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   Su Xiaoman was not loved by her biological parents, and was also rejected by her a fake parents.

    And this man in front of her was the same as her...

    Su Xiaoman turned her head to look at the room she was in.

The room was very small, about ten square meters.

There was a small cupboard on the side .

There were no windows on the wall, but holes, through which little sunlight came in the room.

    This gloomy and dull room is Xie Mingtu's residence.

    She was sitting on an old wooden bed that would squeak everytime she moved.

Su Xiaoman sat still on this bed, for fear that it might collapse the next second, next to the  bed is an old wooden table and a wooden bench, and some posters are pasted on the walls.

  Looking at this "real son " who was so thin, Su Xiaoman only felt these three things, indignation, dissatisfaction, sadness...

The situation is really very bad.

    —She is now Su Xiaoman, a rural girl in the 1970s.

    Su Xiaoman stared at Xie Mingtu for a long time, unable to imagine what kind of "beautiful man" he would turn out in the future.

    The other party quietly lowered his head, and Su Xiaoman could only see that this man's eyelashes were very thick and long , his hair was very dark and messy, and so was his beard.

    "Can you give me another bowl"

    The bowl of rice soup Su Xiaoman drank just now is indeed only soup , all water, with only a handful of rice grains in it.

    The poor rural families in the 1970s could only eat such sparse rice soup and still not get enough to eat at all.

The 18 or 19-year-old youth in front of her was so tall, but so thin even the bones were visible.

    How sad.

    The guy in front of her was supposed to be a well-loved young man in his family, but he had to live like this with not enough food and clothes...

    Xie Mingtu's past was indeed tragic, no wonder he turned into a villain in the end.

    However, the big villain is still a little pitiful.

    The" little pitiful person" in front of her listening to her request, took the bowl from her, and stood up to scoop out more rice soup.

    Su Xiaoman: "…"

    Su Xiaoman glanced at the back of the other party, then looked down at the body that did not belong to her, she was dazed.


    The Su family was about to go bankrupt, and the adoptive parents who only wanted benefits wanted to recognize Xue Zhenzhen as their daughter, because she grew up with the top rich son as a childhood sweetheart.

If she can climb up to the Qin family, the Su family can turn the tide with help.

The biological parents wanted to makeup to Xue Zhenzhen, because they thought it was their own daughter who had occupied Xue Zhenzhen's status as the eldest daughter of a wealthy family and enjoyed the wealth that Xue Zhenzhen should have enjoyed.

They felt sorry for Xue Zhenzhen.

   —They all said that they were sorry for Xue Zhenzhen, but who was sorry for her

    The life of so-called eldest lady, is it something thatSu Xiaoman wanted

    Thinking of her childhood experiences, Su Xiaoman would rather be the daughter of a teacher.

Although she will not be rich, but she would be loved by her parents.

She could follow her mother to learn dance and art...

    They kept saying that she was a fake daughter of the wealthy family, but from her perspective, Xue Zhenzhen was the fake daughter, she occupied her own identity and the favor of her parents!

    Su Xiaoman laughed at herself, she and Xie Mingtu really had the same fate and pity for each other, no matter what kind of wealthy family's fake daughter, or what kind of real son of a courtyard, they are two unlucky people living in the wrong family.

    They are all poor people who are not loved.

    Also, those people are gone now.

    Although she came to this 1970s with little food and clothing, the life in the future might be a bit more bitter, but for her, why not start a new life, she no longer needs any parents, family affection, don't care about adoptive parents, and don't try to please your biological parents.

    It is September 1974 now, think about it on the bright side, the 1970s were hard, but in another five or six years, they will enter the golden 1980s and 1990s, reform and opening up was not far away , there will be many opportunities in the future, and the days will only get better.

    Thinking of this, Su Xiaoman showed a smile.

With this thought she said goodbye to her past life.

    She clearly remembers the memories of this Su Xiaoman and that Su Xiaoman.

    Although she doesn't know if she is the Su Xiaoman who has transmigrated into the 1970s, or Su Xiaoman who has awakened a memory of the future, or a combination of the two, but she is now Su Xiaoman, a brand-new " Su Xiaoman" and will live well.

    Xie Mingtu went to the small kitchen to bring the rice soup.

    He didn't expect that this woman Su Xiaoman actually ate it, she would actually drink the rice soup he handed over Obviously last time she threw the bowl.

    He didn't expect that, she not only ate it, but also asked him for another bowl...

    Xie Mingtu, who lowered his head, few emotions flashed in his eyes.

He poured the rice soup from the pot into a porcelain bowl, then took out another bowl and left the earthenware pot. 

    In front of him at this time, is a bowl of "rice porridge" and a bowl of "rice soup".

    In the bowl of rice porridge one can clearly see the white rice grains, and the rice soup next to it is all soup.

    Xie Mingtu picked up a spoon, scooped a small spoon of the rice porridge, and poured it into the bowl of rice soup.

    After doing this, the tall Xie Mingtu turned his head to look towards the room.

One or two wooden boards were lifted up on the door, revealing Su Xiaoman who was on the bed not far away.

    When Xie Mingtu looked over, Su Xiaoman suddenly raised her head and smiled.

    The smile was clean and beautiful, he couldn't help but be startled, and then suddenly remembered the hand that grabbed his wrist just now.

    Xie Mingtu looked back at the bowl of rice porridge and rice soup on the table.

    He paused his hand holding the spoon, then scooped two more spoons of "rice porridge" and poured it into the bowl of "rice soup".

 The next second, Xie Mingtu picked up the bowl and drank the thick rice porridge in one go.

    After drinking, he brought the rice soup to the woman.

