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Unspell me bounded with the alpha Save our clan

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"Did you see her?" A cranky looking old man, bent with white hair overflowing his head and beards.

"Yes pa"

"That good my dear child. This is a great start at least to save our declining clan"

The girl nodded and transformed into an older woman of about two decades old looking the same but more gorgeous. She sat on a chair and starred ahead looking at blank spaces before. She was missing her clan very much.

Elaina got home and sat on her bed pondering about the girl she had just met.

"Angel", she murmured and smiled liking the name

"I would like to meet her again but how?" She asked herself.

In the dark coven, business was going with the very large snake staring at all the people seated and soon got annoyed with all the hissing and chirping sounds he was hearing

"Silence!"he ordered and everywhere became so silent that if a needle fell the sound would be heard. The snake was a so huge in size and power that none of them dared to annoy him Zilton was it only match.

"Tannella" it hissed

"Darkness lord, I am working on it give me sometime"

"Ok" it hissed

Tannella heaved a sign of relief and sat down

More chapters after exams promise much love ❤️ from JamTee

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