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With his own little fish by his side, how could Fu Yuanchuan’s attention be attracted by the other fishes in the aquarium


Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved up into crescents.

He saw that there wasn’t anyone around and quickly leaned in to kiss him, “Let’s go in and have a look.”


“All right.”


There weren’t many fishes outside.

The hallway’s left and right walls spread out the farther they went.

No matter how one looked at it, it came across as an underwater world and appeared rather genuine.


The fish here were distinct from those in the cylindrical fish tanks at the entrance, despite the fact that it appeared to be a succession of dozens of rectangular glass fish tanks.


Even though Jun Qingyu was unable to identify the species of each fish, he was still able to determine which type of fish was more delectable, which might have been an unintentional reaction of a little mermaid.


Fu Yuanchuan had a look at this place’s layout.

Despite not knowing anything about the fishes, the decorations inside the fish tank were pretty good, “Do you like this place”


Whether he liked it or not was out of the question, Jun Qingyu only felt that it was narrowly considered as an attraction, and so he said, “It looks good.”


Fu Yuanchuan nodded.


Just as he was talking, a little pale blue mermaid swam over from the transparent fish tank on the side.


Jun Qingyu was astounded and even thought he was seeing things.

A little mermaid was not an ornamental species, so how could it appear in the aquarium


The water in the fish tank was fresh water and it was connected to the other fish tanks all throughout the place.

There was even a special control method that could prevent fish that belonged to one side of the fish tank from swimming to the other side,


but a highly intelligent little mermaid was obviously not affected by this method.


The little pale blue mermaid proceeded all the way forward by swimming in the direction of the fish tank.

It swam, until its tail came to a standstill.

It turned around and swam back to look at Jun Qingyu.


Jun Qingyu tugged at the hem of Fu Yuanchuan’s clothes and said, “This fish looks like Marshal Tordis’.”


When he was at the mermaid breeding base, he saw lots of little mermaids in various colours, but they didn’t interact much and he didn’t remember what they looked like at all.


In fact, Jun Qingyu had a good look at them when Marshal Tordis brought his mermaid over the last time and also had a vague impression of them.


Fu Yuanchuan glanced up when he heard those words.

His illness was almost healed and the little mermaid wouldn’t not dare to approach him because of their fear of the aggressiveness of his mental energy, thus the little mermaid didn’t flee when he looked over.


The fish in the fish tank instinctively kept away from the little mermaid and dare not to come forth.

Despite being a little smaller, a little mermaid was aggressive and animals had an innate instinct to make the most of the favourable conditions while averting unfavourable ones.


Jun Qingyu was worried that he had gotten it all mixed up, and so he waited silently for Fu Yuanchuan’s response.


Fu Yuanchuan retracted his gaze and said lightly, “I don’t recall.”


“I feel that all little mermaids look the same.” In Fu Yuanchuan’s mind, there were two types of little mermaids: the other little mermaids and Jun Qingyu.


Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, “But how can a mermaid be in the aquarium”


They didn’t know if it was salt water or not, and it was unknown whether a mermaid would get sick if they soaked in fresh water for a prolonged period of time.

Needless to say, no one would be careless enough to keep a little mermaid and ordinary fish together.


Fu Yuanchuan said, “I will contact the staff.”


Before he could retrieve his light brain, he heard a shout, “Fu Yuanchuan! Are you here to visit the aquarium too”


Unwittingly, Jun Qingyu glanced up after hearing that voice.

On the split-level second floor, Marshal Tordis was standing there waving at them.


The first floor was where the aquarium displayed a shoal of fish.

The second floor should be a split-level opening; a working level to facilitate adding some things, adding fish, and the cleaning of floating objects.


Fu Yuanchuan questioned, “What are you doing up there”


Marshal Tordis shook the cord he was holding in his other hand, “I’m fishing.

Previously, you said to work a good relationship with my fish.

After spending a few days with him, I found out he really likes to be in bigger places.

The pool in my house was not much to look at, so I came to the aquarium.”


It just so happened that there were no people around during the New Year.

Moreover, the water quality of the aquarium was tested daily and it would unconditional pass.


Having said that, Marshal Tordis said helplessly, “I originally wanted to go to the sea, but a little mermaid is too smart, and I worry that he would untie the cord and flee.

After much thought, I could only wrong him by making him stay here.”


When Jun Qingyu heard those words, he silently took two steps to the side, exposing the little pale blue mermaid behind him.

He asked, “Is this the little mermaid that slipped away from you”


“Ah, yes, yes, yes.” Marshal Tordis nodded with a smile, “My little mermaid is stunning and I like his face in particular…”


Tordis paused.

He realised that something was wrong.

He looked at the little fish staring at him through several layers of transparent glass then looked down at his cord and tugged it up.

Sure enough, the other end was empty.


“Don’t go! Wait for me! I’ll be right down!” Marshal Tordis hurriedly set forth to walk down, “Fortunately, I didn’t go to the sea.

The person, who sold me the cord, told me that I would absolutely not lose him!”


Jun Qingyu looked at the anxious look of the other person and could not suppress his chuckle, “If I untie the cord and run away, would you be like this too”


Fu Yuanchuan said, “I won’t.”


Jun Qingyu joked, “So composed”


Fu Yuanchuan lifted the long hair on the little fish’s cheek and swept it to the side.

He said with certainty, “You won’t run.”


If a cord was really used, his little fish wouldn’t untie it.

Rather, if it was untied by a bubble, the little fish might take the initiative to grab the cord and tie it to his wrist.


The belief that the little fish was well-behaved gave Fu Yuanchuan assurance.


Jun Qingyu smiled helplessly.

He leaned into Fu Yuanchuan’s embrace and said, “Let’s get going.”


