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Outside the house, Xie Mingtu was sitting on a stone, with his back against the wall, holding an old knife in his hand, the blade slid on the wood and the sawdust that fell on his legs was blown by the wind.


    He lowered his eyes and stared at the wood in his hands, which was carved in the shape of a comb, and then third brother Su's voice entered his ears through the gap in the earthen wall.


    Xie Mingtu stood up, with dark eyes under his black hair, he pursed his lips and left.

    It took Su Xiaoman a lot of effort to send off the third brother Su.


    She wiped the sweat on her forehead with the back of her hand, Su Xiaoman could see that he really wished good for his sister, but he was too impulsive.

Otherwise, if he will take Su Xiaoman home it will make a scene.



    —Doing things without thinking for the consequences.


    She opened the lid, scooped out the fish soup inside, poured herself a bowl.

Holding a small porcelain bow in her hands, Su Xiaoman sipped the warm crucian carp soup.


      Ah, her whole body warmed up.


    As soon as she tasted it, she knew it was Liu Shufeng's craftsmanship.


  This  Su Xiaoman's life is much better than hers.

She has parents and brother who truly love her.


    In addition to the fish soup, there is a bag of brown sugar and four- five eggs in the basket.

Su Xiaoman plans to find a place to hide the brown sugar and eggs.


    The wooden door creaked, and Xie Mingtu walked in with his head lowered.

Su Xiaoman glanced back at him, and thought that this man always kept his head down.


    Su Xiaoman poured him a bowl of fish soup.


    "You can drink  this bowl of fish soup."


    Su Xiaoman is a person who always repays kindness.

He was the one who saved her from drowning.


    He took care of her when she was sick before.

The first person she saw when she woke up was also him.

He also gave her rice soup.

Now that she has fish soup, she should also give him a bowl.

It is not good to blame him.


    This marriage was not caused by Xie Mingtu.


    The third brother Su persuaded her just now that she could indeed go back with him, and even make a fuss to get the marriage annulled, but if this really happens, she and Xie Mingtu will become the joke in the whole village.


    Su Xiaoman doesn’t worry about herself, her family will protect her, but Xie Mingtu will only face more rumors.

After her running away, the ridicule and humiliation that he will face afterwards is something she can guess.

The other party is just an 18-year-old boy who had saved someone with good intentions.

He should not end up like this.


    "I don't want it."


    To Su Xiaoman's surprise, Xie Mingtu, who lowered his head, refused.

He didn't even look up in the direction of the fish soup.


    But at this moment, Su Xiaoman suddenly found that the man in front of her spoke in a very good tone, with a low and magnetic voice, a little hoarse, but he didn't speak often.


    Su Xiaoman urged him: "You drink it, my third brother sent it, I've drank enough, I can’t drink it all, the fish soup will be cold later."


    "You can think of it as me returning the two bowls of rice soup you gave me before."


    Xie Mingtu raised his head slightly, looked at her with a surprised look, and then silently drank the bowl of fish soup.

    The fish soup is no longer fresh, but it can warm the stomach when you drink it.

There are some sour beans in the soup.


    When Xie Mingtu was drinking fish soup, Su Xiaoman was sorting the things in the house, putting away the brown sugar brought by her brother, and she started to sort out her clothes, Xie Mingtu's room was small, it was almost empty, but there are still a few broken cabinets.


    "These cabinets are mine from now on, don't move anything in the future." Su Xiaoman pointed to the cabinets next to him.


    Xie Mingtu was stunned for a while while holding the bowl, in the future What's next


    …she wants to stay


     "Didn't you hear In the future, these will contain my things, so don’t move them."


    Xie Mingtu lowered his head and took a sip of soup, then nodded honestly.


    Su Xiaoman actually had nothing to guard against this poor, who looked thin and tall on the surface, but was actually cowardly and honest.



    The original book said that he would grow into a big villain in the future, but now he is still in the infancy of the villain.


    He is still a pitiful person.


    Su Xiaoman once heard that it is precisely because people who suffered a series of injustices through early days their blackening will become more serious.


    Before he turned black, he must have been an innocent person.

  About sleeping at night, although there is only one bed in the house, but it is big, with an old blanket in the middle, each of them can sleep on their own sides.

    These days after Su Xiaoman got married, they have been sleeping separately.

Although she is already Xie Mingtu's wife in name, he has never forced her to have a relationship between husband and wife.

This is also why Su Xiaoman was willing to stay.


