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Looking at the little mermaid weeping bitterly, Fu Yuanchuan’s hands were tied.

He wanted to help him to wipe his tears but the little mermaid grievously turned his face away and cried even louder.

Fu Yuanchuan thought about it and coaxed, “Don’t cry, let’s each have half”

He referred to dividing the portion of the tomato that had already been divided in half, into another half.

Jun Qingyu blinked.

I’m crying like this and you still want half of that.

The little mermaid immediately cried even louder, “Wuuuuu……”

Fu Yuanchuan: “!”

Fu Yuanchuan compromised, “I’ll eat this half and you’ll eat those that have been cut into small pieces, alright”

Jun Qingyu suddenly stopped crying, “Eeeeeeee.”


Fu Yuanchuan was stunned, his tears disappeared in an instant……

Jun Qingyu: “Aa——”

Fu Yuanchuan took the small fork to feed him the tomatoes.

Jun Qingyu tasted it, it was delicious.

It was sour and sweet.

This was what a decent tomato should taste like.

In order to make the tomato look unobtrusive, Jun Qingyu deliberately picked a smaller piece.

After finishing the tomato, Fu Yuanchuan put the little mermaid into the portable mermaid box.

Jun Qingyu looked around, this mermaid box was slightly bigger than the box from the breeding centre, he could lay down without having to curl up.

It was just that at this moment, why was he using the box


Fu Yuanchuan carried the little mermaid and said, “I’m going to bring you to a safe place.”

A safe place

Jun Qingyu pursed his lips.

Was Fu Yuanchuan also aware that there was a problem here

Jun Qingyu didn’t stay at this place for long but he actually felt that leaving or not leaving this place did not have much of an impact on him.

It was fine as long as he could stay by Fu Yuanchuan’s side.

It was just that……the swimming pool behind had been renovated for nothing!

He only played in it once.

Fu Yuanchuan noticed the little mermaid’s expression, “You’re unhappy”

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

I’m not unhappy, I just feel that it’s a pity.

However, Jun Qingyu had a great mindset so he adapted quickly.

He patted Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, “Eeeeeeee!”

Fu Yuanchuan touched his head and carried the little mermaid onto the spaceship.

This was Jun Qingyu’s second time on the spaceship.

Compared to the previous time, he felt that it was going faster this time.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “It may take some time on the journey, so sleep if you’re bored.”

“Eeeeeeee~” Jun Qingyu answered him nicely but he wasn’t sleepy at all.

He was still quite curious about where Fu Yuanchuan would take him.

It’s just that the place was far away.

On top of that, Jun Qingyu could only soak in the water.

He couldn’t play games or play on a mobile phone.

It was still fine if it took a short time but he felt that he had nothing better to do after a long time.

Jun Qingyu spat out bubbles in the water and then burst them on his own to kill time.

When Fu Yuanchuan saw this, he reached his hand into the box, bent his finger and rubbed it against the little mermaid’s cheek.

Jun Qingyu was taken aback and subconsciously hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, “Eeeeeeee~!”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “Don’t worry, we’re almost there.”

Jun Qingyu sat up slowly while he held onto Fu Yuanchuan’s finger and then lay on his hand.

Looking at the hand placed on his own tail, Jun Qingyu narrowed his eyes and sighed.

A small bubble quivered as it floated up.

Jun Qingyu pressed it down and even brought the small bubble to hit the back of Fu Yuanchuan’s hand.

The small bubble burst with a ‘pop’.

Jun Qingyu couldn’t help but laugh and there was another string of dense small bubbles.


Fu Yuanchuan let him play around.

Jun Qingyu spat another bubble and when he was just about to press it down, Fu Yuanchuan suddenly raised his hand to poke it.

The bubble burst right in front of Jun Qingyu.

Jun Qingyu froze.

“Gurgle!” Jun Qingyu bit Fu Yuanchuan’s finger.

It was a completely subconscious action.

