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Chapter 84 Part 1

Jun Qingyu seemed not to have deciphered the implication of his words.

He ate that piece of dried fish as if nothing had occurred, then he took a new one, “Do you want to try it”

Jun Qingyu placed the dried fish against Fu Yuanchuan’s lips.

He smiled meekly and stated harmlessly, “Ah——”

However, as soon as Fu Yuanchuan opened his mouth, Jun Qingyu speedily retrieved the dried fish back and took a bite.

He made an evasive statement, “I’ll eat it if you don’t.”

Fu Yuanchuan lifted his eyebrows.

Although the little fish appeared innocent, he was unable to conceal the tinge of playfulness in his eyes.

“I think this brand of dried fish is the best.

It’s a pity you didn’t eat it…Mmm!”

Fu Yuanchuan kissed him.

During the period Jun Qingyu was befuddled, he seized that piece of dried fish away.

He graced him with a gentle kiss when they parted, taking the seasoning powder on his lips away in the passing.

He savoured that piece of dried fish while looking intently at Jun Qingyu with his lips pursed.

He said pensively, “It tastes good.”

Immediately flushing red, Jun Qingyu exclaimed, “That…”

Fu Yuanchuan inquired after wiping the corner of his mouth with a tissue, “Are you full”

“I’m full.” Just as his voice fell, he perceived himself getting picked up.

Jun Qingyu intuitively hugged Fu Yuanchuan, “Where are we going”


“I’m going to eat fish.”

“……” Back in the bedroom, Jun Qingyu tightly clutched Fu Yuanchuan and nudged against his neck while muttering, “I can’t…”

“You can.”

“You have to be gentle.”


As the New Year vacation neared its end, Jun Qingyu was still considering where to go on the last day, when news came from Tordis that there were signs of activity within the Federation.

The holiday had been cancelled and the marshals gathered at the palace well into the night.

Jun Qingyu sat in his office, which was newly renovated for Fu Yuanchuan to handle official business, but Fu Yuanchuan had never been there.

Since it was closer to the meeting room, he was asked to wait there.

Beep beep. 

After hearing that sound from the boiled water, Jun Qingyu regained his senses.

He finished the cold tea from the cup and replaced it with fresh hot water.

He had caught sight of Marshal Abbott entering earlier too, and because it was still a secret that Marshal Abbott was a member of the Federation, he was obviously not excluded from such an important meeting.

When all was said and done, there was no conclusive evidence to nail him, and Marshal Abbott’s father had a great reputation in the Empire for his outstanding military achievements; it wouldn’t be easy to touch Marshal Abbott.

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

It would be more trouble with his connections.

Just as he was ruminating over it, he thought he heard something.

Despite being quite soft, the occasional sound falling into his ear seemed pretty genuine.

Jun Qingyu sensed that something was wrong.

He put down his teacup, got up and walked over to the door.

He pulled open the door, “Shi Kaixin.”

“Yes, sir.” Shi Kaixin was guarding the door and asked at once after he heard his voice, “Is there anything wrong”

Jun Qingyu questioned, “Did you hear that sound”

“Sound” Shi Kaixin was quiet the moment he heard that.

He appeared to be listening to the sound Jun Qingyu spoke of, but the area was quiet and even the faintest of whispers were obvious. 

“No, I don’t.”

Several marshals were having a meeting inside.

Although it was soundproofed but really, who dared to make any sound in the vicinity

Jun Qingyu listened carefully and the sound became even more obvious, “Go…”

As soon as he spoke, the door of the meeting room suddenly opened.

Fu Yuanchuan walked out and said coldly, “Shi Kaixin, pass my order to activate the imperial defences immediately.”

“Yes, sir!”

“Did something happen” Jun Qingyu didn’t know much about the interstellar, but defences were generally used in times of war to prevent casualties amongst the general populace.


All of the defences of the planets should be turned on at the same time.

Jun Qingyu was compelled to ask, “Did you hear that sound too”

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head.

A mermaid’s sense of hearing was far more sensitive than that of humans.

He didn’t hear the sound, but he could feel that something frenzied with restless mental energy was approaching.

There hasn’t been a war in the Empire in a very long time and its defences have never been needed.

There was therefore no need to be concerned because the energy it contained was adequate.

The Federation intended to issue a warning this time.

For the most part, the publication of Fu Chengyu’s inspection results was the reason why relevant materials related to the Planet M laboratory were received with such great fanfare.

Fu Yuanchuan patted Jun Qingyu on the back, “Don’t be afraid, return to our room first.”

For the time being, the Main Planet was out of the opponent’s target range.

There were corps stationed at the planet’s periphery and there were even patrolling battleships.

At best, it would be chaotic for a while.

Jun Qingyu was about to go back to the room when he saw a ray of light sweeping at high speed across the horizon in his peripheral vision.

The war would temporarily not spread here, but what if it went from Planet M to the Main Planet

Back in the office, after closing the door, Jun Qingyu felt driven to ask. 

“Previously, a planet was found to be given to the Federation, was Planet M the one”


“Yes.” Fu Yuanchuan’s tone was flat, “There are also other planets apart from Planet M.”

The Federation did not meddle in the affairs of the Empire, but in reality, it still continues to check and balance the Empire’s development from all angles.

The information that could be dug up from Fu Chengyu was simply the tip of the iceberg, there were still many things worth investigating.

“Don’t worry, it will all be returned.” The war between the Empire and the Federation would have to be fought sooner or later, and the possessions that should be taken back would not be any less.

Jun Qingyu mulled it over before he questioned, “Are those experimental products on Planet M still there”

Planet M’s security has always been stringent.

If it weren’t for the interstellar pirates causing a commotion then, it would be difficult even to get key information, but Jun Qingyu hadn’t heard of Planet M’s matter after that.

Fu Yuanchuan shook his head.

Only the experimental procedures appeared to be there, as successful experimental products were sent out after their success, and only some test subjects in the experiment were there.

After the incident, a doctor went in to diagnose them, but their bodies suffered irreversible damage and the doctor was unable to save their lives.

In response, Jun Qingyu felt that the situation was far from good, “Apart from the experimental products from the corps before, we don’t know where the remaining successful test subjects have gone.

If they’re all at the Federation, will all of you be at a disadvantage after the war begins”

All in all, mental energy was linked to strength, but those experimental products were all targeted at mental energy.

Weren’t they live targets if they got affected on the battlefield and lose their combat effectiveness

Fu Yuanchuan said, “The corps is supplied with fruit and vegetable juice in their daily diet, so don’t worry about it for now.” 

Drinking it long-term could also function as an immunity, but this immunity had a time limit.

So long as they did not get excessively affected during the war, they could pacify their mental energy if they retreated and continued to consume fruit and vegetable juice; this was also an approach.

Moreover, the lifespan of the experimental products wouldn’t be very long based on the handful that left the laboratory before.

Even if there were many successful test subjects, there should be relatively few survivors given the time frame that had been built up to the present.

It was obvious that no single test subject could have an impact on the entire corps, and with the assistance of fruit and vegetable juice, there shouldn’t be any immediate issues.

Jun Qingyu contemplated.

He had to find time to integrate the change in the data he recorded for Yaoyao’s mental energy.

It was best to make a medicine to combat those test subjects.

Regardless of whether it was used or not, it was good insurance.

Fu Yuanchuan curled his fingers and nudged them against the little fish’s cheek, “The identity of the Imperial Leader was just finalised at the meeting, but we’ll keep it simple in the face of war.”


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