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Third Sister-in-law Xie was holding a wooden basin.

In the basin were the soup bowls that the family used to eat in the morning.

She was here to bring it to wash when she suddenly caught a glimpse of Su Xiaoman by the well.


    "You're only getting up now! Oh, what kind of sin is our Xie family paying for Did we actually invited a living ancestor to our home to serve!"


    "Which family’s daughter-in-law is like you!"


   A few harsh words could not explain the hatred in her heart.



    However, she couldn't do much more than curse.


    Sister Xie hated Su Xiaoman to death.


    Su Xiaoman took a wooden comb and gently brushed the ends of her hair, listening to the exasperated words from the third sister-in-law Xie, she was quite indifferent and politely greeted: "Third sister-in-law, good morning.



    It is a subconscious habit of people in modern society to say good morning.


    When she heard her say "good morning", third sister-in-law Xie felt like she was struck by lightenin, thinking that Su Xiaoman was deliberately provoking her, she was so angry that she took a few deep breaths and was speechless.


    "Third Sister-in-law, you are still pregnant with a child, don't be too angry." This was Su Xiaoman's sincere consolation, she actually understands the situation of third sister-in-law Xie, and does not want to fight with her.


    However, hearing this Third Sister Xie was so angry that she rolled her eyes and gritted her teeth.


    She lowered her head and scolded her daughter “ Don't follow along such a person and learn vile things."


    The little girl lowered her head and said, "Mom..."


    Su Xiaoman couldn't bear it, and persuaded: "Don't take out your anger on the child."


    Sister Xie sneered: "I am teaching children well, we are poor people who work hard for a lifetime, we can’t afford to be like you."


    Su Xiaoman: "...Is my life that good"


    Sister Xie thought she was showing off on purpose, and said in a hurry: "You are a disgraceful person, the Xie family married you back without spending a penny, you still think you are some kind of treasure"


    "I am pregnant with a child, the grandson of the Xie family, how can you be more precious than the grandson of the Xie family Still I have work every day, and you just sit comfortably all day without doing anything"


   “Has no one taught you how to be a good daughter-in-law, do you know how to serve your mother and father Have you washed the whole family's dirty clothes Pick up a few buckets of water and go home, clean the toilets and pigsty,after that you come to wash..."


    Su Xiaoman ignored her words and continued to comb her hair slowly.


    "I won’t."


    Doing these housework is definitely not something she agrees to.

Before Su Xiaoman didn't do it, she wouldn't do it now either.


      "Why do you have the face to say such a thing Which daughter-in-law is as lazy as you Is there a daughter-in-law who is not diligent in working in her husband's house"



    Su Xiaoman told the truth: "Who made me a daughter-in-law that was brought without spending a single penny."


    "You can ask my mother-in-law to send me back to Su's house, I won’t refuse."


    Sister Xie: "You..."


    It's really was the case, because when Xie Mingtu married Su Xiaoman, the Xie family didn't give any gift or spend a penny.

Su Xiaoman didn't do any housework, and the Xie family couldn't order her around at all.


    Men from other families spend a lot of money to marry a wife.

They were ruining her reputation, the Xie family did not spend a penny to marry her, which logically is more shameless.


 It is precisely because of this...

 there is no way, her parents-in-law will never listen to her her, after all, the daughter is already married in.

If the daughter is returned then her reputation will not be good, they will have to pay the money back as compensation, which is not possible, then she can only endure .


    As for Su Xiaoman, she had no good reputation in the first place.

If she is returned by her in-law’s family for being "lazy" and "not virtuous" , the Su family does not owe the Xie family anything, and their daughter will come back if returned.


    In other words, if Su Xiaoman was really "driven back" by her husband's family because she was too lazy.

This result was a bad thing for Su Xiaoman and Xie Mingtu.

The whole village knows that Su Xiaoman is lazy and not diligent.

Even if she was divorced because she was "not virtuous",  her reputation will not be so bad.

She is beautiful, and she can still marry if she wants to remarry; but  Xie Mingtu would be said to have married an unvirtuous woman, that gave him a cuckold.


    "You, you, you..." Sister Xie pointed at Su Xiaoman, and stood speechless for a long time, couldn't say a word, she had never seen such a woman who is not afraid of boiling water.(E/N: maybe rumours/bad reputation)


    She was taught by her family to work diligently since she was a child.

She would never have the bone to say such outrageous words "have the ability to send me back to my parents' home".

    The Xie family really didn't want to return this free daughter-in-law.

Her mother-in-law, Sun Mei, is very proud now since the youngest son married a wife without spending money, that too a beautiful girl.