When he bit him, Jun Qingyu blinked and quietly raised his eyes to look up at Fu Yuanchuan.

It was impossible for Fu Yuanchuan to not notice such a bite.

Fu Yuanchuan was also looking down at him.

Jun Qingyu loosened his mouth.

He smiled at the man, very innocently.

Then……he swung his tail, turned around and fled.

But there was not much room in the box.

If it was in a big swimming pool, he could still get away.

In the box, he was held down by Fu Yuanchuan as soon as he swung his tail.

“Ee……” Jun Qingyu gave a short cry.

Jun Qingyu raised his tail and sharply used his tail to swipe across Fu Yuanchuan’s wrist, “Gurgle~”

Fu Yuanchuan turned his hand over to show the tooth prints on his hand.

Jun Qingyu arched his eyes, flatteringly reached out his hand to press and rub on it.

The bite was actually not heavy but it left a mark and looked very obvious.

Jun Qingyu helped him to rub it twice.

All of a sudden, he felt an itch on his waist.

He lowered his head to take a look, Fu Yuanchuan’s finger was positioned there.

Jun Qingyu froze, and then……


Jun Qingyu rolled over in the box but he could not avoid Fu Yuanchuan’s hand which was tickling his flesh.

You’re childish!

How can you tickle a mermaid’s flesh!

Jun Qingyu evaded back and forth but could not avoid it and his tears from laughing instantly disappeared into the water.

The bubbles coming from his mouth were endless.

Jun Qingyu grabbed Fu Yuanchuan’s hand, he laughed so hard that his fishtail trembled.

You’re too much of a bully to a fish!

Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little mermaid laughing so hard that he almost couldn’t breathe properly.

He retracted his hand, in fear that he would choke on the ornaments in the water.

Jun Qingyu quelled his state of laughter and quietly stared at Fu Yuanchuan from the water.

Fu Yuanchuan was also originally looking at him but when he saw the little mermaid seemingly wanting to do something bad; it wasn’t convenient for the little mermaid to act when he was looking like this.

Fu Yuanchuan then casually raised his eyes to look elsewhere.

Jun Qingyu quietly reached out with his hand.

There was water on his hand and he pressed his hand directly onto Fu Yuanchuan’s clothes.

A small handprint.

It was particularly complete.

Fu Yuanchuan thought he would use his fishtail to splash water up but he didn’t think it was such a soft and little prank.

Fu Yuanchuan tapped the top of the little mermaid’s head, “We will be home soon.”


As he was speaking, the vehicle came to a halt.

Jun Qingyu raised his head to take a look and found that this place……He couldn’t see the end with a look.

It was the same for both the left and right sides.

The area it covered was large.

There was a free-standing villa in the middle and not far away from it, there were another two villas on both sides of the villa.

It was just that when they were compared to the one in the middle, they were a little smaller.

There were connections between those three villas and there was also a vast stretch of greenery.

The suspension car drove in directly, it was not a short distance from the entrance of the courtyard to the entrance of the villa.

Jun Qingyu thought that this should be where an imperial marshal should live.

Staying in that temporary residence was a great disservice to Fu Yuanchuan.

As soon as he entered the villa’s door, the housekeeper greeted him.

He bowed slightly and said, “Marshal, the luggage of Mr Fu and Mrs Fu has been packed.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan flatly said, “Send them to the hospital and keep an eye on them.”

The housekeeper replied, “Yes, marshal.”

Jun Qingyu Look at Fu Yuanchuan, Mr Fu……refers to Fu Yanghong

Fu Yuanchuan noticed his gaze.

He touched the little mermaid and said, “Don’t be afraid.

No one will ever bully you again.”

Jun Qingyu opened his mouth, wanting to say something but when he opened his mouth, he felt that his throat was a bit astringent.

This was how people were.

Sometimes, you could take full responsibility and solve everything calmly and indifferently.

But when someone cane to coax you, you would inexplicably feel wronged and want to cry.

