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Qiu Kelin was so angered that his eyes were about to pop out, but the strips of cloth stuffed into his mouth rendered him incapable of making any sound other than meaningless whimpers.

In response, Jun Qingyu even removed a piece of strawberry candy and fed it to Fu Yuanchuan in his presence.

The ambience of the serious confrontation scene was changed by these snacks.

Some with a better impression of Qiu Kelin sighed at him, “In any case, he is a general and putting everything else aside, your status is still there.”

A faint voice came from the crowd, “Save yourself the embarrassment.”

Shi Kaixin sat on Qiu Kelin’s back, “Somebody come help me take him away.

I believe he isn’t in the right mind, and don’t forget about that arm, we still have to attach it back to General Qiu.”

Yu Zhi and others quietly walked out from the crowd and took Qiu Kelin away together.

The process of being taken away was relatively silent.

No one spoke during the whole process, let alone stopped, so much that there wasn’t even a word of advice.

All of them had their purposes for coming to the birthday banquet.

The younger generation in the family were all with them and there were many big shots attending this event; those aristocrats, who weren’t top-notch nobility, had to rely on marriage to stabilise their status.

Yet, now that scene had taken a turn for the worse, someone with a discerning eye could see which way the wind was blowing now and they dared not to say a word.

Several outspoken marshals did not come forward either.

They were still unable to recover from Shi Kaixin’s explanation not long ago.

The most trusted brothers around them became undercover agents.

If they hadn’t been exposed today, they would still be…

It was sickening just to think about it.

How could they stand on the imperial leader’s side, who caused all of this to happen

One of the marshals looked at the weak Zerg and said flatly, “I’m not feeling well, excuse me.”

“I suddenly remembered I have some business to take care of.”

“Me too…”

Several marshals didn’t stay much longer.

The deceased experiments were just the tip of the iceberg of the whole mystery.

Whether there were other similar experimental products in the legion, they still had to investigate carefully before making a decision.

When some nobles saw this situation, they quickly said a word of ‘farewell’.

If the marshals had not asked to leave, none of them would have dared to mention it but seeing that Fu Yuanchuan didn’t have the intention of stopping them, they breathed a sigh of relief.

They were forced it watch this farce, but it was not their wish.

The family’s most capable youngsters were brought here, and if this was a one-size-fits-all, they would have been doomed.

Shi Kaixin squeezed in from the leaving crowd, “Marshal, it’s all taken care of.”


Qiu Kelin was also one of the experimental products, which was unexpected to them but fortunately, nothing went wrong.

Fu Yuanchuan said indifferently, “Release the news that the imperial leader has participated in illegal experiments and was accidentally parasitised by a Zerg, and send out the surveillance clips here at a later date.”

Shi Kaixin thought for a while and asked, “What about the part about the father-son relationship, do we have to delete it”

His heart trembled when he heard these words.

“No.” Fu Yuanchuan stroked the little fish’s hair and said coldly, “He wants to get rid of me with this sentence, so I’ll let him see how I trample on those words and ascend to a high position.”

The empire had always been a hereditary system.

Fu Yuanchuan was still thinking about how to ascend to the throne.

He didn’t expect someone to send a pillow when he fell asleep.

In this sentence, there was a lot of room for action.

Shi Kaixin nodded, “Yes!”

Just then, Yu Zhi walked in and said, “Marshal, the car is ready outside.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan helped the little fish straighten out his mask and left a sentence before leaving indifferently, “Let him live.”

Shi Kaixin and Yu Zhi looked at each other, and then they said in unison, “Yes!”

Most birthday banquets would run late, but it ended quickly this time due to an unforeseeable emergency.

People who came with the idea of communication dared not to say anything, and if Fu Yuanchuan was any more ruthless, it might not be a matter with a quick end.

Jun Qingyu looked at the lights of the suspension car outside that shone as if it was day and only anxious shadows of people walking in these light rays could be seen.

“What are you looking at”

Jun Qingyu pondered and said softly, “All of them seemed to be very…panicked.”

As if them being one step later could kill them here, they urgently ran for their lives.

“Are you afraid”

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips slightly.

Fu Yuanchuan had asked this question as well when he saw the Zerg in there earlier.

With this question at hand, what would he be afraid of, for him to be asking this

Jun Qingyu caressed his wrist with his fingertips, thinking about the controller in his space.

The imperial leader might not have been parasitised by a Zerg prior to today.

Was Fu Yuanchuan asking if he was afraid of this means, or was he afraid of Fu Yuanchuan

“Little fish…”

In a split second, Jun Qingyu elevated his hand and grasped Fu Yuanchuan’s wrist.

Forcibly pushing him to the wall, he kissed his lips under the cover of the night, smoothly engulfing those comforting words between his lips.

His right hand touched the position of Fu Yuanchuan’s heart and his rapidly beating heart felt like it was knocking on his palm.

The sound of swallowing by his ear turned into a muffled nasal sound and the lights flickering in the distance could not illuminate them on this end, and this dark corner seemed to be isolated from the world.

His breath gradually became short and the last of his breath in the chest was plundered, leaving him with practically nothing.

His lips were slightly parted and Jun Qingyu was absentminded for a moment.

Fu Yuanchuan, with his back against the wall, hugged him quietly and did not speak.

With a steady heartbeat by his ears, Jun Qingyu calmed his breathing in the silence.

After a while, he curved his eyes into crescents, smiling as he said, “I want to eat grilled squid.”

Fu Yuanchuan brushed the little fish’s cheek with his fingers and said softly, “Ok.”

