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Chapter 61

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved like a crescent moon and the smile on his face become more prominent, and he said mischievously, “Then remember to rotate 360 in the air, this way it’ll look better and be very in line with feeling surprised.”

It was just that the edge of the pool was a little close to the water surface and he might fall straight into the water before taking any action.

“Ok.” Fu Yuanchuan looked at the smiling little mermaid on his lap and lifted his hand to help him up.

“Hmm” Jun Qingyu straightened up with his strength, “You’re not really going to turn around in the air…Wah!”

Fu Yuanchuan crouched down and dived into the depths of the water.

Jun Qingyu was lying downwards, with a series of dense small bubbles floating upward by his ears.

He was at a loss and subconsciously wrapped Fu Yuanchuan’s calf with the tip of his tail.

The inertia caused him to involuntarily sink down, and Jun Qingyu felt like he had touched the bottom of the pool and he began to float up once more the next moment.

Fu Yuanchuan looked down to glance at his slightly trembling fishtail.

The fishtail of a mermaid was used to attack and even the attack power of a little mermaid of the size of a palm was not low.

The first reaction of the little fish was not to use his fishtail to attack but to wrap it around him.

He gradually began to float upwards.

Jun Qingyu, who had regained his senses, had his arms wrapped around Fu Yuanchuan’s neck.

He pulled him back to the bottom of the water and spat bubbles at him with a smile.

Fu Yuanchuan hugged him as he swam forward and Jun Qingyu swung his tail from time to time but he stuck to Fu Yuanchuan most of the time.

Compared to mermaids who could stay in the water for a long duration of time, Fu Yuanchuan had to surface to take a breath when swimming.

While he was taking a breath, Jun Qingyu lay on his shoulders, leaned forward to give him a kiss, “Are you tired”

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head and stayed by the shore with his arms around his mermaid, “Do your legs feel better”

Jun Qingyu said, “I didn’t feel anything after I went into the water.”

To be precise, after his legs changed into a fishtail, he didn’t feel anything anymore.

Fu Yuanchuan glanced at the time and said, “Soak for another half an hour.”


When he was in the water, Jun Qingyu never went off swimming on his own but was always together with Fu Yuanchuan and had him swim with him.

It was getting dark outside, thinking that the little fish had often stayed up late these past few days and must have insufficient sleep, he carried the little fish upstairs ahead of time.

Jun Qingyu didn’t change his clothes and his legs were still in the form of a fishtail, “Put me on a soft chair.” 

His fishtail was still dripping with water.

Just after recovering my legs, he could take a bath and go to sleep.

“Ok.” Fu Yuanchuan carried the little fish over and turned around to get something.

Jun Qingyu simply thought he was going to get some clothes, but when he saw the ointment in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand when he came back, he was taken aback and didn’t react for a while.

Fu Yuanchuan squatted in front of him and said, “I’ll apply the ointment.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

In an instant, Jun Qingyu’s face flushed and he said, “It’s better already.”

“Be good.”

Water was not medicine and it was true that mermaids would recover faster from their injury in the water but it would not be healed immediately after soaking in water.

After soaking in water and applying medicine on time, the traces disappeared within a few days.

When he was having breakfast in the morning, Shi Kaixin hurried over and stood in front of the dining room door.

He didn’t even greet Jun Qingyu who had his back to him and he said in a hurry, “Marshal, something has happened.”

Jun Qingyu leisurely chewed a small steamed bun.

Hearing that, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t worry too much.

It had been so quiet these few days, it would only be a problem if nothing had happened.

Putting the peeled eggs in the little fish’s bowl, Fu Yuanchuan wiped his hands and said, “Eat first, I’ll be back later.”

“Okay, go ahead.”

As he watched Fu Yuanchuan and Shi Kaixin go upstairs, Jun Qingyu thought about it and put down his tableware to open his light brain.

The imperial leader seemed to have made up his mind to clean up his image among the people.

Something major had happened and it was impossible for there to be no news on the Internet.

There had been no major movement these past few days, but the matter of the illness in the residential area was so turbulent that it couldn’t be suppressed.

Looking at the most discussed news above, he clicked on it.

Sure enough, the mermaid breeding base came forward with a post.

Mermaid breeding base official page: [Due to the particularity of little mermaids, we have never opened the purchase rights to the public.]

[Previously, the imperial leader and Mr Fu proposed to us several times to expand the purchasing authority of little mermaids but after weighing the pros and cons, they were all rejected.

The mermaid breeding base is a private institution, Mr Fu didn’t speak about it anymore after we refused.]

[But this time, Mr Fu came to us several times and just wanted to buy little mermaids in a private capacity to help people in residential areas, and we were moved by Mr Fu’s sincerity.]

[After discussion, the senior management decided to sell some of the little mermaids to Mr Fu at a low price.

This can be regarded as the contribution of the mermaid breeding base to this incident.]


In the lengthy post, their words were all about Mr Fu’s difficulties.

Jun Qingyu scoffed at this.

The imperial leader wanted a private institution to sell things but he still had to be subservient

What are you selling

Although it was shameless, it had to be said to be effective.

The public relations department could find some accounts and take pictures of the imperial leader going to the mermaid breeding base and post them online.

Perhaps it was because the unattainable image of the mermaid breeding base was too deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, many of the hired comments were leading in a direction that was not easy for the imperial leader.

Later, there were more remarks that the imperial leader did not have much private property, and most of the money was used for the construction of the empire.

Jun Qingyu scrolled down and he had a problem clicking on these accounts.

There was actually a real person commenting: [For such a long time, courageous people have long asked the mermaid breeding base to give up the mermaids.

It is interesting to act]

The replies below, without exception, were all criticising him.

