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Jun Qingyu slowly walked into the cage and Fu Chengyu couldn’t stop backing away.

The exoskeleton of a Zerg was undoubtedly very hard.

A person relying solely on their bare hands could do nothing and was completely unable to hurt him.

In spite of that, Fu Chengyu did not feel reassured.

He would leave this **hole soon but still, it was better to be more cautious.

Jun Qingyu took out the wire he prepared in advance and wrapped it around his fingers.

He squatted in front of Fu Chengyu and asked politely, “Do you know that the Federation and the Empire have been at loggerheads over you recently”

The black pupils of the Zerg suddenly constricted into thin slits.

Jun Qingyu ignored the change in his expression and slowly sorted out the wire on his fingers, “After discussion the Empire has decided to agree to the Federation’s request to receive you and someone will take you back to the Federation tomorrow at the latest.”

“Before that, let’s get to know each other a little better.”

It was nearly dawn by the time Jun Qingyu returned.

His stop over at the Imperial Palace wasn’t long but he could do nothing about how relatively tedious the journey there was.

When he went over, he had to avoid the surveillance, otherwise Jun Qingyu could have returned earlier than at the moment.

There was no detectable movement in the bedroom, so Fu Yuanchuan should still be sleeping.

Jun Qingyu pondered before he went to another room to take a quick shower, he especially remembered to blow dry his hair before he returned.

Back in the bedroom, Jun Qingyu quietly leaned back into Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace.

He rested on his arm and closed his eyes, and eventually fell asleep listening to Fu Yuanchuan’s calm heartbeat.

The room was quiet, except for the sound of shallow breathing.

After a while, Fu Yuanchuan lifted his hand to cover the thin quilt on the little fish’s shoulders and drew him closer into his arms.

The next day, Jun Qingyu was awakened by the ringtone of an urgent message.

Since he slept so late last night, Jun Qingyu’s first response was to frown, roll up the quilt and continue to sleep even when he heard the sound.

Fu Yuanchuan turned off the sound of his light brain, with the little fish in his arms and checked the message on his light brain.

Shi Kaixin: [Marshal, the people from the Federation have arrived, Fu Chengyu is not in a very good condition.

Several marshals want you to come over to take a look.]

The decision had been made to hand Fu Chengyu over to the Federation.

Fu Yuanchuan, who opposed this decision, would naturally not appear.

However, if Fu Chengyu was not in a good shape, they were liable to meet with a mishap, and Fu Yuanchuan must come to calm the scene.

Given that no matter what was said, the only person most likely to ascend to the Empire’s throne was Fu Yuanchuan when Fu Chengyu was truly sent away.

Fu Yuanchuan: [Let them wait.]

After sending that, he immediately put his light brain aside and held Jun Qingyu, catching up on his sleep.

It was not until the afternoon that they tidied up and went out.

The people from the Federation and several marshals were waiting in the palace.

Jun Qingyu glanced at them and found that their expressions didn’t look very good at all.

The reason might be because they had waited for a long time, or it might be because of…Fu Chengyu

Fu Chengyu still looked like a Zerg and was placed in a box about the same size as him.

Both his eyes were opened, but they were glazed over as he stared blankly at a place in front of him, as if he were dead.

The people from the Federation couldn’t sit still when they saw Fu Yuanchuan coming over.

One of them kept the movements of the people next to them under control and got up to do their salutation before asking politely, “Marshal Fu, can you give us an explanation on why Fu Chengyu became like this”

Although he seemed polite, his words were barbed, and his questioning tone could not be hidden.

Without waiting for Fu Yuanchuan to say anything, he continued, “I have also heard about what happened in the Empire but to the best of my knowledge, the consciousness of a person parasitised by a Zerg will not be affected.

Yet now, Fu Chengyu’s condition is obviously abnormal.

I hope that the Empire can provide a reasonable answer.”

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t answer and asked, “Who was the person in charge of watching Fu Chengyu yesterday”

The man was confounded.

Soon after, Shi Kaixin stepped forth, only then did he realise that he wasn’t speaking to him.

Shi Kaixin took out the hard copy documents prepared in advance, “It’s Marshal Abbott and it was Marshal Tordis the day before yesterday.

Every time the person in charge is changed, a physical examination will be given to the Zerg.

When Marshal Tordis left, every indicator of the Zerg was normal, therefore…Marshal Abbott, please explain.”

