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Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows.

It was undoubtedly a trap to receive an invitation to a birthday banquet at this juncture.


Fu Yuanchuan didn’t attend such banquets before but now, he accepted the invite; he should have his own ideas.


If that was the case…


Jun Qingyu ate the last bit of the ice cream and said, “Let’s go choose our clothes.”


“All right.”



On the day of the birthday banquet.


Fu Yuanchuan assisted the little fish by straightening out his collar, smoothing out the creases on it with his fingertips.

As he looked at the little fish wearing formal clothes being reflected in the mirror, Fu Yuanchuan’s expression darkened slightly.


A white slim-fit formal wear that perfectly outlined his waistline.

The little fish’s waist was very thin and his height ratio was also good.


His long light golden hair dangling at his waist was slightly curled and he wore a silver domino mask with filaments of gold painted on his face.

His mouth was slightly pursed and a person couldn’t even see a shred of emotion on his face, giving people a sense of glacial indifference and unattainableness.


Jun Qingyu was simply thinking about something and only came to his senses when he felt a warmth on his waist.

He was stunned for a moment and there was still a bit of confusion in his eyes, “Hmm…”


Fu Yuanchuan lowered his head, kissed the little fish’s lips tenderly and coaxed, “Be good.”


They tried their clothes at noon, which delayed them for a while and they only went out when it was evening.


By subtracting the duration of their journey, they arrived just in time.


Before they got out of the car, Fu Yuanchuan exhorted, “Remember not to leave my side.”


Jun Qingyu nodded honestly.

With Fu Yuanchuan’s current status, there must be a lot of people who wanted to talk to him at the birthday banquet.

Though he did not like this kind of social occasion very much, but since Fu Yuanchuan has spoken, he would quietly tag along.


Shi Kaixin arrived first thing in the morning and he was waiting for the suspension car to arrive so that he could come forth to open the door, “Sir, Marshal.”


Fu Yuanchuan extended his hand out to help the little fish down and then he looked up at Shi Kaixin.


Shi Kaixin met Fu Yuanchuan’s gaze and nodded slowly.


“Let’s go.”




For the imperial leader’s birthday banquet, the nobility invited to attend would naturally not be late nor step right in just on the dot; most of them would choose to come early and wait in the hall.


By the time Jun Qingyu and those in his company arrived, there were already quite a number of people in the hall.



Recently, the dessert store was in the limelight and Fu Yuanchuan had closer relations with the marshals.

When the two of them came in, many people stopped what they were doing and looked over.


Apparently, they had a wait-and-see attitude.


The scenario right now and Marshal Tordis’ banquet that they attended previously were two completely different scenes.


While thinking about it, Jun Qingyu felt a warm touch on his hand, and he looked up at Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan asked softly, “Would you like to get something to eat”


Jun Qingyu shook his head.

He was afraid he would ruin his appetite from eating the food at the imperial leader’s birthday banquet.


With so many people here, it was unlikely for there to be an issue with the food, it was mere revulsion Jun Qingyu felt.


Just as he spoke, Marshal Tordis stepped out of the crowd and walked over.


The relationship between him and Fu Yuanchuan was now known to the outside world and it wasn’t a big deal for him to come here like this.


Marshal Tordis started with a sentence, “I thought you wouldn’t come today.”


First and foremost, with how Fu Yuanchuan treated the imperial leader in the past, how could he take the initiative to attend such a banquet


Taking advantage of the fact that the people in the vicinity did not dare to surround them, he said quickly in a whisper, “Today’s matter may not be trivial, you…”


“I know what I’m doing.”


After receiving this reply, Marshal Tordis felt relieved and nodded his head before he said, “That’s all I need to know.”


With that said, a smile reflected on his face.

Marshal Tordis looked at Jun Qingyu who was next to Fu Yuanchuan and then he stated whilst adorning a smile, “You sure nailed it.

I knew you never had anyone by your side, and it has only been this long and you already have a person to call your significant other.

