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Chapter 86

Jun Qingyu got astonished by this reply for quite some time.

There was a trace of his joy in the depths of his eyes.

His fingertips pressed on the virtual keys and he was momentarily at a loss on what to reply.

Upon seeing this situation, Shi Kaixin could also tell who Jun Qingyu was chatting with.

His state looked entirely different–it was easy to distinguish.

Thus, he simply kept to the side and waited.

Jun Qingyu mulled over this for some time, then he replied: [Then Ill tell you when the matter is set in stone.]

The mecha had not yet been obtained and whether it was indeed similar to what Yaoyao had described was still up for debate.

If he were to mention this, it would be fairly disappointing if it didnt work out when the moment came.

Fu Yuanchuan: [Alright.]

Jun Qingyu sent an emoji but it showed that the transmission had failed.

Currently, the battleships should have left the domain of the Main Planet, or were passing through a black hole, so the signal shouldnt be very good.

Jun Qingyu didnt bother him anymore.

As Shi Kaixin observed Jun Qingyu stow his light brain away, he could not restrain himself from asking, “Sir, do you need me to get someone to keep an eye on Yaoyao”

Shi Kaixin got a horrible feeling no matter how hard he thought about it.

Earlier, Yaoyaos words were all closely linked, and Jun Qingyu only responded sporadically with a few words.

It was unavoidably somewhat aberrant for the topic to eventually shift to mechas.

“No.” Jun Qingyu could make out Yaoyaos train of thought.

She didnt mention it initially but started to speak in a guided manner after seeing the fruit and vegetable juice in the test tubes.

He couldnt say it was in bad faith, there was a small gesture of goodwill in it.

After all, the concentration of universal life energy in the fruit and vegetable juice this time was much higher compared to the previous one.

Yaoyao was sensitive to mental energy and she must be aware of the abnormality this time.

With Yaoyaos word linking in succession, even if he didnt welcome the topic, she would still loop back to it.

However, if that kind of mecha truly exists–no matter what–he would spend several times the market price for it, and conduct a transaction without owing them a favour.

In comparison to the interstellar pirate, Wen Chengyao, who was a bit slow, Yaoyao was the boss of the interstellar pirates with smarts.

Jun Qingyu shook his head.

He wasnt going to think about the matter with Yaoyao any longer.

He lowered his head and cleared the table.

The experimental data had to be repetitively recorded.

Previously, Jun Qingyu planned to make steady progress incrementally, but time was insufficient now.

He could hardly wait and take his time.

After three more experiments, he should be able to calculate the average value.

Jun Qingyu recorded with a pen and paper.

Things that were intelligent had pros and cons.

To be on the safe side, it was still better to write them by hand.

Shi Kaixin stood to the side, his sight fixated on the back door, so as to not see something he shouldnt have seen.

After he was finished jotting it down, Jun Qingyu closed the record book.

Noting that Yaoyao had not yet returned, he believed the mecha would not be delivered for quite some time, so he got up and said, “Lets go.”


The experimental data came out and Jun Qingyu was not idle when he got home.

He didnt even bother about eating, entered the study and loaded the data into the virtual computer.

Then he recorded the simulated results to form a comparison with the experimental data.

It wasnt difficult, just a little time-consuming.

While waiting for the results, Jun Qingyu kept an eye on his light brain occasionally.

Fu Yuanchuan had never replied, there should be no signal yet.

Fu Yuanchuan would definitely contact him immediately once there was a signal.

A few hours had passed since their last message.

Jun Qingyu sighed and drowned himself in recording data, attempting to mobilise his attention in this manner.

Knock knock.

Jun Qingyus fingertips stopped moving.

Soon after, he remembered that Shi Kaixin hadnt left.

He picked up his mask at hand and put it on before he said lightly, “Come in.”

Shi Kaixin came in with a stack of documents, “Sir, these are the documents that need to be approved today.

