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Chapter 87

From seeing him sitting on the bed rather than laying on it, Jun Qingyu instantly comprehended what Fu Yuanchuan meant after he thought briefly and promptly said, “Alright.”


Then he stood up and gathered the documents on the table, planning to review them during the day tomorrow.


On the other end of the video call, Fu Yuanchuan was not able to grab the little fish and could only say, “Slow down, dont run.”


“Mhm.” He said not to run, but Jun Qingyu still ran back to the bedroom in a few steps and sat on the bed like Fu Yuanchuan.


Seeing that he was seated, Fu Yuanchuan lifted the quilt and got under it.


Jun Qingyu placed his light brain on the side where Fu Yuanchuan usually lay, then lay on the other side and hugged his quilt as he watched him.


“Turn off the lights.”


Jun Qingyu did as he was told.

The brightness of the virtual screen would naturally adjust in response to changes in lighting in the house.


When he turned off the light and looked again, it looked much darker.


Fu Yuanchuan spoke in a hushed voice, “Go to sleep.”


“Mmm…” Despite the pleasant ambience created by the environment, Jun Qingyu did not feel the least bit fatigued.

He blinked his eye and said in a cutesy manner, “I cant sleep.”


He wasnt drowsy before, but now he felt a little bit more refreshed.


A video chat with Fu Yuanchuan or go to sleep.

He didnt have to think about it and would immediately choose the former.


Moreover, he doesnt seem to have video chats with Fu Yuanchuan very often, owing to staying together frequently.

They didnt need to have video chats and it felt very novel as such once in a while.


Fu Yuanchuan guided him patiently, “Close your eyes.”


Although he didnt want to sleep, Jun Qingyu closed his eyes obediently, “Mhm.”


In retrospect, Fu Yuanchuan asked in a low voice, “What were you busy with today”


Jun Qingyu pondered and stated, “I went to the dessert store and then handled experimental data at home the entire time afterwards.”


“Only these two matters”


“And I miss you.” Jun Qingyu closed her eyes and the corners of her mouth rose by a bit, he said lovably, “Ive been busy thinking about you.”




Fu Yuanchuan looked at the little fish on the virtual screen with incredible softness, softened his voice, and spoke to him gently.


Jun Qingyu had his eyes closed and his ears were full of Fu Yuanchuans voice.

In a trance, he had the illusion that Fu Yuanchuan was still by his side.


Without pause, one sentence after another.


His gentle and deep voice wound around his ears, with the intention of helping him sleep, and gradually he felt somewhat sleepy.


Fu Yuanchuan progressively reduced the volume of his voice as he noticed Jun Qingyus response becoming softer.


After a few minutes, only his lips budged when heard his voice–as if in response–but he was already in a semi-conscious state.


Fu Yuanchuan didnt talk to him anymore but hummed a tune without words.


The tune was not long, and after the little fishs breathing steadily stabilised, Fu Yuanchuan stopped.


The sleeping Jun Qingyu looked extremely well-behaved and Fu Yuanchuan said softly, “Good night.”


Soon after turning the video call to silent mode and ensuring that the sound on his end wouldnt be heard, Fu Yuanchuan lifted his quilt, got up and walked out.


“Notify Group C to go to the second floor for a meeting.”





The next day, the video call was not turned off when Jun Qingyu woke up.


Fu Yuanchuan appeared to be still asleep.

Jun Qingyu stretched his hand out and touched his forehead on the virtual screen, and said inwardly in silence,Good morning.


Soon, Fu Yuanchuan would be very busy, so busy that there would be no time for sleep or rest.

While there was still time to rest, Jun Qingyu did not disturb him, wanting to give him a little more time to sleep.


Jun Qingyu followed Fu Yuanchuan to lie down for a bit, but he still needed to examine the documents and couldnt lie down for too long.


After thinking about it, Jun Qingyu turned on mute on his end so that he would not disturb Fu Yuanchuan, but he could hear Fu Yuanchuan talk when he woke up.


Following that, he removed his bracelet and placed it on the bed before getting up and going to take a shower.