A happy occasion is just right around the corner, right”


Everything concerning the dessert store could be searched on the Internet and as the only staff of the store, he was obviously the target of attention for many parties.


Furthermore, with Fu Yuanchuan’s lines of ‘It’s a store that Marshal Fu and his man opened together’, many people were discussing this on the Internet, and even dedicated CP fans have appeared.


It could be seen how popular it was.


Fu Yuanchuan had never hid Jun Qingyu’s existence.

Even in a crisis, whether you hid it or not, it was absolutely impossible to hide the information of a person within the radius of the empire.

Not to mention, Jun Qingyu could only hide and not step out of the house in this case.


It was much better to tell you that there was such a person out in the open and not hide your concern for him, then if you touched him, I will fight to the bitter end with you.


This way, not only could Jun Qingyu have a wider range of activities, he would also be relatively safe.


Fu Yuanchuan’s finger situated on Jun Qingyu’s waist gave it a light tap and he said in a good mood, “Remember to come to the wedding.”


Jun Qingyu was flabbergasted.

He raised his eyes and glanced at Fu Yuanchuan, but he didn’t see any playfulness in his eyes.


He was serious and said this very seriously.


Marshal Tordis responded with a smile, “Don’t worry, I’ll certainly go.”


Fu Yuanchuan did not painstakingly lower his voice and the people to the side were listening with their ears pricked up.

Now that they had encountered such a huge topic, they looked at each other in dismay as they wanted to come right up to make an appearance.


But before they could step forth, a man with a marshal’s epaulettes walked over.


Jun Qingyu’s memory wasn’t bad and he could tell immediately after taking a glimpse that he was not amongst the marshals in the last video conference with Fu Yuanchuan.


“Marshal Fu, long time no see.”


Fu Yuanchuan said lightly, “Horox.”


It looked like he was greeting the other marshal but in fact, he was speaking to Jun Qingyu.


Jun Qingyu had seen the information of each marshal.

In a position as a marshal, they seldom appeared in public in general and their profile online didn’t have their pictures, so he could only match the identity of the other party when their name was stated.


Horox gave a light smile as he greeted Marshal Tordis, “I see that you’ve been doing well lately”


Marshal Tordis and Fu Yuanchuan had a close relationship, thus the fruits and vegetables Tordis received contained the highest percentage of universal life energy.


Tordis snorted with laughter and said, “It’s just so-and-so, don’t we all have to live out our life”


In response to this, Horox merely smiled and didn’t comment on it.

He turned to Fu Yuanchuan to say, “Marshal Fu, regarding the matter of the fruit and vegetable juice, do you think there is room for any discussion”


Jun Qingyu thought, this person saw that the other marshals were consuming the fruit and vegetable juice, and he only wanted to talk about cooperation after there was no problem with it.


To put it bluntly, he was afraid that Fu Yuanchuan would tamper with the fruit and vegetable juice, and treat the other marshals as guinea pigs.


Fu Yuanchuan didn’t answer his question, “It’s not good to talk about this at his birthday banquet.”


Horox was taken aback, “Yes.”


Following this, Marshal Tordis said, “Let’s go in and not stand here any longer.”


Fu Yuanchuan put his arm around Jun Qingyu and turned to walk in.


Jun Qingyu looked around, but he didn’t see Shi Kaixin.

After he came in, he didn’t know where he had gone.


“What are you looking for”


“It’s nothing.” He should be busy with some task and Jun Qingyu didn’t think about it anymore.


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan opened a bag of dried fish to feed him.


Jun Qingyu was stunned when he habitually bit down on it, “Why did you bring this stuff out”


“I thought you would have a grudge in your heart and you wouldn’t eat anything at the banquet.” And this kind of banquet usually went on late into the night.


Fu Yuanchuan still had other arrangements and couldn’t leave early.

In order to prevent the little fish from starving, all he could do was to bring some food.


