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Whether in terms of facial features or in details, he pretty much bore a remarkable resemblance to Fu Yuanchuan.


He didn’t look similar to the pictures posted in the long article on the Internet, the photos taken had probably been altered.


He also had the surname of Fu and he looked somewhat similar to Fu Yuanchuan.


Jun Qingyu’s lips were slightly pursed.

He didn’t know if he had remembered it wrong, or if he had missed something from the original story.

Why was the imperial leader associated with Fu Yuanchuan


The area around his ear warmed up, Jun Qingyu’s train of thoughts was instantly disrupted and he looked up at Fu Yuanchuan.


Yet, he was met with Fu Yuanchuan shaking his head lightly at him, “If you’re afraid, you can sit to the side to wait for me.”


Jun Qingyu raised his hand to hold Fu Yuanchuan’s arm, “I’m not going anywhere.”


No matter what happened, he could not give the imperial leader the opportunity to hurt Fu Yuanchuan in person.


Although there were so many people looking over here, there was a high probability that the other party would not make a move, but it was obviously impossible to analyse that person with a normal person’s train of thought.


Jun Qingyu still thought it was better to be safe.


The imperial leader walked up to them slowly and asked⁠—straight to the point, without any greetings, “This is the marshal’s rumoured lover”


Fu Yuanchuan said lightly, “Yes.”


The imperial leader slowly shook his head, “I thought you were measured, I didn’t expect you to be stumped by love.”


“And these recent events, many of them are your handiwork.”


“I didn’t deal with you because I was giving you a chance to reform, but you’ve disappointed me too much.”


His tone ever since he started talking was a condescending beratement and Jun Qingyu couldn’t help knitting his brows, this person’s words and actions were very obnoxious in his opinion.


Moreover, this sort of tone as an elder made Jun Qingyu even more irritated listening to it.


“Didn’t you dig your own grave”


As soon as Fu Yuanchuan said these words, the imperial leader had a rare seen stunned expression on his face.


He didn’t seem to have thought that Fu Yuanchuan would disavow him in front of so many people or rather, he was used to being in a high position, thus he couldn’t come back to his senses when someone said this before him.


No matter how humiliating they fought in private, some things could not be brought to the surface, and a show of harmony was always present, but it was different this time.


Fu Yuanchuan took the initiative to break the tranquillity on the surface.


The imperial leader snorted coldly, “Your wings have hardened and you want to learn how to fly”


As soon as these words came out, everyone present froze.


The directivity of these words was so obvious that even Jun Qingyu couldn’t help curling up his fingers.


Fu Yuanchuan had a dull expression and the hand resting on the little fish’s waist patted him lightly, seemingly to comfort him but his tone was cold and detached in the face of the imperial leader, “What do you want to say”


Looking at his expression, the leader of the empire seemed to be hurt and he sighed helplessly, “Do we really want to go this far between the both of us—father and son”


——He’s lying.


These two words suddenly appeared in Jun Qingyu’s mind.

No matter how vague his memory of the original plot was, it was impossible for him to forget such a big matter of him being his biological father.


If some other reasons were used to explain the resemblance between the two, Jun Qingyu might still be fooled but if he said these three words of father and son—this person was definitely lying!


Aware of this, Jun Qingyu relaxed.

He knew it was fake so naturally, he didn’t have to care about what he said.


However, the people around who didn’t know the truth all held their breaths and didn’t even dare to speak out, for fear of accidentally disturbing them there.


They just came to attend the birthday banquet and were not interested in the family affairs of the imperial leader!


Not to mention, the family affairs at the moment also involved Fu Yuanchuan and the recent events.

Who knows! Maybe they’ll die after hearing too much of such a thing.


Marshal Tordis looked at Fu Yuanchuan in disbelief. 


What was he doing!


Fu Yuanchuan raised his eyebrows, “Father and son”


The imperial leader’s expression gradually softened, “Didn’t Fu Yanghong tell you He is just your adoptive father…As long as you admit your mistake and put away all the small-scaled schemes outside, as your father, I will naturally not make things difficult for you.”


