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  Xie Mingtu pushed open the door of the room with a squeak and came in without saying a word.

Su Xiaoman, who was sitting on the bed waiting for him, saw that he did not say a word, and asked curiously, "Are you okay what happened Do you want to tell me"


    Sun Mei vented her resentment on him, shouldn't he say something to her


    —for example, warn her.


    Xie Mingtu shook his head.


    He sighed and sat down in the house, Su Xiaoman went to make herself a cup of sugar water, using the brown sugar from the third brother of the Su family, and added ginger, her stomach was not feeling well, Maybe her relatives are coming.(E/N: Periods)


    The food of Xie's family is very bad, since first sister-in-law Xie was in charge of the kitchen at night, she couldn't eat much.


   Su Xiaoman took a sip of warm sugar water, while thinking that she must find a way to improve the food, and even secretly open a small stove in private.


 Eating nothing will worsen her stomach.


"Xie Mingtu, did your mother favor your second brother's family since he was a child"


    "I don't know."


    Xie Mingtu shook his head and piled up the straw in the corner.


    "Has your mother been treating you badly"


    Xie Mingtu: "…"


    Even if he doesn't say a word, Su Xiaoman can guess what life he has lived since he was a child, thinking of how can someone be so vicious "Hey, Xie Mingtu, let me ask you a question, what will you do if you find out one day that she is not your biological mother"


    "will you—"


    Su Xiaoman was stunned at the spot, because Xie Mingtu suddenly raised his head to look at her, and at this moment, she saw the his eyes clearly for the first time, and those eyes were very beautiful.

As bright as the stars in the night.


    The original dirty and sloppy appearance also seemed to burst out with a captivating charm.


   It let Su Xiaoman have the urge to find a scissor and trim the hair and beard of the person in front of her.


    She swallowed the sugar water in her mouth and resisted the urge.


    Still not.


    What does it have to do with her


    Su Xiaoman was a little sleepyl, lying on the bed and quickly fell asleep, next to Xie Mingtu curled up at the foot of the bed, half of his body outside the bed, although he was on the same bed, he was far away from the woman .


    Xie Mingtu closed his eyes, his consciousness was extraordinarily stronger, so he couldn't fall asleep.

At night, his ears became more sensitive, and he could clearly hear the person's breathing when he was sleeping.


There is a faint fragrance.


    He opened his eyes and stared at the beams of the roof.


    …If one day you find out that she is not your biological mother


      Leave her.






    September is full of work, and the production leader has to lead everyone to reclaim the wasteland together, which is a heavy task for the members.


    Xie Ming Tu works in the crowd.

His working speed is average, not so quick, and he is not noticeable in the adult labor force.




    "Hey, Xie Mingtu, that..."


    Xie Mingtu immersed himself in his work, a man with snarky eyes walked to his side, it was Mo Laosan, the second-rate son of the village, with a strange smile, he rubbed his hands in front of Xie Mingtu, and said ambiguously:" How does it taste"


    Xie Mingtu lowered his eyes and ignored him.


    Mo Laosan had to say it more clearly, "How does a woman feel"


    "You are also lucky, how does Su Xiaoman's chest feel Soft"


    Xie Mingtu raised his head suddenly and glanced at him faintly.


    Mo Laosan took a step back when he saw it.

The other party’s look just now was as fierce as a wolf cub.

Mo’s third child, who was not mentally prepared, was taken aback.


    The hair all over his body stood up.


    When he took a closer look, Xie Mingtu still looked weak and silent as usual.


     Mo Laosan spat on the ground.


    "You married a feisty woman, thag Su Xiaoman ran away with other men sooner or later."


    "Such a beautiful woman must be earning money by sleeping all day."


    The educated youth of the production team, three male educated youths and two female educated youths went out with tools.


"Su Xiaoman is married I didn't expect that she really married into the Xie family."


    "It's been silent these few days, she can't be bothered now."


    "That Su Xiaoman, what's the matter with her good looks, she can't compare to the girls in the city at all, and she has no culture at all, so she still wants to climb up the ranks of Jiang Zhiqing."


    "The love letters she wrote were ridiculous, half of them were typos, crooked, and even Jiang Zhiqing's name was spelled wrong hahaha, she was so embarrassed to entangle with Jiang Zhiqing."


    Two of the female educated youths spoke rather meanly, and severely criticized Su Xiaoman in words, and the male educated youth beside them echoed a few times.


    Su Xiaoman is good-looking, although Jian Zhiquinh doesn't look down on her, the other educated youths are more or less interested in her.