When he came out, Fu Yuanchuan was still asleep.


Jun Qingyu tilted his head.

It seemed that Fu Yuanchuan should have been exhausted yesterday.


Fu Yuanchuan didnt wake up and Jun Qingyu didnt know what to do, he just sat on the bed for a while.

He thought about going straight to the office to read the documents, as for the video call, hed wait until Fu Yuanchuan woke up and then turn it off.


Walking out of the bedroom, Jun Qingyu stopped in his steps.

If he didnt eat breakfast, Fu Yuanchuan would definitely mention it when he woke up.


Jun Qingyu turned around and went downstairs after a brief period of thought.

Because Fu Yuanchuan was not present, he decided to prepare a simple breakfast.


The first thing Fu Yuanchuan saw when he woke up was the little fish cooking on the virtual screen.

He asked in a deep voice, “Why did you get up so early”


“I got up when I woke up.” Jun Qingyu turned off the fire, scooped the bacon out of the pan and said with a smile, “Lets have breakfast first.

Will somebody deliver it to you”


With the absence of Shi Kaixin, the task of delivering food fell on Yu Zhis shoulders, but Fu Yuanchuan would be occupied with a matter for a while, so he shook his head and said, “Im going to the canteen.”


Just as his words fell, there was a knock on the door.


Jun Qingyu heard it as well.

He smiled and said, “I wont take up any more of your time.

Dont forget to have breakfast.”


Fu Yuanchuan really had something to do on his end and he said, “Okay, see you tonight.”




After hanging up the video, the dining hall suddenly quieted down.


Jun Qingyu leisurely ate his sandwich, drank half a cup of milk, rose up and proceeded to the office to work on yesterdays documents after finishing his breakfast.


While approving, he picked out the kind of non-essential documents that were minor issues and made up the numbers, and remembered those people.

He had to give a warning, or else it would be vexing to go through such a motion every time.


Jun Qingyu busied for a while before he took a look at the time.

He had to go to the dessert store in the afternoon to update the experimental data.


These documents were marginally less important than the experimental data.

With the war imminent, the most important thing was naturally to find a way to settle this war as soon as possible.



At the previously stipulated time, Jun Qingyu walked into the dessert store on time.


Yaoyao came not soon after and entered the store almost in tandem with Jun Qingyu.


Yaoyao sat up front and wasnt in a hurry to release her mental energy, rather she said, “I told my brother about the matter yesterday and he sent the mecha over that very night.

Would you like to take a look at the mecha first”


The sound of wheels rolling came from the back door just as the words were spoken.


Shi Kaixin glanced over.

The door was partly open and he could see what was outside, but Jun Qingyu didnt say anything, so Shi Kaixin didnt make way for the other party.


Those outside stopped by after seeing it, and they too, waited outside quietly.


Jun Qingyu heard the sound outside as well, but his attention was not on outside, instead, he asked, “What is the price of lab studies of the mecha”


It was better to discuss the price first.

It would be more appropriate to compute the market price in addition to the research and development price.


The business of discussing the mecha wouldnt postpone his following experiment.

Jun Qingyu fiddled with the test tube while waiting for Yaoyaos response.


What Yaoyao wanted was a favour but she could see Jun Qingyus attitude yesterday.

If she persisted, it might be counterproductive.

After much thought, she said, “The price isnt really clear.”


Seeing that Jun Qingyu still wanted to ask something, Yaoyao simply did not hide it, and said candidly, “In fact, this mecha was not created by my brother.

He just got the handbook of the creator of this mecha and then brought it back to the mecha builder.”


It was certain there was no price for the lab studies and what he took back was the complete handbook.


Jun Qingyu was startled and said doubtfully, “There are mecha builders amongst the Interstellar Pirates”


The scope of this group of Interstellar Pirates was a little too broad.


Yaoyao smiled when she heard that and shrugged her shoulders as she spoke, “We kidnapped them.”


Jun Qingyu: “……”



This was awfully much like an interstellar pirate.


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As expected of interstellar pirates, they plunder.


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