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Qu Ling didnt know where to start.

“According to what I know, that should be an ancient totem sealed in this ruin… However, is it a dead totem that was sealed”

The gem cat turned around in silence and looked at the scene in front of it.

It understood.

Was it a dead totem sealed Perhaps not, but it should be dead now.

As for what happened in the ruins, it didnt dare to guess or think.

“This kid… In short, Im not worried about him anymore.

He should have fallen into the ruins,” the gem cat muttered.

Ah… If Shi Yu had the ability to destroy totems, wouldnt its status plummet

At this moment, Qu Ling finally recovered from the life-and-death crisis.

She said, “Senior, thank you for saving me.”

“That senior just now, is he… is he really alright”

Dong Huang had come.

Qu Ling knew this.

However, Qu Ling was still very shocked that the other party could save her from the fox god.

She felt like she had survived a disaster and was very grateful to these seniors.

Moreover, that old man actually successfully entered a ruin that even the Fox God couldnt enter

She didnt know this Senior Cat and that old man before she came to the Heavenly Fox Nation to become a spy.

Now, Qu Ling only wanted to know their identities.

If she could go back, she would definitely thank them well when she returned and bring her entire family to thank them for saving her life.


Inside the ruins.

Shi Yu also realized that the repair speed of the crack was a little slow.

Forget it, so be it.

The gem cat should be able to determine that he was inside the ruins from the dragon and tiger spirits.

If there was danger entering… Then the gem cat had to save him.

Shi Yu acknowledged the gem cats spatial attainments.

Although it didnt have a transcendent skill yet, the proficiency of spatial super moves was definitely close to transcendent.

Otherwise, it was impossible for that fox to not be able to do anything to it.

Perhaps only totem creatures who really relied on spatial skills to cultivate could deal with this cat.

This was very safe.

Ji Mengzhu nervously repaired the crack in the ruins, while Shi Yu looked at the half of the cow body protected by the three overlord undead with a burning gaze.

Good stuff!

“…” Baby Ginseng was silent for a moment before suddenly realizing a problem…

This corpse was already in such a state.

Could it be that Buggy could also create a puppet

Even if it was only half a totem-level physical puppet, it was still several stories tall… It had to be better than the three overlord corpses from before.

Moreover, Baby Ginseng also looked at the ruins stone Shi Yu was holding…

Why did it feel that Eleven and Buggy, who had just evolved, were also going to be strengthened at the Epic level

“Im here to see whats here.”

At that moment, Shi Yu no longer cared about the yak because there was something more attractive to him, the ruins stone Ji Mengzhu had given him.

Obviously, this was also a spatial tool.

Inside was the iron-eating beast evolution resource the other party mentioned.

This ruin stone was not the controller of this legendary sealed ruin.

It was an independent new ruin.

From this point of view, Shi Yu should have finally obtained a “complete ruin space”.

At that moment, with the help of the ruins stone, Shi Yu checked the evolution resources inside the ruins with ease.

With a look, Shi Yu was overjoyed!!

One, two, three, four, five… A total of ten meteorite fragments!!!!

Although in terms of quality, it was a little inferior to the one that Quan Xuan had given them… But there were ten meteorite fragments!!

They were all taken from the demigod-level Yun An!

At this moment, if it could eat all of them, Eleven would definitely evolve into a Demon God Panda.

Even if its foundation was very strong now, ten meteorite fragments would definitely be enough.

Of course, he had already studied the superalloy research.

Shi Yu also had new ambitions now.

He felt that it was lacking to only evolve into a Demon God Panda.

It was meaningless to imitate the path of Emperor Wu and even his predecessors.

It wanted to wait and see Lings research results.

If it succeeded, it would combine the Dark Thunder and the Light Thunder and take a new evolution path.

If the research didnt succeed, it would use a backup, the pure dark element.

“These are…”

Apart from that, Shi Yu also discovered a large number of low-level metals!