I have all of them printed out.”

In the past, the data was sent straight to the inbox, but the marshal made it clear when he left, afraid that Jun Qingyu would find it hard to operate, thus hard copy documents would be sent.

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows, “Yuanchuan has just left the Main Planet, where did so many documents waiting for approval come from”

Looking at that stack, the quantity was a bit too much.

“Theres a lot of miscellaneous tasks.” Shi Kaixin thought there was too much as well, he could see there was still a lot even after they were separated into folders.

Jun Qingyu said, “Put it on the table.”

If these were miscellaneous tasks, they should be different from those of Fu Yuanchuan before.

Given that his identity had changed, there were only more things he had to deal with, not less.

“Ok.” After Shi Kaixin placed them down, he was concerned that it would topple if it was too high, so he separated them into two piles.

Jun Qingyu sorted over the data on the paper and readily put them away in the nearest drawer.

The interior of the drawer was empty, but a ball rolled out this time he opened it.

He instinctively picked up that little thing.

His hand could not encompass it and the words,Grip Ball could clearly be seen on the little ball.

Jun Qingyu stowed the documents and cast an odd glance towards the ball.

He undoubtedly remembered the drawer being empty before, so when did this object appear

In response, Shi Kaixin placed the documents in place and said, “Sir is also training your grip Its no wonder the marshal suddenly asked me to buy this thing and to buy a box of it.

With the marshals strength, All the grip balls will break before there is any time to count them.”

Jun Qingyu tried to grip it and a string of numbers appeared on the ball, “Whats the use of training with this”

“Hmm…it will probably make you more precise in your control over your hand grip Such as when our mental energy goes out of control, our strength will be greater than usual, and well use the grip balls to record it down.”

“Its not easy to control your strength in a situation where your mental power is out of control.

This thing can also be used to train how to get a good grasp on this line when one goes out of control.”

It was naturally useless for ordinary people to buy this thing.

Jun Qingyu was taken aback when he heard this.

He tried to tap on that string of numbers earlier, new numbers appeared in the wake ofexpand all, lined up from left to right.

The numbers were red-coloured blanks at the start and should represent when ones full strength was too great and broke through the maximum value calculated by the grip ball.

After the number fluctuated several times, it steadily descended in the end, then there was a gap in the consecutive recording.

There was a number recorded from time to time; the last one was the one he gripped earlier.

Jun Qingyu tapped the ball lightly and asked nonchalantly, “When did Yuanchuan ask you to buy it”

“Quite a long time ago…” Shi Kaixin thought for a while, “Probably a few days after buying a mermaid”

Fu Yuanchuan was ostracised by the mermaids then and everyone who brought back the mermaid was jubilant, which caused Shi Kaixin to have a particularly deep memory of the few days when Fu Yuanchuan bought a mermaid back.

Jun Qingyu was momentary startled, he hid his emotions and said indifferently, “I see, you can go.”

“Ok sir, remember to call me if you need anything.”

Shi Kaixin closed the door when he left.

The study was quiet in a split second and the pad of Jun Qingyus fingers rubbed against the little ball lightly.

Fu Yuanchuan has always been strong in front of him, but his personality was gentle and casual, and he was brimming with confidence for any matter.

Jun Qingyu constantly remembered the description of Fu Yuanchuans character in the original story, but when he saw Fu Yuanchuan with his very own eyes, he found that his character was practically contrary to the description in the original story.

He naturally tossed the words of the original story to the back of his mind during his day-to-day interaction.

But it seemed that, except for what he saw, Fu Yuanchuan made a lot of effort on how to raise him in places he couldnt see.

Just like this ball.

It was not difficult to imagine that man being clumsy, testing his grip over and over again.

Only this was left in the box of grip balls, he prudently found the most suitable strength after much trial and error.

Afraid that inadvertent movements would hurt the little mermaid in his hand.

