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 Chapter 6: Lunatic

This was likely the place to welcome guests and host discussions.

The arrangements here were solid and bare, with only a couple of carved chairs and tables on both sides.

The disciples led them to sit down, and then brought in two cups of tea.

Wu Xingxue was not courteous at all, as he immediately took a cup and sipped.

A crisp and light peach aroma wafted from the tea. 

A few other disciples were sweeping the floors of the hall.

Seeing the guests, they all bowed respectfully.

At the center of Tinghua Hall was a grand shrine with a jade divine statue on top.

The disciples were cleaning the hall, lit incense for the statue, then exited the hall.

This statue looked identical to the larger one in Chunfan City.

The only difference was that while the one in the city was carved from stone, the one in the Hua Sect was carved from pink jade.

“Who is this” Wu Xingxue still had the cup in hand as he asked quietly.

“Hua Xin,” answered Xiao Fuxuan.

Then, Wu Xingxue realized that these two words were also written on the back of the divine statue.

Is it the same person in the portrait and on the statue They look quite different, “he whispered again.

“…” Xiao Fuxuan glanced at him, probably signaling him to shut up.

But…  he seemed to be very interested, as he added after a second, “I think the painting looks a bit more accurate.”

The immortal in the portrait appeared warm, graceful, and handsome.

His natural smile made his eyes curl.

He rested one hand on a white deer and held a lamp with the other.

He looked like a deity who could protect the people—a stark contrast to the manager of punishment and forgiveness, Xiao Fuxuan.

Hua Xin’s immortal title was written beside his name, “Mingwu.”

In the current dark and chaotic world, there are hundreds of sects of all sizes.

Disregarding the smaller ones, the sects with the highest reputations all once had ancestors who ascended to immortality.

The only reason the Hua Sect had such a high position in Chunfan City was because of Hua Xin.

“Do you know him” asked Wu Xingxue.

“Yes,” replied Xiao Fuxuan, lightly, “He’s the head of the Lingtai Twelve Immortals.”1

Head of the Twelve Immortals of Lingtai…

Lingtai’s Twelve Immortals…

Wu Xingxue felt that this name sounded familiar, and then suddenly remembered what Ning Huaishan had mentioned with great admiration – that he was the one who killed the Lingtai Twelve Immortals.


Wu Xingxue choked on his tea.

Before he could think more, the sect leader of the Hua Sect, Hua Zhaoting, arrived.

He seemed to be in some sort of situation, striding down the hall in large steps with an unhappy expression.

Two flustered disciples followed behind him, holding wooden boxes decorated with golden threads and urging him to do something.

“I already said no need.

For such a small injury, there’s no need for medicine.

He’s just a pitiful simpleton, so it is natural for him to act rashly.

But I’ve already said many times to just ignore him.

Now great, Chi Yao and the others, tell them to go to Xuan Platform and reflect on their actions! “

The moment after Hua Zhaoting finished scolding and entered Tinghua Hall, his face changed immediately, “Sorry for the long wait.”

After all, he was from the same family as Mingwu Hua Xin.

Although they didn’t look very similar, as long as they were smiling, their warmth and gracefulness were identical.

On the outside, he didn’t look very much like a sect leader.

In fact, he didn’t even look like a cultivator—he lacked the arrogance of being different from a mortal.

From his actions, he seemed more like an elegant merchant.

Childe Cheng, I heard that you entered the city this morning.

Did you guys have to go through the rustling channel of the Eternal Sea ” Hua Zhaoting asked with a smile.

Wu Xingxue: “…..”

Childe who

He soon realized: when they had just arrived at Swallow Port, Ning Huaishan slipped his tongue in front of the two disciples.

Instead of calling him “City Lord,” he changed it to “Young Master Cheng” instead.2

Since those two disciples were from the Hua Sect, it seemed that the higher-ups already knew who they were.


Wu Xingxue thought, “I guess I’ll call myself Cheng from now on.

I don’t even have to make anything up.”

But the bigger problem was that Ning Huaishan also called Xiao Fuxuan his puppet.

No wonder Hua Zhaoting only spoke to him alone; he didn’t even regard the other person as a living being.

Wu Xingxue originally planned to just be a “mute”.

He just had to pass on anything he was asked to Xiao Fuxuan.

After all, he knew nothing about this world.

Now great, he couldn’t do that.

Ning Huaishan was truly both troublesome and helpful at the same time.

He cursed in his head, but his face maintained a steady manner.