After a short delay, the cars outside were almost gone, with only a few cars still left in line.

Once they boarded the car, Fu Yuanchuan set their route with the software.

Jun Qingyu pondered, leaning on his shoulder, “Now, can you tell me about your relationship with the imperial leader…former imperial leader”

Fu Yuanchuan did not respond immediately upon hearing that and Jun Qingyu was not in a rush either, and he waited quietly.

After a while, he heard Fu Yuanchuan’s voice, “Fu Chengyu is his name.”

“He appeared at my house as my paternal grandfather’s illegitimate child and my grandmother was not in good health then.

She became seriously ill after learning about the existence of his illegitimate child, passing away.”

“My grandfather blamed himself very much, but he did not take his anger out on Fu Chengyu.

Yet, many things happened afterwards, Fu Chengyu’s deeds made my grandfather very disappointed, and he always compared Fu Chengyu to my father.”

“As time passed, Fu Chengyu would consciously imitate my father, to a morbid extent, but it was still acceptable on the surface.

It was accidentally discovered until later that Fu Chengyu was not of grandfather’s bloodline.”

“My grandfather was set up.

In anger, my grandfather found someone to send Fu Chengyu to a remote planet.

Not long after that, my grandfather became seriously ill and passed away.”

Jun Qingyu listened to Fu Yuanchuan describe these matters in an almost flat tone, as if he was telling someone else’s story, and his heart was not the least disturbed.

However, he could feel that Fu Yuanchuan was not as calm as he seemed.

“When Fu Chengyu returned, his appearance was no different from my father.”

Jun Qingyu was stupefied for a moment.

Fu Chengyu’s temperament was somewhat paranoid, to the point of being abnormal.

From imitation at the start to plastic surgery afterwards.

In order to receive the praise of his grandfather, he thereby became morbid to this extent.

“Soon after, a war between the Empire and the Federation broke out, and Fu Chengyu led the Federation’s army into the main planet and killed many people.

Fu Chengyu disappeared in the war as well, and it was until the end of the war that he took over the Imperial Biological Research Institute under the guise of my father and became the imperial leader.”

“Everyone who knew my father died in this war.”

“Based on my conjecture, Fu Chengyu should have a blood relationship with the top officials of the Federation.

Otherwise, under the situation whereby the Federation can annex the Empire, there was no need for them to give up on the attack and push Fu Chengyu to the position as imperial leader instead.”

“In the Empire before his rule, the leader was made the emperor, but because of his special identity and the attitude of the Federation, the form of address was ultimately changed.”

Jun Qingyu lightly blinked his eyes, “Is the scarcity of fruits, vegetables and mermaids because they were first and foremost supplied to the Federation”

Fu Yuanchuan nodded and said, “There’s a high possibility.”

Yet, regarding the specific output of fruits and vegetables, and which party the mermaid breeding base belonged to, he could only rely on speculation without any solid information.

Jun Qingyu didn’t know how to assess people like Fu Chengyu, stimulated to insanity by ‘other people’s child’

He could feel that Fu Yuanchuan still had important details that he hadn’t told him, such as…everyone died, yet Fu Yuanchuan survived.

Jun Qingyu couldn’t figure it out, but Fu Yuanchuan didn’t state a word of it, so he didn’t bring it up.

Instead, he asked, “Now that Fu Chengyu got into trouble, will there be any movement from the Federation”

“The current Empire might not necessarily be controlled by the Federation.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

It appeared that Fu Yuanchuan should have done all his preparation.

As they spoke, the suspension car had already driven into the yard and went directly around to the back garden.

The items used to make grilled squid previously were still there and there were a few more boxes of fresh squid to the side.

The equipment, inclusive of the iron plate for the grilled squid, had been cleaned up in advance, with faint traces of water on it.

Fu Yuanchuan should have arranged for someone to come and do it in advance.

Jun Qingyu helped to take the box apart and took out the squid inside.

Looking at the busy little fish, Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while before he asked all of a sudden, “Aren’t you curious about what I mean by regaining my memory”

Jun Qingyu said decisively, “I’m not interested.”


He wasn’t the least curious about what Fu Yuanchuan did not speak of.

Fu Yuanchuan was startled when he heard those words.

He thought for a moment and said, “Could you help me get a file It’s on the desk in the bedroom upstairs.”

“Right now”


“Alright.” Jun Qingyu vaguely felt that something was off with Fu Yuanchuan.

He got up and kissed Fu Yuanchuan, “I’ll be right back.”

“Mhm, don’t run and pay attention to your safety.”

Jun Qingyu had doubts in his heart.

He didn’t know what was the special meaning by mentioning a file at this time.

He walked into their bedroom and saw the file on the desk at a glance.

Before going out today, Fu Yuanchuan went out after him, and no one else would come into the bedroom, thus it should have been placed there by Fu Yuanchuan himself.

Jun Qingyu didn’t think of opening it to see what the contents of the file were, so he casually picked it up, intending to head downstairs.

As a result, the packaging of the file broke directly with his actions, and the contents of the file were immediately scattered all over the floor.

Jun Qingyu hurriedly squatted down and picked up the scattered papers.

A few sheets were densely filled with words.

In the Interstellar Era, where paper was hardly used, it was rare to see so many words on documents.

He stacked up a few sheets of paper and put them away.

Glancing at the sheet under the chair, Jun Qingyu reached out his hand and pulled it out.

On this piece of paper, there was only a photo of Fu Yuanchuan.

He was slightly younger compared to the current Fu Yuanchuan.


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