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Chapter 62

Jun Qingyu lifted up the umbrella to put it over their heads.

An interstellar umbrella was very large and light, such that basically no weight would be felt when it got lifted up, and it would also not be affected by the wind blowing over.

After entering the car, the umbrella would even fold up automatically and the water on the surface of the umbrella would automatically be gathered into the box so that it would not spill all over the floor.

Fu Yuanchuan took the umbrella, placed it aside and started the autonomous driving system of the suspension car.

Even when the roads could not be seen on a rainy day, the autonomous driving system could use its computer program to distinguish the route and depend on the obstacle avoidance system to avoid other vehicles on the road.

Jun Qingyu held Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and wiped the rainwater off his hands with a tissue, “Aren’t you going to ask me why I suddenly want to open a store”

Fu Yuanchuan held the little fish’s hand in his hands and fiddled with it, and he said lightly, “What’s there to ask”

Jun Qingyu rubbed his curled fingers against his palm, “Aren’t you curious at all”

“Nope.” Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while and said, “You do whatever you want to, I got your back.”

Jun Qingyu blinked lightly, he was just curious about Fu Yuanchuan’s reaction, but he didn’t expect to get such a guarantee.

It was like he was condoning him to get into trouble in front of him, whatever the case, Fu Yuanchuan would help him to tie up the loose ends.

Jun Qingyu tilted his head with a smile and said, “When the dessert store is opened, I want to release its news under your name.”

“Under my name” Fu Yuanchuan frowned, “You’re not using your own”

If the store was opened before under his name, it would protect the little fish from being discovered by the imperial leader.

But now he was opening a store to save people and the imperial leader did not dare to confront him, so he could let the little fish open a store under his own name to save people.

The matter of them opening a store was to go against the imperial leader and there was no need to hide it at all.

There was no need to open the store in his name.

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “I want to use yours.”

Fu Yuanchuan touched his hair and didn’t say anything more about this issue.

There was still time to change it when the time came.

It was raining heavily outside and from the car, they had no idea where they were outside.

They only knew they had arrived when the car stopped.

When they got out of the car, Fu Yuanchuan went down first and then carried the little fish all the way into the store.

The rain was so heavy that there would inevitably be water accumulated on the ground.

A great portion of the shoes Jun Qingyu wore was white in colour and it would be very obvious if they got dirty even by a bit.

Fortunately, the door lock of the dessert store had an identification system; otherwise, it would be difficult as they stood at the door, in the rain, while getting the key.

Despite the fact that Jun Qingyu had not been to the dessert store for a duration of time, the store was spick and span; someone had come to clean it.

The local interstellar fruits and vegetables at the back were also included and the back was full of them.

The interstellar fruits had always been wrinkly and Jun Qingyu didn’t know how to distinguish whether they were fresh.

In any case, the taste was unchanged and as bad as ever.

If he gave them to those patients in the residential area to eat, he wouldn’t add in any interstellar fruits, using spring water and the fruits in his space could make them better faster.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the tables and chairs that were neatly arranged.

He thought for a while before he asked, “Do I need to buy a few robots”

To be responsible for serving dishes and cleaning.

“You don’t have to.” Jun Qingyu didn’t like robots very much, “Once they’ve finished their meal, they can see themselves out.”

This was what he did to Wen Chengyao and his sister.

After ordering their meal, it would not be delivered to their table and they could just take it themselves.

This was also more convenient.

“If you have anything you would like, tell me.” Fu Yuanchuan also thought what Jun Qingyu had said would make it more convenient.

It wouldn’t be good if there were too many people and the robots had no room to move.

“Alright.” Jun Qingyu made two cups of fruit juice, “I feel that the store is already perfect.”

There was no shortage of anything, mainly because everything was thought out at the beginning of the renovation, and there would naturally be less to be added later.

Just a little bit of tidying up and he would be ready to open the store.

With nothing to do now, Jun Qingyu had an idea in his mind.

He opened the menu on the table and pushed it to Fu Yuanchuan with a smile as he said, “This customer, do you have anything you would like to eat I’ll be taking your order.”

The menu was the version finalised by Fu Yuanchuan after repeated checks and he didn’t need to look through them to know what was on them.

He looked at the little fish without blinking, tapped on the menu with his fingertips and asked, “Are they all vegetarian”

The selling point of the dessert store was fruits and vegetables.

It was only natural to be…vegetarian.

“Mmm, there’s bacon in the sandwiches.” Jun Qingyu turned to the page with sandwiches.

“Is there any fish” Fu Yuanchuan closed the menu and said casually, “Recently, I prefer to eat seafood.”

“Ahem.” Jun Qingyu said solemnly, “Eating too much fish is not good for your health, and you need a combination of meat and vegetables to achieve a nutritionally balanced meal.”

Fu Yuanchuan nodded, then asked again, “Is it bad for health or is it bad for the fish”

Jun Qingyu held the menu and covered his flushed face, “…Of course, it’s not good for you.”

“That means the fish thinks it’s ok”


While talking, they heard someone knocking on the door of the dessert store outside.

Jun Qingyu was stunned. 

Someone was knocking on the door at this hour

If they knocked on the door not long after he came in, Jun Qingyu could guess who had come without even looking.

Except for Wen Chengyao’s sister, no one else would come so punctually.

Yaoyao opened the door and walked in, she took off her shoe covers1and put them aside.

She was careful not to stain the floor.

She asked, “Excuse me, are you open now”

Jun Qingyu nodded and said, “You may sit down first.

It had been a long time since the last data recording and it was time to take in new universal life energy.

