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Jun Qingyu was caught off guard when he heard that sentence, and his eyes crashed into Fu Yuanchuan’s own—serious and determined—and his face flushed.

He took the menu with a light cough, handed it over to the customer and hurriedly said, “Please, your order.”

The boy came back to his senses and tension moments ago was now gone, “Ok, I’ll order…order a fruit and vegetable platter.”

Fu Yuanchuan entered the information into the system and said, “Are you a resident from the DC5 residential area You can get it free of charge by showing your ID.”

The boy promptly shook his head, “No, no, I’m not.

I just saw the news and came over to join in on the excitement.”

He paid as per the full amount, “I wanted to see what the marshal’s store looked like, but I didn’t expect to see the marshal in person.”

“You are my idol.

I have watched the documentary of the A1 battle several times.

Hehe, you’re so cool.”

The boy was a bit incoherent.

The marshal usually did not participate in any interviews and there were very few pictures of his face left out there.

Now that he had seen him in person, how could he not be excited

Fu Yuanchuan handed him a number plate, a small circular piece with a number, “Come and pick it up when your number is called.”

“Ok.” The boy was about to leave with the number plate but as soon as he had taken a step, he suddenly thought of something and said, “May the marshal and sir live a long and happy life together!”

“……” Jun Qingyu’s hand froze and he almost wasn’t able to hold the yoghurt firmly.

Fu Yuanchuan slowly raised one of his eyebrows, reached out to take the receipt and added a line to the printed receipt and said, “I’ll give you a cup of fruit and vegetable juice.”

The boy smiled heartily, “Thank you, Marshal.”

Jun Qingyu lowered his head, busy setting up the fruit and vegetable platter, pretending not to have heard what the two of them had said.

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little fish, who was pretending to be calm, not knowing that the red tips of his ears had already exposed him.

He smiled with his eyes but did not continue teasing him.

The quantity of the fruit and vegetable platter had been settled.

If they were not a resident of the DC5 residential area, spring water would temporarily not be used.

The universal life energy contained in the fruits and vegetables was enough to help them nourish their bodies.

The first platter was prepared quickly and their number would be automatically called out once it was placed on the table at the front.

When the boy heard his number being called, he came forth to get his food.

The fruit and vegetable platter was exquisitely presented and looked rather delicious, but he didn’t have any notions on things like fruits and vegetables. 

In spite of not being from the imperial noble family—whether it was a high or low social status—he still has an aristocrat title; it was only natural for him to have a share of the fruits and vegetables distributed in the empire.

It was unpalatable and was not fresh.

Sometimes he had to add lots of sugar while extracting the juice to neutralise the taste.

If it weren’t for the health benefits from eating them, he wouldn’t even drink that unpleasant thing.

Since he had already bought it and the store did not allow any wastage, the boy planned to grit his teeth and consume it.

He used a fork outright to string up each fruit and vegetable, and then ate them in one bite.

He stuffed his mouth full and planned to swallow it but after chewing it for a little while, he was stunned.

The vegetables were not bitter at all and the crisp leaves were slightly sweet.

Apart from the vegetables, the taste of the fruits was amazing.

They weren’t dry like the usual ones he ate, which was like chewing on plaster but rather, they were juicy and sweet.

The taste in a single bite was unbelievable.

It turned out it wasn’t joke when the marshal said he had cultivated a new breed of fruits and vegetables, nor was it the kind that looked juicy and good-looking on the surface, but it actually amounted to nothing.

It was really delicious!

The boy arranged the fruits and vegetables with his fork, took a photo with his light brain and uploaded it onto his ID account.

[It’s scrumptious!!! I recommend it like crazy!]

After posting it, he happily continued to eat the rest of the fruits and vegetables but instead of stuffing it all into a big mouthful before, he took his time eating them.

Each kind of vegetable and fruit tasted different when eaten separately, either way, they were all delicious.

The boy immediately got up, wishing to order more, “Marshal! Is it possible to add more desserts right now”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “You have to queue up.”

“Ah…well.” The boy looked at all those people outside and thought that he would pass, “I’ll come back tomorrow.”

The seats in the store were filled and the people outside were not allowed to come in to order food for the time being.

It wasn’t very busy and it wasn’t bad to open the store at a slow pace.

Nevertheless, Jun Qingyu looked at the people outside and couldn’t abstain from wondering, “Didn’t you say only 50 people will be accepted I think there seem to be more than 50 people outside.”

Fu Yuanchuan put the freshly cut apples aside and said, “It doesn’t matter, we’ll only sell 50 portions.”

There was no triggering factor that caused the illness.

Those who lived on a planet all year round, hardly moving around in the interstellar, would basically not be exposed to too much radiation.

Except for residents in the DC5 residential area, others might just come to buy some to give themselves peace of mind, or it was nothing more than curiosity bringing them here to see this dessert store.

Amongst the people who came in earlier, Fu Yuanchuan calculated that the number of people exempted from paying was equal to the number of sick residents in District DC5, and the number of sick people recorded in their data had already come.

In line with this, it was enough to receive 50 people as decided upon in the beginning.

The number of people set forth was many and the people accepted from the DC5 residential area were not included in these 50, equating to more than 50 people.

All the seats in the dessert store were occupied and if those who shared tables with others were included, there were almost 20 people.

Shi Kaixin followed the next group of people in line and said helplessly, “Marshal, the people queuing up outside won’t leave.”

Shi Kaixin had undoubtedly told them it would only be up to 50, but they still insisted on queuing up outside; he persuaded them so much that he had a parched throat.

Fu Yuanchuan said indifferently, “Tell them that the quantity of the fruits and vegetables are insufficient, and there are only 15 servings left, and the store will close when they are sold out.”

If they really continued selling, not following as promised at first, there would be no end to this.