Jun Qingyu gnawed off part of the fish, then he glanced at Fu Yuanchuan’s pocket and asked, “Do you have anything else”


Fu Yuanchuan took out another package of dried meat, as well as other assorted snacks in small packages—there was a huge variety, some were sweet and others, salty.


Looking at a man dressed in formal wear, taking out these snacks from his pocket earnestly, Jun Qingyu couldn’t stop his eyes from curving into crescents.

He chose a piece of strawberry candy and fed it to him, “This is good.”


“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan kept the candy in his mouth as he continued to get snacks for the little fish.


He didn’t know how Fu Yuanchuan stored it either.

There were so many snacks but his pockets didn’t look like they were storing snacks at all.


Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan was still taking them out, Jun Qingyu said quickly, “Put it back, I can’t finish all these.”


Moreover, there were no pockets in his clothes, so he didn’t have any place to put them.


“All right.”


Marshal Tordis smiled mischievously when he saw that, “Why did you bring snacks to a birthday banquet Come on, give me one.”


Hearing his voice, Jun Qingyu and Fu Yuanchuan both raised their heads and looked in his direction.


At that moment, Marshal Tordis couldn’t describe how he felt.


It was like being on the epicentre of the battlefield, surrounded by fierce artillery and he was being targeted.


In a split second, alarm bells rang in his mind.


Marshal Tordis choked, “Ahem, I’m not eating any, I’m not eating any.”


Damn, his heart didn’t even beat so fast when he fought the Zergs.


Horox’s eyes flashed with a tinge of playfulness, “You all have a nice chat.

I have something to do, I’ll be leaving soon.”


Marshal Tordis said in response to that situation, “I don’t know what the hell this person is up to.”


“Don’t mind him.”


Jun Qingyu ate the dried fish docilely.

That marshal’s stand was very neutral.

It would be fine to come to an agreement and it would be the same with refusal.


Just then, the crowd in the distance gave way.


There was a lot of movement over there and Jun Qingyu subconsciously glanced over.

It seemed that someone had walked over, but it was a little far away.

On top of that, many people hurried to the side, so he couldn’t see who was coming.


Contrariwise, Marshal Tordis froze and his expression was a little unnatural, “Why is he here at this hour…”


Taking a closer look at the direction he was coming from, he appeared to be coming in the direction of Fu Yuanchuan.


Marshal Tordis didn’t want to greet him head-on, thus he said in a hurry, “I’ll take my leave now, I’ll come back to talk to you later.”




After thinking for a while, Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little fish beside him, “Why don’t you…”


Jun Qingyu immediately hugged him, “You told me not to leave your side.

I’m not going anywhere.”


Fu Yuanchuan, “So, later…”


“I will act quietly as a backdrop.”




Seeing that the little fish had agreed so quickly, Fu Yuanchuan’s already hanging heart knew no bounds.


Jun Qingyu looked at him eagerly, “I will really behave.”


“Mhm, I know that you’re well behaved.” Fu Yuanchuan stroked the little fish’s head, then he said, “You don’t have to speak to him later.”


Jun Qingyu blinked.

It looked like as soon as these words were put forth, he knew who was coming.


That imperial leader


Jun Qingyu had seen him on the news.

He looked a bit like an old man in his 80s or 90s.

In the Interstellar Era, this age was not considered old, but that person did indeed not look so young anymore from his external looks.


It might be because he looked older, so he gave off a kind and harmless vibe.


However, as a matter of fact, him as a person…it was not appropriate to judge someone by their appearance.


“I feel that he comes with ill intentions.” How was it possible for the guest of honour of this birthday banquet to make an appearance so early Moreover, he didn’t make an appearance on stage to make a speech but rather, he walked into the crowd instead.


What does he want


While in doubt, he merely saw the imperial leader walking out from the crowd, treading resolutely in the direction of Fu Yuanchuan.


Fu Yuanchuan watched his movements indifferently.


The moment he saw the appearance of the imperial leader, Jun Qingyu was taken aback.

After focusing attentively on his vision, his pupils shrank.

This person——


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