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Of course, Wu Xingxue didn’t get to leave.

 Firstly, now that they were here already, it would be a shame to leave in such a hurry.

And secondly, he didn’t really have anywhere else to go.

After waiting around a bit by the pier, the two disciples came over.

Wu Xingxue saw that on the silver tassels on their swords, there was a peach blossom carved with pink jade.

The word “Hua”1, was also imprinted on the jade tokens on their waists.

Obviously, these were two disciples of the Hua Sect.

To be responsible for guarding the port and city gate, they must come from quite a powerful sect.

“Hello, are you guys looking to enter the city” The two disciples bowed politely, saying, “There have been quite a few things going on lately around here, so it’s a bit strict to enter and leave the city.

If you find us to be rude or offensive, please understand.”

They looked towards Ning Huaishan and One-arm with an alarming face, “These two… are they not feeling well”

It was no wonder they grew suspicious.

After those two got off, they were having nausea and vomiting, the exact responses a devil would have.

If it weren’t because Wu Xingxue and Xiao Fuxuan, both of which appeared normal, these two disciples would have already drawn their swords.

Ning Huaishan didn’t want to bother explaining.

He pinched his hands together, making his fingertips as sharp as a knife.

Wu Xingxue immediately pulled him back and replied for him, “They’re seasick.”

“Oh……” the two disciples took another look at the bamboo boat, still in suspicion, “Where do you guys come from”

Since the City Lord didn’t let him move, he could only wipe his lips and reply, “The Rustling Channel of Eternal Sea.”

“Oh, no wonder.

There was quite a storm there last night, traveling on boat would indeed be difficult.”

This time, the two disciples believed them.

They then started to study Xiao Fuxuan.

But before they were even able to speak, Ning Huaishan had already started, “This is my City… my young master’s puppet.”

Xiao Fuxuan: “……”

With Ning Huaishan’s mouth with us, the entire city will know us in just a few days, Wu Xingxue thought.

But owning a puppet wasn’t too surprising, it was common among the cultivators.

Especially now that the world was getting more and more chaotic, it was normal for a young master to be bringing puppets as body guards.

The puppet itself didn’t merit any suspicion.

It was just that the stature, appearance, and disposition of this puppet was too astounding, simultaneously drawing people’s attention while also causing the two disciples to murmur to each other… 

Because of their upbringing, they didn’t stare at Xiao Fuxuan too much.

But when leaving, Wu Xingxue heard them discuss in whispers.

“That puppet, have we seen it somewhere before Why does it look kind of familiar, almost as if I know him”

“Hmm, that young master Cheng also…”



In the end, only Wu Xingxue and Xiao Fuxuan entered Chunfan City.

This was because that was a giant stone sculpture of a deity placed right in the middle of the road that leads into the city.

The copper platform in front was completely filled with incense, causing the smoke to linger everywhere in the air.

Ning Huaishan and One-arm’s faces turned green immediately.

They almost ran for their lives as they yelled, “City Lord, we’ll wait for you in the mountains at the city border!”

To Wu Xingxue, this was exactly what he wanted.

After the two hindrances were gone, Wu Xingxue grabbed Xiao Fuxuan and dragged him into the city.

“Immortal, I need a little help.

I don’t think it’s suitable for me to go to Yi Wusheng’s house like this, please help me change–” He walked into an alley, and after making sure no one was near, he finally turned around.

He saw that Xiao Fuxuan allowed himself to be dragged around by him.

His unfriendly look landed on the hand that was being held onto by Wu Xingxue.

Wu Xingxue was stunned for a second before releasing his grasp.

Only now did Xiao Fuxuan look up, “Is this the way you usually ask people for help”

Wu Xingxue raised his eyebrows, “Which way”

Xiao Fuxuan glanced around in the alley.

It was extremely narrow, and since he was tall, the already scarce sunlight was almost completely blocked by him.

Wu Xingxue also suddenly realized that this area might have been a bit too remote.

He gave a little smile, “I don’t usually ask for help, and deep allies like this aren’t seen very often in Que City.”

This was true.

While in Que City, as long as he reached out his hand, without even having to speak, there would be servants who would bring up exactly what he wanted.

He really didn’t need to ask anyone for help.

And, Wu Xingxue added, “I never had to do anything that required such secrecy before.”

Xiao Fuxuan simply looked at him, without comment.

“So, you want to change your appearance” Xiao Fuxuan finally asked.

He didn’t seem to wait for a response.

After swapping the hand holding the sword, he lowered his head, touched the curve of his bent finger to Wu Xingxue’s jaw, brushed his thumb along the side of his face, his chin, and then his forehead.

“Please don’t make it too ugly,” Wu Xingxue couldn’t help but add.


Xiao Fuxuan’s hand paused for a moment, then silently continued.

After a moment, he said slowly, “Too late.”


Wu Xingxue gave up protesting and allowed him to modify his face freely.

This alley was indeed too remote and quiet.

Time suddenly seemed to have slowed down.

“Done yet” asked Wu Xingxue.

“Mm,” Xiao Fuxuan replied.

His hand was already placed down, but after a second, he rose it again to touch Wu Xingxue’s eyebrow.

“What is it” Wu Xingxue didn’t understand.

“Nothing.” Xiao Fuxuan gave a one-worded response and then turned to leave the alley.

But just when he turned around, Wu Xingxue heard him say, “Your eyes are so easy to recognize.”

Wu Xingxue was stunned for a second, then quickly caught up to him, “Xiao Fuxuan.”

The man in front turned his face back slightly.

“It’s best if you also change your appearance.

