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Chapter 79

“How could that be” It was nothing more than staying up late, wasn’t it just a light matter

Jun Qingyu said, “I didn’t sleep for four consecutive days when I performed a task, and I was still very energetic up till the completion of the task was reported to the higher-up for examination and approval.”

Fu Yuanchuan praised, “You have great stamina.”

Jun Qingyu smiled as he kissed him, “Sleep for a while if you feel tired.

If you don’t feel tired, let’s go there straight away to register”

“Go get changed.”


A number of formal wear were bought in preparation for the banquet the last time, but Fu Yuanchuan still suggested on buying a few more.

While Jun Qingyu picked his clothes, he recalled in a daze.

He didn’t even know about the registration matter then.

Fu Yuanchuan had even thought about what to wear for the registration in the days to come.

It was past 6 o’clock by the time he got changed and went out.

The Spring Festival was drawing near and the number of people registering would definitely be a lot.

Even when it came to the Interstellar, the New Year was no less popular.

When Jun Qingyu looked inside, he noticed that everyone there was seated in pairs.

The rolling time of the bulletin board at the entrance was from 9 in the morning to 5 in the afternoon.

Likely because there were too many people registering, it was temporarily changed to 6, and the number of reservations that could be made each day increased by a few.

Fu Yuanchuan held the little fish’s hand and asked, “Are you cold”

He prepared gloves before they went out, but Jun Qingyu would rather feel cold than wear them.

“I’m not cold.” Jun Qingyu’s perception of the cold was somewhat dull, perhaps he wasn’t very sensitive in the past either.

Besides, he had a mermaid’s constitution now, he wouldn’t even feel how cold it was even if he dressed light.

Simply put, Fu Yuanchuan was afraid he would catch a cold, so there was the scarf and gloves.

Jun Qingyu put on a fur collar over his clothes, which relieved Fu Yuanchuan’s thought of putting a scarf on him.

Once Fu Yuanchuan heard that, he helped him to tidy up the raw edges of his clothes.

Looking at the little furry fish, a hint of a smile appeared in his eyes, “Let’s get going.”


There were lots of people heading in and out of this place.

Fu Yuanchuan did not wear his imperial military uniform, just common formal wear that matched Jun Qingyu’s and it wasn’t too conspicuous.

Their number was was relatively high.

Fu Yuanchuan thought about it and said, “Just sit here, I’ll go over to queue up.”

They had to be assigned numbers and went in groups of 10.

It would be rather troublesome if they missed their queue and had to queue with a new number.

Jun Qingyu shook his head and said as he hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s arm, “I’ll go with you.”

As soon as they stepped into the line, Jun Qingyu had a vague feeling that someone was watching them.

The other party might have simply unintentionally glanced at them, given that this was a public area.

Even though they were all wearing masks, Jun Qingyu didn’t even remove his mask to be on the safe side but standing in the crowd like this, he could easily distinguish it at a glance.

Yet, that gaze persisted after a while.

Jun Qingyu looked compulsively in its direction.

The other person, a man, also noticed Jun Qingyu’s gaze.

He smiled at him, then turned around while covering his mouth and lightly thumped his husband.

Jun Qingyu: “…”

What were they doing

Jun Qingyu was a bit disoriented when he saw it.

After the man was done thumping his husband, he lowered his head and turned on his light brain, tapping to enter the CP1 Super Topic2 with ease.

[Brothers and sisters!!! It’s the New Year! Guess who I saw!]

[You really have to ask that Who else would you see when you ask this in the marshal’s and his partner’s Super Topic]

[Guess where I saw them]

[In the streets At the supermarket In a store It’s almost the New Year, and the marshal has to take a vacation as well, so it’s not surprising to see them in these places.

Calm down.]

[I met them at the Marriage Registry Office!]

[!!! It’s the New Year, sisters! Come on, forward this news! Let’s eat some wedding candy!]

[My goodness, what about staying calm Having that said, the bloggers best not come over to bother the marshal.

