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Chapter 73

Hearing these words, Jun Qingyu’s tears flowed more so intensively.

Thus, when he first changed into a human, he asked Fu Yuanchuan when he found out that there was something wrong with him.

Fu Yuanchuan’s answer at that time was ‘tomato’, and he didn’t think much about it but in retrospect, perhaps it wasn’t at that point.

If Fu Yuanchuan knew inwardly that his mental energy was abnormal and he couldn’t take a little mermaid away, in that case, the him at that period in time who greeted Fu Yuanchuan…

Jun Qingyu pressed his forehead against Fu Yuanchuan’s body, then he knew it as early as their first meeting.

Even when he became a human for the first time, Fu Yuanchuan’s response was to console him who had lost his head.

Jun Qingyu closed his eyes and couldn’t help thinking; how could Fu Yuanchuan be so good

“Alright, no more crying.” Fu Yuanchuan patted the little fish on his back.

He considered before he carried him up at once and brought him to the soft chair by the side to settle down.

Placing the little fish on his lap, Fu Yuanchuan coaxed, “Isn’t everything fine now”

Fu Yuanchuan’s mental energy exceeded a normal person’s which made him not feel a thing when Jun Qingyu treated him.

It wasn’t until the growth of his mental energy was gradually contained that Fu Yuanchuan realised what the little fish had done.

Fu Yuanchuan hugged the little fish and comforted him gently, “Let’s go get something to eat, the squid won’t be delicious when it gets cold in a while.”

Originally, he just wanted to tell the little fish his identity, but he didn’t expect to make him cry like this.

Jun Qingyu was full of thoughts about Fu Yuanchuan.

He didn’t care about it before but now that he thought about it, there were many details worth looking into, “For Fu Yanghong to go to the temporary residence that day, was he instigated by Fu Chengyu as well”

“I found some information later on, it was indeed related to Fu Chengyu.” Fu Yuanchuan said softly, “There are relatively few people who know about the temporary residence, so I thought you would be safe…if you left Shi Kaixin to take care of you.

If I could have anticipated that Fu Yanghong would come, even if it were to expose the recovery of my memory, I would have dealt with him first.”

It was just that Fu Yuanchuan had just regained his memory at the time, and every step he took was like stepping on the edge of a cliff, and he would fall into the abyss if he was not careful.

He could not be exposed, thus he could only endure, and play filial piety between a father and son with Fu Yanghong.

In the end, he probably went to his temporary residence since he couldn’t suppress his emotions; he simply left.

After buying a little mermaid back, Fu Yuanchuan acted more carefully, so careful that he didn’t dare to take the little mermaid with him even when he went out, for fear that if he would not return, he would implicate the little mermaid.

Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

He understood Fu Yuanchuan’s situation at that time very well, and all his thoughts of placing him in the safest place, but Fu Yuanchuan didn’t expect it either.

A chest piece like Fu Yanghong was actually used to deal with a little mermaid.

Perhaps it was also at this time that Fu Yuanchuan realised that hiding was useless, as a result, he simply dealt with Fu Yanghong and brought him back to the Marshal’s mansion.

Thinking up to that point, Jun Qingyu would inevitably have some doubts as well.

He seemed to have not seen Fu Yanghong for a long time.

To be exact, he had never seen this person appear after his appearance at the temporary residence.

Jun Qingyu asked, “So where is Fu Yanghong now”

Fu Yuanchuan wiped the tears on his little fish’s face off with some tissues and said, “After he fainted that day, his mental state was a bit abnormal, so I asked Shi Kaixin to send him to a mental hospital.”

Jun Qingyu was taken aback, “Really”

The psychological quality of the experimenters was generally very high, right

Was it really abnormal, or…

“It’s fine, that’s not important.”

There was a row of drawers under the soft chair.

Fu Yuanchuan pulled open one of them, took out a warm pack and unsealed it, in it were soft warm wet wipes; its temperature was not very high and it was just right for the little fish.

“I used some means, Fu Chengyu still doesn’t know where Fu Yanghong is.”

When the wet wipes were used, Jun Qingyu subconsciously blinked, then closed his eyes tightly.

Fu Chengyu didn’t know

No wonder he would say ‘Fu Yanghong is just an adoptive father.’ and such at the banquet.

Could it be that Fu Chengyu gave Fu Yanghong an order to try to interfere with Fu Yuanchuan’s memory with some words

If Fu Yuanchuan hadn’t recovered his memory and hadn’t exercised control over Fu Yanghong, there might be a sad scene of sobbing and shouting after that.

Jun Qingyu felt uncomfortable when he thought about it.

Was it that fun to tamper with other people’s memories

Jun Qingyu lowered his eyes and his slender eyelashes covered his emotions in the depth of his eyes, and his mind came up with countless ways that were suitable for them.

Seeing that the little fish was no longer crying, Fu Yuanchuan breathed a sigh of relief, but he remained silent, not uttering a word.

Fu Yuanchuan couldn’t resist patting his head and said, “Let’s go eat something, they’ll be really cold in a short while.”

Jun Qingyu blinked.

The coldness and sombreness in his eyes disappeared in an instant.

He raised his eyes and looked at Fu Yuanchuan innocently, “I don’t want to go…”

“Then I’ll carry you over Or bring the squid over for you to eat”

“Carry me.”

There were chairs to the side of the grilled squid stall, just that they were smaller compared to the soft chair.

The squids were already a little cold, but the taste and texture of the squids reheated with the sauce would only be worse than if it was cold.

Jun Qingyu didn’t care about the particularity of the taste either and ate a skewer of squid.

He thought for a while before he asked, “What video does Fu Chengyu want to show at the birthday banquet”

In regards to the video, it was replaced by Shi Kaixin with the laboratory video given by the Yaoyao, but Fu Chengyu also rushed to Fu Yuanchuan for his birthday banquet this time.

