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Elaina turned and saw a girl running she got pissed and ran after the girl and saw a beautiful human girl, the girl stopped for a moment and ran off again.

" Hey... wait, wait up! Who are you!? What your?! Elaina screamed after her with so much questions

After running for a while and further into the woods the girl stopped and turned to Elaina

"What your name?" Elaina asked slowly

"Who are you?" She continued

"Angel" the girl answered

"Oh wow. Nice to meet you Angel"

Angel smiled

"Could.... we....be friends" she asked timidly

"Yes..why not" Elaina exclaimed eagerly and held Angels hand.

"Who are you? I haven seen you around before"

"I am a super human I live at the slums in the continent"


"That interesting", Elaina added.


They began to walk together. There was something mysterious about Angel...she has weird looking eyes and quick paces. Something draws her to Angel but what could it be. Angel jumped in fright

"what happened " Elaina asked shocked

"I need to go and meet granny now, he will be worried sick"

"You have a granny?"

"Yeah, see you around" Angel said and disappeared.

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