They’re not celebrities, it’s only good if we indulge in their cuteness within our circle.]

[Rest assured, rest assured.

I didn’t go, but sir seems to have perceived my gaze and turned back to look at me.

Ohh…Sir is really good-looking, even when he wears a mask and a face mask.

That said, how does sir maintain his hair I would like to learn.]


Jun Qingyu simply cast a glance over before he retracted his gaze.

Although he thought it was very strange, they did not gaze at each other.

There were all kinds of lively voices in the registration office.

Jun Qingyu just regarded it as a small episode and didn’t care too much.

There were a lot of people in line but the pace of the registration inside was quick as well.

The information was scanned directly and one’s identity information could be obtained once it went through the light brain, and then the registration would be completed after a fingerprint authentication.

A hard copy certificate would also be dedicated to them.

There was no use for it, but it appeared very formal and ceremonial.

Looking at the staff inside, Jun Qingyu smiled all of a sudden.

He leaned his head against Fu Yuanchuan and asked softly, “Are you nervous”

“I’m not nervous.” Fu Yuanchuan’s expression was the same as before and he even seemed a bit cold because the corners of his mouth were pursed to a slight extent.

Jun Qingyu lifted his eyebrows and shot a glance at his own hand that was held by Fu Yuanchuan.

He tried to move his fingers but it wouldn’t budge.

Not nervous, right

In response, Fu Yuanchuan quickly loosened his grip.

He looked at the little fish’s mildly red hand and asked, “Does it hurt”

“It doesn’t hurt.” Jun Qingyu took the initiative to grip Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and nudged his palm gently before interlacing their fingers.

He raised his head and his eyes curved like a crescent moon at Fu Yuanchuan.

If it weren’t for the inconveniences of wearing a face mask, Jun Qingyu would have wanted to come up and kiss him.

It was rare for Fu Yuanchuan to be so nervous.

Their little acts here continued as the staff quickly tapped on the virtual keyboard inside.

Once it was done, they said, “Hello, please position both of your light brains on the scanner in front of you.”

Fu Yuanchuan and Jun Qingyu raised their hands at the same time and position their light brains there.

“Ok, the information I have scanned on my end is Fu Yuan…!” The staff member looked at the identity information on it, widened his eyes in astonishment, and abruptly looked up at the two of them.

Fortunately, the staff was only stunned for a moment and silently suppressed the shock in their heart.

They had seen a lot of celebrities who came here to register, but it was really rare for a marshal to come and line up in person!

Due to the special status of the marshals, they could provide door-to-door registration services.

Moreover, most marshals had political marriages, and they would officially host a dinner party or announce something like a public statement; it was very rare for someone to come for a proper registration.

This was why the staff was so shocked when they saw Fu Yuanchuan.

Viewing the identity information of the queue number once more, the name, Fu Yuanchuan was used.

Just that, only one name could be used for the queue number.

The staff could have thought that someone used the name of the marshal on purpose, but who would have thought it would be Fu Yuanchuan himself!

Concurrently, they couldn’t help feeling deeply moved.

There was no need to go into detail, anyone with a discerning eye can see how much Fu Yuanchuan cares about his partner.

The staff swiftly arranged the registration and a document, and presented them out from the service window.

They asked with a smile, “Hello, your marriage registration has been completed.

Is there anything else I can do for you There is a photo compartment in the document.

If there is a need, you may take your own photo and put it in there.”

“Ok.” Fu Yuanchuan thanked them as he received the document, then he turned around and walked out of the crowd with his arms around the little fish.

They kept a low profile when they came and when they left, without causing any commotion.

Fu Yuanchuan had not yet come back to his sense as he held the thin booklet in his hand.

He had thought about this document when he scheduled an appointment for a queue number and now, after such a long time, he held it in his hands at last.

Jun Qingyu looked at the obvious smile on Fu Yuanchuan’s face that could not be concealed.

He uncontrollably raised his head and kissed him; however, the sensation of a soft mask making contact stunned him.

Fu Yuanchuan chuckled, took off their masks and kissed him.

