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Chapter 84 Part 2

Fu Chengyu’s rights had long fallen into his hands, so there was no such thing as a power transfer.

The only thing missing was a ceremony.

The aristocrats were suppressed until they had no say in it and no one dared to say anything when Fu Yuanchuan ascended to this position.

It was, in fact, quicker.

Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to resolve it for two months if they followed the proper order.

With this level of authority, the operability of some things would be higher.

Jun Qingyu hugged Fu Yuanchuan and he asked softly whilst leaning into his embrace, “Since you are the Imperial Leader, with war near at hand, would you still go in person”

“I will.” Fu Yuanchuan knew about the experimental products reasonably well.

Additionally, he had the most contact with fruits and vegetables, and the little fish helped to nurse him with his universal life energy from time to time.

Although he might not actually operate a mecha to engage in combat, having him present to supervise was the safest option.

“…Alright.” Jun Qingyu really wanted to tag along, but he didn’t know much about interstellar warfare, and he had never been in contact with mechas; this was a blind spot in knowledge for him.

In war, there are many unforeseeable events.

He would undoubtedly follow along if he could skillfully operate a mecha.

Even if Fu Yuanchuan didn’t agree, he would still go.

It took mental energy to control a mecha, but where does a mermaid get mental energy then

Jun Qingyu kissed him on the cheek, “I will wait for you to come back home.”

“Mhm.” Fu Yuanchuan fondled his little fish’s long hair, his eyes couldn’t hide his gentleness.

Looking at his adorable little fish, he whispered, “Shi Kaixin will stay behind to protect you.”

Amongst his subordinates, Jun Qingyu and Shi Kaixin were more familiar with each other, and he was afraid that the little fish would not feel at ease if he switched to someone else.

Jun Qingyu immediately refused, “No, take them all away, don’t leave anyone behind.”

Shi Kaixin has been with Fu Yuanchuan for so long, equivalent to his right-hand man.

The war there was much more dangerous than here and having a reliable aide-de-camp by his side would save a lot of trouble.

Fu Yuanchuan remained silent.

Jun Qingyu hugged him and shook him, “Don’t let him stay, do you hear me”

“You stayed up so late yesterday, aren’t you sleepy now”

“Don’t change the subject.”

“Be good.”

“Fu Yuanchuan!” Jun Qingyu glared at him.

Fu Yuanchuan responded gently, “Yes, I’m here.

Sir, please speak, I’ll listen.”


With such a good attitude, Jun Qingyu couldn’t be stern even if he wanted to, so he could only look him anxiously in the eye, “I’m afraid it’ll be inconvenient for you out there.”

“It won’t be.” Fu Yuanchuan was naturally confident of the things he would do.

As he spoke, the lighting streaking rapidly across the sky outside seemed to have stopped.


It merely streaked across the Milky Way from planet to planet, leaving traces behind, without harming any of the planets.

The plan was to take a rest here rather than leave.

Early in the morning, Jun Qingyu lay down on the bed in the lounge and looked at his light brain.

On the Internet, there were a lot of popular searches about this movement and many people were discussing the cause.

If the Empire didn’t go into full alert, these lights might be mistaken for an unconventional meteor shower, but when combined with the state of alert, this bout of ‘meteor shower’ wasn’t very beautiful.

[I don’t like the looks of this, is there going to be a war]

[Let’s fight then, are we afraid of them I didn’t like those people from the Federation a long time ago.

They have grand plans but little skill.


[Your account credential is an Imperial Military academy student Ok, you have a firm tone.]

[Don’t make wild guesses, there’s no official news yet.

It’s creeping people out.]


Looking at these comments, Jun Qingyu thought: Official news

It’ll be there soon.

The fight was definitely going to be fought, but Jun Qingyu felt that Fu Yuanchuan would take the battlefield far away and the possibility of implicating the Main Planet was very low.

He didn’t make a statement rashly, so as not to make people anxious.

It was better to wait for official news.

If he was bored, he would simply read the comments and paid attention to other news.

He turned off his light brain only after the official announcement.

The news had been released.