“Ok.” Fu Yuanchuan went inside with his arms around the little fish and found that the little pale blue mermaid started to swim in their direction.


Jun Qingyu looked at the little mermaid in doubt.

He was drifting in place earlier.

When he was taken away by the current, he would swing his tail and swim back.

Why was he following them now


Taking two more steps, the little mermaid followed them persistently.


As he observed, Jun Qingyu suddenly felt a squeeze on his waist and walked two steps to the side following Fu Yuanchuan’s guide.


He saw Fu Yuanchuan blocking his side profile, blocking the sight of the little pale blue mermaid.


Jun Qingyu was a little unresponsive at first and watched Fu Yuanchuan frowning solemnly at the little fish.

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved like a crescent moon and he silently smiled.


Marshal Tordis came belatedly, “To have fled, leaving my dignity in the dust.”


The little pale blue mermaid swam around, intent on finding a place, seemingly trying to bypass Fu Yuanchuan to look at Jun Qingyu; not sparing his gaze towards Marshal Tordis.


Marshal Tordis didn’t exhibit any astonishment because he was accustomed to it.

In any case, he was seeking someone to fish for his little mermaid.

He wasn’t in a rush either.

He turned around to chat with Fu Yuanchuan.

He asked, “Did you come here for a honeymoon after your registration”


Fu Yuanchuan said subtly, “There was nothing to do at home, so I took him out for a walk.”


How could he come to such a place for their honeymoon! He had to choose a planet with a splendid landscape that the little fish liked for him to have fun.


Marshal Tordis nodded.

It made no sense to be cooped up at home.


“Go ahead to catch your fish, we’ll be going.”


“Ok, see you.” Just as the words were barely out of Marshal Tordis’ mouth, his very own little mermaid also followed along the two of them as they left.

He reached out promptly and knocked on the glass, “Don’t leave, don’t leave.

I have something delicious, look!”


Marshal Tordis came prepared.

He positioned some of the snacks he prepared against the glass.

The little mermaid who was swimming midway stopped as expected.

He looked at Jun Qingyu, then at the dried fish.

After thinking about it, he slowly swam over.


Though there were very few people in the aquarium, the eateries that should be open were still open.


The layout of the aquarium was to increase the revenue of the stores.

Several eateries would appear after walking through the fish section and they were all related to seafood.


It had a pleasant scent, and since the aquarium’s storefronts were different from those of roadside vendors, hygiene was assured to a greater extent.


Jun Qingyu looked at the skewers boiled over the stove and felt that it was a bit like hot and spicy soup broth.


A robot detected someone approaching and said eagerly, “Hello, would you like some boiled fishballs There are many types.

You may take a box and take your pick.

Once you’re done choosing, the data will automatically be logged into the bill and you just have to pay the bills when you leave.”


Fu Yuanchuan took a box.

The little fish didn’t consume much every day.

It was rare to run into food the little fish was interested in apart from ice cream.

“Let’s see if there’s any you like.”


Jun Qingyu wasn’t particularly hungry, so he only picked a few skewers of meatballs that looked delicious.


Since seats weren’t available here, they could only eat while walking.

Thankfully, a box was easy to carry.

The box contained soup, and out of concern for the little fish possibly getting scalded, Fu Yuanchuan personally held it.


Jun Qingyu took a bite.

It was a little tender and the taste was good, he could even taste the umami flavour of the fish meat, “Mmm…Delicious.”


With that said, he moved the skewers of fishballs to Fu Yuanchuan’s mouth, and Fu Yuanchuan took a bite while he held it.

Then Fu Yuanchuan helped the little fish to wipe his mouth with a napkin, “Mhm.

Since you like it, we’ll buy more later if we come across any.”


Jun Qingyu nodded his head.

However, repeated delicacies might not be encountered a second time in the aquarium.


As they moved into the corridor in front of them, the sight shifted once more as though a semicircular arc had covered the ground.

Water was flowing overhead, and occasionally one could see fish swimming.


At first, Jun Qingyu thought that there were relatively few people here but at present, only did he realize that it was more than a few.

So far, he had only seen Marshal Tordis.


Even fishballs were sold by robots.


This corridor was much more immersive than the previous corridor.

Jun Qingyu ate fishballs while looking at the fish in the fish tank, distinguishing which one was more delicious to eat.


Then in the shoal of fish, a little pale blue mermaid was found.


Jun Qingyu: “…”


Jun Qingyu blinked blankly, “Hasn’t Marshal Tordis’ mermaid been caught yet”


“No…” Marshal Tordis came from behind, “I was luring him with a snack earlier.

I knocked on the glass by accident.

He got angry with me, turned around and left.”


The little mermaid was in the water, and Marshal Tordis was chasing it from the outside, and he couldn’t find where the mermaid was once it slipped away.


There was still Duan Hengjin who was peering down from above and reporting its location to him before he could find it.


Marshal Tordis saw that his little mermaid had been staring at Jun Qingyu and he joked with a smile, “I feel that my little mermaid likes you a lot I’ll let you take it home.”


“No way.” Jun Qingyu decisively rejected the proposal.

He looked at Fu Yuanchuan who was standing in front of him and reached out with his hand to pull him back, “It’s enough to have one little mermaid in our family.”


“That pale golden one In any case, he’s not even here.

You can bring him back secretly and keep it a secret from him to raise him.”


Just by saying it, Marshal Tordis was happy, “As long as you don’t get found out, it’s fine to raise a few more.”


Fu Yuanchuan said lightly, “No.”


“Haha, you should look at your serious face.

Anyways, you can get close to a mermaid nowadays.

Raise a few more.

Your house will be more lively.”


After saying these words, Marshal Tordis felt a sudden chill on the back of his neck.

When he looked over in doubt, he saw Jun Qingyu with his mask properly worn, looking at him expressionlessly.


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