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Fu Yuanchuan paused.

He took the little fish’s hand and said, “You should also eat something before taking a shower.”

“Ok.” Jun Qingyu responded with a bite, smiling as he said, “I’m going now.”

“Mhm, go on.”

Jun Qingyu promised nicely on the surface, but he didn’t really have much of an appetite at night.

He didn’t go downstairs to eat at all but rather, he went straight back to their room.

Jun Qingyu recalled as he looked at the marshals on parts of the screen earlier.

If there was really a collaboration, would there be enough fruits and vegetables from his space

In the past, there were many fruits and vegetables because the consumption could not keep up with the growth.

If the growth could not keep up with the consumption in the future, things would become a bit troublesome.

Jun Qingyu pondered.

There had to be a reasonable solution.

The dessert store represented Fu Yuanchuan’s attitude towards the masses.

In spite of being only a small store, fruits and vegetables containing universal life energy were opened to the masses even though the output was not high, this could precisely illustrate the situation.

Therefore, it was not a viable option to close it, but it was possible to quantify how much each person could order under the prerequisite of accepting only 50 people.

As for the fruit and vegetable juice supplied for the cooperation with the marshals, it was originally extracted from a mixture of interstellar fruits and vegetables, and fruits and vegetables from his space.

It seemed feasible to reduce the proportion of fruits and vegetables from his space.

The batch of fruits and vegetables given to Fu Yuanchuan the previous time to make fruit and vegetable juice for the corps had also not been used up yet.

He didn’t know what was the ratio used by the corps to make fruit and vegetable juice before, but it was obviously under the most effective and time-efficient scheme.

If they followed the ratio accordingly and counteract them in pairs, they should still be able to exercise control over the number of fruits and vegetables available for sale.

Primarily, it was normal to have less.

They did initially state that the output wasn’t high and the marshals should also be able to understand this.

After figuring out how to allocate them, Jun Qingyu recorded these down and was going to give them over to Fu Yuanchuan later so that he could make arrangements.

Once that was done, Jun Qingyu opened his light brain.

Originally, he planned to conclude the opening hours of the dessert store and some other requirements in the store; as a result, there was a series of message prompts once he turned it on, and his light brain almost crashed.

Because he wanted to get the word out, he used Fu Yuanchuan’s account.

When he had last seen the comment section, there was still discussion over the dessert store, but it changed this time he was online.

[There really is no harm without comparison.]

[Those people have been in a high position for a long time, and don’t know how to descend to the world of mere mortals.

If you want to save people, save them.

Don’t do some nonsensical things, ok]

[Checking in from the trending searches, I can’t help lamenting, the marshal is really working hard for the development of the empire while some people are committed to causing the downfall of the empire.]

[I have lost all hope in them.]


What were they talking about

Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows, wondering why he suddenly couldn’t understand them.

From the trending searches In line with this comment, Jun Qingyu went back to open the trending searches, and the one with the highest popularity was the post of clarification from the mermaid breeding base.

Mermaid Breeding Base: [We have been trying our best to help everyone, but we didn’t expect to be misunderstood by everyone because of an edited video.

We hope everyone has their own ability to dispute and not be led by the noose by people with an agenda in mind.]

[We will continue to implement the plan put forward prior.

Anyone interested can apply at the link below.

We solemnly promise that the little mermaid has no issues and will not, in any way, have any association with the Zergs.]

With a sincere tone and a clear explanation, they put themselves in the position of a victim of slander.

They let bygones be bygones and were still willing to provide mermaids.

By right, if they posted this post before the dessert store opened, perhaps it would have a certain effect, but since they posted at this time…

[Who needs your help]

[Hehe, you only popped out of nowhere once their illness got cured, isn’t that a bit too late]

[I am a resident of the DC5 residential area.

Looking at the post from the marshal’s side, I took my entire family to queue up early in the morning.

Adults have strong immunity, and after eating there once and going back to rest, they would feel fine.

The children still have some symptoms, and we plan to go there again tomorrow.

There is no other meaning in saying this here, I just want to say that if you really want to save people, it wouldn’t take so long.]

[Get out of the Empire with your Zergs, the Federation will be happy to accept you with open arms, understand]


This long article failed.

Perhaps it was beyond the expectations of the mermaid breeding base, but they were not like the imperial leader, who could pretend everything was well by deleting the comments, so they could only accept the scolding.

Jun Qingyu also tapped on the link and took a look.

A person had to register an account, fill in one’s information and book an appointment…A series of details.

If someone filled it out one by one, it would not be completed within an hour.

And after that, they had to choose a batch of people amongst those who had made an appointment to send to the mermaids for treatment.

Jun Qingyu: “……”

It was fine to let it be since it was delayed for such a long duration before.

The news had already broken out, but they still did a useless act like this here.

On the contrary, the dessert store acted so quick that they paled in comparison.

It was no wonder this long article would receive a scolding.

Their response was slow and they had many matters, coupled with doubts about whether there was something wrong with the mermaids.

People would definitely contemplate it.

If they truly went to get a mermaid, would they also become a part of their experiment

If this happened then, more would want to scold them.

At a time like this, the mermaid breeding base was still giving up airs.

Jun Qingyu closed the trending searches and posted the time frame that had been edited in the morning, and he got up to take a shower once he was done.

When Fu Yuanchuan came back from the meeting, he heard the sound of water in the bathroom when he entered through the door.

He glanced at the time, and thought about it before he took a bath towel and walked over.

The bathroom door wasn’t locked, and Fu Yuanchuan went in and locked the door.

The opening time of the dessert store changed to the afternoon, but there were still many people outside.

