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It was decided that  daughters-in-law in the family would take turns to deliver meals.

The first one to go was Su Xiaoman.

At noon, Sun Mei glared at Su and warned her .



    "You can't steal anything, if I find out..."


    Su Xiaoman took her words to a deaf ear.


    "Take it."


    Su Xiaoman carried a bamboo basket full of food, and went out under the eyes of Second Sister Xie looking at the show.


    Second Sister Xie thought that dogs could not change their nature of eating **.


  She was just waiting for Su Xiaoman to make a joke in front of Jiang Zhiqing.



    Su Xiaoman hurried up the mountain with the food, and walked on the ridge path, it only allowed one person to pass by, so one had to be careful when walking, it was easy to slip.


    Crossing through several acres of rice fields, Su Xiaoman with the bamboo basket in her hand suddenly pulled a branch and climbed up a soil slope.


    When she went up, she found that there were several mulberry trees at the foot of the mountain.

In April and May, this bunch of black and red mulberries tasted very sweet.

Many children in the village liked to pick them.


    The mulberry tree is a female mulberry tree, so its leaves can be used to raise silkworms.


    The Qinghe Brigade has only a few people who can raise silkworms, only people in Linxian  have the craftsmanship of raising silkworms.


    Su Xiaoman picked a few mulberry leaves, rubbed the leaf to feel the its texture with her fingers, and suddenly remembered the stupid things she had done before.


    Su Xiaoman, a former wealthy fake daughter, raised silkworms by hand.


    In order to celebrate her mother's birthday and to express her filial piety, she learned from the master and raised a batch of silkworms by herself and made a cheongsam for her.


    But in the end, she didn't get anything good, and only got a sarcastic statement:


    —Whoever is covered in Luo Qi is not a silkworm breeder.(E/N: Honestly don’t know what it is , help in comments is appreciated)


    These two poems were  used to laugh at her good daughter, who worked hard.


    Su Xiaoman casually covered the bamboo basket with a few mulberry leaves and continued to walk to the place where the commune members went to work.


    When she arrived, many people were sitting under the tree to enjoy the shade and rest, some were wearing straw hats, some were wrapped in headscarves, tools such as hoes and sickles were kept on the ground.

There are many people eating, and the aroma of the food was floating in the air.



    Su Xiaoman said hello to second brother Su, and then without much effort, she found the disgraced "Xie Gouzi" in the crowd.

the old man Xie and the second and third were standing not far from him.


    "You're here to deliver food today." Old Man Xie raised his head in the sunlight with narrowed eyes and called her.


    Su Xiaoman nodded and distributed the food she brought with the Xie family.

She shared the food fairly fairly.

I kept a small portion for herself.


    Old man Xie looked at the food in the bowl and nodded with satisfaction.


    Third brother Xie talked less and ate with his head down.


    The second son of the Xie family frowned and looked at the two- three pieces of bacon in the bowl.

No matter who divided it in the past, he always had the most.


    Xie Mingtu was holding the bowl of rice in his hand.

It was the first time he had received so much rice, and there were even a few pieces of meat in the rice.

Usually, the meat would never reach in his bowl.



    She also gave herself a piece of bacon.

Although it was salty and hard, it was at least a piece of meat, and it was a bit oily.

People in this era are all short of oil and greedy for meat, and Su Xiaoman is no exception.


    The bacon was made very salty.

After Su Xiaoman finished eating, she couldn't help but want to drink water, sos he put the bowl aside and raised her head to drink the water from the bamboo tube.


    After she finished drinking the water, she picked up the bowl  and found that suddenly there were three more slices of bacon in her bowl.


    Su Xiaoman was stunned for a moment, and turned her eyes to Xie Mingtu, who was lowering his head and eating rice next to her.

Needless to say, she knew where these pieces of meat came from.



    Su Xiaoman: "…"


    She thought to herself that this boy was too stupid.

He was already so thin but he gave her the meat.


    Su Xiaoman knew in her heart that Xie Mingtu had absolutely no ambiguous feelings for her at this moment, and he gave her the meat out of pure kindness.


    Su Xiaoman wanted to return a few pieces of meat to him, but she felt that she could not refuse the kindness of others.


    This villain before blackening was really pure and kind.


    He is only seventeen or eighteen years old, not long after he became an adult.

In the modern times, at his age, he would be just a freshman.