The arc of Jun Qingyus eyes curved like a crescent moon, Fu Yuanchuans tenderness and attentiveness had never been spoken of.

The lights in the office would automatically adjust to eye protection mode at night and the faint light fell on the little ball with a somewhat warm colour.

Jun Qingyu did some thinking, held a light gold marker, and progressively sketched the form of a mermaid on the little ball.

Jun Qingyus drawing skills were average; he merely sketched an outline and did not draw the details meticulously, so at least it could still be seen as a mermaid.

If he continued to draw, he might even lose track of what he was drawing in the end.

After the ink had dried, he returned the ball to the drawer.

Jun Qingyu looked at the two stacks of documents and took the one near him and browsed through it.

What Shi Kaixin mentioned as miscellaneous tasks were summed up appropriately.

They were more than miscellaneous tasks, large and small meagre matters had all been sent over.

Jun Qingyu continued to look through them patiently.

By the latter half of the night, there were still no important documents.

The only one that could be considered an official business was the plan for the new fruits and vegetables product.

They thought that these fruits and vegetables were the results of experiments.

Now that Fu Yuanchuan was not present, their hidden ploy was to coerce morality, and they wanted him to distribute fruits and vegetables free of charge.

Their words were pleasant, but their objective was eying the things in your possession.

If Fu Yuanchuan was here, this aristocrat shouldnt dare to mention this idea.

Jun Qingyu raised his eyebrows.

Was he taking him as a pushover

He took out this document and continued to look through the other miscellaneous tasks.

Just as he leafed through, his light brain by his hand shook.

Jun Qingyu hastily picked it up and saw that it was indeed a message from Fu Yuanchuan.

Fu Yuanchuan: [The signal has just been stabilised, what are you doing]

Jun Qingyu took a photo of the bunch of documents on the table and sent it to him: [There are a lot of aristocrat affairs.]

They were all non-essential matters that didnt matter.

The disharmonious argument between the nobles had been written on a document and sent over.

It could be seen that the rights of the nobles were now severely suppressed and they couldnt stay idle.

Fu Yuanchuan: [Its getting late, get some rest.]

Jun Qingyu: [Ok, rest early, dont stay up too late with work.]

As for him, it was better to read all the documents once through before going to sleep, to spare himself disputes caused by gossip.

Jun Qingyu didnt care what others talked about him, but now that he was together with Fu Yuanchuan, Fu Yuanchuan would inevitably be brought up when they talked about him, and this wasnt good.

After that message was sent, there was no reply.

Jun Qingyu gave it some thought and sent: [Good night.]

Then the next moment, Fu Yuanchuan made a video call.

Jun Qingyu subconsciously picked it up and asked in a daze, “Whats wrong”

The frame on Fu Yuanchuans side was dark for a moment and it took a while before the figure slowly appeared.

Looking at the furnishings behind the little fish, he was obviously still in the office.

Fu Yuanchuan questioned, “Didnt you say you wanted to rest”

“Ill go to rest after looking through these.” Jun Qingyu set his light brain aside and lay on the table to look at him, “Im not tired yet.”

He didnt feel any drowsiness at all.

Even if he returned to the room, he would just turn and toss on the bed, and suffer from insomnia.

It was much better to stay up late and deal with all these things, so as to spare himself from trouble tomorrow.

“Get some rest.

These matters arent urgent.” Fu Yuanchuan turned on a night light and sat on the bed.

Jun Qingyu blinked and looked at him innocently, “But I cant sleep.”

Fu Yuanchuan caressed the virtual screen with his fingertips, just like how he usually stroked the little fishs hair.

Yet, there was a distance between their virtual screens, such that he couldnt touch him, and his fingertips were about to retract.

Jun Qingyu, on the other hand, first approached by a step, sending himself into Fu Yuanchuans hands on the screen.

Fu Yuanchuans eyes were full of smiles and he coaxed softly, “Be good now and go back to your room, lets rest together.”

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