Thus, the original video should also be related to Fu Yuanchuan.

“It’s some experimental records of when I used to be an experimental product.” For Fu Yuanchuan to be able to replace the video prepared by Fu Chengyu in advance, it was only natural for him to know what the content of Fu Chengyu’s video was.

“He wanted to push the blame of the experiment onto me and extricate himself from it.

Mentioning our father and son relationship should be in preparation for the future.

He realised that some information was in my possession, and the situation  at that point in time was according to Fu Chengyu’s plans, and that I might release all the news about the laboratory.”

“Fu Chengyu’s participation can be explained as a father being held hostage by familial love, helplessly devoted.”

This way, the experiment was Fu Yuanchuan’s business from start to finish, Fu Chengyu just couldn’t bear to let his son go astray, so he did those things.

Compared with Fu Yuanchuan, who had various experimental records, Fu Chengyu, who didn’t even show his face in the matters related to the experiment, could easily extricate himself from it.

Including the new varieties of fruits and vegetables, and the dessert store, Fu Chengyu could use these to make a fuss.

If they didn’t have the video from Yaoyao, Fu Chengyu would not be discovered to be the central authority of the experiment; and when all this information got exposed, he would stand at attention as he received criticism, and apologise sincerely.

Perhaps he could still hold an image of a loving father.

Just that…Fu Yuanchuan didn’t give him this opportunity.

Directly flitting across the schemes of politics, he simply used the things from Fu Chengyu’s laboratory to solve Fu Chengyu himself.

After listening to Fu Yuanchuan’s words, Jun Qingyu nodded slowly.

When the Federation came to put pressure on them, even if several people in the Empire could sense that something was wrong, they would definitely not dare to do anything for fear of getting implicated for sure.

Ultimately, it might end up being another mess.

Fortunately, nothing happened.

Back in the room, Jun Qingyu went to the bathroom to soak in water.

Fu Yuanchuan cleaned up the room simply and put the documents on the table while he was at it, but he found that the thickness of the documents seemed to be a bit wrong.

He tampered with the outer packaging when he took it out, and it would break apart easily when a person picked it up.

There were a lot of matters then, and in addition, the documents were all sorted out and put away by him prior, thus he didn’t re-open them again for an inspection.

Only when he sorted them out did he find that the documents seemed to be more than just experimental records.

Looking down, it also included some other arrangements he planned after he fell ill.

Fu Yuanchuan froze.

No wonder his little fish would cry like that.

Jun Qingyu came out after being soaked in water and caught a glimpse of the document in Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, “Why did you suddenly think of telling me about the experiment”

He never thought that Fu Yuanchuan would have any connection with being an experimental product.

As a transmigrator, everything he knew about Fu Yuanchuan came from the original narrative.

The relationship between Fu Yuanchuan and the experiment was not mentioned in the original story, and Jun Qingyu would not think about it in this regard as well.

It could be said that if Fu Yuanchuan didn’t take the initiative to bring this matter up, Jun Qingyu wouldn’t have realised that there was anything wrong.

Fu Yuanchuan could decipher Jun Qingyu’s unspoken implication, but he considered it before he said, “Because it’s almost the New Year.”

“The New Year” Jun Qingyu walked over in doubt.

“In the Empire, you have to make an appointment in advance for the registration of marriage.

I’ve made an appointment, it’s just a few days before the New Year.” As he spoke, Fu Yuanchuan was somewhat vexed as he knitted his brows.

Jun Qingyu was flabbergasted when he heard the word registration.

He had never thought about this before.

A law on same-sex marriage did not exist in his world before his transmigration, so he did not pay any attention to it.

Unexpectedly, Fu Yuanchuan had been preparing for this matter, making an appointment and queuing, and he didn’t know when the appointment was made.

The corners of Jun Qingyu’s mouth pursed slightly.

This matter made his heart beat a little faster for no reason.

He was about to ridicule the lack of a part in the process, but then he thought that the authority of the Imperial marshal was not low.

The registration of appointments could be done on a drop-in basis and there is no need to make an appointment in advance.

Jun Qingyu asked in surprise, “You still have to make an appointment in advance”

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head, “But I think it’s better this way.”

There was no need to make an appointment, but there was always a sense of spontaneity in this.

Rather than that, he preferred to go through the process in a step-by-step manner, just like everyone else.

Even if it was really cumbersome, he was willing to accept this inconvenience.

Looking at Fu Yuanchuan’s earnest refutation, Jun Qingyu’s eyes couldn’t resist curving up like crescent moons, “But what does this matter have to do with the experiment”

These were two completely different matters, no matter which perspective they were analysed from, they couldn’t be linked together.

“It’s impossible to hide anything for a lifetime.” Fu Yuanchuan hugged the little fish covered in water vapour and buried his head between his neck.

“I’ve been thinking about how to tell you about the experiment.

I told you before that I was a monster, but you seemed to think that I was just coaxing you.”

“If you find out about all this after we register, I’m afraid you will…”

Fu Yuanchuan hugged Jun Qingyu’s waist tightly and didn’t say anything else, but his meaning was already very clear.

Jun Qingyu was unexpectedly stunned.

Because he was afraid of losing it after he had gotten it, he chose to be honest about everything before that.

Even though Fu Yuanchuan didn’t feel reassured, he even felt that he might leave because he was an ‘experimental monster’ and he would like to also make everything clear before their registration.

Jun Qingyu realised this point and the smile on his face became a little helpless.

He raised his hand around Fu Yuanchuan’s neck, turned his head to the side and took a light bite, “Are you stupid As long as you do not want me to know, you can lie to me for the rest of my life.”

As long as Fu Yuanchuan wanted it, he would also cooperate to the very end.


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