Not saying anything excessive, Marshal Tordis was relieved of suspicion in a timely manner, and then the right to speak was handed to Marshal Abbott.

Marshal Abbott sat to the side with a gloomy expression from the very beginning, and when Shi Kaixin mentioned it, all eyes were on him.

“Me What do I have to say” Marshal Abbott was muddled as he said, “Yesterday I had something to do, thus I arranged for others to keep watch.

I am in favour of returning that person to the Federation, it’s not like I’ll do anything underhanded before I return him, right”

“If that’s the case, why would I agree to send this person back”

Marshal Abbott himself saw nothing wrong with himself, and from his point of view, he would not have done anything to Fu Chengyu.

It would not do him any good and it deviated from his opinion.

This burning issue couldn’t be set ablaze on him by any means.

Marshal Abbott snorted coldly, “If you have time to ask me, why don’t you ask those who disagree with the idea of ​​sending him away.”

The people from the Federation looked at each other in dismay.

Before Fu Yuanchuan came, these people seemed to have discussed this matter and remained silent about it.

 Now that Fu Yuanchuan had arrived, they began to shirk their responsibilities.

Jun Qingyu raised his eyes and glanced at Marshal Abbott, the thought of wanting to remove himself out of the equation was understandable, but now that this matter was between the Federation and the Empire, he directed with an ulterior motive. 

What was he trying to do

As long as the previous marshal had a few other children to inherit the corps, it would never be you—a good-for-nothing turn—to inherit the position.

In the process of thinking about it, his cheeks suddenly warmed up.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously raised his hand to hold them, only to realise it was Fu Yuanchuan’s hand shortly after, seizing the chance to nuzzle against it.

Fu Yuanchuan stood beside Jun Qingyu and didn’t take a seat.

In response, Fu Yuanchuan stroked Jun Qingyu’s hair and pulled his hair out of the strap behind his mask.

Once Marshal Abbott was finished speaking and no one answered, the silence was more so golden for the rest of them.

The people from the Federation had been waiting here for such a long time, and they thought that they would get a proper answer when the person in question came, but they didn’t expect everyone to be so unified.

The man gritted his teeth, suppressing the dissatisfaction in his heart and said coldly, “There is no need for superfluous words and polite banalities.

How do you explain his deranged mental energy Can anyone here explain it”

Jun Qingyu was stupefied.

Deranged mental energy

Before he left he merely used his universal life energy to agitate him a little bit.

Could it even cause his mental energy to become deranged

He thought that at most there would be a gap in Fu Chengyu’s memory.

Or to say…did he get scared silly

Wasn’t it just breaking a few bones Didn’t he help to connect them back For it to go as far as to terrify him

“People parasitised by a Zerg were originally brimming with the unknown.

You ask with such certainty as if we had done something.” Marshal Tordis sighed, “If I had known there would be so much trouble earlier, I wouldn’t have agreed to this.”

“You…” The man was exasperated, “The Empire has really crossed the line.”

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, not because the marshal was a little over-the-top but rather, because the Empire had crossed the line, which directly increased the extent of it.

Marshal Tordis shrugged helplessly, “I’m just stating the facts.”

“Take him away.” The man had no further interest in arguing about this issue anymore, “I will duly report what happened in the Empire when I return to the Federation.

I hope that Marshal Fu can provide a reasonable explanation as soon as possible, otherwise…I can’t control the anger of the upper echelons.

When the situation spirals out of control, it’s the empire that will get the worst of it.”

The person next to him wanted to say something, but the man barked out, “Let’s go!”

Reluctantly, the couple of them stopped talking and turned to follow.

When lifting the box obliquely, a segment of the Zerg slid out.

The Zerg suspended in midair did not fall out but dangled unsteadily in the air instead.

When exposed to sunlight, a thin wire could indistinctly be seen hanging on it.

In the next moment,  the box was levelled and with that, the dangling part of the Zerg returned back into the box.

Marshal Abbott sneered, “I told you to send him back without delay in case anything bad happens in the long run and now you have it.”

On top of that, he nearly got implicated, and Marshal Abbott naturally felt disturbed.

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved like a crescent moon, looking like he was smiling but coldness was hidden in the depths of his eyes, “Marshal Abbott is mindful of the bigger picture and puts general interest above all.”