It was just that the data recorded could not be stopped after he got busy with it and he had to find a way to balance his time.

“Thank you.” Yaoyao bypassed the place where she used to sit and sat on a seat near the checkout counter.

Taking advantage of Fu Yuanchuan’s back facing Yaoyao, which obstructed his sight, Jun Qingyu leaned forward and kissed him.

He coaxed, “I’ll go prepare the dessert for her first.”

“I’ll help you.”


Yaoyao looked at the two of them inside and said softly, “Store owner, I have something I would like to discuss with you.

Could I trouble you to come over”

Hearing that, Jun Qingyu glanced at Fu Yuanchuan before he turned around and walked out.

“What’s wrong”

“My brother told me about the tasks you gave to him.”

Jun Qingyu said, “Ok, then”

“I have said this before.

I can tell you what you want to know but since you don’t want to ask me, I thought that it’s better for me to take the initiative to help you.

I have a way to tie that person to the laboratory at Planet M.

I have conclusive evidence.”

Seeing that Jun Qingyu didn’t speak, Yaoyao added, “Under the premise of not exposing Marshal Fu’s identity, I can make him inseparable from the experiment on Planet M.”

Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t disguise himself this time he came out and there was also no need to disguise himself anymore.

But…to crush the imperial leader under the condition of not exposing Fu Yuanchuan

Jun Qingyu was very interested in this proposal, “Your request.”

She was so sure of the matter and Jun Qingyu didn’t think that the other party would have nothing prepared at all; she should have thought about her bargaining chips in advance.

“To be a VIP of the store then.

I am not in good health and can’t do without any desserts from this store.” Yaoyao smiled and said, “I’ll pay according to the price on the menu.”

“That’s it”

Yaoyao nodded and said resolutely, “That’s it.”

“Deal.” Jun Qingyu didn’t hesitate either, “When I’m in the store, you can come anytime you want.”

Yaoyao also didn’t ask for any other paper or electronic contracts, she believed in the character of the store owner.

Now that their cooperation had been finalised, she didn’t hide it anymore and just said, “I am an experimental product of a generation but the experiment site was not at Planet M at that time.

In the beginning, I didn’t understand the task you gave to my brother.

It wasn’t until the Planet M incident came to light that I realised that you wanted to target that person.”

“My memory chip contains the scene of that person appearing at the experiment site.”

Jun Qingyu was taken aback, “So you’re a robot”

Yaoyao shook her head, “No, I am a relatively successful experimental product but I’m still a human.

Only my systemic aspects have been upgraded but this sort of improvement will consume my vitality over time and that’s why I’m so weak.”

Jun Qingyu asked, “If it was a relative success, that person didn’t look for you”

“That person has always been looking for me.” Yaoyao said helplessly, “It’s just that my brother has protected me very well.”

“Won’t you be exposing yourself to danger like this”

Yaoyao said, “He has been of high-standing and I am a real danger to him.

Rather than sneaking around, it’s much better to take my chances and what’s more, I think you’ll win.”

“I see.

For this matter, you can arrange it yourself, I’ll only look at the final result.” Jun Qingyu did not intend to intervene.

“I’ll take care of it.”

Back behind the checkout counter, Fu Yuanchuan was still cutting some fruits and while he was at it, he fed the little fish a piece of strawberry, “You’re done talking”

“Mhm.” Jun Qingyu bit the strawberry and pressed the soundproof button.

While he was talking to Yaoyao earlier, he was closer to this side and Fu Yuanchuan should have heard them.

Noticing Jun Qingyu’s movements, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “If you promised her like that, aren’t you afraid that she would turn against you and rat you out”

Jun Qingyu shook his head, “She won’t.”

He was certain Yaoyao wouldn’t do that.

Not to mention, Wen Chengyao had fallen out with the empire and just because Yaoyao wanted to live, she wouldn’t do something like this.

“I checked her physical condition earlier and I thought the treatment was a bit like a body made up by imagery; after stopping for a while, the issue would resurface again, so she has to keep eating the desserts here.”

The universal life energy that was eaten will be absorbed but it wouldn’t last long.

Jun Qingyu had never encountered such a situation before.

Perhaps the experiment had destroyed something in her and caused her to be unable to recover.

Listening to Yaoyao’s tone, she should be aware of it from the very beginning.

Fu Yuanchuan put the items he had prepared aside and said, “As long as you’re sure.”


Fu Yuanchuan wiped his hands and sat on a chair behind the checkout counter, “Let’s not mention this matter here for the time being Have you heard from Wen Chengyao’s end”

Jun Qingyu paused in his act of adding spring water to the desserts, thinking that Wen Chengyao should have exposed the mermaid breeding base, but he said, “What’s the matter”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “The interstellar pirates exposed that the mermaid breeding base is suspected of raising Zergs with mermaid eggs and tried to sell the mermaids raised in this way to the empire.”

Jun Qingyu blinked and looked at the light brain that was not turned off on the table, which showed exactly this news interface.

It should be the news that Fu Yuanchuan watched while cutting the fruits earlier.

He looked at Fu Yuanchuan behind him again, he sat silently with no expression on his face.

He felt Fu Yuanchuan should have guessed that he had cooperated with the interstellar pirates a second time.

As he thought of how Fu Yuanchuan emphasised it was a one-time thing before and he still promised him that…

Jun Qingyu went over and sat on his lap, looking at him aggrievedly, “Are you going to be mean to me now”

Fu Yuanchuan froze, “……”

The seriousness on his face could hardly be maintained.


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