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Elaina and Tana were in the garden. Training with their swords,Elaina was beating Tana hands down and Tana used a mind control spell on Elaina and Elaina began to flout until Tana got her right under the chin and released her. Elaina regained control over her senses and was very mad at Tana for using such a deceptive way to win

"Am really sorry, Elaina" Tana apologized knowing she did wrong

Tana was Elainas second close friend after Elvins

Just then during their little scene a bevy of girls entered the garden for their training

Amber the rudest among then walked elegantly into the garden in her training attire. Her eyes quickly searching Elaina and went to meet her

"I am challenging you " Amber said looking at Elaina and to Tanas dismay

"Me?" Elaina asked surprised

"Yeah you... meet me at the center now !"Amber said and walked away while the other girls attention were on the drama being performed

"Are you seriously going to accept her challenge?"Tana asked

"Yes"Elaina replied with confidence

"Oh no.Elaina are you really okay ?" tana said again annoyed.

"You know your magic doesn work. She is going to use magic on you and you can repel her"

"I will,you will see...I am really good with the sword and shes not " Elaina replied again and ran to the center and then she tripped all the other girls were laughing except for Tana

Amber walked elegantly to Elainas front and smirked

"Get up" she ordered

Elaina stood and the challenge began Elaina recovered and gave Amber no breathing space. She saw the glint of green in Amber eyes.

Sorry for the late update got exams promise more chapters soon

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