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Su Xiaoman was also surprised.


    It seems that the third sister-in-law has a deep resentment towards Sun Mei.


    The eldest sister-in-law who came back to her senses first glanced at Zhou Xiaohui in disbelief, then looked at Su Xiaoman, and suddenly found that seemed more powerful than before, inexplicable thought were accumulated in her heart, but she did not know where to borrow the courage to say them, so she followed the discussion and said:


    "Then let's take turns, how can the second daughter-in-law work so hard alone."


    Sun Mei looked at the three daughters-in-law in front of her, dumbfounded.


How dare they agree!

    When the old man Xie came back at night, Sun Mei immediately complained in front of him, "Look at your daughters-in-law, today they really didn’t give me any face."


    "In front of me, they agreed to take turns delivering meals."



    "That Su Xiaoman is talking back to me...

How dare she, our family is going to be turned upside down by her, it's a sin."


    Old man Xie didn't like listening to her whining so much, although he also liked the second child, but he didn't like Sun Mei's overly biased nature, "If they want to take turns to deliver, then let them take turns and go.

They're all daughters-in-law."



    Sun Mei's eyes widened, "How can that happen! In case they steal food on the road."



    "They won't do that kind of thing." Old Man Xie squinted and smoked, "The eldest family and the third family are honest people."




    They usually don't have enough for the men to eat, so the fifth one can't get much food.

Xie Mingtu hadn't come back in the evening, saying that he was going to the mountain to chop wood, and also to pick some fruits to satisfy his hunger.




    The second child is really dishonest.


    Old man Xie never mentioned this to Sun Mei, because he knew that it would be useless to mention it.

Xu Yanlan was ignorant, and the food must be given to the second child and Yaozu, because she knew that Sun Mei would not blame her.


    But the men who work hard on the mountain always want to eat more.


   "What kind of honesty, it's all black eyes, the eggs in our chicken coop, I don't know which hand and feet have been touched..."


    "Hey, hey, calm down, don't think so much."


    "It's all the daughters-in-law you chose, how can you not believe their behavior, I think Xiuying and Xiaohui are both very good..." Old man Xie did not mention Su Xiaoman, but in fact he was very dissatisfied with the marriage between Su Xiaoman and the fifth.


    Su Xiaoman's pursuit of Jiang Zhiqing was known by the whole village, how could the fifth child marry that kind of woman.



    At the beginning, old man Xie persuaded Sun Mei to not have this marriage and choose a simple and diligent girl for the fifth child to take home , but Sun Mei refused to listen.


    It is known that you will suffer the consequences.


    Old man Xie took a cigarette on his side and smoked it out comfortably.


    Seeing this, Sun Mei pushed him on the shoulder very dissatisfied, and said fiercely: "Hey, old man, you really agree with this matter, and let them take turns to deliver meals in the future"



    Old man Xie didn't lift his eyelids, "Let them do it."



    "Hmph, then you just wait, if they steal it, you won't be able to eat enough, you deserve it."


    "The hard work of the second family has brought you meals for so long, and you have no conscience at all."


    Old man Xie listened to her words one after another, thinking that they might be fuller without her.


    "I want her to go too..."


    But he also wants to eat more fat.


    "But they are all our daughters-in-law."


    Xu Yanlan came back and found out about this, and she was furious.


    "The eldest and the third sisters in law are actually messing with me behind my backs."


    "Oh, Zhou Xiaohui, thought she was pregnant with a son, so she was so proud Her poor life can't give birth to a son, so she deserves to be killed."(E/N: you too sweety!)


    Second Xie wears glasses on his nose.

In their villages, few men can wear glasses.

Many people have never seen this thing before, and now he is the only one with it.

The educated youth who came here wore glasses.


    He wears glasses when he goes out, many people who don't know him mistake him for an educated youth from the city.


    A very literate city dweller.


    When he heard Xu Yanlan's words, he felt that her words were too disgusting, "Don't talk nonsense like that."


    "Oh!" Xu Yanlan sneered, "It's that Su Xiaoman who is still making trouble."


    "Did you see Jiang Zhiqing and the others today"


    "Yes, they are all working."


    Sure enough, Xu Yanlan thought that Su Xiaoman was making a fuss to deliver meals, there must be a purpose, look, it was the same.


    "Do you want to go to work with you father when you have free time, and earn some work points for our family, maybe there is a good show to watch."


    "What show"


    "Tomorrow I will call mother to ask Su Xiaoman to deliver meals, you just wait and watch the show."


    Second Xie immediately understood when he heard what she said, "Okay, I'll go take a look tomorrow."


    Although Second Xie liked to join in the fun, but this time one of the people is his younger brother, which makes him a little uncomfortable.


    "My mother shouldn’t have let Xie Mintu marry her."


    Xu Yanlan sneered , "Why, do you think she dares to turn the world upside down"


    She thought that Su Xiaoman would not be able to deliver food ever again.