    Su Xiaoman took the rice soup, looked at the clear soup in her hand, and couldn't help but sympathize with Xie Mingtu, eating such a thing, it was really not easy for the other party.

    This bowl of rice soup was slightly thicker than the previous one, and you can obviously see little white rice grains that are almost melting.


    The rice is delicious.

    She was a little moved.

    After having barely "fed", Su Xiaoman forcibly resisted the urge to let the man do everything and lay on the bed to rest.

Although the high fever had subsided, her body was still very weak.

After coming here, it's not good to act rashly for the time being.


    The Su family.

    Su Xiaoman's father Su Guodong was smoking a cigarette, pacing back and forth in the house, sighing continuously, he was worried about his little daughter.

      Sigh, she married.

    Su Guodong exhaled a puff of smoke and said to his wife, "Manman likes that Jiang Zhiqing, it's not like you didn't know, why did you let her marry into the Xie family...

She is the daughter we raised , look at how she is living now, she has been ill these two days."

    "She is our only daughter, how can you not be heartbroken."

    Liu Shufeng is the female director of the production team.

She has always been busy in her work.

Hearing the words, she didn't pay attention to him at all "You have to let Xiaoman suffer a little, and  only then she will know what's wrong."

    "Is that Jiang Zhiqing a good match Is anyone stupid like her She still thinks about that Jiang, why doesn't she directly go to heaven! She doesn't know what's right for her!"

  Su Guodong shook off the soot and raised his voice: "What if she knows what's wrong now She has already entered the fire pit of Xie's house."

    "Is her mother-in-law easy to deal with Not to mention there are three sisters-in-law, Xie's second daughter-in-law is a powerful one...I don't know what you thought at first, letting Xiaoman Marrying Xie Mingtu, even if our family Xiaoman marries an ordinary man in the village, it will be better than that Xie Mingtu."

    "Xie Laowu's conditions are too poor, how can our daughter not suffer with him"

    Listening to what he said, Liu Shufeng sneered  "ha", "I think Mingtu is a good kid, and we watched him grow up.

He knows his roots in this village, and he is honest.

He is the tallest, how many of men in teams can grow as tall as him"

     "Not to mention he saved Xiaoman, he is good."

    "Although he is a little thin, but he is a young man in his teens and later in twenties will be strong if he is raised well, and he is a good worker at work.

Our family Xiaoman will definitely be able to get along with him in the future"

      He is much more reliable than marrying."

    "I don't expect our daughter to be rich.

It will be enough if she has food, clothing, and a good life."

    "You all should support my decision and ask her to give up the past and live a good life with Mingtu."

    Liu Shufeng called the third child at home, "third child, I have made fish soup in the kitchen, you bring the fish soup, and some brown sugar and eggs, and go to Xie's house to hand it over to your sister's hands."

    Su Sange, the third brother Su nodded, "Dad, I'm going to see my sister."

    Su Sange brought the things to Xie's house.

The main house of Xie's house was very large, but Xie Mingtu lived in the most remote and dilapidated house, not far from the pig shed. 

    His beautiful little sister lives in such a place now, his mother was too cruel.

 "Little sister, the third brother is here to see you."

    Hearing a familiar voice outside, Su Xiaoman in the room was stunned, and opened the door to welcome Su Sange.

    Su Xiaoman has three older brothers, the eldest, Su Yuemin, is already married ; the second brother, Su Zhenqiang, works in a steel factory in the city; he likes to be lazy after work, but has the best relationship with Su Xiaoman.

    Seeing the pale younger sister, the third brother Su was even more saddened, "Xiaoman, divorce Xie Mingtu, what's bad reputation, the big brother will support you in the future."

    "You are so wronged."

    Su Sange thought that his younger sister could marry better than this no matter what, but unexpectedly there was an accident of falling into the water.

    Xie Mingtu's mother, Sun Mei, is a shrew, she deliberately made this matter known to everyone, and said that Xiaoman lost her innocence and could only marry into the Xie family...

    No one in the village knew that Sun Mei was an eccentric person, most eccentric to their second child.

As for Xie Mingtu, even though he was the youngest, Sun Mei regarded her younger son as a piece of grass in the field, thinking of something to be cheap. 

   When Xie Mingtu turned eighteen years old.

Others told Sun Mei that she needed to save some money for her fifth son to marry a wife.

    Sun Mei didn't want to give up her money, but she was also afraid that others will say that she is mean, and now that this incident has happened.

She took the oppurtunity in that situation  to get him married.

    Sun Mei was making trouble in the village, and Xiaoman, who was obsessed with Jiang Zhiqing, quarreled with her mother at home.

Liu Shufeng was so angry that she let her daughter marry directly to the Xie family.

    The wedding was hurriedly held without even a feast, so she just passed through the door.

     Third brother Su felt wronged for his sister.

    "My sister is so beautiful.

She is married to Xie Mingtu.

It is a like flower with cow dung.

There are so many people in our village that want to marry our Xiaoman."

    "Do you still want to marry that Jiang Zhiqing Third brother help you."

    Su Xiaoman shook her head, she didn't know what to say to her third brother at this time, but she knew that didn't want to marry Jiang Zhiqing.

    She wants to stay far away from the hero and heroine, so she doesn't have to be a cannon fodder as in the book.

    "Sister, let me tell you something, you are only eighteen now, Xie Mingtu is only over eighteen, and he is almost nineteen, so he can't get a certificate yet.

A man can only get one at the age of twenty.

Without the certificate, your marriage doesn't count."

    At this time, the marriage in the rural areas was early, and many did not issue a marriage certificate.

The village held a banquet, which was a witness to the marriage.

    Not to mention that his sister has no real relationship with Xie Mingtu at all.

    "Xiaoman, come home with me!"

    Su Xiaoman: "Third brother, I..."


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