    Therefore, even if Su Xiaoman is not working at home, her mother-in-law Sun Mei basically ignores her.

The Xie family has three other daughters-in-law, they can manage it.


    Xie Mingtu is ranked fifth in the family.

There are three brothers and one sister.

All three brothers are married, and the sister also married last year.


    The eldest brother Xie Jianping has been in the army for many years.

He has two sons and a daughter.

The third elder brother Xie Huadong, who has a lot of strength, works according to his strength, and can get ten work points a day.

He is married to the third sister-in-law Xie, Zhou Xiaohui, and has two daughters.

Now the third sister-in-law Xie is pregnant with a child again.


    Mother-in-law Sun Mei is most partial to the second wife, Xie Weiqiang.


    The eldest sister-in-law Qin Xiuying is an orphan and has no family.


    However, the situation of the eldest sister-in-law is much better than that of the third sister-in-law.

Her husband is a soldier outside and can send money back every month.

She also gave birth to two sons.

Zhou Xiaohui is the only daughter-in-law out of the three who didn't have a son and was looked down upon by the Xie family.


    Previously Zhou Xiaohui was looking forward to the marriage of Xie Laowu more than anyone in the Xie family, and her eyes almost turned green.


    Xie Mingtu is Sun Mei's least favorite son.

It is said that her mother-in-law, Sun Mei, suffered some serious injury when she gave birth to him, so she hated this son very much.


    Zhou Xiaohui doesn't care why her mother-in-law doesn't like the youngest son, she only knows that if Xie Mingtu married a wife, the fifth brother and his wife would definitely be the lowest in the Xie family.

She could use oppression and push all kinds of dirty work to the fifth branch couple.


    Zhou Xiaohui and her sister-in-law Qin Xiuying together, in front of their mother-in-law had always  hinted that it was time to marry Xie Mingtu...


    Who knew that Xie Mingtu would marry Su Xiaoman! !


     First and Third Sister-in-law Xie were dumbfounded.


      Their mother-in-law Sun Mei was reluctant to spend money to marry Xie Mingtu, so she took advantage of the incident and let him marry Su Xiaoman.


    Their mother-in-law, Sun Mei, was very proud of this, she got a daughter-in-law in vain and saved money.


    First and Third sister-in-law  Xie were almost mad.

They were both doing the work at home.

Xie Mingtu got married but hey didn't get the slightest benefit.



    The third sister-in-law Xie is also someone who bullies the soft and fears the hard.

The elder sister-in-law has two boys that so she dares not provoke her.

The second sister-in-law is favored by her mother-in-law, and she can not provoke her too.

She only dares to vent her emotions in front of Su Xiaoman.


    "It's just that you have a sharp mouth.

You won't know how to cry when you are actually driven back to your parent's home." Mrs.

Xie was furious.

She took the basin with the bowl and slammed it on the ground, and the bowls and chopsticks in the basin made a crisp sound.



   "You washed the bowl!!"


         As she walked home with her head lowered, she did not forget to scold Su Xiaoman, saying that she had a coquettish face,  only thought about hooking up with men, and shamelessly pursued someone , and in the future might put a green hat on Xie Mingtu at.


    When the third sister-in-law Xie crossed the threshold, the second daughter-in-law was sitting on the long bench leisurely eating melon seeds.


    Xu Yanlan is a pretty woman.

Although her skin is dark, she has a plump figure and a mole on her eyebrows.

Before Su Xiaoman married into the Xie family, she was considered the best among the three daughters-in-law.

She is also the most particular one.

She is very good at pleasing her mother-in-law, Sun Mei.

Her mother-in-law also likes her and belives her to be blessed.

She always thinks that Xu Yanlan can prosper her favorite second son.




    When facing her eldest sister-in-law and her third younger siblings, she had a sense of superiority and looked down on these two women.


    "Third sister-in-law, why did you come back Have you washed the dishes Or mother-in-law will scold you later."


    Third Sister-in-law Xie froze when she heard this, she didn't answer, she went to the kitchen with her head sullen.


    Xu Yanlan lowered her head and smiled and continued to eat melon seeds.


    She heard the words of the third sister-in-law Xie clearly just now.


    Xu Yanlan was overjoyed, she looked at Third Sister-in-law in and scolded Su Xiaoman in her heart enjoying the arguments.


    Su Xiaoman is too beautiful, and Xu Yanlan is jealous of her.

Now that she sees both her eldest sister-in-law and her third sister-in-law hating Su Xiaoman, she is waiting to see a dog fight a between them.


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