    But Su Xiaoman is only in love with Jiang Zhiqing, she doesn't look towards other men, so although other male educated youths have some secret ideas towards her, they don't dare to show it on the stage.


    The group met Jiang Zhiquing and Lin Baijun, who was opposite him, and called the two of them to go to work together.


    One of the educated youths surnamed Jiang made fun of Jiang Zhiqing, "Jiang Zhiqing, Su Xiaoman got married, do you think it's a loss"


    "Although Su Xiaoman has a low education level and is a village girl, she is beautiful and has good craftsmanship.

The cakes she makes are delicious."


    When Su Xiaoman pursued Jiang Zhiqing before, she came here every now and then to cook.


    The educated youth who live in the educated youth take turns to cook.

They have not much food, and their cooking skills are even more bad.


    Even if a few educated youths don't like Su Xiaoman, they sometimes expect her to come over, because Jiang Zhiqing doesn't eat much of what she gave to him, but then they will share it among them.


Some people really want to follow her to eat, it has become a habit.


    "It's a pity she won't come to deliver again in the future."


    "It's a pity you brought her back"


    "Forget it Jiang Zhiqing, this is what everyone thinks about, even if she is married now and it's not Jiang Zhiqing, nobody wants to wear a cuckold."


    Jiang Zhiqing has a fair appearance, with a medium stature.

He is the most outstanding among the group of educated youths.

He is the favorite model figure of young girls nowadays.

He speaks softly and mildly so he is very popular.


    Others say that he has the breath of a teacher, very elegant and charming.


    The educated youth, men and women, went to work together.

They have only been in the Qingshui brigade for a few months, and all of them have not yet mastered the farm work.

Even the educated youth can only take five or six centimeters a day.


    They managed to get through the sweltering heat, but now this September, the power of the autumn heat has not diminished.


    Dry for a while, then sweat profusely, take off your hat and enjoy the cool in the shade.


    "Do you want water I brought you some water." A smiling young woman in a straw hat came over with a bucket of water.


    —It's the reborn Zhang Lili.


    The educated youth gathered around to drink water.


    "Zhang Lili, you've turned white a lot."


    "Lili, you are so diligent."


    "Thank you Lili for the water."


    Zhang Lili had dark skin, and her appearance can only be said to be delicate.

After she came back from rebirth, she paid attention to sun protection and covered herself tightly.

Recently, she has turned a lot whiter.


    "Lily..." He Liang, a male educated youth with glasses, looked at Zhang Lili and hesitated.


He Liang had an affair with Zhang Lili before, and they were talking to each other in private.


    After Zhang Lili was reborn, she first made sure to clear relationship with He Liang and stopped being ambiguous with him.


    He Liang still wanted to be with her, trying to entangle her, Zhang Lili took the trouble to him.


    Zhang Lili's eyes were on Jiang Yantang.


    "Look, isn't that Su Xiaoman"


    A male educated youth pointed to a place and called out.

His words attracted the attention of many people, and they looked in the direction he pointed.

Drinking water with their head up.


      The braid hangs over the left shoulder.


    When the wind blew, the clothes tightly clinged to her body, outlining her exquisite figure, and her slender waist was full of grip.


    Many people along the road stopped what they were doing.


    "That's Su Xiaoman"


"Wasn't she in a live or die condition a few days ago How is she so beautiful now"


    "Like a different person."


    Xie Mingtu, who was weeding, heard the movement around him.

When he turned his head, he happened to see Su Xiaoman coming, and the sickle in his hand was unsteady.


    Involuntarily, I remembered the very clear breathing sound and the faint fragrance in my ear at night...


    He calmed down, lowered his head and looked away, pursed his lips and clenched the sickle in his hand.


    The eldest of the Su family and Su Xiaoman's eldest brother Su Yuemin are also here.

He put down his tool and said happily, "Our Xiaoman is getting better and better."


    He nodded and said proudly, "That's my sister!"


    Sister Su, Yang Yingzi, who was standing beside him, snorted.

She had not dealt with this beautiful little girl for a long time.

Ever since she was married off they had to send fish and sugar.


    Someone whistled,


    "Xie Mingtu is really lucky, such a beautiful girl married him."


    "I should have jumped into the water to save her."


    "Why can't such a good thing happen to me"


     "Go dream, you think you are Jiang Zhiqing."




    The few educated youths standing on the hillside came back to their senses, Lin Baijun pushed Jiang Zhiqing's arm, and shouted aloud: "It's over, Su Xiaoman has come to pester you already."


    Su Xiaoman's heart is well known.


    At this time, Jiang Yantang finally raised his head and saw Su Xiaoman walking over there, he couldn't help but be stunned for a moment.


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