Level-five metal, golden jade, green heart sand!

Level-six metal mineral resources, Black Purple Copper Essence Mineral, Heavenly Silver Iron, Blue Gray Pure Gold!

Even level-seven metal mineral resources, meteor iron!

They were all materials for the iron-eating beasts first stage evolution!!!

As for numbers…

One pile, two piles… three piles… It was a really big number!

Shi Yu looked at the low-level evolution resources of this scale and took a deep breath.

With so many resources, it was completely no problem to evolve 100 Iron-eating Beasts into the Nine Li Battle Beasts of monarch races!

Of course, it was a low-level monarch.

If one wanted to evolve after multiplying like Eleven, this little resource definitely wouldnt be able to withstand 100 beasts.

Shi Yu finally understood why there were so few Iron-eating Beasts and second-stage evolution materials in the country.

It was definitely for those Feeders of the Emperor Wu Dynasty to monopolize and hide in secret…

Seeing these resources, Shi Yu was undoubtedly very excited.

Dong Huang had originally taken advantage of this seven-nation trade to buy a large number of iron-eating beast evolution resources from other countries.

In addition to these, there was a chance for a panda army the size of hundreds of monarch races, all Nine Li Battle Beasts.

If the Nine Li Army of this scale collectively mastered impregnable above the expert level, they would be invincible below the totem level, and even overlords would be crushed, even if above their level!

“Senior Ji… Is there no high-level metal for iron-eating beasts to carve inscriptions in this ruin stone…” However, although there were many low-level evolution resources that were worth being pleasantly surprised, Shi Yu also discovered that apart from the meteorite fragment, there was no other level-eight metal for inscriptions in the ruin stone…

As Ji Mengzhu repaired the ruins, she said, “These first-stage evolution materials are all prepared for the Iron-eating Beast cubs I brought over, and those high-level metals that can evolve in the second stage are left for the army.”

“Only the number of meteorite fragments is enough.

We got a portion of it…”

Shi Yu was silent.

That made sense.

However, how many fragments had been beaten off of Yun An by Emperor Wu

Shi Yu sighed.

Forget it, he had to be satisfied.

With the meteorite fragment, it was already perfect.

At least, no matter what, Eleven could complete a new round of evolution.

Shi Yu was filled with joy.

Then, he was even happier.

Because he saw a pet that also entered the ruins from the outside through the crack.

This was an overlord-level pet.

It was three to four meters tall, had the black lower body of a horse, the black upper body of an ape, and black wings that looked like eagle wings!!

The hands on his upper body were also loaded with weapons that looked like black light swords!!

“No, the repair speed cant keep up…” At this moment, seeing an overlord-level ferocious beast enter, not to mention it being a strong overlord-level ferocious beast, Ji Mengzhu took a deep breath and frowned.

She didnt forget Shi Yus words.

This was a totem country.

Shi Yu was here to carry out a mission.

If the overlords and totems of other totem countries came in, it would be as difficult to clean up as the Black Meteorite Yak!!

However, to Ji Mengzhus surprise, after seeing this Black Winged Horse Ape, not only was Shi Yu not worried, but his eyes also lit up with starry light.

This… wasnt this one of the overlord modified beasts of the Seven Islands Ke Yuan Financial Group, of Legend Bai Chuan Legend Ke had said so previously.

“Why are you the only one in Wheres your Beast Tamer…” Shi Yus eyes became happier.

He suddenly recalled that the matter had yet to be completed.

He still had to plunder this Legend Bai Chuans Beast Taming Talent!!

With his rich experience, totems like the Fox God and the Black Goat wouldnt rashly enter the ruins after seeing the scene just now.

Instead, they would let their subordinates be the vanguard.

It would be best if Bai Chuan came in alone!

Now, Shi Yu really wanted to meet a real legend in the ruins.

He had several bold ideas regarding his “body control” talent.

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