    It is also one of the factors why Su Xiaoman decides to stay temporarily.


    Su Xiaoman covered herself with the quilt and closed her eyes.

Xie Mingtu, who was not far away, was sleeping very well.

She was lying on the bed like an old monk, and she could hardly feel any movement from the other party.


    Xie Mingtu over there was motionless, but Su Xiaoman turned over a few times, causing the bed to squeak a few times, which became especially loud in the dark night.


    She finally fell silent.


    After calming down, Su Xiaoman was a little cranky.

It was the first time for her to live in such a rural dirt house when she grew up in the Su family.

What will her life in the village be like in the future


    —Collection of chrysanthemums under the eastern fence, leisurely seeing Nanshan


    Real life should not be so beautiful, it seems that there is a pig shed not far from this house, raising two pigs...


    I don't know what time the pigs go to bed at night.


    Thinking about it like this, soon, Su Xiaoman fell asleep, but it didn't take long for the autumn rain to fall in the middle of the night.



    The pattering autumn rain hit the roof tiles, and the wind at night was getting colder.


    The roof was leaking.


    Su Xiaoman, who woke up in the middle of the night, stared blankly at the i streams of water in the room.

There was a leak, which was actually at the end of the bed.


    Xie Ming, who had woken up early, picked up a wooden basin and placed it at the end, and the rain fell directly into the wooden basin, making a rattling sound.


    The pig shed not far away also seemed to be agitated.


    Su Xiaoman: "…"


    She suddenly felt that she was too optimistic during the day.

In such an environment, it would be difficult to live a day, how would she stay until the 1980s !

 Seeing this, Xie Mingtu seemed to be used to it.

He went to get some hay and spread it on the ground, as if he planned to sleep on the hay for one night.


   Sleeping directly on the ground…


    "Come here, we two can squeeze in."


   Xie Mingtu didn't dare to do anything to her, if he really wanted to do, he could have done it long ago.


    Su Xiaoman was very sleepy at the moment, hugging the wet quilt and squeezing into the corner, she turned her body on her side, and took up lots of space on the bed.


    Xie Mingtu lay down beside her, turned his back to her without saying a word.

The rain was still there.


    Su Xiaoman quickly lost consciousness and fell asleep.



    Su Xiaoman slept heartlessly, but Xie Mingtu, who was motionless next to her, opened his eyes and couldn't sleep, listening to the pattering of the rain.


    Xie Mingtu didn't like Su Xiaoman.


   The previous Su Xiaoman also rejected and disliked him.

They hated each other, but today's Su Xiaoman, why has it changed


    Remembering the smile he saw during the day, his heartbeat suddenly accelerated, and he could hear his own heartbeat in his ears.




    …even he himself became a little strange.


    He glanced silently at the sleeping woman beside him, got out of bed, and sat on the haystack all night.


    The next morning when he went to work in the production team, Xie Mingtu's eyes were dark blue, but he kept his head down and  since his hair was covering his face , no one noticed this.


    Su Xiaoman slept until dawn, when she woke up, the rain had stopped long ago, she stretched and felt extremely comfortable, she hadn't had a good night's sleep for a long time .


    She didn't expect that even though the roof leaked last night  she could still sleep so soundly.


    She was the only one left in the room.

Su Xiaoman changed her clothes, her long black hair fell on her shoulders, she grabbed it with her hands , and suddenly saw a wooden comb on the table.


    It is a very beautiful wooden comb with a simple bamboo pattern, is it her comb


    She didn't remember having this comb, she held the comb in her hand and smelled a faint fragrance, and suddenly remembered Su Xiaoman's comb from before, it was broken when she was angry.


    This comb...

Could it be that Xie Mingtu prepared it


    Su Xiaoman combed the ends of her hair, thinking that she would know after the other party comes back.


      Standing beside the water well with the wooden comb, she hesitated whether to make a braid


    The well under the osmanthus tree is shared by three or four families in the village.

It is the closest to Xie's house.

Su Xiaoman pulled the water out and washed her face , and began to comb her hair.


    There was no one around at this time, so she guessed they all went to work.


    A five- or six-year-old girl ran out of nowhere, with a dark face and bright eyes, she stopped beside Su Xiaoman and looked at the beautiful headbands curiously.


    Su Xiaoman raised her head and recognized who this little girl was.

She was the eldest daughter of Sister Xie Sansao.


    She was about to speak to the little girl, when another person came out of the corner, it was the third sister-in-law Xie who was cursing at her yesterday.


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