[You want to eat apples but don’t want to buy them, can you snatch them just because of your high status]

[Don’t you know how much little mermaids costs Even the low price is a sky-high price for us, you really don’t know how to be grateful.]

[The mermaid breeding base belongs to the entire interstellar and it is only built in the empire.

In fact, coverage of exchanges involves the federation and it is also protected by heavy machinery.

Even if you are in a high position, it does not mean that you can snatch it even if you say so, ok Do you consider the federation as dead It’s already great that they leave you a lifeline!]

Jun Qingyu didn’t know where the mermaid breeding base belonged.

If it weren’t for the fact that the base was involved in this matter, he might not have noticed anything.

However, if it was really like what this comment had stated, it would not be easy to snatch one.

Jun Qingyu didn’t read the comments further down, half-truths were mixed in it and he was too lazy to distinguish between what was true and false.

Moreover, after a few days of fear and helplessness when you suspected that you were about to die, someone appeared and told you that they had a way to save you.

Even if it was a glimmer of hope, you would choose to believe him.

Jun Qingyu was using a side account to read the news so he casually gave this comment a like and closed it.

He wanted to release that news, but he also had to consider what to do if the imperial leader instigated inflammatory remarks online in the comment section.

After thinking about it, Jun Qingyu opened the chat box he had with Wen Chengyao.

Considering that he cheated on Wen Chengyao once last time, Jun Qingyu said quite politely in the beginning: [How are you doing]

Wen Chengyao: [Great, couldn’t be better.]

He answered in a matter of seconds and his gnashing of teeth from anger came through the screen.

Jun Qingyu: [I need your help with something, do you have time]

Wen Chengyao, who hid on a remote planet for vacation, [What matter]

Jun Qingyu sent the videos and photos to him, [Try to bring up M Planet laboratory when exposing them.]

Didn’t the imperial leader want to suppress it Then he would direct all their attention to the laboratory.

After much thought, it was better to spread this news through the hands of the interstellar pirates.

Firstly, it was easy to bring up M Planet and it would not appear too abrupt.

Secondly, they would not be caught by others and it would be safer.

Wen Chengyao: [When will it be released]

Jun Qingyu thought for a while, [As soon as possible.]

This matter should not continue to fester.

It was about time.

Wen Chengyao: [Ok.

Remember to give me a raise.]

Jun Qingyu: [There will be no raise in your salary but if the news is released, you should be able to increase your worth on the wanted list.]

Wen Chengyao: []

That’s mean of you.

“What are you watching so happily” Yuanchuan had finished his video conference and when he came back, he saw Jun Qingyu looking at his light brain and smiling happily.

“Online news.” Jun Qingyu thought about what he said to Fu Yuanchuan the previous time, that the cooperation with interstellar pirates was a one-time matter, so he didn’t mention the matter with Wen Chengyao.

“Where’s Shi Kaixin”

“He’s busy with his assignment.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

He thought that when the news from Wen Chengyao was released, the mermaid breeding base and the imperial leader would get roasted and Fu Yuanchuan could relax a bit then.

“You are responsible for the opening of the dessert store, leave the public opinion online to me.”

The matter that Shi Kaixin had just rushed over to discuss, should also have something to do with the online news.

“Ok.” From the time Jun Qingyu asked for his account, Fu Yuanchuan could vaguely guess what the little fish wanted to do.

He had never asked the little fish what he wanted to do, even if he got into trouble, he was still around.

Not to mention, the little fish had always been tactful.

Jun Qingyu gave him a new bowl of hot porridge and put it down, “But then again, if the mermaid breeding base refuses to hand over the mermaids, the imperial leader really has no other way to make them hand over the mermaids”

It could be said that Fu Yuanchuan had a lot of dealings with the mermaid breeding base, “The structure of the mermaid breeding base is very complex.

It would be tedious if one didn’t have a personal connection but it’s not completely impossible.”

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

That’s right, the mere fact that they opened up the rights to civilians was very abnormal and despotic clauses were not enough to describe it.

But…it’s up to him.

It was an indisputable fact that the mermaid breeding base stepped forward to help the imperial leader.

Jun Qingyu drank some herbal tea and thought for a while before he said, “After dinner, let’s go to the dessert store.”

The size of the store was only as such.

Even though the space next to it could also be opened, the area was too large and it would be difficult to manage.

On top of that, the imperial leader would definitely not sit idly by at that point in time.

They dared not to do anything on the surface, but their dirty tricks in private would inevitably not stop.

Fu Yuanchuan looked out of the window, it was still raining but since the little fish suggested going out, he naturally agreed, “Okay.”

“I’ll change my clothes first.”


It was raining quite heavily outside.

This bout of rain was strange.

It was reasonable to say that there should be less rain in this season instead.

According to the weather forecast, the temperature would drop sharply after today and it might even be the last rain shower of the year.

Jun Qingyu squinted his eyes as he looked at the rain outside, it was so heavy that he couldn’t see the road.

The air was full of the fresh feeling of nature, a feeling which he liked very much.

Just as he was about to reach out to touch the rain, a shadow cast over him.

Jun Qingyu blinked and turned to look at Fu Yuanchuan who was holding an umbrella.

“Let’s go.”

The car halted just under the front steps, just a few steps away.

Fu Yuanchuan stood beside Jun Qingyu with an umbrella, looking at the stagnant water on the steps and the shoes of the little fish.

He said, “Little fish, come over here.”

“Hmm” Jun Qingyu stopped immediately after hearing those words, “What’s wrong”

Fu Yuanchuan handed the umbrella to the little fish, carried him up and walked into the rain, “It’s nothing, hold onto me.”


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