    The third child of the Xie family, Xie Huadong, is a simple and honest man, a little filial.

When he came back to see Zhou Xiaohui, he couldn't help complaining: "Why are you making trouble with our mother today"


    " Mother is very angry, go back and apologize to her."


    Zhou Xiaohui was irritated when she heard it, "Just say it, it's not a matter of a day or two for  mother to be partial to the second child's family."




    Xie Huadong waved his hand, "You don't need to feel distressed."


    "Then don’t you also feel sorry for our daughter."


    "Chunjuan and Xiajuan Aren't they good"


    When Zhou Xiaohui heard what he said, she was angry and sad and didn't know what to say, thinking that outsiders care more about her daughter than you.


    Thinking of what she looked like when she saw her daughter secretly looking in the mirror today, she felt sour and sad.


    Zhou Xiaohui murmured, "Didn't you notice that our Chunjuan is different today"


    Xie Huadong was stunned for a moment, and said nonchalantly, " All girls live like that, it's good to have a bite to eat."


    "You shouldn’t talk to the fifth’s wife, that Su Xiaoman is not a good woman."


    "First give birth to the child with peace of mind, and there will be less trouble."


    Xie Huadong felt that his mother should not have let Xie Mingtu marry Su Xiaoman.

This woman doesn't know how to respect her elders at all, but what can they do her mother is the women's director, and her uncle is the production team leader.

There are three brothers too on the head.


    Although they didn't spend any money, but getting married to such a person, the Xie family did not dare to treat her badly.


    Su Xiaoman's family is the toughest, and they all belong to the same village.

If she was bullied at Xie's family, her family's three older brothers could come with sticks and hoes.

    Walking in the dark, Xie Mingtu went home with a bundle of firewood on his back.

After entering the yard, he untied the firewood first.

Seeing him coming back, Xie Yaozu, the son of the second son, shouted: "Xie Mingtu is back.

Xie Mingtu is back!"




    Sun Mei inside heard it, she had a gloomy old face, her face was slightly mean, and the hair on the temples had turned white, she shouted: "Who are you calling Mingtu, that is Uncle Dog."(E/N: Damn heartless bish!!!!)


    Su Xiaoman heard this: "..."




    A handsome man...

the villain dog Uncle dog


    Every time she thinks of the description of Xie Mingtu in the book, Su Xiaoman has a sense of absurdity.


    Sun Mei stood up, gave Su Xiaoman a look, scolded a few words in a low voice, and said gloomily: "Bah, as if he is worthy of the name Mingtu."


    Su Xiaoman heard this sentence, and her heart suddenly sank.


    Perhaps Sun Mei always knew that Xie Mingtu was not her biological son, and even...was the child she deliberately exchanged.


    Will there be such a vicious person


    Su Xiaoman was a little dazed, and suddenly remembered that if she was not mistaken, she was not the daughter of the wealthy Su family, her father was a math teacher, and her mother was a dance teacher.

She followed her mother to learn classical dance when she was a child...


    She also loved beauty when she was young and liked to sing and dance, but Mother Su didn't like it.

In order to please her mother, she would never touch those things.


    If she and Xue Zhenzhen were really exchanged intentionally, God must be joking;


    Su Xiaoman smiled bitterly in her heart, and she didn't know who was worse than Xie Mingtu.


    Sun Mei called Xie Mingtu into the room, scolded him, and asked him to take care of his wife, Su Xiaoman.


    Xie Mingtu lowered his head and stayed silent.


    The old man Xie was smoking a cigarette and looked at the young son standing in front of him with turbid eyes.

He was tall and thin, but very sloppy.

The other brothers don't look alike.


    The second child and the third child are not tall, with a rough face and strong limbs.

Only the eldest brother who is a soldier outside is a little taller, but the fifth child is unexpectedly thin and tall.


    Old man Xie half-squinted his eyes and suddenly recalled what happened a long time ago.

When the fifth child was a child, he was obviously a very beautiful baby doll.

Look, this child is pure and white, like the Fuwa* in the New Year's picture...

I don't know why, the older he gets, the uglier he became.(E/N: Tell your wife to feed him duh!)


    At that time, many people said to Sun Mei: "You and Old Xie can still have such a child."


    "A good bamboo shoots out."


    "Maybe it's a fairy doll stolen from somewhere."


    "I don't believe it was born by Sun Mei.

How does it not like the husband and wife"




    Some words are more hurtful, but Old Man Xie didn't pay much attention to it.

After all, they were praising his young son, but Sun Mei was still brooding about it.


    Before he was born, Sun Mei was looking forward to this little son, and his mother gave him the name "Mingtu", which means "bright future", but the child was a boon to her future, where is there a bright future.


    Sun Mei didn't like this youngest son very much, and she either beat or scolded the fifth son since childhood.


    Originally he was a beautiful child, but he grew up like this.


    Not many people still remember what the fifth child  looked like when he was young.-

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