Marshal Abbott was stunned, “What”

The people from the Federation hadn’t gone far yet.

The man, who had given the order earlier, looked back at Marshal Abbott and didn’t stop in his tracks to leave.

Marshal Abbott snapped back to his senses, “What do you mean by that You make it seem like I…”

He ostensibly agreed to send people back but in fact, he was no different as he did little tricks under the table so that Fu Chengyu could not return intact!

Fu Yuanchuan stood in front of Jun Qingyu and said coldly, “Watch what you say.”

Marshal Abbott opened and shut his mouth, feeling angry.

His brother next to him gave him a tug.

He gritted his teeth and glared at Jun Qingyu, who hid behind Fu Yuanchuan, with his head peering out at him.

Jun Qingyu didn’t evade but raised the corners of his mouth provocatively.

Marshal Abbott instantly became more angered.

He couldn’t do anything even though he was angry, he could only keep the anger to himself.

In the midst of provoking him, Jun Qingyu vaguely felt that something was amiss.

He hesitantly raised his head and saw Fu Yuanchuan looking down at him–he didn’t know when he did that.

Jun Qingyu blinked innocently as they locked their gaze, “Huh”

Fu Yuanchuan curled up his fingers and nudged them against the little fish’s cheeks, without saying a word.

Marshal Tordis sighed, “I think that even if we send him back, we can’t avoid a fight that was meant to be.”

While he didn’t know what was going on with that person, but if he could remain in that state, not being able unable to recover; in that case, he thought it was rather good.

Otherwise, Fu Chengyu might continue to serve as the Imperial Leader when he recovered.

At present…If the Federation wanted to interfere with the election of the next Imperial Leader, it could only use force.

Reliance on legitimately fighting it out.

All that mattered was when the other side would act.

The Federation did not rely on a person’s will to decide all of its matters either.

At the very least, they would still have a little time to prepare until a genuine command was passed down.

The marshals from the Peace Faction had dreadful facial expressions; concurrently, the eyes of Marshal Abbott and his brother couldn’t help but get a little emotional.

Fu Yuanchuan had anticipated this outcome a long time ago.

In fact, Fu Chengyu was simply the catalyst for the Federation to fight.

The objectives of the various marshals and him differed, so there was no need for any further discussion.

Fu Yuanchuan said aloofly, “All of you can discuss the following matters yourself.

You don’t have to contact me anymore.”

In response to this, Marshal Tordis said, “Don’t look for me either.

I’ve made myself clear, looking for me is just a waste of time.”

Generally speaking, such matters were in fact discussed between the nobility above the rank of Duke and the Imperial Family, but due to the existence of Fu Chengyu, the Imperial Family was gone and all the nobles were mere figureheads, with no real power to discuss.

Ultimately, it could only be discussed by the marshals with corps in their possession.

Seeing that Fu Yuanchuan was about to leave, Marshal Abbott hurriedly said, “Fu Chengyu’s relationship with the Federation will not be exposed and in the eyes of the public, he is still the Imperial Leader.

If you are publicly recognised by him, then the next Imperial Leader of the Empire will definitely be you.

Do you think it’s appropriate for you to leave like this”

“It’s appropriate.” Jun Qingyu answered for him.

What was not appropriate about this You would be the Imperial Leader and be in charge when you were of use, but it would be a completely different story if you had conflicting views with them.

To actually make it so pleasant to the ears, they simply needed to find someone to play the leading role.

With that said, Fu Yuanchuan directly left with Jun Qingyu.

Marshal Tordis shot a glance at Marshal Abbott, snorted softly and followed them out.

After getting away from those people, Tordis couldn’t help but ask, “Having said that, are you really going to leave this matter alone”

“It’s almost the New Year, let’s talk about it after the New Year.”

It was only a matter of a few days, and the Federation couldn’t make a decision, thus there was no need for them to be in a hurry.

“Are you serious” Tordis was taken aback for a while.

He had a small family with a few kinfolk, and he wasn’t concerned with reunion-related festivals.

He remembered that Fu Yuanchuan was similar to him, “Why are you so paying so much attention to the New Year”

Did he want to take this opportunity to go to the corps to bond with his brothers

Fu Yuanchuan put his arms around Jun Qingyu and the two turned to look at Tordis at the same time.

Tordis: “……”

I got it.


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