He replied calmly to Hua Zhaoting’s questions, “Yes, it was quite scary last night on the Eternal Sea.

We never expected to run into such a situation.

It seems we were rather unlucky.

When we entered the port this morning, we heard that the Northern Frontiers had collapsed for real.

Looking back at it now, it’s truly terrifying.

” Wu Xingxue patted his knee, then said, “To be completely honest, my legs are still shaking right now.”

Xiao Fuxuan:”…..”

Hua Zhaoting nodded, “It was indeed dangerous.

So when I heard that there were guests from the sea, I was very shocked.

Last night, I had an elder and a disciple return from there.

They looked like they had been through a war.

I can imagine what the situation is like on the sea.

“If I knew that it’d be like this, I definitely wouldn’t have come to bother you,” said Wu Xingxue.

Hua Zhaoting waved his hand, “Not a bother at all.

Please don’t say that, Childe Cheng.

Our Hua Sect follows Immortal Mingwu’s promise.

We will guard Peach Blossom Island and maintain order on this land no matter what.

He paused, then continued, “I heard my disciples say that you’re here to see Mr.

Yi Wusheng.”

Wu Xingxue nodded, “Yes.”

As the world already knows, Mr.

Yi Wusheng has contributed greatly to the Dreaming Souls Technique.

People who come to my sect to seek him mostly come for this reason.

But… I’m not sure if you know yet, but Mr.

Yi Wusheng must see the patient in order to save him.

You have to bring him over.

“I did,” Wu Xingxue pointed at himself, “it’s me.”

Hua Zhaoting was stunned for a second.

He couldn’t help but study Wu Xingxue.

“But, you don’t really seem like one.”

Those who came to seek Yi Wusheng at the Hua Sect mostly came because their souls had been damaged.

Some because demons had devoured part of it, which they somehow managed to escape and survive.

Some because they were cursed with demonic forbidden techniques.

And some, because their cultivation had gone awry and they had lost their minds. 

These patients either looked like lunatics or berserkers.

As for a patient like Wu Xingxue, who could still talk normally, it was very rare.

“Then, Childe Cheng…” Hua Zhaoting asked.

Wu Xingxue quickly summarized, “My soul has entered someone else’s body and pushed out the original owner.” I want to ask Mr.

Yi Wusheng if he has a way to bring me back.

To cultivators, body snatching was commonly seen, fate-switching was commonly seen, and summoning deities or ghosts was also commonly seen.

But Wu Xingxue’s situation was neither of the three.

Hua Zhaoting asked a few more questions, and seeing Wu Xingxue’s reply frankly, he said, “I understand.” Yi Wusheng’s secluded cultivation is nearing its end.

He should be able to come out tomorrow.

As for today, please rest here on my Peach Blossom Island.

Since they could stay, that meant they might have a way, and that meant there was hope to return.

Taking advantage of when Hua Zhaoting was speaking to his disciples, Wu Xingxue used drinking tea as a disguise to wink and smile at Xiao Fuxuan, mouthing the words, “Thanks a lot.”

Xiao Fuxuan held his sword and sat quietly, pretending to be a puppet.

His eyes swept across his lips.


They were arranged to rest on the west corner of Peach Blossom Island.

The disciple who led them there explained that the Hua Sect had many disciples who practiced and cultivated.

Every day, they would start training before five.

The sounds of their swords might disturb them, so they were placed in the furthest area from the Disciples’ Hall.

The library and meditating hall were nearby.

The former was Hua Zhaoting’s private library; disciples wouldn’t come here.

The latter was where Yi Wusheng lived.

There would only be some cleaning and medical disciples there.

As its name suggests, the place was indeed serene.

But suddenly, an accident happened.

While the disciples were preparing the guest rooms, a figure scrambled in, screaming “ah, ah”.

He crazily knocked over some chairs and a bucket of water.


“A-Yao3, you can’t run around here—“

Didn’t I tell you to look after him How can you let him break into the guest rooms He even recklessly injured the sect leader today! “

“Ai, what can I do He has been restless these days.

Along with his sword aura everywhere, he also has great strength.

The sect leader ordered us not to use too much force, but if we don’t, it’s hard to control him.

It wasn’t appropriate for Wu Xingxue to interfere, so after steadying a small, stumbling disciple, he returned to stand beside Xiao Fuxuan.

The lunatic had an unkempt appearance, making it hard to tell his age.

He also didn’t seem to know how to speak, only making an “ah, ah” noise.

