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The gem cat:

As Shi Yu spoke to the gem cat, its face fell.

It regretted coming in.

As it knew that Shi Yu was inside the ruins, it wasnt as afraid as the black goat and the others that didnt dare to enter.

It saw that an overlord had entered and might pose a threat to Shi Yu and the others, so the cat directly entered.

However, it didnt expect that just as it entered, the baboon would run away.

Moreover, Shi Yu started to order it around right after meeting.

And now it had to fight a dangerous totem like the Black Goat Totem.

Even that fox god was unwilling to be too entangled with this black goat!!

“Why are you in such a hurry!!” The gem cat was a little afraid.

He didnt want to fight the black goat head-on.

“Im afraid that Beast Tamer will run away.”

Shi Yu said, “Dont forget, hes the core figure of the change in this mission… Of course, that guys talent looks pretty good.”

The gem cat : “…”

“No problem, the space is about to be repaired.”

“At that time, well directly carry out the kill strategy and persist for a while as we hide in this space.

A mere totem cant do anything to us.”

“At least, the strength of this space is still online.”

“Senior Ji, didnt you just say that this legendary sealed ruin can be used as equipment to increase the effect of spatial moves Hehe, the user is here now.”

Shi Yus words made the corners of the gem cats mouth twitch.

What was going on

Ji Mengzhu was also very silent.

Wait a minute… was it really alright

However, in the face of Shi Yus starry gaze, she still quickly took out the ruins controller.

“This is thecore of this ruin.”

At this moment, Ji Mengzhu finally handed the control equipment of the legendary ruins to Shi Yu.

This was something that looked like a black stone card.

Shi Yu temporarily called it the ruins card.

“Alright.” Shi Yu nodded after taking the card.

With this, he could instantly retreat back into this ruin.

As long as the ruin was repaired and they instantly hid inside, even if it was at the totem level, it couldnt do anything to them.

After all, this was a legendary ruin.

Even without the sealing ability, the strength was still there.

If it was an ordinary ruin like Shi Yus ruin ring, he would undoubtedly be instantly torn down by the black goat if he wanted to use it to dodge the pursuit, causing the entire ruin to collapse.

There was nowhere to escape.

However, this was a legendary ruin that could even seal top-notch totems.

It was completely no problem to hide for a moment.

At that time, he just had to wait for Dong Huangs reinforcements in the ruins.

Even if Dong Huangs reinforcements didnt arrive, he could find an opportunity to let the gem cat slip away with the ruin card and escape from this guy.

In short, he was definitely going to eat this Bai Chuan up.

If he let the other party escape this time, there would be no chance next time.

The other party had to stay!


At the same time, in the outside world.


With just a probe, the Black Winged Horse Ape immediately came out of the crack.

Bai Chuan also understood the situation inside the ruins through it.

His expression was dark as he said, “Its bad, there are Beast Tamers, many overlord-level undead enemies, and large-scale lethal weapons.”

“The Black Meteorite Yak was killed just now.”

“I can confirm that there are no longer any signs of life.”

As soon as he finished speaking, the black goat beside it was also shocked, its mood constantly changing.

“Give up, lets retreat first.”

“That fox has probably already called for help, and the Black Meteorite Yak is no longer around.

Its disadvantageous for us to continue staying.”

“Besides, theres still a certain amount of danger inside the ruins.

We dont know what trump cards the other party has.”

Although Bai Chuan felt that it was a pity, the Black Meteorite Yak, a key life form that could help revive Yun An, was already dead.

He felt that for the sake of safety, he should give up this mission.

“Damn it!” Although the Black Goat was unhappy, it didnt refute.

The mission this time was to bring back the Black Meteorite Yak.

If even the target was already dead, there was indeed no need to stay here and take risks.

“Lets go.” The black goat was silent for a moment before saying unhappily.

It turned around and planned to leave.

Bai Chuan took a deep breath and planned to leave.

Seeing this…

The eyes of the two groups who were paying attention to the black goat and Bai Chuan flashed.

The Heavenly Fox Saintess stood beside the Fox God and said, “Lord Fox God, looks like they dont plan to explore this ruin anymore.

What should we do next”

Should they hold onto these people who entered the Heavenly Fox Nation or let them leave

They werent exploring ruins anymore.

Should the Heavenly Fox Nation explore it

These needed to be decided by the Fox God.

The Fox Gods nine huge tails danced, and its gaze was unfriendly.

“Let them go.”

Just as that black goat said, if they started a war, the Heavenly Fox Nation would definitely pay a huge price.

The Fox God was clearly unwilling to make such a sacrifice.

Although from the looks of it, the legendary ruins had already been taken by someone else, the Fox God had already decided to suffer in silence.

At this moment, the Fox God was still suspecting that the gray-robed old man was in cahoots with the Black Goat and the others.

After all, the goal of the Black Goat and the others was the legendary ruins, and the gray-robed old man was also in the legendary ruins.

Everything was too suspicious.

Although from the looks of it, the black goat and the others had yet to achieve their goal, but what if the so-called goal was just something used to deceive them from the start

Perhaps one of them, the gray-robed old man, had already achieved his goal in the legendary ruins.

That would mean that the situation being shown now was just an act for the Fox Nation.

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