It was exactly noon by the time they got home.

Fu Yuanchuan took the certificate booklet upstairs and found a place to put it.

Jun Qingyu thought he would come down soon, but he didn’t follow him down.

In the end, Fu Yuanchuan still did not have the intention of going downstairs even after Jun Qingyu had finished a box of ice cream downstairs, and there was no sign of activity on the stairs either.

After some thought, Jun Qingyu went up to take a look.

He happened to see Fu Yuanchuan in the bedroom placing the certificate booklet into the depths of the cabinet with a serious expression, then he covered it with other things and locked the cabinet.

Those who don’t know would think they were hiding some confidential documents.

Jun Qingyu leaned against the door and teased, “Is one lock enough Do you want to add a few more It’s safer to use a fingerprint lock.”

Fu Yuanchuan raised his eyebrows, caught the smile in the depths of the little fish’s eyes and stood up.

When Jun Qingyu realised something was wrong, he turned around and tried to flee, but Fu Yuanchuan pulled him back and pressed him against the wall.

He blinked innocently as he observed the man in front of him and said, “That…Mmm!”

He couldn’t even say something to explain himself.

Jun Qingyu raised his hand and embraced Fu Yuanchuan’s shoulder, deepening the kiss.

He thought there would be more, but he didn’t expect that after that kiss, Fu Yuanchuan let go of his clothes and helped him to sort out the wrinkles that appeared in his clothes due to the friction.

There was a hazy layer of moisture under Jun Qingyu’s eyes and he blinked blankly, “Why did you…”

Fu Yuanchuan gently kissed him on the cheek and coaxed, “Be good, wait for the evening.”

The corners of Jun Qingyu’s mouth pursed marginally and his cheeks faintly flushed when he heard Fu Yuanchuan’s unspoken implication.

He lowered his head against his shoulder and calmed his breathing.

Today was the Spring Festival and there were a lot of things to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner.

Once they were downstairs, they got to work.

Jun Qingyu started to bake the cake, he placed it in the oven and supported Fu Yuanchuan after that.

Luckily, some of the ingredients were marinated in advance.

After placing them in the pot and simmering it on the lowest heat, they could be left alone.

Otherwise, they might not be able to eat dinner together on New Year’s Eve until very late.

While the last dish was stir-fried, Jun Qingyu set the plates and chopsticks on the table.

After thinking for a moment, he said, “Let’s open a bottle of red wine.”

There was a thermostatic wine cabinet at home, the kind that was sealed off to simulate the most suitable storage temperature for red wine.

There was a lot of red wine in it, but neither he nor Fu Yuanchuan really drank in their day-to-day lives.

It just so happened to be a festival today, they should drink some to have a change of atmosphere.

Once Fu Yuanchuan heard what he said, he suddenly remembered what the little fish looked like after drinking the last time, “You might feel like sleeping after you drink some red wine.

Didn’t you want to stay up late to welcome the New Year”

Jun Qingyu thought about it too.

Drinking red wine was not as atmospheric as welcoming the New Year.

He placed the bottle of red wine in his hand back and poured two bottles of drinks after he opened them.

Fu Yuanchuan served the last dish on the table, “Let’s go.”


The two of them were so busy that didn’t have the time to eat until now, but their excitement for the registration seemed to ease their hunger.

With a large table of dishes, Jun Qingyu’s appetite had always been small.

Basically less than half a bowl of rice and a few mouthfuls of each dish, and he’d be full.

After he finished, he ladled a bowl of soup and drank it slowly.

Seeing that, Fu Yuanchuan asked, “Are you full”


After hearing that, Fu Yuanchuan remained silent and leisurely consumed all of the rice in his bowl.

Jun Qingyu noticed Fu Yuanchuan putting down his chopsticks, but before he could get up to clean up the dishes, Fu Yuanchuan got up and walk to his side, “Let’s go and take a shower first.”

Jun Qingyu asked in doubt, “Aren’t we going to clean up the tableware”

“We’ll talk about it in a few days.”


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