At one point, he reached out his hand and grabbed onto Wu Xingxue.

Fortunately, Xiao Fuxuan was on the side.

With a gentle press, all the force was dissipated, and he was dragged away by the crowd of disciples immediately afterwards.

“Sorry for the fright,” one of the disciples began to clean up the mess as he said apologetically.

“He is”

He used to be one of Mr.

Yi Wusheng’s medical disciples, the cleverest and most talented one of all.

Afterwards, he suffered a bit of a shock and turned into the way he is now.

It has been many years.


Yi Wusheng’s disciple” Wu Xingzue asked.

“Yes,” replied the disciple, who then quickly explained, “Wait a minute, our mister’s Dreaming Souls Technique is very powerful.

Please don’t misunderstand.

It’s just that this disciple has quite a special condition.

The disciple didn’t seem like he was convincing enough, so he then added, after a second of thought, “Because the person who made him become like this was the Devil Lord Wu Xingxue.”


“Wu Xingxue,” the disciple repeated in a low voice.

Wu Xingxue instantly fell silent.

He subconsciously looked back at Xiao Fuxuan, who was also staring straight at him.

“A-Yao is so unfortunate.” The disciple’s whispering voice sounded inside the room.

He probably had to explain this to every guest that came here before.

He said that A-Yao was Yi Wusheng’s most prized disciple, who would always stay by Yi Wusheng’s side.

Especially when refining medicine, he would stay in the Meditating Hall all day.

That year, a guest had arrived at Peach Blossom Island, seeking Yi Wusheng’s help on some matter.

That guest gave off a naturally aristocratic feeling: graceful and elegant.

From the entire Peach Blossom Island, from the Sect Leader to the cleaning disciples, no one suspected that he had any issues.

Instead, they all liked this guest very much.

At that time, Yi Wusheng was refining medicine and didn’t have time on his hands.

So that guest simply stayed on the island for half a month.

As a result of that half a month, Yi Wusheng lost his father, brother, wife, and daughter.

That day, A-Yao ran into the hall crazily, staggering and crying and screaming.

Blood was dripping from his body, and he was full of demonic energy.

At that time, Yi Wusheng and Hua Zhaoting were discussing a matter.

They were shocked by A-Yao’s appearance.

When they returned to the Meditating Hall together, they only found Yi Wusheng’s elder brother, Yi Wuqi, was lying in blood with nothing but a layer of skin left.

But he had a happy expression on his face.

It was obvious that he had been sucked dry by a devil.

At that time, almost everyone on Peach Blossom Island went to check the situation out.

Hua Zhaoting immediately formed an investigation group.

Who would have thought, his own sister, Yi Wusheng’s wife, father, and sister, and some cleaning disciples, all showed problems

When knocking on their foreheads, the sound echoed from their skulls like a hollow drum.

The same sound came when they were knocked on their stomachs. 

They have long been nothing but skin and bones.

They have been sucked dry already.

What happened exactly during the couple of weeks that the guest stayed

When they wanted to ask A-Yao what happened, they found that A-Yao had been placed under a forbidden technique, one that even Yi Wusheng couldn’t break.

And so ever since, he has been acting crazy and has been unable to speak a word.

With no other option, Hua Zhaoting invited members of the Feng Sect from Meng City to help.

The Feng Sect had a secret technique: Illuminating the Soul.

This technique makes it possible to see what one’s soul last saw before dying or turning crazy.

And so, with the help of the Feng Sect, they saw the scene that A-Yao couldn’t say.

They saw the elegant and noble guest returning to his original appearance.

He stood in the Meditating Hall, holding Yi Wuxi’s throat in one hand and loosely holding Yi Wuxi’s sword in the other.

Blood flowed down the handle of the sword, forming a puddle on the ground.

He turned his head and glanced outside the door, the cool, white moonlight reflecting off the bridge of his nose.

He seemed to have discovered that there was someone outside the door and suddenly started laughing, the gentle downward slope of the corners of his eyes curving into crescents.

Not only that, but he dropped the empty shell in his hands, threw down the sword, and pulled a clean cloth from the table to wipe his hands.

Then, in the blink of an eye, he appeared before A-Yao, striking a moderate hit on his forehead with his palm.

After that, just like the way he came, he left in deliberate strides, disappearing into the Eternal Sea.

As everyone knew, Wu Xingxue didn’t have his own sword.

He was very lazy and didn’t feel like carrying something extra in his hands.

So, he never carried a sword around.

He always drew his opponents’ swords to kill them.


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