Everyone probably came in a hurry for the quota of 50.

He didn’t expect that there would be so many people after they queued up.

In the end, only those 50 at the front continued to queue up while everyone else dispersed and just wandered around the tourist attractions.

The first person who opened the door and came in was the boy who came in the first yesterday.

“Good afternoon! I’m here again, hehe…” The boy came in a hurry for the desserts this time and pointed to the menu without any delay to say, “I want these three plus a cup of fruit and vegetable juice.”

It was stipulated that a person could only order three kinds of dishes plus one kind of beverage.

When he saw the long article yesterday, he read the menu for a long time with his light brain, and then he decided on what he wanted to eat today.

It was all those he hadn’t eaten yesterday, and as for the rest he didn’t get to eat, he had to queue up for them another day.

“Can you finish them” Jun Qingyu looked at what he ordered, they were all relatively large platters, and the boy was alone.

The boy said repeatedly, “I’m able to finish them, I’m able to finish them.

I have a huge appetite.

Don’t worry, I won’t waste anything.”

If they wasted anything, they would be outright added to the blacklist and besides, the price of fruits and vegetables was not cheap.

It was fortunate to be able to feast on them, wouldn’t it be insane to buy them just to waste them.

Hearing that, Jun Qingyu immediately placed the order for him and then handed a small plate over to him.

The people who came in on the second day ordered more.

Most of them didn’t rush here for the excitement, they all came here just to eat desserts.

Fortunately, the quantity was fixed beforehand; otherwise, he feared that each person would order more than three servings.

As soon as the store was full, those queuing up outside would no longer enter inside.

When Jun Qingyu was free, he was surprised.

Did no one come to cause a disturbance after the store opened

It wasn’t possible for them to allow him to open the store peacefully, right Just a few laid in wait in the surroundings to collect information and the rest did nothing else

All the factions quieted down after talking about cooperation, but the imperial leader would by no means be silent.

Jun Qingyu thought he could meet someone who was deliberately looking for trouble, but nothing happened in the end.

Seeing that the little fish was rather quiet, Fu Yuanchuan couldn’t help but ask, “Something wrong”

Jun Qingyu pondered before he said, “Don’t you think everything is going a bit too seamlessly Everything is on course and there’s not a single incident.”

Everything was proceeding normally but at this critical juncture with conflicting interests, it seemed too abnormal instead.

There’s not even a single person causing a disturbance by thrashing this place

Fu Yuanchuan turned on the partition and sound insulation.

He lowered his head to make a smoothie for Jun Qingyu and said nonchalantly, “If you’re bored, you can ask Shi Kaixin to let a few in.”

Jun Qingyu: “……”

“Some people are not permitted entry.” When opening a store outside, Fu Yuanchuan didn’t want some people to affect the little fish’s mood, so he was very strict in personnel control.

Those who were problematic, those that might be problematic, and those suspected to be problematic went through strict checks; and those who could not be released would not be let off.

Jun Qingyu just feared someone was brewing a big event if no one was causing a disturbance at the moment.

Now that he knew it was Shi Kaixin controlling the situation outside, he shook his head, “It’s better not to let them in.”

It was good to have peace; he didn’t have to deal with those unreasonable customers.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t care much about these trivial matters.

He made a new-flavoured smoothie and handed it to Jun Qingyu, “After the store closes in a while, let’s go for a walk outside.”

“Here” Jun Qingyu thought for a while, there seemed to be nothing worth going to here.

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan said, “The attraction here has opened and it seems to be a botanical garden.”

“It’s open Didn’t it close down” Jun Qingyu recalled that when he came here yesterday, the tourist attraction nearby had its gate locked.

They thought fast on their feet and opened it

Fu Yuanchuan noticed it when they came, “They probably saw the flow of people here and did repairs that very night, and they were even moving potted plants inside in the morning.”

Apart from anything else, their speed in grasping the fervour was quite fast.

This kind of artificially built attraction generally required a lot of investment.

It had been abandoned for so long without any revenue.

Now that there was some influx of people, even if there was a continuous budget deficit, they had to grasp this opportunity.

Jun Qingyu thought for a moment.

There was nothing on after closing the store, so he said “Then let’s go and have a look.”

“All right.”

When the last table of customers left, Jun Qingyu glimpsed at the time.

The efficiency today was much higher than that of yesterday’s but because they came out late, he happened to see the sunset on the horizon when he went out at this time.

An orange-red hue illuminated half of the sky.

It wasn’t the same as what he had seen before, this one was more like a beacon of light.

At this time, people in the vicinity had mostly left.

A few people scattered around noticed Jun Qingyu walking out of the dessert store, and they wanted to step forth to ask about the dessert store, but after seeing Fu Yuanchuan by his side, they stopped in their steps in an instant and didn’t dare to step forward.

Looking at the gradually darkening sky, Fu Yuanchuan gripped the little fish’s hand and said, “It’s almost New Year.”

In the interstellar calendar year, the New Year was around December and Fu Yuanchuan used to spend the New Year on the battlefield in the past.

And after sustaining injuries, he stayed at home alone and didn’t have the time to celebrate this holiday with his life and death uncertain.

But this time, he was looking forward to this holiday.

Jun Qingyu had little concept of the New Year, but he rarely saw Fu Yuanchuan revealing such a look, and thus he couldn’t resist asking, “Are you looking forward to the New Year”

“No.” It was precisely the opposite.

The memories the New Year gave him were all gloomy, but it was different this time.

Fu Yuanchuan said softly, “What I look forward to is being with you.”

Let’s spend our first New Year together.


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