Those words sounded grating, and Fu Yuanchuan ignored his handshake and said, “I’m curious, what kind of difficulties I have not faced before”


Since his illness began, Fu Yuanchuan had been targeted from all sides with the handiwork of this man.


He was like a tool to be used.

After that battle, his existence became useless.

Perhaps, as early as that time, he had already been pronounced as dead.


Didn’t it feel ridiculous to say this right now


The imperial leader smiled, “I was indifferent to you when you were ill before, that was just a little test for you, don’t be obsessed over it.”


When he had a video call with Fu Yuanchuan a few days ago, he already understood that Fu Yuanchuan was beyond his control but with Fu Yuanchuan who had regained his strength, even though they had become estranged, he still wanted to try bringing him back under his command.


After all, a sharp sword that he was used to was the best.


When Fu Yuanchuan heard that, he didn’t say anymore, just one sentence, “I have recovered my memory.”


The smile on the face of the imperial leader disappeared in an instant, “You…”


His words ended abruptly and the imperial leader took half a step forward in silence.


Jun Qingyu clenched his fists and was held by the waist by Fu Yuanchuan before he could move.


Soon after, he only heard the imperial leader sneering and saying in an extremely low voice, “I really regret that I didn’t get rid of you, a little bastard, in the beginning.”


With that said, without waiting for Fu Yuanchuan to respond, the imperial leader turned around and strode away, “I gave you a chance, but you didn’t grasp it yourself.

In that case, you can’t blame me!”


Saying that, he shouted, “Qiu Kelin!”




“Turn on the virtual projection screen and release all that stuff out!”




The matter of him turning hostile once negotiations fell through happened in an instant.

Qiu Kelin had long prepared to run to the back.

In less than a minute, a screen appeared over the curtains in the hall.


The identity of the people who could come to this birthday banquet was not of low status and for people who could reach a position like this, how many could be fools It was evident that something would happen.


They couldn’t not watch it even if they didn’t want to.

If they left right now, they would offend the imperial leader outright.

If they didn’t leave right now, they would indirectly offend Fu Yuanchuan after watching that matter in a moment.


No matter what they did, they were walking into a dead end.

It was an offence whether they watched or not and it was obvious that the imperial leader was planning to take down Fu Yuanchuan.


Jun Qingyu was not the least bit interested in the screen over there, “Between you and him…”


“It’s not a father-son relationship.” After a pause, Fu Yuanchuan said softly, “He and I are mortal enemies.”


Jun Qingyu blinked and reached out to touch his head with his hand, but he was afraid that this would not be a good move in front of so many people and thus, he placed his hand on his cheek, “I’ll help you.

I’ll help you with anything you would like to do.”


A smile appeared in Fu Yuanchuan’s eyes and he responded softly, “Mhm.”




A cry of surprise broke the tenderness on their end.

Jun Qingyu sceptically looked in that direction and caught a glimpse of the video on the screen without any mishap.


On the clear screen, there was a white room, with four beds arranged horizontally in the room.

Each bed was far apart and all sorts of instruments were placed in between them.


There seemed to be someone lying on the bed, with a variety of tubes and wires of various colours connected to his body.


The field of view swept across quickly, all of them had their eyes closed and even the beating of their hearts was very subtle as if they were lifeless and laying there in silence.


The imperial leader realised that something was wrong and his expression changed in an instant.

He shouted as he strongly suppressed the anger in the depths of his heart, “Qiu Kelin, what are you doing!”


However, there was no response from the back.

The video was still being played in an orderly manner and there was a close-up of everyone lying on the bed.

Their pale and weak appearance, coupled with the cold research equipment, looked very worrying.


“Is that…is that Major General Dimore” The man looked at the video in astonishment, wondering why the major general who died in the battle a few years ago was in the video.


“Xie Ranjian! General Xie Ranjian is also there! Didn’t he kill himself after being captured by the Zergs”


“What the hell is going on!”


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