of little mermaids from being too strong, he deliberately avoided becoming a little mermaid in front of Fu Yuanchuan.

Now, there would be no such concern.

But compared to a little mermaid, he still preferred the appearance of a big mermaid, so that he could hug Fu Yuanchuan.

While thinking about it, some noise came from the dressing room above.

Jun Qingyu thought for a while before he dived underwater.

Even if there was something added in the water, one could not see what was underwater when they stood above water.

Mermaids swam extremely fast and they could move about without incurring a splash by swinging their tails lightly.

When Fu Yuanchuan walked out and he didn’t see Jun Qingyu, he didn’t dive into the water immediately, “Little fish”

At this moment, something vague rose up to the undulating water surface.

Fu Yuanchuan squatted by the shore and reached his hand out to pick it up.

The next moment, Jun Qingyu suddenly appeared from the water, “Eeeeeeee——!”


The pool rippled with Jun Qingyu in the centre.

He smiled and looked up at Fu Yuanchuan, “Did you get a scare”

Fu Yuanchuan reached out to tidy up strands of hair on his cheek before he nodded solemnly and said, “Mhm, I got a scare.”

After a pause, he added, “I’m very scared.”

As he spoke, Fu Yuanchuan sat down on the shore.

Jun Qingyu seize the opportunity to swim over, crossed his arms and placed them on his lap.

He pouted, “It’s so perfunctory.”

“Then let’s do it again.” Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while, “Will it pass if I got so scared that I fell into the water”


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