People would come continuously and they might not be able to close the store.

Moreover…if they sold too much, it would be hard to explain the yield of fruits and vegetables.

The rules that should be there could not be changed just because someone said so.

Shi Kaixin nodded his head, “Alright, I’ll go out and tell them.”

The cut fruits and vegetables prepared before they opened for business were soon used up.

Before anyone came in to order their meal, Jun Qingyu took advantage of the cover from the table to take out some more fruits and vegetables.

While he was cutting the fruits and vegetables, Shi Kaixin and the others didn’t even touch them, all of it was cut by Fu Yuanchuan.

Since there were many people coming, the quantity of fruit and vegetables used would also be relatively more.

Fu Yuanchuan took the plate in the little fish’s hand, handed him a small bowl of slushie and said, “Go sit down, I’ll do the rest.”

There was no need to use any spring water, it was simply just plating or extracting fruit and vegetable juice, and he didn’t have to worry about the little fish being too busy.

Jun Qingyu didn’t even notice when Fu Yuanchuan had made the slushie.

He removed his mask to taste it, “Mmm…This tastes a bit like strawberry ice cream.”

Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Which one do you think is more delicious”

Jun Qingyu’s eyes bent like crescents.

Ice cream made with strawberry flavouring was incomparable to the slushie made from strawberries containing universal life energy, but instead of saying that it was delicious, he deliberately went into contemplation, “I kind of forgot what strawberry ice cream tastes like, I’ll try it when we go back and tell you.”

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t fall for it.

He cut the last of the fruits and vegetables, wiped his hands and said, “Then I don’t want to know.”

Jun Qingyu laughed abruptly and fed him a small spoonful of smoothie, “Try if it’s delicious or not”

Thereafter, when Fu Yuanchuan opened his mouth, he quickly retracted the spoon and ate that spoonful himself.

Fu Yuanchuan turned to look at the innocent little fish beside him, raised his hand to open the partition and the light inside the checkout counter dimmed in an instant.

Jun Qingyu vaguely realised something, but before he could react, Fu Yuanchuan kissed him.

His long eyelashes trembled slightly and he subconsciously accepted his approach.

It wasn’t a kiss, it was more of a probing touch and he even took a small bit of the strawberry slushie away when they parted.

“It’s delicious.”


Jun Qingyu’s lips were slightly opened and he seemed to be at a loss.

In response to that, Fu Yuanchuan wrapped his arms around the little fish and kissed the traces left on his lips, “Let’s set the opening hours of the store in the afternoon in the future.”


Desserts containing spring water were very effective.

As long as there was no irreversible damage done to the body like Yaoyao, they could usually recover after eating a small amount.

The residents of the DC5 residential area had eaten them once today and it didn’t matter if they didn’t consume them the second time.

The time was only extended due to the treatment of the illness and it was also the first time the store was opened.

Once their treatment was over, the time could be changed accordingly.

The last 15 servings got sold out very quickly and everyone in the store was eating the desserts earnestly.

Occasionally, someone would take photos with their light brains, but it didn’t take long either.

There were people queuing outside who wanted to come in, but Shi Kexin firmly advised them to go back.

Once the people at the last table in the store were finished, not many people were watching outside.

Jun Qingyu took quite a while to eat the small bowl of slushie and the last bit of it had melted.

Putting the bowl down, he asked, “The imperial leader didn’t contact you”

Fu Yuanchuan tapped his light brain, “He has been sending me messages and I can guess what he’s been saying.

I couldn’t be bothered and blocked him.”

Jun Qingyu heard a bit of arrogance in his words, “You’re not afraid that he’ll be angered and use force against you”

Everything they were doing now was under the premise that the other party would not fly into a rage out of humiliation and would not utilise the corps outright.

“He wouldn’t.” Fu Yuanchuan was sure of everything before he did anything, “When the fruits and vegetables were distributed to the corps before, some of the marshals contacted me, and some had a wait-and-see attitude.”

Fu Yuanchuan opened his light brain and showed his address list to the little fish, “This morning, I received messages from all the marshals in the empire, and under such circumstances, that person would not dare to act rashly.”

Wars generally take place in the interstellar universe and the soldiers of the corps bore the brunt of the radiation and a mermaid—a luxury that not everyone could have—naturally could not save them.

But in contrast, fruits and vegetables were easy to obtain and Fu Yuanchuan had announced to the public at this critical juncture, news of new experimental fruit and vegetable products; this significance was already clear.

There were no eternal enemies, only a relationship of paramount interests.

Not to mention, they had no grudges against Fu Yuanchuan and they did still speak with each other during the occasional meetings.

Each marshal’s corps was supported with their own expenses, and things that could be solved by cooperation and money, needless to say, they would avoid fighting.

The cost of truly fighting was more than buying things and nobody was that foolish.

Thus the imperial leader, who was in conflict with Fu Yuanchuan, appeared to be a little weak.

Jun Qingyu also thought it was rather good to settle this peacefully, “So have you agreed to collaborate with them”

The fruit and vegetable juice sold must be mixed with normal interstellar fruits and vegetables for juicing.

So long as they were not eaten in the store, those sold externally had to be mixed fruit and vegetable juice.

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “Not yet.”

“Why haven’t you replied Is it because you have misgivings” Jun Qingyu pondered; it might be some details that he didn’t notice himself.

On the contrary, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t have any misgivings, “Initially, I wanted to discuss with you before making a decision, but I have been busy throughout the day and so, I couldn’t find the time to tell you this.”

“Discuss it with me” Jun Qingyu was taken aback for a moment, “You can just decide for yourself.”

“That won’t do.” Fu Yuanchuan said as a matter of fact, “For such a major matter, it goes without saying that I have to ask my husband to make such a decision.”


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