They must have finished the discussion on Fu Yuanchuan’s end.

Jun Qingyu gathered his quilt, and as soon as he laid down, Fu Yuanchuan pushed the door open and entered.

Fu Yuanchuan moved very lightly.

When he saw that the bedside lamp was still on, he came over and propped his hands to the sides of Jun Qingyu’s cheeks on the quilt.

He stooped down with his forehead against the other and asked, “Why are you still awake”

Jun Qingyu stated with his eyes curved up into crescents, “I was waiting for you to come back so that we could sleep together.”

With that said, he patted the position next to him, “It’s warm, come up and sleep.”

Fu Yuanchuan kissed him and said softly, “Okay.”

The day after the official announcement from the Empire, Fu Yuanchuan’s army was integrated and ready to depart.

Together with three other marshals, they took off on the same day and segregated to reinforce different planets.

Before boarding the ship, Fu Yuanchuan told Jun Qingyu, “Generally speaking, the Imperial Leader will personally lead the expedition and the Empire’s affairs will be handled by the Empress.”

Unless something major happens, the news will be sent to the battlefield for the Emperor to decide, and the Empress will be responsible for everything else.

Fu Yuanchuan stroked the little fish’s long hair and exhorted, “Let Shi Kaixin deal with it if anything goes wrong.”

Jun Qingyu nodded his head, “Let’s keep in touch.”


Jun Qingyu stood next to him and watched as the battleship took off.

Fu Yuanchuan had settled all the affairs of the Empire.

Generally speaking, so long as no one deliberately comes looking for trouble, there would be no major problems.

Jun Qingyu was on guard against Marshal Abbott.

Fu Yuanchuan didn’t arrange for Marshal Abbott to reinforce, but……he didn’t see Marshal Abbott here either.

Apart from Marshal Abbott, all the other marshals were present.

Jun Qingyu was worried about what he would do with his identity.

He inevitably frowned and asked, “Where is Marshal Abbott”

Shi Kaixin thought for a while and said, “He should be at home, the Marshal…No, Your Majesty asked me to send some documents to the old marshal.

Marshal Abbott was placed under house arrest at home yesterday.”


Jun Qingyu lifted one of his eyebrows little by little.

He initially thought it would be troublesome to deal with Marshal Abbott, but he didn’t expect the old marshal…

Surely, the old marshal must feel awful right now.

Shi Kaixin asked, “Your Highness, shall we go back now It’s getting windy.”

Jun Qingyu straightened the cloak on his shoulders, turned around and said, “Let’s go.”

Shi Kaixin hurriedly followed along.

Sitting in the car, Jun Qingyu looked at the receding scene outside the window, “Turn around.

We not going home, go straight to the dessert store.”

“Ok.” Shi Kaixin didn’t go on prattling about any suggestion and immediately listened to the order to turn around.

Jun Qingyu was unable to calm down, it had been a long time since Jun Qingyu had been this agitated.

He’d be headstrong if he had known sooner, even if he stayed aboard the battleship as a supporter.

It was too late for regrets now, the battleship had already left, and…he had to stay behind to develop the medicine.

When it came to spring water, it wouldn’t go through somebody else’s hands apart from him and Fu Yuanchuan.

Although he stayed behind, he still had work to do.

“Do you want some tea, Your Highness”

“Don’t call me Your Highness.” Jun Qingyu wasn’t very used to this term of address.

“Yes, sir.”

Jun Qingyu took a sip of the tea and placed it aside.

After much thought, he took out his light brain and sent a message to Fu Yuanchuan: [I miss you.]

Just after no more than ten minutes of separation, Jun Qingyu wanted to chase after the battleship.

He thought Fu Yuanchuan was busy and should take a very long to reply.

Jun Qingyu wanted to close his light brain after sending the message, but as soon as he made a move, his light brain jolted twice.

Fu Yuanchuan sent an emoji of a little mermaid kissing, a pale golden little mermaid drawn by Fu Yuanchuan himself.

He didn’t know when he made such a cute emoji.

The arc of Jun Qingyu’s eyes curved like a crescent moon and he responded with a kiss emoji.


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