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However, no matter what the truth was, the Fox God indeed didnt want to pursue it anymore.

This was because in the dark right now, there was at least a spatial totem.

It was the totem that had saved the spy just now.

Regardless of whether this totem was with the Black Goat and the others, if there was a conflict with the Black Goat now, it would be extremely disadvantageous to the Heavenly Fox Nation.

That third party could easily benefit if they fought each other right now.

The Heavenly Fox Nation was not a strong totem country to begin with.

Since there were not many losses this time, the Fox God decided to ignore it.

It was better to let the bootlickers deal with these guys in the future to avoid the Heavenly Fox Nation becoming the main battlefield.


In the distance, Dong Huangs group, Legend Ke, Legend Zhang, Ji Feng, the Butterfly God, and the others began to panic when they saw the changes happen one after another and saw that the Black Goat and Legend Bai Chuan were about to leave.

Now, capturing Bai Chuans mission level was definitely higher than bringing back the Iron-eating Beast and figuring out the truth of the ruins.

They couldnt watch helplessly as the black goat and Legend Bai Chuan left.


“If necessary, we can only attack.” The butterfly god sighed.

It only hoped that when it and the gem cat fought this black goat, the fox god wouldnt help the black goat.


Everyone aimed their sights at the departing Black Goat and Bai Chuan.

At this moment, the first to not hold back and choose to attack were Shi Yu and the others.

Because the ruins space had almost been repaired.


The black goat and Bai Chuan, who had flown away, were already prepared for the possibility of the Heavenly Fox Nation stopping them.

However, they didnt expect that the one who attacked wasnt the Fox God.

It seemed to have come from the power in the legendary sealed space!!!


A transcendent-level blue deterrence appeared out of thin air.

The black goat that turned around and left frowned and also erupted with a shocking aura.

The blue deterrence and the black deterrence swept into the sky, instantly making the sky change color.


In the blink of an eye, a huge black and blue hole cracked in the sky.

Through this huge hole, one could clearly see the starry sky and thousands of stars flickering.

This scene instantly made the hearts of the Heavenly Fox Nation tremble.

It also made the expressions of the Butterfly God and the others in the distance change.

They realized that Shi Yu and the gem cat were the first to attack.

Under the deterrence, Bai Chuans expression instantly darkened.

The seven overlord pets all appeared beside him and cooperated with the black goat to release deterrence!!

However, this deterrence was only a show of strength.

The real killing move was the subsequent immobilization!!


In an instant, everyone, including the Black Goat, Bai Chuan, and Bai Chuans seven overlord-level pets, felt that they were frozen by a spatial power.

Just as this power appeared, the expressions of Bai Chuan and the seven overlord pets changed drastically.

This was because with their strength, they seemed to be completely unable to break free from this restraint.

The black goats expression also changed drastically.

It felt that this binding power was difficult to deal with!!

“This wave…”

As for the fox god in the distance, it immediately determined that this wave not only had the fluctuations of the ruins space, but also the power fluctuations of the spatial totem that had just stolen the spy from its hands.

At this moment, the Fox God was puzzled.

What did this mean

That totem stopped the black goat and the others from leaving

Werent they together

“Wow, so fierce.” In the distance, the butterfly god was also shocked.

Even from afar, it could feel the strength of this spatial immobilization.

Even it might have to struggle to break free for a few seconds.

Was this the move of the gem cat sister

Was this the move of the gem cat sister


However, the strength of this move didnt look like a fresh new totem no matter how one looked at it.

In an instant, an ordinary totem seven overlords a legendary Beast Tamer was frozen!

From the expression of the black goat, this move was definitely very powerful.

At this moment, in the legendary ruins space, the gem cat holding the legendary ruins black card was also very shocked.

The enhancement of this ruin card to spatial seal-type moves was so fierce.

It felt that the effect of its skill had been increased by at least 50%!

No wonder the spirit of the ruins could drag Shi Yu away without anyone noticing.

Although it was distracted that time and had to focus on the Fox God, this ruins space was clearly a good thing.

Damn it… I want it so much…

“In short, as expected of me.” The gem cat looked at the totem and overlords it had frozen, its face quite pleased.

However, the most important thing at this moment was not it, but Shi Yu.

In the outside world.

Space ripples surged.

Under the gazes of the Heavenly Fox Nations Fox God, Holy Maiden, and many overlords, the Butterfly God, Legend Ke, and Ji Feng…

A gray-robed old man appeared from the spatial ripples.

He stood on a green dragon, and his figure instantly arrived, heading towards Bai Chuan.

Seeing this gray-robed old man, the expression of the Fox God changed.

Ji Feng and the others expressions also changed.

Their understanding of the gray-robed old mans identity was naturally different.

However, at this moment, the gray-robed old mans actions made the pupils of all the lives present, including Black Goat, Bai Chuan, and the others, shrink.

“Hehe, kid, you sent your pet to spy on us and want to run away.

How can there be such a good thing”

“Pay up some interest.”

As Shi Yu smiled evilly, he flew over.

He looked even more like a big villain than the Black Goat and Legend Bai Chuan, his entire body emitting an evil aura.

Everyones expressions were solemn and serious.

Under the immobilization of an unknown power, the gray-robed old man riding the Undead Dragon instantly appeared beside Legend Bai Chuan.

Then, he directly stretched out the old black hand wearing the Talent Bead bracelet and penetrated Legend Bai Chuans heart!!

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