Jun Qingyu rubbed Fu Yuanchuan’s hand and did not speak.

The housekeeper said, “Marshal, give me the mermaid.

I’ll take him to the mermaid room.”

Fu Yuanchuan said, “There’s no need, he’ll come with me.”

The housekeeper was taken aback when he heard what was said and answered with a ‘yes’.

He turned around in silence and went to settle the luggage of Fu Yanghong and his wife, which was left behind.

When Fu Yuanchuan carried Jun Qingyu up the stairs, he could still see them taking stuff and coming down with packs of luggage.

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, so Fu Yanghong and his wife lived together with Fu Yuanchuan before

There were so many things, it was obvious that they couldn’t leave this many behind from just staying a few days.

When Fu Yanghong went to their temporary residence, he still said Fu Yuanchuan didn’t go home.

But it turned out that Fu Yuanchuan didn’t go back because there was this couple at home

Fu Yanghong and his wife weren’t good people and not living with them was a good thing.

As he thought about this, Jun Qingyu suddenly stopped for a moment.

He knew these two weren’t good people but Fu Yuanchuan didn’t necessarily know.

Then, Fu Yuanchuan bought a mermaid.

He still insisted on staying in his temporary residence and didn’t return home.

Was it possible that……

Fu Yuanchuan also realised that there was an issue with those two people

“What are you thinking about so seriously”

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan’s finger, “Eeeeeeee~!”

I missed you!

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t know what he was saying but when he saw that the little mermaid was smiling so happily, his mood also improved.

He returned to the master bedroom.

Even if the master did not return for a period of time, it was still well kept.

There was also a beautifully decorated fish tank by the bedside.

Fu Yuanchuan put the little mermaid in the fish tank and placed a dried fish on the preinstalled platform of the fish tank.

Fu Yuanchuan said, “We’ll sleep here from now on.”

“Eeeeeeee!” Jun Qingyu lightly patted the fish tank with his tail.

Wait……what kind of material was this It didn’t seem to be glass.

However, it appeared to be as transparent as glass but it was not as hard as glass.

Jun Qingyu pointed to the fish tank and raised his head to ask, “Eeeeeeee~”

“It’s an anti-resistant material and is more……” Fu Yuanchuan thought for a while and chose a suitable word to describe it, “Resistant.”

The little mermaid, who had broken the fish tank once, shook his tail innocently.

The corner of Fu Yuanchuan’s mouth raised slightly, he stood up and said, “Go and play.

I’ll go clean up.”

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t like the hands of others or anyone going through his clothes.

He liked to do this kind of thing himself.

The luggage he brought back was placed in the room, it wasn’t opened.

He had to sort it out.

“Eeeeeeee.” Jun Qingyu thought about it and swam into the shell bed.

He made sure that Fu Yuanchuan saw him going in before he closed the shell.

He wasn’t sleepy.

He had to make a trip into his space.

The legion token he had snatched back from Fu Yuanchuan’s mother was still in his space.

That item was quite important and he had to find a chance to give it back to Fu Yuanchuan.

The stealing scene was already over so he didn’t have to worry about anyone coming to steal it.

The entire plotline had completely derailed from the original text.

Fu Yuanchuan would definitely get better and better in the future.

He moved with a thought.

Jun Qingyu appeared in his space.

The tassel was by the side of his hand.

Jun Qingyu picked the tassel up, lifted it to pry it apart.

He could see the token tucked in the middle of the white tassel.

It was silvery-white in colour.

It looked pretty good.

The token should have been glued by something on the tassel.

Jun Qingyu pulled hard but failed to separate them.

Gripping one on the left and the other on the right, then use strength to——!


Jun Qingyu: “!!!”

The sound wasn’t right, Jun Qingyu’s movements abruptly stopped.

He slowly spread his right hand and looked at the token that was broken into three pieces inside.

Jun Qingyu: “……”


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