Since they love divine statues so much, and your reputation is so high, there’s definitely a statue of you somewhere.

Although I think that the statues are quite different from the actual people, it’ll be trouble if some expert manages to recognize you.

It wasn’t until they exited the alley, the sunlight momentarily blinding, that Wu Xingxue realized he didn’t need to say that.

A famous immortal like Xiao Fuxuan, so what if he got recognized He wasn’t a Devil Lord who has made enemies with all corners of the earth.

Just as he wanted to speak to amend his previous sentence, he saw Xiao Fuxuan turn sideways to wait for him.

His face has already changed.


Chunfan City was not a small place.

Apparently, there were six sects here, and one with the highest reputation and the most disciples was none other than the Hua Sect.

The Hua Sect was found at Peach Blossom Island, located in the heart of the river to the west of Chunfan City.

Firstly, this place allowed for peaceful and quiet living; they didn’t need to fight for space with the boundaries of the other sects.

Secondly, with such a big sect, they could protect the city’s western border.

After all, Swallow Port, the place with the most outsiders, was also located at the western side of the city.

Among those people, there were obviously those up to no good, and it was inevitable for a few of them to sneak into the city.

Every time a devil sneaked into the city, it was a nightmare for everyone else.


Most devils were originally humans.

They had the look of ordinary people and spoke an ordinary language.

Before stepping onto the path of evil, they even used to be part of the city.

So with them mixed in the crowd, it was almost impossible to identify them.

The way devils cultivate were too diabolical.

They were cunning, fickle, and could bewitch people.

They were bloodthirsty and murderous.

Some devils could even change skins, and so they were extremely troublesome and hard to catch.

They feed on raw souls and flesh, and after hallowing one out, they would merge into the body and look for the next one.

This process was quick and silent.

It was said that a couple of decades ago, although it was not the most prosperous time, there were more than 200,000 households in Chunfan City.

By two years ago, there were only 100,000 left.

And now, in just two short years, this 100,000 has turned into 70,000.

Chunfan City’s land size didn’t change.

It was just that more and more houses became empty.

The closer to the border walls, the more quiet the region was.

All Wu Xingxue saw along the way were empty houses.

They were covered with thick cobwebs, and holes of all sizes were present on the doors and windows.

The sound of the winter winds made these houses sound like a ghost’s cry.

Only areas near a certain sect would have some signs of living.

The houses crowded around the sects like ants clustering around a drop of honey.

There was only one exception—the Hua Sect.

But that was only within expectation.

Because the Hua Sect alone protected the entire Peach Blossom Island and east river.

Completely isolated, this place was fundamentally a dangerous place: easy to attack and hard to defend.

In addition to the fact that the Hua Sect had a considerable amount of disciples, if a few devils managed to slip in, the consequences would be disastrous.

If there weren’t some powerful people in the sect, then the people living here would have long been feasted by the devils.

With so many people here however, it also frequently attracted the devils.


Wu Xingxue heard various rumors about the Hua Sect and knew what a dangerous place that was.

He was determined to never go there.

But after two hours, he and Xiao Fuxuan stood at the entrance of the bridge leading to Peach Blossom Island, exchanging stares with the disciples guarding the bridge.

“No, wait…” Wu Xingxue quickly pulled Xiao Fuxuan back, “Didn’t you say you were going to bring me to Yi Wusheng How come all twelve poles of the bridge has the word Hua on them”

“Tell me the truth, do you really know Yi Wusheng”

“Isn’t his family name Yi”

Xiao Fuxuan: “……”

He gave a cold frown as he stared at Wu Xingxue.

“Who told you that the Hua Sect is a family clan with no outsiders” Xiao Fuxuan asked back.

“Oh, why didn’t you say so earlier…”

Xiao Fuxuan: “……”

Did you ask

Expressionlessly, he lifted his chin towards the island in the river, “I just happen to have interacted with Yi Wusheng in the past, I’m certain of it.

He’s one of the Elders of the Four Halls of Hua Sect, and he has a deep connection with the Hua Sect too.”

“What’s the connection” asked Wu Xingxue.

“Yi Wusheng’s wife is the sister of Hua Zhaoting, the Sect Leader of Hua Sect.”

After speaking, he glanced at Wu Xingxue fingers that were holding onto his hand.

A moment later, he said, “How long do you plan to hold me here”

Wu Xingxue let go and returned to the bridge with Xiao Fuxuan.

He mumbled as he walked, “I thought you were a high and might Celestial Immortal, how do you know the mortal world so well.”

Xiao Fuxuan didn’t reply.

Until they almost reached there, the guarding quickly bowed politely towards them with their swords in their arms.

Their faces full of bewilderment.

Then they heard Xiao Fuxuan say, “There used to be someone who liked to come.”

Wu Xingxue was stunned.

Then almost immediately, the disciples said in unison, “Mr.

Yi Wusheng is currently in seclusion in the back hall.

We will report the Sect Master.

Please follow us to rest a bit at the Tinghua Hall.

He’ll be here shortly.”


Wu Xingxue crossed the long bridge and entered the gates to the Hua Sect.

When being led into the Tinghua Hall, he suddenly thought of something.

Yi Wusheng’s wife was Hua Sect Leader’s sister.

And Yi Wusheng’s father, brother, wife, and daughter all died tragically in the hands of the body’s original owner…

That meant, not only the unfortunate Yi Wusheng, even Chunfan City’s largest sect… the entire Hua Sect had a grudge against me

Wu Xingxue: “……”

Maybe I should just end my life myself, at least that’ll be fast and painless.


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