    Su Xiaoman's lips moved, picked up chopsticks and ate a few pieces of meat, she felt that she could treat Xie Mingtu as a younger brother in the future, Xie Mingtu was the same as Chunjuan, although his appearance was sloppy and a little dirty, but very kind.


    The second son of the Xie family was very dissatisfied with his bowl of rice, so he couldn't help but glance at Su Xiaoman.


    In the beginning, he disliked this fifth daughter-in-law, but after a few more glances, he suddenly realized that Su Xiaoman is really good-looking.


    Slim waist and big butt.


    He swallowed, his eyes fixed on her without a trace.


    In addition to the bacon at noon, there is vegetable soup with tofu.


Xie's cooking skills are not very poor.

There was a very strong beany smell.


    Su Xiaoman couldn't eat half of the meal.

She would rather drink some rice soup, which is at least sweet.


      It's shameful to waste food.


    Su Xiaoman pushed Xie Mingtu's arm, "I'll give you half of the meal, I haven't touched it.

I don't want to eat it and don't have a good appetite."


    Xie Mingtu, who was sitting beside her, knew that she was having a hard time eating, so he picked up the other half of the meal without saying a word.


    Xie Mingtu knew that she must not eat these things in Su's house.


    Su Xiaoman saw that he listened to her obediently, and felt as if she was feeding a pet.


    Thinking that Xie Mingtu ate all this from childhood to adulthood, he couldn't get a piece of meat at home, and finally got a little bit, he hadn't complained to others ever, he eats "pig food" according to his duty "…


    He was so miserable.


    "Have you ever had the same bowl of rice as others"




    Xie Mingtu lowered his head to eat, he thought to himself, how can there be a share for him if the second brother eats the most.


    He ate very fast, and finished the meal soon, Su Xiaoman guessed that he was not full.


    Xie Mingtu's age is when he has a big appetite.


    "Did you make the comb left on the table Thank you." Because of what happened just now, Su Xiaoman was a little embarrassed, so he had nothing to say to talk to him.


         Su Xiaoman looked at him with her hand on her chin, she couldn't help but began to ponder over the description in the book...

the handsome man.


His beauty could not be seen  now under this bullied and gloomy personality.


 As for becoming the handsome man…


    After cleaning up Xie Mingtu, what will he look like Su Xiaoman was really curious.


    The light at noon was just right.

Su Xiaoman observed him carefully.

She found that Xie Mingtu had a high nose bridge and long eyelashes.

Because he is too thin, the line of his collarbone is extraordinarily clear.


    Xie Mingtu has a pair of very beautiful peach blossom eyes, but he always keeps his head down to prevent these eyes from being seen.



    Su Xiaoman: "…"


    After staring at Xie Mingtu for a long time, Su Xiaoman wondered if she was being an idealist, otherwise how could she see the shadow of a handsome guy from the disheveled person in front of her.


    If he is really handsome, is he hiding it on purpose or what


    Su Xiaoman's curiosity grew a little more.


    But she is a very strange person, the more curious she is, the more she can bear not to explore.


     Not at all.


    She doesn't want to know the truth too soon.


    Xie Mingtu lowered his head, but he felt the eyes that could not be ignored stayed on him, his hands and feet were stiff, and he didn't dare to move even a little bit.He caught a glimpse of the woman's white neck when he looked up a little .


    He didn't dare to raise his head again, his cheeks turned a little red involuntarily, thanks to his hair blocking this, no one noticed.


    …She used to stare at another man before.


    "Jiang Zhiqing, Jiang Zhiqing! Jiang Zhiqing! Come over here!"


    "Come and see this!"


    Hearing these calls, Xie Mingtu moved his eyes and looked up to see a group of people walking over here.


    The one who took the lead was Jiang Zhiqing.


    Xie Mingtu's heart sank, and something was precipitating in his dark eyes.


    The educated youth wanted to come under the tree to get tools.

It happened that Xie Mingtu and Su Xiaoman were also sitting here.

I don’t know if the person who issued the tools did it on purpose.

Liu Leizi called a few times.

Many people watched it with the eyes of a good show.


    Su Xiaoman was still pestering Jiang Zhiqing a few days ago, and finally stopped for a while.

Today they saw Su Xiaoman came to deliver food and thought she would come around to make trouble, but they didn't expect her to sit quietly with the Xie family.

She didn't come to Jiang Zhiqing to say a word at all.


    Didn't she realize that Jiang Zhiqing was also here today


    Now that Liu Leizi shouted his name so loud, she must have heard it.


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